And so it begins …. new season, new stuff, lotta lotta new …. and some old

What better way to start the season than with a photo of a man who people are probably convinced didn’t even go out during the day, our own Tiny Vampire, Andres Iniesta, hanging out on the beach. Yee-ha!

I’ll be brief with all this, but no less opinionated, because that’s how I roll.

Guardiola had his first official news conference of the new season today, and there were many highlights. There were a lotta words, but I will boil them down into bullet points:

–It really sucks that The Yaya left. I wanted to keep him, but not at his terms. I don’t roll that way.
–I would love to have Ibrahimovic stay, but his agent has to stop talking crap. No guarantees, you play for your spot.
–I wouldn’t mind at all if Marquez stays, but again, no guarantees of playing time. Dude! Really?
–I’d love to have Cesc Fabregas, but there’s been a lotta crap, and not enough money. Ain’t gonna happen.
–We need midfield cover, stat, for Iniesta and Xavi, as well as the galaxy who I tried to convince to stay.

You can go here for the rest. And a big, giant shout-out to Pep of FCBTransfers fame, who is still doing exceptional work. He doesn’t have a blog per se, but he is kicking the crap out of everybody who does, and purports to have Barca news. His Barca elections site was brilliant, and if you don’t subscribe to his Tweets via Twitter, you should. Dude’s all over stuff, yo.

Carles Puyol, who has never been shy about speaking his mind, has his own things to say on l’affaire Fabregas:

“Cesc is a really nice guy and desperate to become a Barcelona player. But he is not the sort of player to be ruthless and start using the media to get him the move that he wants. There are many players who would try all sorts of tricks to make it impossible to ever play for Arsenal again but that is not his style.

“I think Arsenal need to respect his class and show the same class by giving the guy who has given so much to them the move that he and his family want. He isn’t just being deprived of moving to the best club in the world. More importantly, he is being deprived of coming home.

“He has tried everything to win trophies at Arsenal and when he sees the success so many of his Spanish team-mates are having at Barcelona, it’s only natural that he should want to be a part of that. Arsenal can’t do anything to stop that. I have just spent six weeks with him and there is only one club he wants to be at.

“The worst-case scenario is that we have to wait another 12 months for him to join us – but Arsenal, Barcelona and Cesc know that is the very worst-case scenario.”

Wow. Jiminy cricket. As you can predict, the Arsenal blogs and other Gunner-centric spaces are all atwitter with that, and Guardiola’s words about Fabregas. I have to tell you that I’m so far beyond caring that words can’t possibly capture the ennui. Sandro Rosell is supposedly winging his way to London, bearing a briefcase containing 40-45m, but with a secret compartment that is hiding another 5-10m, just in case. Arsenal will laugh, then we can go on to signing somebody in positions that we need.

Here’s a photo for you, courtesy of the good folks over at Arsenal Action:

Words fail me. Some say he doesn’t look happy about signing the shirt. Others say why is he signing it at all. Some of us just say “Sighhhhh.”

Gone Adriano (some call him Henrique) has replied to his call-up by Guardiola by saying “Nope. Ain’t coming. Not until my future is sorted. I’m not going to come and hang out with the big kids, only to be shuttled off to Racing or somewhere again.” Now, I’m not a genius or anything, but if you want to play for us, that isn’t the way to go about it. You bring your ass to camp, work like dog and show off, in the hopes that this time you will impress enough to stay. Sorry, but I am not impressed. Looks line Gone Adriano will stay thus.

–In one of the funnier rumors I have heard of late, we are going to move for Mathieu Flamini as the The Yaya replacement. (Sorry, I can’t type any more while clutching my sides and crying from laughter.)

–B-Teamer Miquel Luque signed on with Almeria this week. It’s no big loss, since the midfielder wasn’t able to play his way into a regular role for Luis Enrique. In other losses, it looks like Filipe Luis is going to sign with Pathetico. Can you blame him? He views himself as a starter, and we’d be signing him as a squad player, in effect. Players always make the decisions based on the future they would like to have. But if Eric Abidal gets kidnapped by flying monkeys or something ….

Zlatan Ibrahimovic met with Guardiola for about 45 minutes before today’s press conference. Not sure how the meeting went, but Guardiola made it clear that he would like Ibrahimovic to stay, but added that the forward’s future is ultimately up to him and his forked-tongues mouthpiece, Mino Raiola.

Gaby Milito will have a normal pre-season with the club, which makes me all giddy with rapture. We all know the injury-troubled travails of our favorite lock-and-load defender. He was excellent last season, and should be even better this one.

And finally, Messi, what are you doing, dude?! You can’t get booked in a charity match!

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  1. vicsoc8
    July 19, 2010

    This cements in my mind that Henrique will never play a competitive game for Barcelona as long as Pep is coach. You don’t snub Pep. Even Hleb showed up to practice when he was called.

    Speaking of Hleb, word is that he is on his way out on a loan again. I would like to see that he has changed his ways and is willing to fight for a place, because he could be a decent, free, squad player.

    We still need to sign two players who can between them cover CB, DM, and CM.

    • July 19, 2010

      I like money more than Barca.

  2. lovelymovo
    July 19, 2010

    Little Vampire Iniesta and the Speedos of Doom! Maybe it was a bet he lost with the paragon of fashion Sergio Ramos?

    Anyway, I love Pep’s press conferences. He’s coy when he needs to, but knows when to put it all out there. In regards to Marquez, I like him as a player, despite his crap form last season (even tho he did put in some good performances, like against Arsenal in the second leg) – so its nice that Pep says he would like him to stay. Which is not to say that I think Pep wants him to stay so he can play lots of minutes – I think its more of a pat on the shoulder, hope he gets bought for good money type of thing. But anyway, that’s just a totally biased opinion, we do need a more consistent and reliable player to take Rafa’s place.

    Gotta love Puyi! Not looking forward to angry Gooners invading our space.

  3. July 19, 2010

    I freaking love pep, and am going to second Kevin’s suggestion.

    FCBTransfers was awesome… his twitter is just as awesome, but shorter. We were very close to turning it into a blog, but IPep was too busy with other stuff to keep up the content pace. Twitter is a perfect remedy.

    Still the best source for Barca news from Cataluyna.

    • Vj
      July 19, 2010

      I worked with Pep for some time, boy was he good.. When it came to news he’d beat us all in his sleep.. He was really dedicated..


    • Jnice
      July 19, 2010

      AND Pep ALWAYS replies to my questions, lol. It’s like at least one a night.

      But nice roundup, kxevin. When I was reading Pep’s comments, I got the feeling that we could only afford at most one more player and that would even be close to stretching it. He didn’t sound like we had 40 million euros to spend. Did anyone else sense that too, or am I the only one who felt that way?

    • messi_fan
      July 19, 2010

      Yeah I got that impression too

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      What can I say? Great minds think alike 😀

      I got that feeling too.

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      Both Peps are awesome! 😀

  4. Dan
    July 19, 2010


    “I think Arsenal need to RESPECT his class and show the same CLASS”

    Ah, the hypocrisy. A guy and club that lack both respect for others and any modicum of class spouting off about others lacking said respect and class.

    Gotta love it.

    • poipoi
      July 19, 2010

      oh come on…. puyol is a bad guy now? puyol??? a classless hipocrit? lmfao

    • ballbeav
      July 19, 2010

      dan the dumbo, your vision is cloudy…your captain wants to leave your team…accept it, bro.

  5. Kari
    July 19, 2010

    My first thought: WhoaSPEEDO!INIESTAOMG.

    Pep also said he hopes to give Bojan more minutes.

    “I have not been able to see him [Bojan] yet, but I am ecstatic that he has chosen to continue here. I hope to give him the minutes he deserves.”


    L’assumpte Fábregas is just boring. Sign me up for the “Sighhhhhhh” group. Who knows what the truth is?

