Friendly: K-League All Stars – Barça

It’s friendly time once again as our boys in blaugrana spearmint take on the K-League All Stars in Seoul, South Korea at 8pm local time. That means the match is at 1pm in Barcelona and at 7am here in New York. I may or may not struggle out of bed in time to find a working feed, so take this as your match comments post.

Despite previous suggestions that he wouldn’t play, Messi is contractually obligated to make an appearance. Expect Guardiola to put him in with 75 minutes already on the clock so that he can’t play more than 15. Apparently no one in Asia cares if Dani Alves will play…

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Benja with the pass–Messi with the cool slot to the back post. Nice, Messi! Now the fans won’t come at us like rabid….people.

    1. It’s Edu Oriol playing, a forward/midfielder, not Oriol Romeu who didn’t get called up because of his involvement with the Spanish U20.

    1. Messi: “You make me play, I make you pay. Grrrr!” Two goals in less than three minutes?

  2. Halftime…

    Okay so, first things first. Pinto, what were you doing out there? Like Ramzi said, keep those tricks up and we may be needing another backup. Ridiculous coming off his line.

    Defense- I didn’t like how vulnerable we looked when the ball was in the air. And that second goal they scored came from a lack of awareness from Sergi Gomez, although I do like the look of him.

    Midfield- Great pass to Ibra from Jonathan. Jonathan had a few loose balls, but overall I thought he did well. I like Sergi Roberto. He is the youngest on the squad right now and you can see his inexperience, but I like the way he moves and gets up and down the field. He could be one to watch out for in a couple of years.

    Illie looked a little stiff, but made the safe passes and credit to him, he played RB last game and midfield in this one.

    Up front, Ibra looked a lot better than last match. Great finish for his goal, a few nice flicks and traps, and a wonderful pass to Messi, which he should have finished.

    Edu Oriol is working hard and isn’t afraid to take people on. Benja has looked decent as well. Messi comes on and scores two goals. Nothing more to say.

    Interested to see Riverola, Vazquez, Fonatas, Muniesa, and maybe some Dalmau in the 2nd.

  3. Gotta sign off and get ready for work. Have fun, everyone, but something tells me that we’ve already seen the best of what this match is going to offer.

    1. See ya. Jnice 😀 will have download link ready, most likely.

      Just saw the first goal we conceded. W.T.F Pinto? Like flopping Salmon…

  4. Now, all I need is Cuddly to score and to make it a really really Happy Birthday. Messi’s golaso is enough for me though (how sad is that?)

  5. So it looks like Benja (my favorite from the Valerenga match) is going to play 90. Hleb doesn’t get to play even though he made the trip?

  6. Nice D from Nolito? even though it was offside. Me likey….and Muniesa’s on! Anyone know our new line-up?

  7. According to Sport, Pep changed all players as he did against Oslo.

    But Thiago doesn’t play… anybody knows why?

    1. He was in the u-21 tourny and didn’t make it in time for the tour, so he’s not on the squad.

  8. So, for all of you suggesting the numbers mean anything: they don’t. JDS is 4 because he’s playing the 4 and Márquez isn’t there. I forget who was the 10 before, but obviously that’s not up for grabs. Nolito was 22 before, but is 11 now because Bojan isn’t there and Abidal is. Edu Oriol is 17, but Pedro will get his number back when the season starts.

    Pay no attention whatsoever to the numbers.

    1. Not that Armando is a “kid”…he’s 24.

      CONSPIRACY OF THE DAY: he’s got Guardiola’s agent, that’s why he’s still playing!

    2. 24 eh? Why is it that we have so many players at 24? How come they’re not 25 or 23?

      I SMELL SOMETHING FISHY (and it’s not a fish sandwich).

  9. Barca shud have put a clause in the contract, “If Messi scores a hat trick you owe us double the game fee”

  10. VicSan has this Blond-Black thing goin’ on with his hair.

    Messi, umm, sitiing. With Maxwell and -didn’tseetheotherperson-. Has Maxwell played today?

  11. Whoa! That Korean number 10, Lucio, is pretty good. We should sign him. That’ll cater to our Asian fans.

  12. when are all of the world cup winners scheduled to be back? i want to see david villa in the mix already.

    1. Do you mean Jonathan Soriano because the commentator on mine keeps mixing him up with other people.

  13. Streaker fail.

    You do that when Messi is on the pitch.

    Mino, nice save again. Reminds me of a Valdes-Guardiola hybrid in looks.

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