Barça’s 2010-11 Pre-Season Schedule

FC Barcelona are about to embark on the 2010-11 pre-season, so it’s probably appropriate to clue all of you in to what the plans are. Norway and South Korea. That’s it. Thanks for stopping by!

I’m obviously kidding with the lack of detail:

Friendly: Thursday, July 29: Valerenga – Barça in Oslo, Norway. Kicks off at 7pm local time (7pm Barcelona, 1pm NYC).

Friendly: Wednesday, August 4: K-League All Stars – Barça. Kicks off at 7pm local time (noon Barcelona, 6am NYC).

Friendly: Sunday, August 8: Guoan – Barça. Kicks off at 8pm local time (1pm Barcelona, 7am NYC).

SuperCopa de España: Saturday, August 14: Sevilla – Barça. Kicks off 10pm local/Barcelona time (4pm NYC).

Supercopa de España: Saturday, August 21: Barça – Sevilla. Kick off TBA.

Gamper Match: Wednesday, August 24: Barça – AC Milan. Kickoff TBA.

So we’ve got 3 practice matches, 2 of which are a gajillion miles from Sevilla, and then 2 Super Cup legs and a Gamper match to play before heading to face Racing Santander on August 28 (which I will be missing–thanks for getting married on this day, jerk friends…congratulations guys, I got you a portable TV player that shows Barça games!). Expect the reserves to feature fairly heavily against Sevilla in the first leg as the regular starters aren’t back yet and won’t be match fit by then, what with all the bubbly they’ve been consuming of late. Pinto, for instance, is tipped to start in goal.

Abidal returned to training a week early, which is good, but Maxwell is already back, not having had World Cup duty, so that doesn’t mean Abi will start. The Spanish internationals won’t be going on the trip to South Korea (fans who purchased tickets hoping to see the World Cup winners will be pissed, no doubt), though Dani Alves and Messi should be returning this week and will probably get short run outs to fulfill contractual obligations.

This is, of course, just another busy summer amongst many busy summers for Barça players. Enjoy the last few days of freedom before we’re back to the grind, watching our beloved sashay around the fields…ah god so horrible.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Gahhh! I’m going to miss the first leg of the Supercopa because I will be at a friends wedding. The game is 1 pm pacific time so it is in prime wedding territory. Stupid friends, why do they need to get married?

  2. Some quotes from Bojan:

    “Pre-seasons are always hard, but things are going well. I did some personal exercises during the holidays.”

    “We’re working hard, it’s not boring. But as always we look forward to the games, you always want to compete.”

    “The atmosphere in the group is good, as always. We still want to win. Wembley is a great motivation.”

    “I’m happy for my team-mates who won the Worldcup. Of course one of my objectives is to return to the Spanish national team.”

    “My finish last season and the confidence of the coach have given me extra self-belief and motivation.”

    “I think I can play on the left. Not really as a pure winger but coming from the wing and creating danger in the area.”

    Courtesy of Pep’s twitter.

    1. Personal exercises??!! Dude’s been pumping iron like a madman, from the looks of him.

    2. Bojan has always been pretty muscular, especially his legs, but he has definitely put in some work in the summer. Hopefully he won’t get pushed off the ball as easily.

      LOL, I remember back on the old offside page, me and a few others posted pictures of Bojan and his muscles because people didn’t believe it.

    3. Well, I don’t believe you, so could you post some updated pictures. Signed, Mrs. Robinson.

    4. LOL, that’s what I was saying. He definitely got bigger, but he was always bigger than most, muscle wise.

      BTW, that was one of the pictures I used to show he was jacked when this site was on the offside.

  3. Hell yeah! Finally Barcelona football returns 🙂

    What about Thiago & Co, will they travel to South Korea?

  4. In some news we all saw coming: Henrique is officially loaned to Racing again this season.

    Henrique was also called up by new Brazil coach Mano Menezes for a friendly in the United States.


      and by that I mean paying too much to watch everyone’s scrubs plus Dani Alves.

  5. Oh, and given that there is an ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY friendly match against Mexico (in Mexico, right?) on August, 11… when will the Spanish NT players finally return to our club? On August 15, 2 weeks before la Liga kicks off?
    They gotta be kiddin’, FIFA or whoever scheduled these national friendlies!

    1. i think del Bosque has already said that the friendly against Mexico most of the first-team World Cup winning players will not be called up, but it’ll be used to preview new players.

  6. days of freedom is correct, so difficult planning my work and social life around the barca schedule.

    Congrats on getting married!!!

  7. AHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, but this is hilarious!

    My Fave -EnglishTeamRelated- video of the Pre-season 😀

    Some warnings: foul language present; the word sh!t comes up often, w@nker and the f-bomb are occasionally dropped.