    What I find funny though is that no-one seems to bring the Fabregas factor in question. It’s all about “Arsenal said this” “Barca said/did that”. What about the man himself? These quotes aren’t coming from nowhere you know. Fabregas has a part to play in this whole thing too. Gosh, it feels like an overgrown custody battle between “parents”. Except, you know, the kid in question isn’t a kid and can choose which ‘parent’ he wants to go with.

    If there’s anyone I’d be pissed at right now, it would be Fabregas. Sure, Rosell and the mentally-challeged Spanish press have the lion’s share of the blame, but at this point, it looks like Fabregas is keeping this farce going. It seems like Puyi is speaking for him , thus taking the big bad guy role and leaving Cesc to be the innocent one here in the eyes of Arsenal and the Arsenal fans.

    “Cesc is a really nice guy and desperate to become a Barcelona player. But he is not the sort of player to be ruthless and start using the media to get him the move that he wants. There are many players who would try all sorts of tricks to make it impossible to ever play for Arsenal again but that is not his style

    “He has tried everything to win trophies at Arsenal and when he sees the success so many of his Spanish team-mates are having at Barcelona, it’s only natural that he should want to be a part of that. Arsenal can’t do anything to stop that. I have just spent six weeks with him and there is only one club he wants to be at.”


    -LOL at Leo getting a yellow. He even takes charity matches seriously huh? 😛 (I wonder what that guy said to him though…)

    -Yay! for Gabi.

  6. poipoi
    July 19, 2010

    omg is andres sunbathing? what level of protection must he use?

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      SPF47 of course.

      Actually, he might need to upgrade to SPF100.

  7. cliveee
    July 19, 2010

    It’s interesting how Pep view the transfer of Fabregas is a need, which is contradicting to most of our views to the “need” of the team.

    Fabregas showed how he could use his ball skill and speed to dribble pass a couple of defenders and then slide a pass to another player. he demonstrated that in the world cup. We need him, do we? Other than covering Iniesta and Xavi when they have a fever or injured or cold or bad stomach, we need him? If Pep is looking for a bus wrecker that parks it tight, Fabregas may do the job ok, but I am not convinced. Yes, I still have doubts in his quality. I view him more or less like Mata or faster, which I am not a fan of.

    But its nice to hear from the wise man again. Also a big boost to hear he want Ibrahimovic to stay.

  8. cliveee
    July 19, 2010

    and what the hell, is that Ghostface’s first ever visit to the beach? look at his body that has no sign of blood presence!

  9. Kari
    July 19, 2010

    Ahhh, so this is what happened…


    Well, that’s just stupid.

  10. Soto
    July 19, 2010

    My favorite quote from Guardiola:
    “Not even drunk I would have believed two years ago that Pedro and Busquets would win a worldcup, a trophy I don’t have”

    (h/t to Pep at barcastuff ***

    • poipoi
      July 19, 2010

      then he said: “ok, erase that. erase the part of I don’t have it and put many great spanish players don’t have it.”

      he knew that he sounded selfish, so he tried to change the sentence. there’s gotta be someone a little critic with pep you know 😉

      my favourite sentence was when a french reporter started to speak in really really bad spanish with that “ghhh” sound instead of “rrrrrr” … pep started doing strange faces and said “I did not understand a single word, don’t know yet if you’re speaking spanish or french” everyone started cracking up.

    • jnelson
      July 19, 2010

      HAHAHA lmao

  11. Soto
    July 19, 2010

    Thanks to the transfer limitations, fiscal and otherwise, this season looks to be a tricky one in terms of players and positions. This should make things exciting, since we will probably see some interesting experiments on Guardiola’s part. I enjoy the change: it forces us to avoid complacency and gives us new drama to follow.

  12. July 19, 2010

    Pep and Sandro are not clicking perfectly, something you can read between Pep’s words in the interview. He is taking the approach of a “professional employee”, which is not his usual self. Its not good because chemistry is needed. But lets claim it may bring something good as well, and that things at the end of Laporta’s era became so imbalanced that they couldnt reject anything he demands.Even when it was obvious as a decision taken based on excitement. Lets wait and see how it will work…

    “I don’t feel left alone. Manel [Estiarte] is here, Tito, the players. And I’ll keep on calling Johan when I need advice.”

    The question is, if things became a bit tricky and Sandro started to have some second thoughts, how will he take the news of Pep calling Johan for consultancy?

    Regarding the transfers budget, we have money. Pep responds sounded more as someone who is not taking anything for granted the same as we are. They sold a player he wanted because they needed money. they said there is a budget of 89 M (after Villa transfer), then it became 50 M while the move to bring Cesc didnt stop after Sandro was elected. Nothing clear, so why will he make high expectations? He set his mind to manage with whats in hand so that any new news will be a good news.

    Generally speaking, the interview (beside the Pep -Sandro part) was good.

    • Kxevin
      July 19, 2010

      Agreed, Ramzi. You’ve sort of preempted another post I have planned, but I said before that the Txigrinski deal signaled the short-term status of Guardiola, despite Rosell nattering about how much he’d like him to stay on, with that unctuous, rictus grin in place. But when you hear a head coach talking like that, in a detached way such as Guardiola, he can’t be more than another season, two at the most.

      We apparently have three players we are shopping, Hleb, Caceres and Marquez, and all have interest, for something around (respectively) 7, 10 and 5m. So that’s another 22m in the kitty if we can get the deals done quickly.

  13. Hilal
    July 19, 2010


    Wow you Arsenal fans just dont get it do you…. Why do you think all these Barca players are coming out and saying these things? You think its a coincidence that it’s all the players that are closest to Cesc that speak out the most? Are you really so naive?

    They are simply acting as mouth pieces for Cesc who has made as clear as he can (without putting in a transfer request) that he wants to leave. If he wanted them to shut up he would ask them to shut up. If he wanted his father to stop making statements that insight rumours and speculation then he would ask him to stop. Whats more we hate it more than you do because frankly we dont want him and we dont need him and we should be concentrating on strengthening our squad instead of Mr Fabregas. If you think for one second that all of the media speculation is not brought on by him and his entourage then you really do need a reality check. He could end the speculation right now by coming out and saying “I am staying, simple as that”. Thats what he did last year. This year though he doesnt say that, he just says things like “I dont want to talk about it” or “what will be will be”. Does that sound like a player who wants to stay?

    You can sit and blame the Barca players all you want but they dont control Cesc, in fact I think if anything right now Cesc is influencing them to be so outspoken. They dont need him in the team, they have won everything without him, they know that eventually he will come so why make such a big fuss about it now? Because HE wants to leave and HE wants a change and as his close friends they can see that.

    Instead of blaming the Barca players for somehow brainwashing poor little Cesc into leaving Arsenal what you need to do is take a good hard look at your team and realise that Cesc wants to leave because he WANTS TO WIN. Its as simple as that really. Had you won anything in the last 5 years then maybe you wouldnt have this problem. If Mr Wenger could show Cesc some ambition by making serious purchases instead of players like Chamkh (for free) then maybe he could see a future for himself at the club. The cold hard truth is that the only ones you have to blame for this whole Cesc mess is yourselves. Quite frankly with Man City in the frame now I dont see Arsenal winning anything in the forseeable future. Its sad but unfortunately the nature of football (especially in the EPL) has changed and the teams with the most money and resources are going to rule.

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010


      You tell ’em, Hilal!

    • Kxevin
      July 19, 2010

      I wouldn’t even start, Hilal, as tempting as it is. It’s a matter of perspective.

      From the Arsenal side, it’s how dare you tap up our captain, you (insert string of four-letter epithets here, preceded by “classless”). Pony up the money, or (four letter word) off.”

      From the Barca side, it’s “What are they getting so upset about. He said that he wanted to come home, and we are trying to facilitate that. What’s the problem here?”

