Friendly: K-League All Stars – Barça

It’s friendly time once again as our boys in blaugrana spearmint take on the K-League All Stars in Seoul, South Korea at 8pm local time. That means the match is at 1pm in Barcelona and at 7am here in New York. I may or may not struggle out of bed in time to find a working feed, so take this as your match comments post.

Despite previous suggestions that he wouldn’t play, Messi is contractually obligated to make an appearance. Expect Guardiola to put him in with 75 minutes already on the clock so that he can’t play more than 15. Apparently no one in Asia cares if Dani Alves will play…

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Damn, I just have to admit that I love this club more than anything else on this world 😀

  2. So barcastuff pointed this out on Twitter, but Jonathan Soriano is wearing the the 17 instead of the 7 and Armando is wearing the 27 instead of the 20 because Barça was only allowed to make 11 changes…so we kinda fudged it, huh?

    Why would there be a limit?

  3. I like tello.Poor kid had to be a perico for 2 years.Its alright cristian you’re home now.

  4. So we kicked the K-League’s ass. The pitch invader goes for Abidal, but is WWE’d to the ground by a dude in a black suit. HA!

  5. happy b-day again, kari!

    woohoo! sun isn’t even up yet, i gotta be @work in a couple of hours

    1. Yeah, hope you have a great day, buddy! 😀

      I’ll send you a Bojan life sized poster thingy.

  6. 2nd half heated up towards the last 15 minutes.

    Mino was great. Muniesa had some nice interventions, but he made some dumb decisions. Armando… eh. Dalmau, he needs a few more years. Abidal just looked calmer than the rest.

    Keita did his job, Sanchez scored and worked hard, and Riverola with his few touches looked tidy. I really like him.

    Soriano, Nolito, Tello aka all the same person did well. Especially Tello. Don’t know if any of them have futures with the first team, though.

    Fontas and Vazquez are still recovering from injury, so they will probably play in the next match. Hleb… damn.

    1. Taking Hleb to Asia and then not playing him and letting him accumulate jet lag is the biggest f*ck you without saying it to his face.

      Damn. But we all know what he did to deserve it.

    2. Yeah, that was pretty bad. Guess he is going to Sevilla or Tottenham. His agent confirmed interest from both clubs the other day, and said Hleb is interested in them too.

      News not regarding Barca: Stevan Jovetic out for six or seven months with cruciate ligament tear. How terrible is that? Awful news for him and Fiorentina.

      If Keirrison was still there, I’m guessing he would have gotten more time.

    3. Good riddance, I say. Hleb will never win me back! Never! 😀

      — 6-7 MONTHS?! That totally sucks for Jovetic. He had an amazing season for Fiorentina, too 🙁

      I dunno if Keirrison would have gotten more time; teams seem to find ways to keep him on the bench.

      Man! Just thinking about Keirrison and his situation makes me sad. 🙁

    4. Only tello of 3 does probably.He replaced gai this year, who btw i think failed blackburn rovers trial.Ayway 9 am, time for bed :D.My eye twitched ..:(

    5. And now apparently he might be off to City. Is he dumb or what?

      Yeah 9am for me too and I’ve been up for almost 24 hours… it’s my bedtime as well.

      I’ll post the links to the match when I see them.

    6. Well, I’ve heard that Gai cancelled the trial on his own because he sees himself at a bigger club.

    7. to be fair, giovanni atleast made it into the first team. he’s more like fab meets gio, minus the talent. he still has time to turn into “the one that got away”, though.

      what the HELL am i doing @work right now?

  7. Mino looked really good. To be fair he had a lot more to do than Pinto in the first half, but some of those saves were excellent.

  8. Kevin, you mentioned you got long-sleeved home and away. Did you buy those from kitbag or did the official European store work for you? I’m under the impression that it doesn’t work for people in the U.S. but maybe I am misremembering.

    1. Kitbag. I’ve been corresponding with OAB and the U.S. shop about a) not having the U.S. shop be so insufferably shitty and b) why the hell don’t we get the soci discount at the U.S. shop?

      I used to have an account manager at Kitbag who would handle my order and give me the 10% soci discount, but he’s gone now. But the is a living, breathing joke, which I have told them via e-mail as well as via telephone.

      Usually, I just stock up at the Botiga during my annual trip(s), but I might not be able to go this year, hence the mail order.

    2. Yeah!! Why the hell is the US shop so much shittier than the Europe/Other Countries shop? I was looking everywhere for a Barca tie, so I can be all supportive in my business attire and was having no luck. Then I clicked on the Euro section and boom, I had several different options. It’s silly.

    3. @Sirius: Yep. Not sure why, but I also ride in long sleeves. Weird.

      @Barcamancini: It’s an ongoing frustration of mine. And when you order from the official shop with a U.S. address, it says that they can’t ship to that country. This is, of course, because they want you to patronize the crappy North American shop.

