SuperCopa Leg 1 Match Comments Post

Well, here we are, back in competition. And I’ve got to pack up my house to move, so no liveblog.

Barça: Miño, Alves, Sergi Gómez, Milito, Abidal, Jonathan dos Santos, Oriol Romeu, Keita, Maxwell, Ibrahimovic, Bojan.
Sevilla: Palop, Dabo, Fazio, Escudé, Konko, Perotti, Romaric, Zokora, Navas, Renato, Luis Fabiano.

Visca el Barça!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. What a painful loss. Maybe now the Ibra haters and those loving Abidal at CB will learn some sense. Hopefully, both of those rumors are put to pasture now, but it has already come with a cost. Barring some sort of magic, we’ve lost trophy #1. But that’s alright, nobody cares about this. Nobody cares about the Copa, either. And I take it, nobody cares about Liga, and nobody cares about the ECL. Yes, being runners-up is definitely a great thing when looking back at the history books.

  2. It’s difficult for me to say this, as I wasn’t his biggest proponent, but

    I really, really would have liked to see Txigrinski out there next to Milito today

    1. nooo friend he would have bring just height in the D line nothing more… still he is experienced but he is not for Barca, our boys still have the Barca education and mentality..

  3. The match wasn’t televised here and I saw nothing except for Ibra’s goal .. I was following online till Ibra scored his goal and then there was a visit I had to make .. When I came back I look and it ended 3-1 !!!! .. Can anyone tell me who should we blame ? Pep for the substitutions .. Did Abidal Play CB ? How many Canteras played and who looked good ?!

  4. i think Senna would have put some order on the pitch… or even break those stupid easy attacks from Sevilla… but only my opinion

  5. i am not a coach and never judge pep s coaching in games.but why he change ibra with messi?why not bojan?can anyone explain?

    1. It’s the first match of the season after a very broken up summer with the Cup and the recent internationals.

      I don’t think Pep wanted to play Ibra the entire match given he just played this week for Sweden.

      Pep was more concerned about avoiding injuries than going all out to take this first leg. And that’s what he should be doing.

    2. cos messi is better at the CF position instead of Bojan. Bojan is a classic right footed left winger… messi can play from AMF sometimes CMF to CF 😉

  6. This is only the second match In Pep’s history as a manager to lose by a 2 goal margin .. I think we all know the first one

  7. Calm down guys. Its a super-preseason friendly game after all. Dont make judgments based on prejudgments. Like this player was bad: Sell him. That player was bad, just because it was a bad day. 😀

    For me, Keita stand out as the best performer along the game. Then Ibra.
    My opinion regarding the youth still the same.
    Romeu was ok. But one more year in Second division playing game in game out will do him miracles. No doubt better than promoting him already to the first team. he needs some more tuning.

    Gomez: Too early.
    JDS&Thiago: obvious potentials. Ready to be gradually introduced to the first team. This has to be their transition period.

    Bojan, still paying the tax of early promotion. A boy who is supposed to perform as a man. Lot of potentials but need two more years to become a reliable starter.

    I believe Pep was governed basically by the physical state of the players when he picked the starting lineup and when he made the subs. Except keeping Bojan, which I think it was a Confidence issue.
    Squad needs for me still as they were since months: CB and a DM.

    And the come back is not certain, but a strong possibility.

    1. agree on Keita, Ibra, Romeu and Bojan still have doubts for JDS… the boy is a talent for sure but something is lacking in his sense… a commitment maybe?

  8. It wouldn’t have hurt to have kept Botia for the season, or atleast preseason.Anyway if we do sign a defender, fingers crossed they wont join the long list of duds we have signed there,but at this point i guess anything is better than Abi there(im still confused as to why he thinks its his position and likes playing there 😀 )

    1. I sincerely don’t understand why we didn’t give Botia a shot in preseason at least. I think he was Gijon’s most consistent center back. Let’s hope his play in the next few years force us to use that buy back clause on him.

  9. This is how I see it :

    GK : No Need

    Defense : Another CB is needed (Caceres anyone?) Till Our Youngsters gain experience .. Or Buy a Young Talent .. Puyol is 32 and will need replacement soon ..

    Midfield : Another DM and give Romeu a year or two in B and then call him up when he’s ready .. So we Have Xaviniesta and Busi as starters and Keita/Hleb “yes Hleb” and the new DM as backup and Thiago/JDS in easy matches and train with the first team

    Attack : No Need .. Although I don’t think Jeffren is that good but he can stick around for another year ..

  10. Glad I missed it. Maybe gives a bit of perspective when looking at the comments. They reminded me of last year’s liveblogs. If someone does something good they are the best ever – a mistake and they need to go. We’re a dramatic lot lot when we’re watching our favourite team 🙂

    Bit early to be passing any comments on players even if they back up feelings from last year. Even if we lose in the second leg. At least three or four games into the league for me before forming opinions other then “In this match player X . . . . .”

    We may also suffer from WC blues for a while as the players are bound to come down to earth at some time. The trick is going to be to hang on to the EE until we get going.

    We need to chill a bit. It’s going to be a long season and we’re exhausted ourselves with all the Ibra / Cesc discussions in the close season 🙂

    1. “If someone does something good they are the best ever – a mistake and they need to go. We’re a dramatic lot lot when we’re watching our favourite team”

      So, so true!:D Completely agreed, Jim.

      I wonder what Kxevin will say when he hits us the the review

  11. :

    Oriol Romeu : 5.0

    Merely a spectator. Lost the battle in midfield to Zokora.

    1. Yeah I know .. I remember Nolito’s Header ! .. I’m just copying that since everyone was saying that he was the best player in this game with Keita and Ibra .. Some even said that he’s ready to be promoted while They gave him the lowest rating of the 28 players ..

  12. ratings are not can.t rating a player watching a game only one see only where is the ball in movement of the players.

  13. Jnice-

    If you come across any links to download the match would you mind posting them. Thanks

  14. AAAH! I completely missed the match, I thought it was tomorrow for some reason. Bummer. Hope the team does better in the second leg!

  15. When talking about youngsters , its wise to consider that slowly integrating one youth member into the first team squad while of our starters are playing looks and works much differently than putting 3 youngsters , in a game , against a much better physically prepared and quite strong opponent , with mostly B team’s members.
    Our boys looked fine. And everyone of them is bound to improve during the season , be it the first team on the B team .
    Keeping in mind that this is the first match, noone is in form and we received all goals during the second half against a much better physically prepared team that directly threatens to chalk off points from the two big ones , is a requirement in order to judge objectively each one of the players.

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