      All of the squabbling in the world won’t change those two diametrically opposed worldviews.

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      True, but they come over here and try and force their perspectives on us. Why shouldn’t we tell them our perspectives (which I 100% agree with in my 100% biased opinion)? It IS a Barca blog after all; not a neutral football blog.

    • Dan
      July 19, 2010

      “Wow you Arsenal fans just dont get it do you.”

      No I think it’s you Barcelona fans than just don’t get it.

      -We don’t have a problem with Cesc wanting to leave.

      -We don’t have a problem with him joining your club.

      -If you match our clubs valuation of him then you ca have him. SIMPLE, DEAL DONE!

      BUT NO……… that’s not the Barca way.

      This is how a normal, classy Football club does business:

      Club Makes a bid for player.

      1)accepted- sign player.
      2)rejected- decide whether to raise your bid until it’s accepted or go away.


      Barcelona’s way to do it:

      -President makes comments in the media that he wants to sign player.

      – Speaks to player about interest without permission from club.

      – Pathetically low bid is rejected. Do they raise bid- NO.

      – Encourage Barcelona players to release statements about
      player every other day in a rotation.

      – Claim other Club are hindering their attempts to sign player because they won’t accept your rubbsih bid (errrr, durrr!!). Do you raise bid, NO.

      – Barcelona players pull Barcelona jersey over player’s head at Spain WC celebration (disrespectful to arsenal and Spain).

      – Barcelona claim they have no money and are in major debts.

      – Barcelona players and Manager claim they want the player to come but can’t afford him. If Arsenal want to sell him, they’ll have to reduce their valuation (HAHA).

      – Barcelona president makes statement that Cesc will join his club within 12 months whether Arsenal like it or not. (player has 5 years left on contract but it doesn’t seem to matter).

      – More player statements about wanted player.

      – Do they raise their bid- NO000000000000000.

      And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

      – Do they raise their bid- NO.

      New rumours suggesting bid will be raised by 5m to £34m. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

      And the unprofessional and classless cycle starts again.

      Let me repeat-

      We don’t mind that Cesc wants to leave.

      We don’t mind that your club wants him.

      If you bid a fee that we consider value, you can have him.


      Now do you get it?

    • Jnice
      July 19, 2010

      You’re too loud. Aren’t you supposed to be polite in other people’s houses?

    • Dan
      July 19, 2010

      This isn’t a house you knob. It’s a blog. What an idiot.

    • July 19, 2010

      This is how a normal, classy Football club does business:

      Club Makes a bid for player.

      1)accepted- sign player.
      2)rejected- decide whether to raise your bid until it’s accepted or go away.


      I agree…Thats how Arsenal signed Cesc…

    • Dan
      July 19, 2010

      Cesc wasn’t under contract when we signed him. Get your facts right.

      None of you have anything substantial to say other than pointless statements about noise?

      Maybe you understand now then.


    • July 19, 2010

      Yeap he was still a child and too young for a contract when Arsene canceled his vacation just to meet him in London (without his club permission).

      Now he is a mature man who is under contract so Barcelona cant do the same piracy action Arsenal did.

      Anyways, ask your captain to stop tapping Barcelona before asking Barcelona captain to stop “tapping” him. Our players have kind hearts, when he cry on their shoulders begging for help from his childhood friends, they become too emotional to be reasonable.

    • Dan
      July 19, 2010

      The point is, your not trying to facilitate it. you’ve made 1 pathetic bid and nothing else official.

      That’s the problem here.

    • Dan
      July 19, 2010

      He didn’t have a contract. You don’t need the clubs permission. If you don’t know the basic rules of contracts you shouldn’t be talking about them.

      “Anyways, ask your captain to stop tapping Barcelona before asking Barcelona captain to stop “tapping” him. Our players have kind hearts, when he cry on their shoulders begging for help from his childhood friends, they become too emotional to be reasonable.”

      What are you talking about?? You’re embarrassing yourself. You’re talking nonsense. Please stop.

    • July 19, 2010

      It was the same case with another player Arsenal stolen. But unlike Cesc’s case there was a board at Barcelona to follow up this one. Barca took Arsenal to court and won the case and Arsenal had to pay compensation => they did a crime => they are criminals.

      “What are you talking about?? You’re embarrassing yourself. You’re talking nonsense. Please stop.”

      But thats the idea. Me keep torturing you with my nonsense till you leave.

      Why will I stop? I am enjoying my time (As I am not even taking you seriously or else I would have wrote something I really work on-And you dont want me to do so, believe me). Arent you enjoying your time as well? Fine, be sure we will not miss you when you leave.

    • Hilal
      July 19, 2010

      Oh Dan… the number of times I have had this conversation with friends of mine who support Arsenal is becoming quite sad now.

      Once again the problem is NOT Barca but rather it is Cescs unrelenting desire to leave Arsenal. We made a bid, it was rejected, we are not about to pay 60m for a player to come sit on the bench. Never. Gonna. Happen. At that point it could have been end of story had Cesc accepted that the bid was rejected and he had to stay at Arsenal. Unfortunately that wasnt the case, he obviously still wants to leave and it seems like he is almost begging the Barca players to make pleas for him in public. The official statements from the club have ALWAYS been the same; we like Cesc, we want Cesc, but we wont pay silly money for him.

      You see the thing you Arsenal fans all seem to be missing is that Cesc needs Barca a HELL of a lot more than Barca needs Cesc. In fact we dont need him AT ALL. That puts poor Cesc in a pretty miserable situation since Arsenal wont accept less than a stellar bid and Barca dont want or need to pay so much money for a player who is not guaranteed a start.

      All this crap about tapping up and Barca being classles, blah blah blah is just because you Arsenal fans cannot accept the truth. Cesc is the one making all the noise, NOT BARCA. He wants to leave SO BADLY that his friends at Barca feel obligated to voice their concern. HE obviously cant because if he is not sold he would be going back to a very hostile fan base, so he asks his good friends at Barca to speak out for him and they do. If Cesc didnt want his friends at Barca to talk to the press he would ask them not to. Its not very hard to see that. That way, if the sale doesnt go through Cesc isnt vilified. Of course gullible Arsenal fans soak it all up – blame the classless Barca players. Oh yeah, the likes of Puyol and Xavi, players who have won anything and everything without Cesc are sooo desperate to have him that they wont shut up about it.

      If we wanted or needed him badly then we would pay for him, just like we paid for Alves, or Ibra or Villa. We arent paying for him because we dont need him, he needs us and he is the one causing all the fuss.

    • July 19, 2010

      Hilal, if you are having fun, enjoy. Or else, dont try. They are upset. They dont like it. They are crying out loudly. Good for them.

      We will keep eating “Tabouli” anyway 😉

    • theMagiantor (tutomate)
      July 19, 2010


      You are absolutely right, but people don’t want truth. They want a guinea pig,a scape goat,someone to blame. The blame they should be placing in Cesc for wanting to leave. The blame they should be placing on Arsenal for not getting the trophies that would make GREAT players to want to go to Arsenal. The blame they should put on Wenger for not buying to win titles but rather buying shrewdly to make investors happy. Before the whole Cesc debacle Arsenal fans were arguing about these types of things. Now they come over here and blame US and Barca, and Xavi,Puyol,Pique etc. directing the blame outward when it should be inward. Why? Because they hate the concept that Arsenal is just a steping stone for the Greats to come to Barca and actually win something.

    • July 19, 2010


  14. July 19, 2010

    Ehm…Now back to what we care for more:

    I mentioned once an option that I believe its realistic at the moment. Its risk-free and may bring huge benefits.

    Why not loaning Robinho with buying option. DONT SHOOT!

    Listen…He wasnt to leave Man City. They want to get rid of him. We must not buy him as we never know if he is really a ticking bomb or he just didnt find the right master to mentor him. Loan him for one season and analyze him up close and personal.

