SuperCopa Leg 1 Match Comments Post

Well, here we are, back in competition. And I’ve got to pack up my house to move, so no liveblog.

Barça: Miño, Alves, Sergi Gómez, Milito, Abidal, Jonathan dos Santos, Oriol Romeu, Keita, Maxwell, Ibrahimovic, Bojan.
Sevilla: Palop, Dabo, Fazio, Escudé, Konko, Perotti, Romaric, Zokora, Navas, Renato, Luis Fabiano.

Visca el Barça!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. Abidal finally realizes he is playing a real game, and goes forward to link up with Maxwell.

  1. Just jumping in here after a disastrous weekend, and they score.

    Damn I’m bad luck right now

  2. lol i wrote the future “we concede, the fans find their voice, sevilla take the lead”. Predictable.

  3. Horrific defending bordering on incompetent.

    The team has not looked good, especially at the back in the face of Sevilla’s high press and athleticism.

  4. That is where Pep lost his tactical advantage, wrong substitution. Milito would have tracked Kanoute.

  5. I was concerned about how they would defend Kanoute given the defenders up the middle today.

  6. Why do we always give up goals because of the lack of awareness from our center backs? Pay attention man. Fuck.

  7. JDS – fail, Abidal – total failure, Gomes – the boy is still for B, Oreol – few more years in B, Mino – you have still some time to get the awareness, although we are playing with B squad this is embarrassing… i mean B or no B we are Barca and we should have a strong team no matter what

  8. We need to retire this idea that Abidal is a central defender. In theory he should be fine in that positon.

    In practice he is horrendous. Just awful.

    This club needs to play 60 matches. They cannot get by with three experienced central defenders.

  9. Oh come on Messi we needed that shot to be on goal at least!! GRRR obviously the work of Ibra wow can we transfer him now??

    1. He shouldnt be playing, he only came back on thursday, but sport what to make our depth less and sell ibra lol

    1. Bojan is going to have to adapt. There is very little room in the game now for a player who’s best role is goal poacher.

      If he’s going to be an impact player he’s got to be able to play on the wing.

    2. guys i told you it was JUST not his day, look back at the last season, the boy is terror. still its the first game… relax guys 😉

  10. Creative play and even support through the midfield has been limited all evening (I can’t believe I just wrote that about a Barca team playing in the supercup but it’s true…)

    The right flank has been non-existent (bojan… hello? are you out there?)

    That’s left the central striker up top largely isolated by himself except for maxwell.

    And as great as Messi is it’s just not his role to play an isolated game.

    Without Ibra they’ve lost their point of reference up top. His work in isolation in that first half was phenomenal.

    Couple that with amateurish defense and that’s the story.

  11. this match doesn’t prove anything about our cantera or our depth. It proves that we can’t field our youth squad against a Champions League squad and expect a victory.

    The integration of our youth players into a real starting XI is what will help us throughout the season.

    It’s poor judgment IMO to say that we can’t rely on La Masia this season just because an entire team of youngins can’t beat a Champions League qualifying squad AWAY from home.

    1. No it can be used to say we dont have depth, nothing is wrong on calling on the cantera, my issue is people now seem to believe every cantera product will breakout like Pedro or Busquets. There needs to be a balance. This squad was small last season, now with the departures we have to hope that we do not have serious injury crisis. Cantera is good but we should not put pressure on them by expecting them to be quality replacements for our first team.

    2. That’s true, you don’t integrate a youngster into the senior squad by dumping a bunch of them out on the field against an experienced Sevilla team playing at home. Guardiola has done this before and it’s more about seeing how the kids play out there, adapt, listen to instructions, how confident they are on the field, etc. He just wants to see things that can’t be seen in training. I’m not TOO disappointed but still a 3-1 loss is bogus.

  12. Yes Bojan has been poor (in what I’ve watched) but so has our boy Messi. Remember neither is fully fit and both played only days ago.

  13. Sorry, but this game does prove one thing about our cantera:

    We can not start the season with only 3 experienced center backs. We absolutely need another one.

    1. You’re basing this on which of his performances with the team?

      Either way, he should be the fifth choice defender, not the 4th.

    2. Sergi Gomez is an 18 year old kid who played well for Barca B during the promotion play off.

      Of the three (Fontas, Muniesa and S.Gomez), as jordi said, Fontas is the leading one, followed by Muniesa and Sergi Gomez (IMO in that order, but I guess Pep thinks otherwise)

      It’s just a shame that Fontas got that injury when he did. I’d have loved to see him start.

