Adriano: Newer, Better, Not Fat

As most of your realized sometime around 6 hours ago, FC Barcelona has made it official the signing of Sevilla Multi-Back Adriano Correia for €9.5 million up front, with around €4 million in incentives for later on. He will officially sign and take a physical on Saturday and be presented on Monday afternoon.

No idea?

From the looks of things, this has “Pep” written all over it–come on, a versatile player being signed from Sevilla and out of nowhere, you do the math. A good defensive player who can play RB, LB, DM, LW, or RW. Some people say he can really use both feet. I don’t know that anyone can actually do that, but I hope he can, because we need him. This is truly a signing of depth as he can backup about 6 or so players and is fast as hell, you know, for a change of pace. He has always given us some issues and is a solid, dependable player.

As far as versatility, skill on the ball, and depth go, this is a great signing. Adriano Correia can put in a goal or two, having scored 19 with Sevilla and already having made 216 appearances before he turns 26 in October. This signing really came out of nowhere, but looks to be a quiet steal for the blaugrana and the fans. Make no mistake, this is a depth signing, but as we have seen with Maxwell and Mr. Keita, these are almost always necessary.

Luke’s Verdict: Quality signing for depth.

He will be Barça’s second signing of the summer along with David Villa from Valencia for €40 million. Barça has sold Yaya Toure (Man. City – €24 million + €8 million in variables), Alberto Botia (Sporting Gijon – €0 million), Thierry Henry (NY Red Bulls – salary dump), and Keirrison (Santos – loan, 1 year).

More Rumormongering
-Apparently the Javi Martinez rumors are picking up steam, although Bilbao wants roughly $17 billion for him. If they come down to around 20 million, I’ll bet we bite. He’s a good one.

-Rafa Marquez is apparently going to be NY Red Bulls 3rd Designated Player and they want to use him solely as a DM. Sounds good to me. Send us a couple million, take his bulky salary and have some fun. Seriously though, I don’t like Marquez, but depth is nice.

-Rosell has apparently given up the chase for Cesc for this summer. It was proving too expensive. I’ll leave it at that, at the risk that this becomes another one of those posts.

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By Luke

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  1. ‘at the risk that this becomes another one of those posts’- cue invasion of Chimpanzees

    1. My guess… the ‘other’ Adriano – *

  2. I wouldn’t like to see him as a lb or rb. Barça has got to have people in the midfield that can hold the ball and turn well (xaviniesta are the masters of that, yaya did well too) and Adriano is that type of player, me thinks. He can play defense backing up alves or as 3rd lb, but midfield looks as the better option. It’s always good to have new influences in the team, specially in the playmaking and Adriano is different from our midfielders. 19 goals is kinda short but I see him as a bigger scorer and better defender than xaviniesta, still with good touch, great company and/or backup for them. We got ourselves a great plumber!!!

    1. Adriano is a wide player, hes not the type to hold the ball. Think wide areas.completely different to our mf

    2. If he’s wide then he’ll play “2nd rb” ’cause there is no other place left in this team … adriano to me is a volante and later a defender … “de toda la vida vamos” — “a classic profile of a tough volante” … one that can play anywhere and sure has more skill, driblles and moves than seydu. I’d bet on him ending up in the midfield, don’t know if defense or ofense. He can manage and pep will realize how great profit we can take from a player like that in those positions. But that’s just my opinion or what I would do. But do give me more negative points for thinking different though, some didn’t even know who he was and started seaching in youtube… I followed him and renato for some years now, they are my favourite “ladrillos” — “bricks” — not that famous, good inteligent and silent players —- and both of them are great in everything, plus Adriano is younger. I just want my team to take profit of a player like that specially seeing what happened last year, most of the season with andres injured and no other option but keita… remember the game vs inter, we could have won two CL’s in a row + world cup, oh man I blame keita (or the depth of the team ok). I’m so happy we signed adriano!

    3. Hes a great player-but won’t match what Seydu does in the middle. Keita’s a great player,a selfless machine, but intelligent also. We both know Adriano is a great player and hope he gets his chance. I just believe he effective on the wing

  3. If we sign Javi Martinez, it will be the best signing Barca has ever made in the history of ever. And I mean that from a 100% selfish point of view… because it would mean I would be able to buy a Barca jersey that HAS MY ACTUAL NAME on the back of the jersey, since he spells it “J. Martinez”.

    Absolutely. F’ing. Brilliant.

  4. “Seriously though, I don’t like Marquez, but depth is nice.”

    Did you mean “I like Marquez”?

