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By Kxevin

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  1. And because there’s no live U.S. television, let’s post those links early, please, so that everyone can be ready.

    Let’s DO THIS!!!!

    1. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but you can always go to rojadirecta.com and watch any game streming live.

    1. Blackpool were just completely overmatched. It wasn’t even competitive. And that was even before Blackpool went down to 10 men. Blackpool’s defense has no pace whatsoever. It was embarrassing.

    2. Aww, c’mon guys, you’re being too harsh on Blackpool. There were second in the EPL for 7 glorious days and they’re equal to the number of wins Derby had the whole of the 07/08 season! They still have 36 more games to surpass it.

      Good on them, me thinks!

    3. And they must have put 10 past them, with truely good finishing it would have been a dozen!
      Did you see Vela’s backheel-flip followed by two other flicks to fool a total of 4 or 5 players? That was brilliant 😀

  2. I think people are being harsh. I like Blackpool as they seem to play the game attractively. They do not have players and it is understandable. They cap their salaries at 10k per week and even the reserve in most of EPL teams make more than twice that much. They were simply outcast though considering number of poor teams in EPL, I think they have a 5% chance of survival.

  3. I think its less than 5%. Their chance of surviving in the championship was about 30% last year… and they got promoted.

    I’d have to disagree Euler, sure Arsenal had possession but I like the way Blackpool play. Before the red card I could’ve seen them losing maybe 2-1, or 3-1. They’re not a bad team, its just a team of unknown players that have had some time for their chemistry to work. I truly hope they stay up, they’re entertaining and not a group of primadonnas.

  4. Streams:

    i will still be sticking to *http://atdhe.net/ for all the links they provide. love it. not sure if it will work for non-US regions.

  5. Pinto

    Alves – Puyol – Piqué – Abidal

    Xavi – Busquets – Iniesta

    Messi – Ibrahimovic – Bojan


    Bojan LW…well, it’s better than RW… Villa on the bench.

  6. Why aren’t sky showing the game ? Strung out for a Barca game and sky show neither of them, shame on them.

  7. Sevilla, Sevilla. Why are you fielding your strongest XI? Does the CL mean nothing to you?! (I’m just sad Palop is starting. Darn him!)


    Dabo – Cala – Escudé – F. Navarro

    J. Navas – Cigarini – Zokora – Perotti

    Negredo – Luis Fabiano

  8. oh and wigan trashed again!brilliant epl defences!
    pep says ibra is on the bench are you sure about the lineup?

    1. I wouldn’t read too much into. Just because he doesn’t start, doesn’t mean he’s going to leave. He’s been starting a lot of matches, and like vicsoc said, he’s probably giving Bojan a chance to play in his favourite position. Besides, when was the last time Messi started a preseason match?


  9. Yeah, EPL is the best in the world, where the top4 teams constantly smash 4+ against other opponents 😀 pathetic…
    And after seeing just one match of Chelsea, I already hate them again. But Arsenal was a pleasure to watch (despite the lousy opponent).

  10. Line-up (official): Valdes – Alves Pique Abidal Maxwell – Xavi Busquets Keita – Messi Bojan Pedro

  11. Well, that’s the last time I go to Marca. Shoulda known better than to trust the enemy.

    Damn them! Getting my hopes up like that. Well, at least Bojangles is CF…

  12. To take the cup you have to keep a clean sheet.

    That is going to be a challenge with Abidal at CB.

    It seems to me that Pep is trying to see if Abidal can play CB. If he can that makes it much easier to not buy other players and go with the youth players.

    But Abidal is just not particularly good at CB.

    I don’t think not starting Ibra is a big deal. It seems like he only wants to start either Ibra or Messi but still rest one.

  13. are we lulling them into a false sense of security? oh well. still a good line-up. got what i wanted to know. dvring a delayed broadcast of the game again from tve & won’t get to watch it til tomorrow. kiddie pool party to attend, woohoo!!!

  14. I dont like it one bit. Ibra needs to start. This whole fiasco with him is starting to piss me off

    1. As I noted in the previous post:

      I honestly think that Ibrahimovic will be sold before the window closes. He is Laporta’s bright, shining transfer, and Rosell I don’t believe, is a fan. It wouldn’t be a bad move politically, and Ibrahimovic’s value will never be higher than it is right now, as it’s generally thought that players go downhill starting at 30. He’s 29, and lots of people want him.

      If Citeh can do a deal for Adebayor, they would buy Ibrahimovic in about 2 seconds, but they’re about the only club that can afford him. I don’t think we want an Henry situation, where he’s too expensive to sell, so we have to let him go for cheap or on a free, just to unload the salary.

  15. For me, it wasn’t the win. This club has had undeserved 4-0 wins before. But this was a hiding, helped by stupid tactics by the opponent, admittedly. But the ball movement was such that they had two options: foul or chase.

  16. Messi hattrick, Villa debut, Palop dissed, Sevilla 4-0 butt kicking. Good day at the office, me thinks.

    Now, I’ll be talking my Hector Pills.

  17. Abidal put in a solid shift at CB. He still made some mistakes, but his pace is something that we could really use in that position.

