Friendly: K-League All Stars – Barça

It’s friendly time once again as our boys in blaugrana spearmint take on the K-League All Stars in Seoul, South Korea at 8pm local time. That means the match is at 1pm in Barcelona and at 7am here in New York. I may or may not struggle out of bed in time to find a working feed, so take this as your match comments post.

Despite previous suggestions that he wouldn’t play, Messi is contractually obligated to make an appearance. Expect Guardiola to put him in with 75 minutes already on the clock so that he can’t play more than 15. Apparently no one in Asia cares if Dani Alves will play…

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Random, but since when did Messi have a tattoo? *

    The match is at 7AM, I’ll stay up for it, since I don’t go to bed until 9AM anyway.

    Like I said in the last post, I hope we get to see my boy Victor Vazquez and Fontas tomorrow. I’m convinced Vazquez would have made the first team last season if it weren’t for his injuries. Mentally and technically, he was more ready than Jonathan or Thiago is for the first team, but the injuries came at the wrong time. He was also part of the team that featured Messi, Pique, and Cesc, and was considered a future star at that time. He was great in the preseason of the 08/09 season and even played a few CL games for us that year.

    I also hope Messi doesn’t get injured and the South Koreans don’t boo us like some of them said they were going to.

    1. lol… if it’s a picture of someone, then maybe it’s of his late grandmother, the person who encouraged him to play and the person he points to in the sky when he scores.

  2. Call me crazy, but why not keep VicSan in the first team this season.

    I’ve always thought he was dependable even though he is unspectacular.

    plus, he plays EVERYTHING other than GK, ST, and CB. and actually, i think he has played centerback, but it isn’t his strongest position.

    I understand that he doesn’t have the potential of Jonathan, Thiago, Pedro!, and am very sure he won’t ever reach Xavi/Iniesta/Messi greatness, but I think he could be a very dependable back-up for many years. (or maybe until Cesc decided to man-up)

    1. After our 1st Friendly i truly believe Pep has taken a liken to VicSan. He is like a Cantanero version of Adriano Correia.

    2. He’s versatile, but he doesn’t come close to Adriano in skill or understanding of the game.

      Since we seem to be short on midfielders, I wouldn’t mind keeping Sanchez, but I don’t care if he leaves.

    3. I would definitely keep him as a substitute player. He’s a bit more experienced than Jonathan and Thiago and I think he did a quite good job against Valerenga Oslo.
      But it seems that the club wants to loan him once again.

    4. For me, besides his goal, his passing left a lot to be desired and Riverola and Jonathan outshone him in that category, but like you guys said, keeping him as a sub isn’t a bad idea.

    5. yeah. VicSan is ready now. I only see him getting sharper, but never setting the world on fire.
      While I don’t doubt that Jona and Thiago will pass him up by miles, they are a few years away from doing so.
      I see VicSan as a hardworking and simple player that will provide depth until Cesc comes.

  3. WTF, 7am EST, I thought it was at 6am EST…
    ugh… It’s 2:20am PST, I’m sleepy, and I thought the game was in 40 minutes… apparently it’s in 1hr, 40 minutes? sigh…

    1. yeah, but what time did you wake up on tuesday? I woke up at 9am, which means I’ve been awake for 18 hours. The body gets really sleepy after 15-16 hours.

    2. BTW, do you get alerts when something is posted here on BFB? you seem to have replied very quickly…

    3. LOL, nah I just happen to refresh a lot and I have nothing better to do being up at 6am and what not…

    1. Pinto, Ilie, Sergi Gomez, Milito, Maxwell, Edu Oriol, Sergi Roberto, Jonathan, Adriano, Ibrahimovic, Benja

    2. Pep aka barcastuff

      Um, I’m gonna watch on one of the streams, I just have to figure out which is best. None of them are up yet, right?

    3. Check this out (via barcastuff): This is how the stadium looked an hour before the game. *

      How pathetic is that? I hope the stadium fills up…

    4. They weren’t happy when they found out Messi wouldn’t play. although it seems he has to step on for like 15mins.

    5. Interested in seeing Jonathan’s ability to dictate momentum against the Koreans, which, if they play like the national team, like to pressure the midfield.

  4. am i really up @3:30am to watch a barca game? i feel like one of those whiny indian/pakistani/australian fans.

  5. 1-1 12 minutes in, for you folks wondering. Yes, I’m up way too early. What’s wrong with us? 😀

    1. then again, i remember jonathan sporting deco’s #20 last pre-season. hope he keeps this one.

    2. I meant to comment on this.
      Nod to Marquez?
      not to Guardiola?
      Claiming the deep-lying Playmaker role?

  6. For us folks in office, we have to make do with the comments. Hopefully some one will upload the match later on.

  7. Pinto, Sergi Roberto, Ibrahimovic, Dos Santos, Milito, Correia, Andrade, Ilie, Oriol, Benja, Sergi Gomez

  8. I’m liking the spearmint. I have a long-sleeve home and away for this season. Yes.

  9. I guess that Ibrahimovic is getting all of the time to get rid of the off-season weight, eh?

  10. Amazing quality stream *in Spanish*


  11. Messi’s off at HT. He had the “faster I come on, the faster I come off” vibe goin’ on

    GOL Dong Gook. 2-1

  12. If Messi had scored, that would have been perfect. Then, when we take him off at HT, the crowd’ll be happy.

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