    Regardless what we feel about him, the guy is quality. For a player in loan, he can bring huge addition to Pep’s options. We can even use Messi deeper when needed (which cover the midfield lack of depth). And we will still have Robinho, Pedro, Villa, Ibra, Bojan to pick the offense trio.

    After one season with us, we can reconsider.

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      “Why not loaning Robinho with buying option. DON’T SHOOT!”

      Consider the gun loaded 😀

      1) Robinho will never track back and do anything defensively. Yeah, maybe the first 2 games or so, but other than that, nothing. Nada. (Brazil played with Gilberto Silva + Melo because the front three (Kaka’, Robinho, Fabiano) do f-all defensively)

      2) His attitude pisses the hell out of me. He’s whiny and childish, not to mention unprofessional. Why risk squad unity?

      3) I’d take P! any day of the week. Sure, he’s not as talented. Sure, he might not be able to make magic out of nowhere. But he’ll work and work and work without complaining.

      4) Instead of trying to get a player that’s a waiting timebomb/an unnecssary risk, why don’t we just play Bojan? If we get Robinho, he’ll demand to be in the starting XI, not a bench players. That’s just not fair to Bojan IMO. He’s young, patient, and given more time to learn, will become even better. He’s got the skills, the potential. All he needs is experience.

      5) Robinho pisses me off. Just had to say that again.

      So there.

    • July 19, 2010

      When any of that happens, we send him bag packed and served. (You can even put contract cancelation condition in the loan deal).

      If none of what you said happened (And I believe in the impact of the surrounding environment) then you will come back here saying: Thank you, Ramzi. You are the best 😀

      Its not about Him Vs Pedro or Bojan. Its a Maxwell-Adriano situation. More depth and additional options.

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      Actually it IS a Robinho vs Pedro or Bojan because Robinho will never be content with being a squad player. So I guess that would mean you’d have to throw Villa in there as well. Or Ibra (because if Robinho comes, Villa will play in the center = Ibra would have to leave/be benched)

      Ahhhhh. You just started a whole new discussion 😀

    • DontPanic
      July 19, 2010

      If I’m not mistaken Pep wanted Robinho in the winter but Puyol and Xavi urged not to sigh him because he would be a bad influence in dressing room. So Robinho will never come despite his quality.

  15. Dan
    July 19, 2010

    “It was the same case with another player Arsenal stolen. But unlike Cesc’s case there was a board at Barcelona to follow up this one. Barca took Arsenal to court and won the case and Arsenal had to pay compensation => they did a crime => they are criminals.”

    Errr… No. There was no crime committed, once again you’re talking rubbish.

    When a player under a certain age leaves the club that developed him when he’s no longer under contract (Free), the clubs have to agree compensation or it goes to the Court of Arbitration that come up with a fee they deem fair.

    In the Cesc case, we (us and you) agreed compsensation (£££ and Gio VB). In the Merida case, CAS created a fee and we paid it (just as it will between us and Atletico Madrid for Merida this summer).

    “But thats the idea. Me keep torturing you with my nonsense till you leave.
    Why will I stop? I am enjoying my time (As I am not even taking you seriously or else I would have wrote something I really work on-And you dont want me to do so, believe me). Arent you enjoying your time as well? Fine, be sure we will not miss you when you leave.”

    It’s funny because that the same childish, immature tactic that your classless club has tried to do with the Cesc deal BUT in both cases, you’re the ones that looks like idiots with very little substantial to say.

    If anything I’ve said is wrong in the thread of posts then please correct me but spare me the pointless posts like this Ramzi guy and the plonker talking about houses and noise.

    If you have something intelligent to say then say it otherwise just accept and acknowledge your clubs pathetic actions for the last 2 months.

    • July 19, 2010

      Alright I admit…I like your fairy tale. Who read it for you before you sleep? I bet its that Arse who fill your brains with such stuff. But I like your story anyway 😀

      Son…you earned some comments from my time already. For someone like you its glory as I usually dont waste my time. I understand you feel lonely and need company, but dont be greedy, its over. If your comments reflect your age, I can see some talent when you grow up if you keep yourself away from the Wengers and whiners.

      You are right I have no argument to face your “facts”. You are too smart for me 🙂

      You can keep posting your pathetic trolls (while living in denial). I’ll have a laugh on the funny ones and ignore the rest. Thats all the satisfaction I can offer you.

      As you can see I was having some serious Robinho talks while teasing you. Or you thought we are in a debate? 🙂 My bad…I feel guilty now…nc nc nc

    • Dan
      July 19, 2010

      What are you talking about?

      This is discussion about football, contracts and how your club are acting unprofessionally. Why are you talking about fairy tales, my apparent lonelyness, my age?

      Why can’t you just have a normal discussion?
      I’ll tell you why. It’s because you, all of you know that everything I’ve said is accurate.

      If you want Cesc, bid an acceptable value or don’t. Stop all the crap.

      Why can’t any of you just talk and give normal answers?

    • lovelymofo
      July 19, 2010

      Because even if we answer your questions logically you start in with your “classless” and “the Spain economy sux” stuff. So, there’s really no point in trying to engage with you.

      And yet you still keep posting. Huge disconnect.

    • tyler
      July 19, 2010

      seriously just shut up. we’re tired of it. we don’t care about what you have to say. it’s the same bullsh*t over and over. we get it. fuera, ahora, por favor.

  16. lovelymofo
    July 19, 2010

    When do we know the schedule for next season? I’m planning a trip to and need to figure out what matches I can attend.

    I’m going thru futbol withdrawals, I’m re-watching Barça matches from the last few seasons. I hope we find out soon who we are and aren’t getting. Here’s to hoping Barça & Pep win another Liga and maybe another Champions League.

    • July 19, 2010

      The schedule was published today on the web then it was withdrawn. No one knows if there was mistakes in it or they shouldn’t have published it…

      There are some expectations that it will be published tomorrow.

    • lovelymofo
      July 19, 2010

      Awesome! I’m planning my trip to Spain around Barça matches. I wonder if I can arrange for a tour of their archives, you know, for professional purposes.

  17. ballbeav
    July 19, 2010

    your captain did plenty to make you happy the last however-many years, but your club isnt doing enough to win trophies, he wants to come home. set a reasonable price for him, give him thanks for all he’s done, and let him go!

    the right thing to do isnt always the most capitalistic or contractually-right thing to do. arsenal needs to give him thanks by granting his wishes, instead of blocking his wishes by setting an unreasonable price for him. greedy f#cks.

    • ballbeav
      July 19, 2010

      oh yeah dan one more thing, i feel bad for your wife, once she signs the marriage document i bet you won’t ever let her leave the house — thats how you show love for someone, right? 🙂

    • Dan
      July 19, 2010

      See we could have had a good discussion with your first post but then you come back with comparing my marriage to a football contract or to Cesc (It’s hard to tell what analogy you were trying to make tbh).

      What is wrong with you all? seriously!

      I’ve come in a stated what I believe is wrong and all you’ve come up with is-

      -dan the dumbo, your vision is cloudy…your captain wants to leave your team…accept it, bro.

      -Be quiet in someone else’s house.

      – some rubbish about how we committed a crime when we signed Cesc as a youngster.

      – How Cesc hasn’t won anything with us for 5 years and that’s too long so he must leave. (Yet Xavi went 6 years from 99-05 with you without winning much but I don’t think most of you were barca fans till the Rijkaard/ronaldinho era so you wouldn’t know that).

      – Some guy talking about how he writes convulated rubbish to me because he likes to have fun because I’m lonely, young.

      – Some guy compared my marriage to that of Cesc’s contract.

      @Kxevin- I know you’re a smart guy and I think you’d agree with everything I’ve written in these posts.

      I will clarify one more time for those that keep attacking me:

      We don’t have a problem with Cesc wanting to leave.

      We don’t have a problem with you wanting Cesc.

