Valerenga – Barça Match Comments Post

Valerenga – Barça, 7pm local, 1pm EST. (brief preview here)

It pains me to have to tell all of you to take part in a comments post instead of a liveblog, but my plans for running one have been derailed at the last minute by the generous offer of an authentic Nicaraguan meal (gallopinto is probably my favorite food) on the other side of town. I know that I should be prioritizing Barça over food (and air) but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

There’s a chance I’ll be home by 1pm to watch it, in which case I’ll fire up the liveblog, but don’t count on it. Apologies for leaving you stranded when we could be discussing the babies on the field. I’ll definitely download it later and watch it because, really, I can’t live without Barça.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. So totalBarca is reporting that we won’t buy a replacement for Yaya and instead, Pep will promote Oriol Romeu. Don’t know how much truth there is in that but it’d be interesting. From what I’ve seen (and been told), he’s pretty much in the Sergi mold. Lanky, good passer, good anticipation and always there to break up plays before they begin.

    1. And by totalbarca you mean Sport or another media outlet. No offense meant by this, but those guys aren’t “reporting” anything, they’re translating and reposting. A valuable service, but it’s not “their” story much as if when I write about such things that they’re my stories (they’re not).

    2. Ha no I understand, I actually meant to say “According to totalBarca, Sport is reporting…” but I’m sitting in a class and the professor asked me a question while I was typing so I got distracted.

    3. Don’t take Isaiah too seriously Brett, the DM position is a big soft spot with him. Back away slowly and don’t make eye contact, everything will be ok.

    4. What’s your beef with tB Isaiah? What you say is true, of course, but there is also plenty of original research, writing and content at the site.

    5. Isaiah has no beef with Total Barca. But he did want to make the point that in this particular situation, it wasn’t original reporting. If what he says is true, and no further nuance is implied by his comment, what’s the complexity here? He even prefaced it with “No offense meant by this.”

  2. Words from the Reluctant One:

    In an interview with Spanish lifestyle magazine DIR Emotions, Fabregas said: “I am from Barcelona. I am a club member, along with my grandfather, my uncle and my cousin. I feel those colours and have since I was young. I am Catalan, I am from Arenys, I have come through the Barca youth system.

    “Those players are my friends and have been for many years. They play stellar football and everything they have won they deserve 100%. [Carles] Puyol gives me confidence and has taken care of me like an older brother. Bojan inspires calm. [Sergio] Busquets is simple and authentic. Xavi is a maestro. [Andres] Iniesta has so much patience, especially given what has happened to him in terms of injuries. [Lionel] Messi is calm, shy, and very kind. [Victor] Valdes has a lot of personality.

    “However, I am Arsenal’s captain. I am a Gunner and that is where I have made myself as a player and matured as a person. He [Arsene Wenger] is a second father to me, the most important person in my life after my father. He has been very supportive of me and has treated my like a son. I am part of his family.

    “He does not want me to leave. My last conversation with him in London was one of the most difficult moments I have had to live. I am left very touched.

    “I want to continue fighting for every title, especially the Champions League, because I am a winner.”

    “He doesn’t want me to leave. And in my last conversation with him in London, it was one of the most difficult moments I have experienced. I ended up very upset.”

    Jesus, it’s NEVER going to end. There again, Arsenal fans will read this as “He staying to fight for titles with us.” Barcelona fans who want him to come will read it as “He’s saying his goodbyes, and this is step one.”

    The purest, most comprehensive nonsense. To make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. So take a stand, then deal with the consequences, Mr. Fabregas. Stay or go, I don’t give a whit. Just make a decision, and speak out.

    1. Man Cesc is really starting to piss me off. If he wants to leave then he needs to grow a pair and tell Wenger to let him go. If he wants to stay and just say so.

      Arsenal fans come here and talk about our players being classless, well at least they have the backbone to speak their minds, this guy doesnt know what he wants and just blows hot air up everybodys ass. Its like he wants to play for both clubs and he wants both sets of fans to love him.

      He REALLY needs to just come out and say “I AM STAYING AT ARSENAL” so that we can get on with strengthening our squad. I am so sick of hearing his damn name.

    2. Fabregas is holding a ridiculous neutral stance with this kind of approaches when speaking out.
      What the hell does i was born and brought there yet playing here for now , and my second father doesnt want me gone mean.
      Say that you stay or not kid ,say what YOU want so things can cool off.
      We know what wenger wants , and we sure as hell know what barca officials pursue.
      We also know that most non catalan fans , like me are really bored and want this thing to break down right away so the people responsible can carry on with preparing our team for the season to follow based on what we REALLY need.
      Fabregas is harming both his boyhood club that he “loves” and is a member off, and his current club that happens to be the captain and has established him as a player with this stance
      Matured?I THINK NOT.I hope he gets crucified for this.