  18. If anyone wondered what “anim ibra” means, it means “good bye ibra, good luck in milan”

  19. You know, I see JDS playing a Keita like role. He’d do well in that position IMO. I don’t think he has the same vision and control as Xavi, but he’s tackling and reading of the same could make him a better Keita.

  20. Barca played beautifully. But Sevilla made a terrible tactical gamble to try to balance this game with their CL match.

    Sevilla did not play their game, especially defensively. That game Barca tremendous tima and space on the ball. And if you give Barca time and space they are going to destroy you. That’s what happened.

    Great start to the season, but a confusing one.

    Ibra not playing at all seems telling. I didn’t think him starting or not was of paramount importance. But not playing – unless he picked up a knock we don’t know about this is a signal.

    Between this and Pep and Zubi’s puzzling comments this week about Ibra – not a great sign.

    I’d guess Barca is listening on deals for Ibra. Whether or not such a complicated deal can get done before the window closes is another issue.

    But it seems like something is going on with the Board.

    Once the club President publicly declares that the club is in financial distress, the sporting project becomes very secondary. The usual decision making authority the manager and sporting director evaporate.

    In the climate of a club purportedly being in financial trouble, the President has the authority to essentially do whatever he wants and isn’t explicitly overstepping his bounds into the area the sporting director and manager usually occupy.

    If the club is in financial distress Pep doesn’t have much input into whether or not a player is sold. See Chyggy.

    1. I hate Rosell.

      Sad isn’t it. For all his chest pumping bravado, I miss the King of Catalunya. His arrogant smirk after an goal against EE; toothy grins after a thrashing… It’s just not the same. 🙁

      I refuse to think about Pep’s future until the end of the season. I don’t want to get depressed at what might happen. Especially after seeing the team today. Bru-tal.

  21. Imperious performance, anyone thinks Ibra will be gone before the Santander match next week?

  22. Adriano was handing the cup to Ibra to hold, but Ibra refused to take it….He said something, which made Adriano chuckle…

  23. I’m sort of stunned by what I saw today. Sevilla’s dimwitted tactics helped a lot, but we just destroyed them. Can’t wait to watch it on the big screen. So cool.

    1. Seeing it once, what would you give Villa?

      I’d give him a solid 7. And that’s not because he was wearing it.

    2. I’m not really sure what Sevilla could have done. Are we talking about personnel or positional? They couldn’t hold the ball in midfield but very few can against us. They had numbers back but we were pretty incisive. They wanted it but we seemed to want it more. The only thing I can think of is that they weren’t as offensively minded as they usually are but a lot of that was great pressing on our part.

    3. It was a remarkable performance. No other club in the world could come close to playing that way.

      I’m sure it caught Sevilla off guard as well. I think Sevilla read too much into last week’s match and Barca’s match fitness.

      They played a tactical match that didn’t anticipate this level of command.

      And in the end Barca was so good today that their strategy to try to take the trophy in the final 20 minutes was simply overwhelmed.

  24. Well we havent seen what happens when they start to gang mark villa.Actually we did, in the worldcup when torres was out of the lineup.Selling ibra means we lose a potentially unmakrable frontline.Did we get bionic thighs for andres? what happens when hes injured and we have to push leo deeper?Thinking about this objectively, the pros are neglible compared the the cons of selling him especially if we dont get a replacement and i dont mean castoffs like boriello(!) or Robson de souza.What is 12 million euro salary saved if when may comes we dont have the legs to keep going?I need a nap.

  25. President Rosell: “A great debut for me. Happy for the team, the coach and the fans.”

    From Pep.

    And in the end that’s what matters isn’t it?

    A great debut for me.

    Because that’s what cule’s all over the world were worried about. How would the new President’s debut go, especially after the skipped out on the away game the squad had to dig it’s self out of.

    1. geez OMG even I have better media sense than to say that, but then again, it really is about Rosell for Rosell

    2. His hair looked great, and its clear he practiced his smile.What more do you guys want 😀

    3. He need to go with the full windsor next time, I just don’t think the half windsor looked professional

  26. I wonder if Pep quits after this season and the players speak up,might we see an mocion de censuara?

    1. Not a chance. Rosell’s winning margin was immense, such was the Laporta animus, not because of the sporting project but rather his naked ambition and use of the club to further his own personal, political goals. No coach is bigger than the club’s president, nor should he be. Coaches and players come and go. So do presidents, for that matter. It’s all part of the cycle, so you can’t get too worked up about it.

    2. Well I somewhat disagree. We have all been fans, collectively here, to see how Rosell’s actions, the politics, the general “feeling” that’s being generated has lead to trouble on the playing field in the past. Maybe not this season, but next season, well, I hope I am wrong. No person should be bigger than the game itself, agreed. But at this point in time Guardiola coming and going, it’s not the same, it just isn’t..

  27. Just for your general edification, COVERITLIVE says there were a total of 260 visitors for the liveblog. I’m sure that is overestimated, but man this space has gotten big.

    It also means there are a lot of lurkers out there.

    1. Whoa. The software allows only a maximium of 50 or so active participants. 260??!! That’s huge. I’m floored.

    2. I don’t believe so, hence it being overestimated.

      But there were 80 more visitors for this one than the last game of last season.