      We don’t have a problem with Cesc wanting to leave to join you.

      All we want is for you to make a serious bid for a 23 year old world class midfielder. So far, in two months, you’ve made one derisory official bid of £29m. Everything else you’ve done has been cheap, sneeky, classless tactics to push his value down.

    • ballbeav
      July 19, 2010

      having funs dan!

    • Ryan
      July 19, 2010

      You only have to look at any and all posts that mention even in passing the name of the Arsenal captain to see that no matter how much care, thought, or research is put into the post, legions of flame-happy Arsenal fans come here and lambast anything with a hint of blaugrana. I think by now everyone is exasperated with the entire thing and just would prefer talking about what this blog is for: FC Barcelona.

  18. flyzowee
    July 19, 2010

    Im really struuggling to even consider Robinho in our team. Kari said it all, the guy just pisses everyone off.

    In fact any forward with a low workrate will be frowned upon by the camp nou faithful.
    Just ask ibra.

    He can produce all the magical moments he wants but if the best player in the world is working his ass off- who are u to modelling around.

    In short hes a Brazilian thong-man or boy or whatever.

  19. theMagiantor (tutomate)
    July 19, 2010

    Dan,what do you want from us? Why do you come here to troll? Do you want us to call Sandro and tell him to drop Cesc thing? Cause we can ask Isaiah and Kxevin to bring it up at the next meeting they have with Sandro,its July 29th right?

    Do you want us to say that Arsenal is the victim and the culprit is Big Bad Barca? Ok, Poor Arsenal, poor Wenger, poor Arsenal fans, poor Cesc. We are such “classless, bankrupt, knobs”.

    What do you hope to accomplish here? Piss us off? Wont work.

    If I were you I would worry less about Cesc and more about Arsenal’s needs considering Citeh and Spurs are nipping at your 3rd place heels.

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      I think Dan and other Arsenal fans have forgotten that we’ve played their team before. And kicked their asses. Twice. With this guy.


      Why in the world would we want Fabregas as desperately as you claim, when we’ve won everything there is to win without him ?

      It’s obvious who wants who here. He left us for playing time, now he wants to come back for trophies. We don’t want to pay what Arsenal are demanding. There won’t be a deal for him. Good riddance.

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      I meant they claim, not you.

      I forgot to add something else: well said 😀

    • theMaginator (tutomate)
      July 19, 2010

      No problem Kari I know what you meant. Great vid BTW.

    • lovelymofo
      July 19, 2010

      Love that vid. Xavi is so good at the hide and seek, no? 😀

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      I know right? 😀

      It’s one of my fav Xavi vids of last season.

    • Dan
      July 19, 2010

      You’re right in all honesty.

      What did I expect of you? More than the childish responses I got I guess. That was my mistake.

      As far as trolling. I was coming here to vent my frustrations at how your club has/is acting, probably not the best place to come for a discussion.

      I don’t think you’re bankrupt (not in the true business sense anyway) but I won’t disagree with you on the classlessness (is that a word?).
      Used to have a lot of respect for Barca, with the whole Unicef thing, style of play and Catalan pride but… well you know the rest.

      Good luck to you boys this year.

    • Dan
      July 19, 2010

      That reply was meant for themagiantor not Kari who comes up with another mature post.

    • Kari
      July 19, 2010

      I was coming here to vent my frustrations at how your club has/is acting

      What did I expect of you? More than the childish responses I got I guess.

      Between you and us, it’s easy to see who’s the most childish here.

      Good-bye and good riddance.

    • theMaginator (tutomate)
      July 19, 2010

      With all due respect, you did not come to vent, you came to insult and to proclaim your club’s self-righteousness.

    • ballbeav
      July 19, 2010

      exactly dan, read your first post in this thread, nobody asked you to come in here and insinuate that our captain and our club are classless, which is an insult to us by association. then you act like you have the moral highground.

      you get what you give, dan the dumbo.

  20. Tim
    July 19, 2010

    Off topic but I know that Kevin is a bike racer and I wanted to hear your take on what Contador did today. I don’t have a full grasp on the sport so I was a bit confused when people seemed to rag on Contador for what he did.

    • Helge
      July 19, 2010

      It wasn’t the classiest move in the history of le Tour de France, that’s for sure. I remember some years ago, Armstrong had an accident and Ulrich waited for him to be back on track. That was true sportsmanship!

    • Kxevin
      July 19, 2010

      Just catching up with the stage now, Tim. But if what Helge alludes to is correct, it’s pretty crappy. Bike racing is war, except when your opponent has a complexity not of his own making. Then the sporting thing to do is to wait, and resume the battle. If you don’t then you are, plainly put, a dick.

    • Kxevin
      July 19, 2010

      Just watched the incident. Officially, Contador is a weasel. If he wins, it will be tainted. The unwritten code of conduct is that if you are going to win a grand tour, you do it via strength. You win because you are stronger than the opponent. You don’t win because of minor mechanical issues. The Tour de France is filled with incidents of sportsmanship. Even Lance Armstrong, who is by all accounts a rat bastard, waited for Jan Ullrich when Ullrich suffered a mechanical. Ullrich later returned the favor. What Contador did just isn’t done.

      In his hollow, crappy apology on YouTube, Contador says that Schleck didn’t wait for him when he laid it down on the cobbles, but that is a different matter. If you can’t ride your bike, that isn’t your opponent’s fault. That IS a matter of strength, or in that case, skill. Plus the cobbles are significantly less mano-y-mano than the big mountains. It’s just crap, and disgusts me.

      I didn’t have any sort of rooting interest in this Tour, but I will be rooting for Andy Schleck henceforth.

    • July 19, 2010

      I realize I’m a novice Tour watcher (I watch most Tours, I suppose, but nothing in between), but what Contador did didn’t strike me as particularly bad. (It’s also not like he was the lone man trying to take a chunk out of Schlek’s time. Sanchez and Menchov were right there too, helping Contador gain time.)

      Perhaps it’s that I’m not a racing cyclist, but if you’re playing basketball and your opponent slips on a wet patch on the floor, do you wait for him to get back up or do you drive the lane? If the goalie falls down in the box because his studs caught in the turf, do you wait for him to get back up or do you chip him?

      Contador took advantage of something that happened and that’s what you do in a race. It’s not like they’re cycling out there for shits and giggles. If Messi ever waits for an opponent to get back in front of him because the poor guy’s shoe slipped off, I’ll be pissed.

      But again, perhaps that’s just me and were I a cyclist, I would think differently. And yes, I’ve always thought that Jan Ulrich should have left Armstrong on the slopes and powered ahead (and apparently Armstrong should have left Ulrich too).

    • Kxevin
      July 19, 2010

      Then perhaps the Tour has entered the modern age, where dopers, liars and cheats will carry the day. Maybe that’s why I don’t watch it. But in the same way that a side will kick the ball out of bounds in the event of an injury, rather than taking advantage of an opponent being 10 men down, what Contador did is just not done.

      None of the examples that you cite have anything to do with an opponent’s strength or skill being at issue, nor are they mechanical complexities. I don’t expect people who don’t race to understand, but it just isn’t done. The debate is pretty even split between racing cyclists and civilians, you’ll be interested in knowing. Civilians say “He screwed up, fugg ‘im.” Cyclists are appalled.

      What’s next? Deliberate knocking down of another rider? At what point does getting an edge stop?

    • Tim
      July 19, 2010

      Thanks for making things clearer. I figured it was similar to teams playing the ball out when there is an injury and then getting the ball returned to them.

      It seems like it wasn’t a complete catastrophe for Shleck and he’ll be able to perhaps catch up in the remaining mountain stages but as I understand it the time trial is going to be where Contador puts him away unless he can build up a bigger lead.

    • July 20, 2010

      Reminds me about being quiet during a tennis match. I don’t get it, seems like we cheer for sports that are a lot harder to play.