    3. Completely agree. The idea that you can count on Abidal as a back up central defender with youth players supporting him is fraught with risk.

      This is particularly true if we are also going to play Romeu as the back up DM (and romeu looked ok today).

      If young attacker makes a mistake it’s a turn over. If a young defender makes a mistake – even in positioning- it’s a goal.

      Integrating cantera players who are attackers or central mids is very different from integrating young players who are defenders or DM’s.

  14. Well, on the bright side, it could–and should–have been much, much worse. All in all, it’s to be expected with the defense we had and the players we were missing

    2-0 or 3-1 at Camp Nou and we win. With Pedro!, XAVI, Iniesta, Valdes (although Mino, with the exception of the first goal, was relatively solid), VILLA, Pique, Puyol all expected to feature at some point, coupled with a full week of training, I like our chances.

    Palop will be a pain as usual. Why does he always have to play so well against us?!

  15. What I take from this game is….

    Center back might be a problem for us this year should our first choice pick up injuries. Sergi Gomez is defitenely not ready and rightfully so, seeing as he spent the majority of last season on Juvenil A.

    Jonathan needs to have more confidence. He did okay, but Thiago came on and played with less fear.

    Romeu could actually be promoted this season, he was very solid, made few mistakes.

    Bojan should never play on the right again.

    3-1, I was hoping for it to stay 2-1, but it’s not too bad all things considered. I think we can overturn this deficit, we’re just going to have to take our chances.

    Still, I hate when we lose… especially when it’s because our defenders don’t seem to be aware of defenders behind them.

    1. I should say, though, that Fontas needs to be given a chance before we can determine if another CB is absolutely necessary. He’s more ready than any other young CB we have.

    2. Thiago was a ghost. I did not see a thing he did well, Keita was all the midfield we had once JDS was out, what was Guardiola thinking?

    3. Agreed. I loved Thiago! He just oozes confidence, that guy.

      Bojan’s better on the left (see home game vs Atletic Bilbao last season) and has some very good games there. That said, on the right, he’s been pretty anonymous. Honestly, today, I liked his defensive work and his work rate especially on the pressing and in light of the fact he played–a full match remember– not too long ago.

      His offense, not so much.

      All in all, it’s what I pretty much expected.

      We should sell Ibra though, because he was on the bench when Messi was offside when we had a brilliant play involving Messi, Alves and Bojan that would have been an amazing goal. Messi also skied that ball many a time, and we conceded 3 goal without on the field. I think it was a conspiracy against Messi by Ibra who obviously wanted to take out the best player on the team by making him do those thing—mind control Yaya-style.

      We should cut our losses now.

  16. I hope none of you are trying to draw any conclusions from this match. I mean Sevilla were nearly at full strength, while we were missing Valdes, Puyol, Pique, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Pedro. And hello? It’s the super cup, this was not an important game…

  17. Total Failures: Abidal (he should be sold, we got enough side backs) Dos Santos (i think we overrated that boy he is lost in space), Mino (the boy still needs some years to gain full goalkeeper awareness)

    Good: Romeu, Gomez, Bojan (it was not his day trust me 😉 )

    Earned to be A-team: Maxwell, Keita, Milito, Dani, Messi, Ibra (dont sell him he is sharper i can sense it)

    tough loss tho :((((((((((((


    1. maybe…. but still many mistakes for a midfielder i hope he will become better like his brother but… still i must agree that the boy is still young

    2. I love Dos Santos, but based on what I saw from Thiago, I think he would have more of an impact than Jonathan had he started. Jonathan was too timid, like Pep just said, the team lacked a bit of personality on the pitch.

  18. Guardiola killed the midfield by taking out JDS, and left Bojan in to waste space. Ibrah (injured? sick?) shouldve stayed in if he was healthy and well.
    Disappointing second half.

  19. Well done to Sevilla. They put on their strong team and got a result by playing good football.

    Now its a uphill battle for us. And based on everything (our players getting back, sevilla’s totally primed as the return leg falls between their CL qualifier), id say our chances of getting the supercup are around 25%. I did want to win the supercup.

    Overall, it did show that our boys have not had much training. And just another reminder that though our youngsters are quite excellent, playing them against top class opposition is easier said than done.