  28. Well that was magnificent. Say what you will about Sevilla and their tactics but we were unstoppable tonight. The pressing, ohhhh the pressing. Thats what makes us so good and tonight we were all over them, we didnt let them do anything (shots on goal anyone?). Especially the first half. When we play like that, with that intensity, we are unbeatable.

    Maxwell keeps impressing me. He is getting better at the back and his link up play and forays forward are intelligent and effective. I think we will see a lot more of him this season, maybe as an attacking mid.

    There are no words to describe Messi so I wont even bother. Ditto for Xavi. (both are supposed to be tired!?!?!?)

    Villa came on and took my breath away. His movement, his passing, his interplay, this early on? Are you kidding me! I just pray we keep Ibra because Villa will be twice the player with Ibra in the middle using up 2 defenders.

    1. True that, Hilal. I will just add that we were saying a lot of the same things about Ibrahimovic’s debut last season, and look where that situation is now. Of course, the rope that Villa has to hang himself with is a whoooooole lotta lotta longer than Ibrahimovic’s was.

    2. Agreed. The difference with Villa though is that because of Spain he knows the system and the players, he should fit like a glove. Ibra was ALWAYS going to need time to adapt, the fact that he started so strongly might have worked against him in the end. Anyways, only time will tell, but I think if we keep Ibra we may end up seeing the best team ever to play this game.

  29. Rosell: “From the box, you see the game very well. Spectacular fist half.

    I’m relieved. I was so worried that the President might have one of those semi-obscured seats, you know, the ones where you’re sitting behind a pole and you get a discount on the ticket.

    1. “Ibrahimovic? It was a pure sporting decision. Milito for example also didn’t play” is the full quote I got of Pep (barcastuff)

  30. Guardiola says that Ibrahimovic not playing was a “pure sporting decision.” This means, I presume, that we should read nothing else into it. He also had effusive praise for Maxwell.

    News Alert: The stodgy, old journalist that I am will relent on being such a prig, and call Correia Adriano, and Andrade Maxwell. I’ll certainly lapse from time to time, but there you are. I hope everyone’s happy at having me incinerate my journalistic principles on the ash heap of making people’s lives easier.

    sob! sob!


    1. yeah, to other teams. Messi scoring hat tricks when he’s not really in shape?

      It’s almost not even fair

    2. Yay! I was getting super confused when I read one of the previews and this dude Correia kept popping up. Same thing with Andrade

  31. So, here’s the question. We see how well Maxwell has adapted this season, and the start that Ibrahimovic has gotten off to so far. Why is the first season so tough for newcomers?

    1. Yaya fit in quite well in his first season. I think. He had some back injury though.

      To be honest, I always though Maxwell was the weakest link in our defense, but hoo boy, did he tear it up or what?

      His beastliness rivaled Abidal at time–and he attacks a bit better than Eric IMO.

    2. Yaya was ok in his first season. He had some good games and some disastrous ones. His best performance was during his second season, starting from January till CL final. Consider it as a Yaya Diary:) he looked so good because he inherited a disastrous situation in the Holding midfielder position, so we compared him to null. Others didn’t have this fortune.

      Maxwell? I never had a doubt when he was on my transfer wish list. Guys, you need to start trusting that wish list and root for my transfer demands!

      Rosell, he is 1000x smarter than me. No matter how much I try to like him, he always find a brilliant way to make me fail. I give him full credit for that.

  32. Oh and one more thing. Young Sergio was imperious tonight. A lot of why Sevilla saw so little was him. Yaya who??

  33. With these 3 goals Messi becomes the 3rd higher goalscorer of Barca in all history in official competitions with 130 goals (equalling Eto’o and Rivaldo). First is Cesar with 235, 2nd Kubala with 196.

  34. Great game.Impressed with maxwell(a lot) and abidal actually because we all have been criticising him at CB.
    Hes got pace and decent ball distribution.If he takes care of some shy passes hes gonna be gold for backup at CB.

    Messi , what can someone say.And he is not in shape , guardiola is honest , this is not hard to observe.
    Xavi , iniesta , busquets : well boy these guys are not fit , not sharp but even in this state they can be unplayable.

    Also guys , you are really preoccupied with rosell.Why is it so abnormal for a president to want to make his debut at home?
    Not that im fond of the guy , but seriously blame him for his wrongdoings , refrain from trying to a bad spin on him on everything he does just because we dont like him.

  35. Can somebody please define “sporting reasons”? Using Chygrinskij as a comparsion doesn’t really help as he’s also in doubt after his questionable performances.

    1. sporting reasons can be not fit enough (physically) , not sharp enough(match fitness) and not in a solid state of mind(anxious , disappointed with his performacnes etc.).
      My bet is on the first ,cause he limped out of the last game anyway.
      Puyol didnt play.Are we transfering him as well??

    2. “Sporting reasons” can mean anything that a coach wants it to. It could even mean (for you cynics out there) “We didn’t want to play him lest he get injured and therefore unsellable, which would damage our chances of being able to buy the player we want in the next 10 days, thus harming the sporting side of things.” 😀

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