  3. I said it before when it comes to patience all the evidence is young Cesc has very little if any, this is the guy who moved to another country at 16 when didn’t like the progress he was making at the biggest club in the world. I hope he stays at arsenal because I don’t think we can afford him but I think if he has his mind set on coming home then he’s coming and that’s all there is to it.

  4. Ibrahimovic: “I never had any doubts about wanting to stay.”

    Abidal: “Where’s Txigrinski?” Clearly the dude doesn’t read NewsNow or anything, for that matter. Whoa. 😀

    1. Haha, yeah. Abidal rolled up to training the other day and thought Chygrnskiy was injured or something because he didn’t see him. He asked where he was and found out he had been transfered. 😀

  5. Where can I search for links to live streams of the game?! I really want to see it 🙁

  6. Ibra’s interview. It seems they changed the link to this one, Kxevin.


    1. Wow, Ibra said he gained about 20 pounds on vacation! He says he is losing it now and has about 6 pounds left to lose and he’ll be ready for the season.

  7. LOL!! @Abidal

    So Fabregas was very upset that Wenger wanted him to stay. That says it all really. He shouldn’t have been such a huevon to sign a 5-year deal last year, which is what got him in this mess to begin with.

    1. I don’t know that Fabregas was saying that he was upset because Wenger wanted him to stay. I think that he was upset by the situation and its complexities. I don’t envy him the decision. He has to straddle a fence that on one side might be his wishes and aspirations, and what if he leaves Arsenal and then they start winning championships? There’s all that turmoil, personal and from Arsenal fans, and the club that he left starts doing well.

      On the other hand, he really has to worry about the fans. Look at what the vicious, incessant booing did to Eboue’s confidence. More and more, you are starting to see Arsenal fans muttering about removing the captain’s armband from Fabregas.

      Dude’s in a tough spot, and I don’t blame him for not wanting to come out and make a public declaration. Because Arsenal could still say “I don’t care what he wants, he isn’t for sale, or we will agree to sell you, the price is 70m,” which would functionally mean that he isn’t for sale, right?

      It’s a mess, and it all started from bullshit politics, and politicians twisting the words of a player. I am certain that when Fabregas spoke of returning to Barca, he meant someday rather than this season. Then people went hog wild, the press went nuts and suddenly, it’s a problem.

      It isn’t all that difficult to imagine how Arsenal fans would be vexed.

  8. from what i read in total.barca oriol romeu is a new busi!by the way what options we have for a young DM?some names like capoue,sisoko from what i read in the past.are they good enough for us?there is a guy in marseille i don.t remember his name against milan iN C.L was a beast.

  9. And after Ibra’s interview, you can fill the time till the game start watching this:


    Call Xavi now!

    1. Haha, I watched that video a couple of times last week (thanks to someone on hear, I forget who). She’s too cute. I want a kid who will scream and cry to see a Barcelona player rather than Elmo.

  10. Ramzi what do you think of Oriol. If I remember right, you were one of the first to mention him back in theoffside days. Have seen him in the u19, and he looks solid. and so far have not seen Busi’s play exaggeration in his game which is good, but he is only 18.

    1. Oriol is a good talent. And it is true that I’ve been keeping an eye on him for a while now. But with JDS and especially Thiago’s progress, I will think twice before signing him.

      The only thing that is yet to be tested is how he will deal with lack of space. He is exceptional attacking the spaces and getting advantage of the holes created in the opponent’s lines (especially between the lines), how far he will find that while playing for Barca is another question.

      But generally speaking, he is quality. And his personality is balanced to an extend. That all match the requirements I like in a player. For the price we can get him for, its a bargain. But still we have cheaper options within our farms. So he is not up there on my priority list that includes a holding midfielder and a center back.

  11. Generally speaking, now that Barca B will play in the second division, I hope we dont promote many players to the first team. Playing in the Second division on weekly bases is the perfect final preparation for the guys before the big stage. Certainly better than the first team’s bench.

    I hope we start by giving 4 or 5 of them the chance to train with the first team while playing for Barca B. Then give the chances gradually to play. Especially in the cup. Till the middle of the season (where the main candidates play the limit allowed for Barca B player in first division) it will be clear who is up there. I can see Thiago stamping his place for the first team. JDS will be ready for the following season. If one of the defenders proves himself as well, then its all good.