      But dear god, every time I mention this to a tennis player/fan they freak.

  21. July 19, 2010

    Well guys, you are lucky the I am not doing Zubi job, or else Robinho would have been in the squad already after having a talk with him about his initial role, and setting all the conditions needed in his loan contract. A game changer and a player who can tune the selection quality to its best regardless of whom we rest is mouthwatering for me. After one season (the loan) send him back home if you want. I can insure you one thing: Bojan and Pedro will not retire after one season from now.

    They take all the chances they need, espetially Bojan. If he proved ready for the big stage (couple of nice games are not enough), then he start. Robinho will be upset? Who cares? Thats the trick 😉

    But if Bojan and Pedro had that developement pause that happens to many young players, This guy can help. If a key performer in the offense get injured, count the options on your fingures, you will notice that a Robinho will not hurt.

    Lets settle the holdig midfielder first. Then we can count our cash.

    • Luke
      July 19, 2010

      Why on earth would you want Robinho? Do we need a player who does little other than dribble wildly and bitch?

    • jordi™
      July 19, 2010

      Dont forget the thumb sucking :D…

  22. Helge
    July 19, 2010

    Iniesta still has some signs of the WC final on his left leg. Otherwise I’d have thought this picture is from last year, because I am quite sure I’ve already seen him in this brilliant beachwear before 😀

  23. vicsoc8
    July 19, 2010

    The thing is, if The Daily Mail is correct and Fabregas hands in his transfer request, the gunner will still think it’s Barcelona’s classless fault.

    This is how I look at it, Puyol, Pique, and Xavi are Fabregas’ friends. They talk with him often. If Fabregas wanted them to stop making comments to the press than all it would take is one text message and I’m sure they would stop. This hasn’t happened. Why not? Because Fabregas wants to move to Barcelona, but he also wants to keep his shiny reputation at Arsenal intact.

    It kills me that Fabregas is willing to let his friends completely fight his battle. In my mind it is him who is acting without class. It is acceptable to ask your friends to help you fight your battles, but not to ask your friends to fight for you while you sit on the sidelines.

    • Hilal
      July 19, 2010

      Exactly. It is classless, it is gutless and to a certain extent it is two-faced. He wants to appear to still be loyal to Arsenal while at the same time practically begging Barca to come get him. Man up and pick a side.

      Frankly I dont want him, I dont think we need him and I think the money could be better spent elsewhere so I really hope he stays at Arsenal. That being said I have a feeling that he is going to start putting more pressure on Wenger to sell and may force a transfer through. I hope not and I pray we dont spend whatever money we have left on him because it is far more important to get a CB and a DM than it is to spend upwards of 50m on a bench warmer.

  24. Kxevin
    July 19, 2010

    So, consider this a twofer:

    1. Ramzi’s right about Robinho. I’d bring him here in two seconds, but wouldn’t sign anything long-termm except for a cafeteria voucher and then not even with the club, but at that Pans & Co. at the Camp Nou, by the Botiga.

    Because the next big club gig that he gets, he will be playing for his professional life. He will work like a dog and be on his best behavior for a season. We could take advantage of that. Big time, because his talent, and ability to turn a match on its head is immense.

    No offense, Kari, but Krkic and Robinho aren’t yet in the same sentence when it comes to pure ability. If they were, our problems would be solved. But Robinho, when he decides to play, is one of the most potent mid/wingers on the planet. It’s just that those times are rare. On loan, playing for his life, it could be a good thing.

    2. Dan, Arsenal and Fabregas:

    The two clubs will never, ever see eye-to-eye. And some of us, with our comments, have been more out of line than Dan has with his, truth be told. But the simple reality is that Arsenal and its fans see it as us mounting a systematic campaign to unsettle their captain and talisman. Shame on us. But, if we want him, we should pay up, something along the lines of Kaka money. Frankly, if Fabregas continues to improve, his price today will seem a bargain in a few seasons.

    We see the matter as players innocently speaking about the possibility of playing with a world-class midfielder, and the only person who hasn’t handled the situation with the most effectiveness is Laporta, as the players had precious little to do with it.

    And never the twain shall meet. They consider us “classless,” for our pursuit of their captain, and that is their right. Debate would be of value if there was some middle ground, but there isn’t.

    The Daily Mail piece that vicsoc alludes to, alleges that if things don’t go well in this last round, then Fabregas will turn in his transfer papers. Frankly I just don’t see that happening, because he understands that we aren’t going to break the bank for him. Could we? Yes. I think it has something to do with the migratory transfer budget that we have. Before, it was “We have 89m to spend this summer, even after Villa.”

    Now, it’s “We have around 50m to spend, make that 41, since we just bought Adriano.” At 89m, Arsenal are saying “We’ll take a big-ass chunk of that. At 41m, we can say “Hey, this is all we have. Can we negotiate?”

    Truth? Who knows. Speculation? You bet. And that’s what makes this all fun.

    3. (make that a three-fer)

    I don’t see Fabregas as a bench warmer, not at the price that we will have to pay for him. I see him as an option that allows Guardiola, if proper platooning is in effect, to give Xavi and Iniesta maximum rest, and even Busquets, as I could easily see Fabregas playing that role.

    But as we all know, if we pay as much as, frankly, we should for Fabregas, the sporting press is going to be calling for Guardiola’s head if Fabregas isn’t starting. Guardiola won’t listen, but we’ll be subjected to story after story, which will vex the crap out of one and all.

    Do I see Fabregas as “gutless and two-faced?” No, I see him as someone hedging his bets, in the same way that, when we decide to go job hunting, we don’t march into our boss’ office, pee on the desk and kick it backward, like those little dogs do. We don’t have the job yet, so we make like the model employee until we do. I see The Yaya as a bigger punk than Fabregas in this situation, because he just whined through his agent, and never said anything (would that be manning up, or galaxying up?).

    So now, we wait and see.

    • ballbeav
      July 19, 2010

      “And some of us, with our comments, have been more out of line than Dan has with his, truth be told.”

      sorry for talking about Dan’s marriage. i know in this blog we should rise above…. but you know …twas just for funs. i just like the idea that with a few keystrokes i can get someone in a tizzy. Dan sure did spend a lot of his day coming here and writing long posts, which amuses me. but maybe we should all make an oath to ignore the gooners when they come here. i hereby swear..

      as far as fabregas, im right with kxevin.

    • vicsoc8
      July 19, 2010

      The problem with arguing with gunners is twofold:
      1. It is pointless
      2. It brings you down to their level

      Not worth it in my book, but then again my brother is a gunner and so I get my fair share of jibes from him, and give my fair share back.

  25. tyler
    July 19, 2010

    the thing is about fabregas is I don’t care anymore. after years and years of speculation, rumors, fear-mongering, lies, and etc. I simply don’t care anymore. Fabregas will never be Xavi, and will never be Inestia. Period, full stop. He’s a great player, an amazing player, but there are dozens in the world like him. The only reason we care is at one point he was part of our youth system. And not to say I don’t love our youth system (because I do) but who cares. He can come, or he can stay, it won’t make or break Barca. To the gunner fans – it sucks you have a captain whose intentions and desires don’t lie solely with your team. Whatevz, life goes on. There will still be Barca, there will still be Arsenal. It’s not as if Fabregas is “insert deity here”‘s gift to football. Arsenal fans – grow up. Barca fans – remain tranquilo.

    There are bigger fish to fry such as the apparent yet underlying hatred that is starting to grow between Rosell and Guardiola. Now, Guardiola is a person who is Barca, who makes a difference and if you read between the lines of what he’s saying, it ain’t all swell in Barca land. Hopefully, we can make this work because I think there are ZERO coaches in the world like Guardiola.

    • vicsoc8
      July 19, 2010

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      If we sign Fabregas, great. If we don’t sign him, great. Let’s just wrap it up and start buying some players to fill positions we need. The sooner we get new players in training, the sooner they’ll acclimate.