    1. thanks Alex.I was waiting.I called them on Monday and toldme they had no idea what a was talking about. surprise surprise

    2. Ya, I just called them to see what package was necessary. Apparently the HD pack isn’t enough, you need the sports pack plus the HD pack to get it. Hopefully FSC HD gets added soon as well.

  9. Hey guys! Although this isn’t a torrent-site i still feel urged to ask because i would really love to see this game. I’m looking for a copy of the it as i cannot find one. Would really appreciate your help 🙂



    1. All there is right now…

      1st Half:


      2nd Half


      Credit to siscopes1 @

    2. Thanks again Jnice! I really appreciate it! 🙂

      Tell me, how does one find similiar games from the megaupload site?


    3. You don’t find them from the hoster sites, but from or

      Another one

      1st half:


      2nd half


      Credit to yosinocoupe on

      This is the better option.

  10. FYI to everyone looking for download of games:

    * always has downloads of the games usually 10-20 minutes after the games is over.

  11. Anybody know if tonights EE games is gonna be on normal TV, or do I have to stream it?


    1. The EE match is indeed on TV. One more symbol of life’s unfairness. We have to stream, they can just DVR.

  12. BTW, although it looked like Maxwell was wearing the capatain’s armband on his sleeve while on the bench, it turns out that those blueshirts are made with one on the sleeve. It makes sense because Milito was the captain in the first half anyway, not Maxwell.

    Ibra with the shirt: *

    I want one.

    1. Ah cool, I was wondering about that.

      Barcelona never wears kits that have any black or white though, right? I assume that is so that they never wear anything even remotely similar to Real Madrid colours.

  13. Man, I am loving the Ibra goal. I hope we see a lot more like that from him this season. A perfectly timed diagonal run receiving a pass from the middle of the field, followed by an easy confident finish. I love Ibra, but sometimes he forgets to do the ‘easy’ play which is sometimes the most effective play. I think with plays like this from Ibra, our front three is going to be so deadly.

    1. yeah, but when has Xavi set him up like that?
      If he isn’t playing simple enough, maybe it’s because Xavi isn’t playing him on the simple runs.

    2. Xavi simply does not make mistakes. If Xavi isn’t playing him on the simple runs it’s because Xavi plays ten minutes into the future, he already saw Ibra wasn’t going to make the run.

    3. :-/

      I honestly think that despite Ibra’s great season, it could have been better had Messi and Xavi played him smarter.

    4. Like I said last season, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets were too hesistant to play that ball Jonathan played at times. People would point to Ibra being offsides a lot, but ignore the fact that Ibra was begging for the ball Jonathan played only to be ignored and eventually stray offside. That happened SO many times from our top passers. Let’s hope this season is different and both parties adjust to one another even more.

    5. This discussion watms my heart. Because part of why our system is so difficult is not only the pressure of expectation, but it’s front-loaded. If something doesn’t happen right, it’s the new guy’s fault.

      When I dared to suggest last season that our passers weren’t doing what they should have been with Ibrahimovic, I was excoriated. “How dare you. Xavi is perfect. It’s Ibra’s fault.”

      But sometimes kids don’t know any better, so they think “Why not make that simple pass,” and voila. We all see something. Sometimes, simplicity is best. Give your big stud the ball.

    6. Oh on. Here we go again. Let’s leave last season to history and judge Ibra on how he plays this. It’s close enough now. I can accept that it takes a new player time to fit in but to extend that to Ibra struggled because Messi, Xavi and Iniesta weren’t up for passing to him is quite frankly ludicrous, imo.

      Bottom line is still that if Ibra wants to stay he will have to learn to fit into our system which will not change to accomodate him – nor would I want it to. He’ll have to learn to pressure defences, not expect so much time in the box, attack cross balls, time his runs better . ..

      I think Kxevin is right to an extent in that we did suffer from a strong presence on the left which we will have this year ( no doubt, btw, Villa will have the same problem of the triumvirate not passing to him). That should help the team as a whole and the prospect is certainly one I’m looking forward to.

      Sorry, didn’t mean to go on but we have exhausted this one and need some new evidence. Those who believe he had a good first season will always believe that; I don’t. That doesn’t mean he won’t excel next or that I don’t want to him to succeed. He’s a Barcelona player and I want him scoring goals and adding to our beautiful way of playing.

  14. Del Bosque has called up all the Barça players who played in the WC except Iniesta. I don’t like that man.

    1. At least he called up Navas too.

      I wouldn’t be that annoyed except that Spain has another friendly in Argentina in early September. So that’s two long journeys to play friendlies in one month, at the beginning of the season. Couldn’t they work out some kind of deal where half the WC squad plays against Argentina and half plays against Mexico? It’s not like Spain has issues with lack of depth. There are lots of players that deserve a look.

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