    A Preview of the clip:

    “Well then. How many of your players were in the English team?”
    “You are racist”
    “What the f*ck?!”

    1. Stupid but funny as this is what we have to put up with on a regular basis. Spurs have an obsession with Arsenal and would quite happily finish in mid table mediocrity if they beat us once a season. They haven’t finished above us in 15 years and genuinely appreciate a loss by us more than a win by their own team. I guess it’s similar to how Espanyol act a bit. Ah well they’ll be disappearing once Citeh spend their billions…

  8. GOL TV HD, starting August 1 2010, Direct TV carrying it at launch.


    1. Last season I complained when the games were on Deportes (which I do not get) instead of GOLTV, which I do get.

      This next season, I no longer have GOLTV and now I have Deportes. Oy…

  9. Is Abidal’s starting role seriously being questioned? Not to take anything from Maxwell but Abidal is first in Guardiola’s list over anyone. He just happened to be injured a crap load, but I really hope that this season he’s in top form and Maxwell can just have awesome seats, and he can start the copa del rey =)

    1. If you’re referring to what Isaiah said, all he means is it’s logical that Maxwell will start in this upcoming friendly because he has had week worth’s of training under his belt compared to Abidal who just came back yesterday.

      Abidal will be the starter come the start of the season, no doubt about that.

  10. Hi, I’m the Sevilla fan who stops by your fine blog establishment from time to time.

    In honor of the new season fiiiinally starting, I thought I’d see if anyone in Chicago wanted to meet up to see either of the Supercopa matches with the enemy. Any takers?

    1. Would love to, but I’m stuck in bumf*ck upstate NY.

      Let’s hope for two really good games.

  11. A sort of follow-up to that… Where are most of the folks in NY going to watch the Supercopa games? Is Nevada Smith the default place due to the penya being based there?

  12. From Pep’s twitter:

    “According to the new board, an audit has revealed that last season the club didn’t have benefits of 11M but losses of 77M”

    Wow! this new board is full of good news. Bad Laporta! 😀

    1. According to the quote in Sport the total debt is €552m. It’s a big number but combined with the banks unwillingness to call the debt in (due to public image worries) and the exaggeration by the Rosell administration to discredit Laporta I wouldn’t be worrying too much if I was a Barça fan.

      Also another “Arsenal won’t talk” quote from a spokesperson called Toni. I don’t understand what they’re trying to achieve by continually releasing statements saying Arsenal won’t budge. I’m serious when I say I could envisage Arsenal selling to a third party club just because they’re unwilling to do business with Barça.

      Either way: YAWWWWWWN!!!

    2. Agreed. Yawn, indeed. EMD is nattering about secret agreements. Ha! So protracted, so silly.

      I’m not surprised that the former regime did a little cooking. What’s most interesting is how big of a percentage of operating costs is occupied by player salaries. Talk about the cost of success!

    3. Secret agreements… yet they won’t even talk. Must be REALLY secret 😉

      I know salaries are over 50% of turnover (which is the maximum “ideal” level). Some of the wages are astronomical. I don’t even want to think how many thousands of Euros the top players are on. We could be talking above and beyond €200m per year.

      It’s actually quite sickening. I know it’s a global business and we all love it and spend big on it (my season ticket is £945 this year) and therefore they’re entitled to demand big wages but really once you’re on at least €100k a week what more can you spend you money on?

    4. Yeah, we’re right around 50%, at 235.2m. 945 pounds?! Ow! But it’s so worth it. Hell, you could even say that when you factor in the cost of my Barca fix, my “season ticket” for 4-5 matches is north of 4,000 US. Yes, a vacation is mixed in with that, but still.

      For you math majors, by the by, Gooner’s season ticket is about $1400USD, and 1100EUR.

      And if I lived in Barcelona, I’d be paying whatever they ask, if only because the season ticket is a boss-ass card (looks like the soci card) that you just swipe.

  13. Expect a tougher season ahead, there wont be much beautiful football to enjoy. EVERY team is going to employ either the Netherlands tactic, Maulaga Tactic or Chelsea tactic. All of which have ALOT in common.

  14. Great post. I found it to be especially instructive and gave me the information I was hunting for. Will return – thanks for the tips.

  15. Can’t wait to see the season opener but pre-season is a good way to gauge how the teams doing. My guy is Zlatan’ but it’s good to see a winger like Villa to spice it up. Let’s see how the Clasico goes this year. Plus Bojan and Messi are as ready as ever, after not scoring in the Cup I’m sure Messi is hungry for some GOLS. Good Luck BARCA.

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