    His lack of pace really hurts at the highest level, but as a DM he can have a true influence of the match, especially in the MLS.

    1. Hey JB,

      I think Luke meant that while he doesn’t like Marquez'( his overall play is what I think Luke means, since he [Rafa] was seriously stinking up the place last season: see Zaragoza match, the one Messi kicked a$$ and took names, when Rafa was on the field for 10 minutes and we blew a 3 goal lead), the depth Marquez provides (i.e his ability to play DM and CB) is a good thing.

      At least, that’s what I think he meant; I’ll let the man himself clarify.

      Personally, I think Rafa’s gone this summer. As you’ve already alluded to, his legs have gone in a bad, bad way and, well, I just think it’s time for him to go (to MLS or elsewhere). As harsh as this may be, he’s a liability at this point.

      Kaiser, you were great while you lasted. Thanks for all the memories.

    2. It’s kind of a two-fold thing. When he de Jong’d Tim Howard in the World Cup qualifying in 2009, I lost all love for him. Also, his play this season has been so bad. Milito came back and played well but Marquez has been bad for most of his stretch after injury.

      I wish him well and will cheer for him to do well (even if he stays), but I hope he goes.

    3. More of a personal thing really, I’m not saying we just throw him out like old trash, but it’s pretty clear the team doesn’t really see a place for him.

    4. Rafa gets a hard rap for his performances for Mexico, but he was arguably our best defender for most of our Treble season and that shouldn’t be forgotten. it’s probably time for him to go but he’s filled a role for us, the passing center-back, that we’ve always cherished and used to good effect.

      his departure means we really need to shop around for a quality center-back, though, because 3 proven center-backs is well short of what’s needed in what is probably our most vital area. another truly top pick and possibly a 2nd, less assured and cheaper one would make me feel much better unless Pep has an inordinate amount of confidence in the Barca B kids.

    5. But I can’t see Pep buying another CB when Caceres, Henrqiue, and Chygrnskiy all haven’t set the world alight. I see Fontas in poll position right now for the 4th CB slot.

      How many good, cheap CBs are out there anyway? We could have signed Albiol last summer for 15 million euros, but we missed that… who is out there for cheap this summer that can pass out the back AND defend well?

    6. agreed, i like Fontas very much. he demonstrated some guts and skills when he was picked for one of those non-segunda games.

  5. As per usual until the season starts:

    One of My Favourite Kxevin Rants From Last Season (did you all think I could pick one? I mean, ,seriously ? 😀 ):

    From April 8, 2010 on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s first season at Barca before El Clasico:

    “Here’s something else to think about. Let’s say you are from America, and take a high-paying job in a big city in France, say Lyon. You’re a heavily recruited employee, and are expected to make a difference right away.

    Your recruiters speak English, but you don’t speak French. They’re taking a chance on you. You roll into town, and they send a car to the airport for you. There’s a press conference, conducted in French because, well, it’s in France, so you don’t really understand a word. So you smile and nod when you think you’re supposed to. Your colleagues know how much you make, and the expectations attendant to that salary.

    You have to find a place to live. Good luck. You have to get food. Good luck. You have to get around as well, and work with people who might or might not speak French.

    How do you think your job performance is going to be, until you learn the language and begin to assimilate into the company culture? Doesn’t matter. Get it done, because you aren’t human. Your salary says that you aren’t. Make magic. Now.

    Absurd, right?

    Then why is Zlatan Ibrahimovic considered something of a failure by some because he has “only” 22 goals and 8 assists in all competitions? Waste of big money. Selling Eto’o was a mistake.

    What he had to do was come to a foreign country, with an injured hand, and work his way into a side on which everyone speaks either Spanish or Catalan. A side that played a completely different system than the one he’d been playing for much of his career.

    Does anyone think that in practice and during matches, people are giving instructions twice, first in Spanish then in English, for the sake of Ibrahimovic?

    Then he has to find a place to live, get settled and begin to learn to play in a culture that is unrelenting and pressure-packed. He also has to learn the language, the culture and the system. A goal-less streak was earning him whistles. Players aren’t human, right? We spent all that money on you, now go out and show us that you’re worth it. We’ll be over here, judging your every move on the pitch.

    When Ibrahimovic came, some of us said that we wouldn’t see anything approaching his best this season. Other predicted that he would be erratic. I didn’t even think he’d have as many goals as he does. By the end of the season, he should have at least as many goals as Eto’o did in his first season. Was Eto’o considered a failure after that first season? No. It was written that he took Barca by storm. Eto’o, by the by, probably wrestling with the same assimilation complexities as Ibrahimovic, has “only” 15 goals in all competitions for Inter. Wonder what they’re saying about him?