      I’m extremely worried about Guardiola and Rosell’s relationship. Guardiola can do wonders for this team, but he needs someone who will protect him. He can’t and won’t win an average of 3.5 trophies every season. He needs, and the club needs, someone who will protect Guardiola so that he can implement a long term vision for the club. I’m glad he’s still going to get advice from Crujff, Crujff will defend him if he needs to.

  26. July 19, 2010

    Don’t know if anyone has watched this video yet:

    The language of Wenger is interesting and again, will be interpreted by people who lean one way or the other.

    When asked if he had spoken to Fabregas, Wenger said “I’ve spoken to him, of course.”

    When asked what Fabregas had to say, Wenger said “I never comment publicly with what we talk about.”

    Then when asked, did he get the sense that Fabregas would be happy staying at Arsenal, Wenger replied “I don’t have anything more to add to that.”

    Now. Here again, if you are a Gunner, you’re saying that Fabregas and Wenger talked, which is why Wenger has the confidence to come out and say, essentially, that Fabregas is staying put.

    If you are a cule, you’re ready to print up “Free Fabregas” t-shirts in defense of the player being held against his will.

    It’s why this situation will never be resolved, until it is resolved. Interestingly, the video headline is “Cesc refuses to commit to Arsenal.”

    It’s funny, because the Lebron james bit seems hoopla-free compared to this bit, which has been bollixed up by all sides, potentially.

    –Us. Shut up and do business. We don’t have a divine right to a player who left us voluntarily. No, I don’t believe the players have any role other than responding “You bet” when asked about the equivalent of having sex with a supermodel. (Yes, guys can be supermodels, so shut up with the sexism stuff.) But Laporta cocked it up by acting like all he had to do was waltz in with a bit of cash, and take Fabregas home (even if he wasn’t serious).

    –Fabregas. Man up, speak up. If you request a transfer publicly, your club, while not duty bound to honor it, will be obligated to try. By sitting on the fence in this matter, people don’t know what you want. No, you aren’t obligated to speak out, but Arsenal fans would sure like to know where you stand. I know I would. It’s what disgusted me about the whole Toure Yaya situation.

    –Arsenal. I know that Gunners fans will say they have no obligation to talk about a player who is theirs, etc, etc, but that would be like us saying to Toure Yaya, “We know you’re unhappy, but you’re staying put. You have a contract, buddy. So sit tight.” I know, I know….Fabregas hasn’t said that he wanted to leave. Not publicly. We don’t know about privately, but every neutral interpretation of his comments is that he wants to leave.

    And fans hurl invective at each other, as millionaires debate the eventual destination of another millionaire.

    Bring on the end of the transfer window, please. Thank you.

    • Jose
      July 19, 2010

      Completely unrelated but… how many years has Arsene lived in England and he’s STILL sporting a massive accent, along with basic grammar mistakes. I’d never heard him talk before but that struck me as odd, jaja 😛

    • jaymin
      July 19, 2010

      there are no ‘basic’ grammatical mistakes nor are there any hiccups with diction. nary a london colloquialism enters the man’s
      speech, which, were it uttered in schoolboy delivery, would be indistinguishable from that of any highly educated englishman. an accent does not sully what is an admirable mastery of a sixth language. the accent is still very strong, though. perhaps due to the fact that french is apparently the lingua franca in the arsenal dressing room (no joke)

  27. Eduard
    July 19, 2010

    I hope Cesc stays at Arsenal, just because i can count on kxevin during the summer break and winter break to post an article like this to get all the angry Arsenal fans in here. Always great entertainment 🙂 … Miss you guys, havent had much time to post comments since I started my career.

    • Kxevin
      July 19, 2010

      But my comment shouldn’t make anybody angry. I think that everyone is fed up with it, and just want it resolved.

    • Jnice
      July 20, 2010


  28. jnelson
    July 19, 2010

    I’ve never liked Wenger. He is always making excuses. We lost because of this or because of that. Barca is classless, Chelski is classless, whoever is classless. Why does nobody like me. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Pep says. We lost. They were the better team on the day. We cannot complain about the referees. I am sorry I let you down. I owe you one. THAT is a coach.

  29. ElJefe
    July 20, 2010

    Two of the most momentous goals in club history, slaying Chelsea and sealing Spain’s long awaited trophy….all undone by one simple Speedo photo.

    I thought Don Iniesta was smarter than that. Does this count as a snapshot or a Haunting?

    I’ll check back in tomorrow once my blindness goes away.

  30. ML
    July 20, 2010

    My theory is cesc respects arsenal too much to put in a transfer request, so he gets our players to talk about it, so it doesnt look like “bad” cesc, it looks like “bad” barca. But what do i know?

  31. Benj
    July 20, 2010

    My theory is he’s a big wuss and is alot less mature than people make him out to be. He should man the eff up and say ‘Yes Barca, come take me home. Need med-evac right now.’ set off a green flare and get aboard the chopper to camp nou.

    If not, say in public ‘My immediate future is here with Arsenal’ thats all he has to say. We pull back and sign another CB and a DM for the cash we would’ve spent on ol’ Fabby and we are set for another record breaking season…

  32. GoonerInBarça
    July 20, 2010

    Firstly, as great a player as Iniesta is, I think I was a little bit sick in mouth after seeing that photo…

    Secondly, the whole Cesc thing. It can be summed up pretty simply. Arsenal deep down would be willing to do business if, and a big if, Barça meet their valuation. At the moment Barça don’t seem to willing, or capable of this. Whatever other factors there are (and there are many), if the price isn’t right the deal won’t go ahead. It’s like going into a car dealership to buy a nice new car, you might be able to get a couple of hundred off (or in this case a million or 2) but overall the price will still be high.

    As for the Arsenal fans general perspective, Dan is right in one thing in that we don’t begrudge the move itself but simply want a fair price. Cesc is Catalunyan, he wants to play at el Camp Nou with all his Catalunyan buddies. I know (very hypothetically) that if I were offered a contract at Arsenal or Barça, I’d choose Arsenal because it would be a dream come true regardless of how good Barça are so I understand why he wants to go back.

    Also whilst I agree that there is an element of Cesc getting his friends to do the talking for him, the Barcelona board are NOT doing that. The comments from Laporta then Rosell and all the vice presidents especially things like “it’s inevitable that he will come” don’t do themselves any favours. Business is clearly conducted differently in Spain but there are still rules and if you want to do business with someone you don’t piss them off. Arsenal have been backed into a corner and have come out fighting. If Arsenal simply sold up now it would be viewed in England as being weak so at the very least Arsenal will try and wait a year to prove a point. If business was done behind the scenes I assure you that we would have been more willing to do business.

    As for Wenger’s English, as a native Englishman I’d say it was perfect. Even I make errors in my English from time to time. Also the French accent is incredibly strong and very hard to just “lose”. He also speaks German fluently (being born near the German border) and has a good grasp of Spanish and Italian and a bit of Japanese. I’d hardly say he has an issue with languages!

    • July 20, 2010

      Agreed, beside the “Fair price” part. Arsenal demands “the price they want”, while Barcelona offers “the price they like”. The bargaining may or may not lead to a selling price. Selling price is not the same as fair price as sometimes teams overspend/Over-demand mistakenly or because of secondary reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the product.

      If we think about it, what is Cesc’s fair price? Take two players to make benchmarking: Kaka and Silva. one was sold for some 70M and the other was sold for 30 M. Is it safe to say Silva performed better than Kaka in the liga (at least last season)? If we decide the fair price of Cesc based on Kaka’s transfer we may end up with a 100 M price tag taking in consediration the players’ ages and current form. And it will sound fair. But if we take Silva’s deal, then things will look different. We can argue who is better (I believe in Silva more), but its hard to convince anyone that Cesc= Silva+20 M or Cesc=2 Silvas. Which makes the 40 M offer a reasonably “Fair price” for Cesc even for those who rate Cesc more than Silva and without taking in consediration that Man city are already labeled as over-spenders.