    And as a fan, not so nice reminder that your team might be the best the world, the gap with others is not that great. Thinking how great we are is all fine but on field of play, its much more fine.

  20. come on!we will win the second leg easily!as fail was dos santos the same was bojan man!come on let s give some trust to youths!their first game in first team away to sevilla!that s tough but for me ok..either abidal or alves was good i think..ibra the best player by far.

  21. For those talking up Fontas:

    The kid has shown promise. However, he should realistically only play about 10ish games this season. As we have only three true center backs and only one true defensive mid at the time, without another signing there will be too much pressure on Fontas and he will be asked to play too many games.

  22. would you give it a rest with Bojan? ok??? come on i mean it was obviously not his day same for Messi. did you forget what that boy did last season? or a little bad play by one of our subs and everyone goes balistic at them, one good play and we all go wowww, he is the best he is this he is that… i mean come on… relax you guys… our revenge will be swift back at Camp 😉

    1. Not really because both he and Muniesa were making the same mistakes in preseason. Maybe it was because Pep didn’t want to play two lefties at CB? Who knows…

    2. I was also thinking that Muniesa’s style at CB could have been to similar to Milito’s?

      Somewhat like Milito and Puyol don’t play the best together as their style is too similar?

  23. i have not opinion for bojan!sometimes he make me want him to the team sometimes is poor!he confuse me!

    1. bojan for the past two seasons has had a miserable beginning of the season, i give him this as his last season at barça, truly.

  24. I think the most positive thing I took from this game is how good Romeu looked. Unlike Jonathan and Sergi Gomez, he didn’t play with the team in preseason, but he looked comfortable.

    1. of course friend, Romeu needs just one more year of fine tuning and the boy is ready for the A-team, he shows a lot of commitment which i like to see in a player

  25. The people were expecting us to beat physically fitter Sevilla side that fielded their strongest XI at home, with the players we had, are very, very optimistic to say the least.

    It hurts to lose–and believe me, I hate to see us lose– but in light of the state of our squad, I think we can take a lot out of this match. We scored a great goal–that fact that Ibra scored it makes it even better. Romeu looked solid to me and JDS had an okay game (I liked Thiago though. I’m biased :D) and Adriano impressed me at LW

    There are a lot of things that need to be addressed–Abidal should never, ever play another game at CB as long as he’s at this club. I don’t care if he “likes” playing there–, but I wouldn’t push the panic button just yet.

    The circumstances caused us to field the team we did and S.Gomez and Romeu’s debuts were certainly baptisms by fire. I doubt we’ll see such an inexperienced player at the core of our midfield, backed up by an even more inexperience player at CB. Usually there would be more balance (i.e a experience CB to back up an inexperience DM and vice versa).

    Blooding new defenders at our club, with our system, is very difficult regardless what player plays there. That said positioning is something that can be worked on

    Agreed with all the previously posted sentiments though (that we’ll probably need another CB)

    1. I’m glad you agree we need another CB, because right now it only takes 3 injuries/absences for us to end up with an inexperienced DM/CB pair.

      Think about this, Busquets with a suspension (not unbelievable) and Puyol and Milito both out either with a suspension or injury (not unbelievable).

      This would be a disaster in the CL.

    2. i really doubt in “utility” players. i mean if the main position of one player is CB then he is certain to play best at that position but if you can play lets say good on for example the DMF position that does not make you automaticly a DMF player too. The primary positions are very essential because its the position the player does his best. Yes we need a CB but a pure solid only-that-position player so we can fill the central defensive line

  26. The Bojan issue is just secondary. He had one bad game as he often does on the wing. The team moves on. That’s a more long term issue as Bojan’s greatest potential value to the club would be as an attacking player on the flank. Ultimately it would be ideal if he could play something of role the role Henry did in the past or that Villa will this season. That would be ideal. Can he? That’s a question but not one this season is going to depend on.

    The issues of concern are the potential structural issues for this coming season – depth at the holding position, central defense and in central midfield (and perhaps at keeper).

    They need to play sixty odd matches. In august it’s easy to forget about how grueling that becomes.

    And while one match doesn’t prove anything nor does it allow for concrete conclusions to be drawn, it does highlight where the team is team is assuming risk.

    In a sense it was helpful so many first team players weren’t available because it provided a glimpse of what the squad’s major point of uncertainty has been all summer – depth.

    At some point in time that depth is going to be tested in a big match.

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