  12. barcastuff
    Line-up: Pinto – Illie S.Gomez Milito Maxwell – JonathanDosSantos Riverola V.Sánchez – JonathanSoriano Bojan Tello

  13. Lineup: Pinto, Illie, Sergi Gomez, Milito, Maxwell, Jonathan, Riverola V.Sánchez, Jonathan Soriano, Bojan, Tello.

    Bench: Miño, Dalmau, Armando, Muniesa, Adriano, Sergi Roberto, Keita, Edu Oriol, Ibrahimovic, Nolito, Benja.

  14. The starting XI is probably only going to play for the 1st half. The bench is the starting XI for the 2nd half.

  15. On the contrary, I like what Fabregas is doing. This is what good professionals do. It’s good PR. You just don’t take a stand on many issues, including how you feel about certain players, where you would really prefer to play, club politics, coaches decisions e.t.c

    If Fabregas says he wants to leave in public, then it doesn’t happen, guess what? He has a problem with the arsenal fans. A good example is Henry last year. He said he loves Arsenal, and it caused him to be benched for the most of the 2 legs against Arsenal, and when he came on and didn’t play very well, fans used his statements against him.

    If Fabregas says he wants to stay, what if they find a way of making the deal happen, and he goes for it? He will forever be labelled a liar and a traitor in Arsenal. Or what if Barcelona take him seriously at his word, completely give up ever wanting to sign him and go in another direction? This will hurt him because, make no mistake about it, HE WANTS TO PLAY FOR BARCELONA at some point in his career. And he might be considered a traitor in Catalunya too, for refusing to come.

    So, I say good job to Fabregas for handling it the way he has. Say good things about both clubs in public, then shut the hell up. Have your say in private, to the people who actually have influence in this deal.

    The only people who have taken hits in this saga are the barcelona players who opened their mouths in public for someone who is far more sophisticated in handling the media than they are. Good job Fabregas, SAY NOTHING until it’s done and dusted, then say how you always knew you will play here or there, like Yaya did with City.

  16. Touches by Barca (B) players are a tad heavy. Bojan’s playing LW.

    …and wins a FK, which the keeper fists away. Barca (B) build again.

  17. How awesome is this goal celebration? Haha…


  18. Twice Bojan’s cut in with his right foot in a decent position from the LW, twice it leads to nothing. He’s looking hungry though.

    Players are getting in each other’s way often; particularly in the midfield.

  19. GOOOOOOOOOOAL!! Victor Sanchez! Que golazo 😀

    Plays a one-two with CT at the edge of the area, and curls one to the far post. Love the ball back from CT.

    Milito concedes a pen two seconds later….

  20. 1-1. Seems kinda fair. After all, a couple of minutes before that, a Valerenga striker took the ball, fairly IMO, from Pinto, but the ref called a foul.

    Pep’s graying BTW. Stressed much? (I’d be too…)

  21. Great pass for Riverola, I think it was. But why is Bojan scared to take his man to the line?

    1. He wants to score, but he’s cutting on his favoured right foot but they’re obviously defending that foot. That leaves him with no choice but to cut inside to make space. That’s obviously not working.

  22. Ilie Sanchez steals the ball at edge of the area, but his pass is inaccurate or cut out by a defender depending on your point of view.

    It seems that the B players are doing everything right, except their final ball/action is lacking. I guess that’s what separates a B teamer from an A teamer.

    What a tackle JDS (min 19)!

    Loving Bojan He’s Pedros it! All he’s missing is the final shot/pass.

    1. He’s obviously got something to prove 😀

      Maybe it’s the armband that’s weighing down his decision making abilities…

  23. JDS has a cannon!

    Ha, #10 (on Barca) almost stole the ball from the Val. keeper 😀 Corner.

    #7 does some crazy acrobatic shot-thing. Would have been awesome if that went in.

  24. just tuned in (my mother in law just prepared me pabellón!, lol). can anybody fill me in on which barca players are on the pitch?

    1. Lineup:

      Illie, Sergi Gomez, Milito, Maxwell,
      Jonathan, Riverola, V.Sánchez,
      Jonathan Soriano, Bojan, Tello.

  25. Why isn’t Bartra on the pitch? I thought he was one of the promising kids who are most likely to get a call up to the first team?

  26. I love how he turns away all badass-like when he scored his goal. It’s like “Yeah, I know it’s going in; I don’t even need to see it”. 😀

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