      Cesc is doing miracles for Arsenal, but to think that he is a guaranteed quality for Barcelona is a long shot. Remember Kaka at Milan? Even Hleb was a key player for Arsenal (Gooners who dont admit it have to keep in mind he was a starter whenever he wasnt injured), we know his story at Barca. I am aware its not nice to say it but moving to Barca for any midfielder means moving to a different level. Cesc is a talented player with qualities, but when he moves to Barca he has to prove himself before being considered a first team starter. There is a risk there. And it should be taken in consediration while defining the fair price.

      What is the fair price for a player who’s role is to keep Iniesta and Xavi fresh? Because he is not better than any of them (at least Spain coaches agrees on that). And he is not better than Busquets As a holding midfielder. Is he Xavi’s heir? Xavi will be there for at least two more years as a starter. Have a look at the youth.

      When Arsenal signed Cesc, it wasnt Barcelona who decided the “Fair price” because they wouldnt have sold. It wasnt Arsenal who decided it because they didnt want to pay a penny. There was a compensation dictated by a third party and was considered as a steal for Arsenal and “the best we can get” for Barcelona. So even with a third party being involved, none of the two clubs considered it fair (at least the one where there was more damage), without a third party this time its impossible to achieve that. The closest thing to wish for is the market price (Silva and Kaka).

      For Arsenal, fair price may end up being 70 M. But for a club like Barcelona where we have lot of Cescs coming through the club academy, there are other alternatives that barely cost 20 M and can do the Cesc job on the long term. That makes the 40 M offer unnecessary to say the least regardless of how brilliant Cesc may perform at Barca. Why are we hunting after Cesc? Dont ask… And I really hope Arsenal do not compromise a “fair price” of 100 M, because this transfer will not be fair neither for Arsenal nor for Barca regardless of the price.

      “Fair price” as a theoretical terminology is not something Barcelona decides nor Arsenal, its about taking all the elements surrounding the transfer in consediration.

    • GoonerInBarça
      July 20, 2010

      I agree but value and price are 2 completely different things. What must be taken into account is that Cesc has a long contract (he wasn’t forced to sign it by any means) and that Arsenal do not want to sell him as obviously they’d like to keep his services. It’s not the same as Adebayor a year ago when we couldn’t sell him quick enough. The onus isn’t on Arsenal to sell but for Barcelona to find an amount that satisfies Arsenal. If Barcelona don’t find that value, Arsenal simply shrug their shoulders and get to keep the services of Cesc.

      I think you’ve probably simplified the valuation it a little too much. As a central midfielder he’s probably got about 8 years until he’s reached his peak. He’s also got a very long term contract which means Arsenal don’t have to panic over selling. The fact that he’s not guaranteed to start for Barça is largely irrelevant as it’s his value to Arsenal and not Barça that matters. If a buyer dictated the price we’d have quite a messed up world. To me I’d pay no more than £100 for an iPhone but supply and demand means Apple can and will charge more. I can’t simply go inter an Apple store and tell them to give me a iPhone at that price, they’d simply laugh at me much in the way Arsenal laughed at Barça’s first bid.

      I agree his “value” is probably around €40-50m but Arsenal won’t even entertain until there’s a bid closer to €60m and will probably demand more. I do agree that €70m may be the golden figure. Reach that and I believe there will be a deal. Do Barça have €70m to spend on Cesc? Not this summer I don’t think.

      One thing I think you fail to take into account is that he’s Catalan. Most of you guys on here aren’t Catalan so you see things more logically. However here in Barcelona there’s a lot of calls for Cesc to be the signing despite Ozil or others being better value. Catalan feelings are very strong at the moment. There was a march the other day with over a million people so to sign Cesc would boost morale etc hence why they’d want him over a cheaper (and equally good) player. I hate football when politics gets involved but it’s often the way unfortunately.

    • July 20, 2010

      “I agree but value and price are 2 completely different things.”
      The value dictates the price, not the other way. And there is a difference between product value from the market perspective and product value w.r.t the producer/owner (which is usually more sentimental than accurate). An artist may think that his painting worth a billion dollar, he may even demand that amount of money, but it doesnt mean thats the “fair price”. at least till someone come and say: “Yea you are right, I’ll pay that”. But I will come to that later.

      May be, the artist does not want to sell his painting anyway. So he demand nonsense. He can say:”for me the painitng worth the world treasures” But that doesnt mean that the “fair price” for the painting is…The worlds’ treasures.

      ” As a central midfielder he’s probably got about 8 years until he’s reached his peak.”

      So as Silva.

      He’s also got a very long term contract which means Arsenal don’t have to panic over selling.The fact that he’s not guaranteed to start for Barça is largely irrelevant as it’s his value to Arsenal and not Barça that matters.

      First, its good that you used the term “value” and not “price” which is the idea I am pointing out since the start. Arsenal can evaluate Cesc’s value based on their own conditions (100 M) if you want. while Barcelona can make their own evaluations based on their own conditions. NONE of the two values is a “fair price” that if the other party didnt meet then they are /whatever adjective was used recently/. If the two parties reached a compromise then here you have it, a “selling price” that take some of each party conditions and ignore the rest. Neither Arsenal have to take Barcelona’s conditions in consediration while evaluating Cesc nor Barcelona has to pay whatever Arsenal asks because thats what they consider it fair.

      If a buyer dictated the price we’d have quite a messed up world.To me I’d pay no more than £100 for an iPhone but supply and demand means Apple can and will charge more.

      you will not pay more than £100, but if it was up to Apple they will not mind to take your house as a price for that same Iphone. The bottom of line is that neither the buyer nor the Seller dictates the price of the product. There is something called price efficiency which we use to specify the best price for a product. You cant consider your £100 as a fair price because it is sold for more, nor Apple can claim that a house for the Iphone is a fair price as well.

      Its about supply and demand indeed. Arsenal laughed after Barca’s first bid. Barca laughed when they saw Arsenal’s demanded price. Arsenal are not welling to sell if the price doesnt meet their expectations, Barcelona are not welling to buy if the price doesnt meet their expectations. 40 million transfer is a mistake for arsenal. 60 M transfer is a crime for Barcelona. Arsenal are not that despirate to sell (He is the best player they have), Barcelona are not despirate to buy (They won a Zillion title without him, and still will do). Not signing him is less troubles for Barcelona than keeping a ticking bomb for Arsenal. So, more or less both clubs are in the same position at the moment.

      Cesc is a Catalan puts pressure on both sides. Every club is trying their own tricks, one club want it fast and reasonable (from their perspective), another club is buying time till Barca spent their budget. The player in the other hand is doing most of the mess from behind the curtains.

      No one has the upper hand in such a chaos. Though each party try to show up the tinny muscles.

    • July 20, 2010

      And forget about Iphones. HTC is the shit 😉

  33. pyro
    July 20, 2010

    God I’m sick of Cesc and Wegner and that whole institution we call Arsenal FC. We dont need Checks – alluding to this video xD
    Secs can stay at Arsenal for all I care, Xavi has at least 3 to 4 years in him since his position isn’t one that requires extreme pace. Wegner instead of complaining about Barcelona should focus on the team he is building. He needs to focus on a goalkeeper and good centerbacks. I am irritated by his policies of buying children. If i was an Arsenal fan I would be extremely annoyed if I saw my coach buy 22 year olds and push them to do the job of an experienced 28 year old. At the rate Arsenal is going they are never going to win a major trophy

  34. Vj
    July 20, 2010

    Mark down 28th November in your calender guys and girls, its the date of the first “El Clasic” this season..


  35. Vj
    July 20, 2010

    A better link for the fixtures..

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