    Lordy, how times change. Ibrahimovic stifles our movement and creativity. We play better without him on the pitch. He can’t finish. Overpriced. Overrated.

    When people come here and say that we are spoiled, we circle the wagons and say that we are not. But are we? Find me another team with fans who would scoff at a new transfer who has 22 goals/8 assists with 8 matches to go in the season, and a Champions League campaign still to be decided.

    Ibrahimovic probably won’t be playing in this Clasic. That makes me a lot more worried than if he were. Others don’t feel that way. They might even prefer Krkic and Pedro out there, rather than Ibrahimovic, despite the fact that he won the first Clasic for us.

    Which confuses me. Krkic scores a brace against Bilbao, and people are ready to replace Ibrahimovic in the starting lineup. Wow.

    I know that there can be as many opinions as fans. And this isn’t my blog, so my voice isn’t anything approaching official, which makes me part of the commenting chatter, albeit a commenter who contributes match reviews. But I wish we would relax, and celebrate what we have. Yes, being a fan means analysis and discussion. That’s fun. It’s the other stuff that ain’t all that much fun lately.”

    Tell it like it was (err,…is? still is?), Kxevin!

    1. No kidding. What a windbag.

      Hey, we’ve made two signings that have made us a whole lot better. Nice to have Guardiola pulling the strings again, eh? Wonder who’s next? We can’t trust the press obviously, since Adriano wasn’t even on their radar.

      I kinda like it that way, frankly.

    2. Did I say it or did I say it?

      While all the focus is on HeWhoCouldBeNamedButIDon’tReallyFeelLikeIt, we were already in the works in signing someone under the radar.

      Brilliant really, because if the press knew who we were interested and made it public, the whole negotiation process would become that much more tedious and the price would probably increase compared to what it would have been before the press found out.

    3. I thought about it, but then I thought that it was something that people needed to read in all its longness (yeah, not a word, but meh), especially in light of all the rumors and clamoring for Ibra to be sold. You see the length and think:

      “Oh sh*t, Kxevin’s in full-on bullsh*t-owning mode”

      Posting the link and saying scroll down till you see “this” would have been less effective IMO.

      Anyway, Kxevin hit the nail on the head with this gem and I love it, which is all that really matters anyway :D.

      Now, to find a Ramzi rant 😀

    4. No worries, I’m getting there. The season is still a long ways away (Well damn. I just had to go and depress myself.)

      There’s just so much to choose from: a comment, a live blog comment, a full on post…


    5. I wish I had seen that comment the first time it was posted. There is so much trash talking about Ibra and how he is a failure. If he is a failure, then we deserve to lose. What a pathetic, spoiled attitude. Selling Ibra after last season, or really even thinking of doing such is a crime against humanity. It’s F’d up. Selling Chygwimpy was a wrong too. After 1 season? C’mon! That was Pep’s player and he deserved at least one more season, 1 full season to show his stuff. Chygwimpy had talent, real talent, but now no one will see it. What a pity. Anyone thinking he is another Caceres or Hleb is completely wrong. We actually sold this guy back for 15 mil. We won’t get anywhere near that much for those two, probably not combined. We even had to loan them out. Oh, and selling Ibra because of “financial reasons” is re-tarded, with a hyphen. If finances were that bad, we should not have bough David Villa and be playing with Bojan as a 9, and actually got money for Grandpa Henry. Some of this garbage reminds me of the EE. I thought Barca was “mes que un club”. Sometimes people like Rosell make me sick.

      Suarez for 2012

    6. FUCK SUAREZ THAT CHEATING FECKER. give me a knife i will open his throat. yes…. i hate that man.

    7. Hey chill man, Any player in the world would have done that. He got punished for it, his team got punished for it. Not his fault Ghana could not take advantage.

    8. ibra can get worst trust me, people wistling and everything. I hope he shines this year though.

      chigro looked as if he had no tendons a true piece of wood.

  6. By the way, are we going to get more Banquillos? They were hilarious!

    11Boj@n11: LOL, ROFscared

    I miss them 🙁

    1. They’re actually really tough to write. But don’t worry, I’m working on one that may or may not see the light of day.

    2. Yeah, uninspired Banquillos = Fail.

      Although with the WC and Paul the Octo, I can see some funny shit coming.

  7. for those of you that can read spanish, the official site has begun an interesting series of 4 articles regarding “the origins of the cantera,” inspired by the success of the spanish team which featured 7 canteranos (xavi iniesta busi valdes puyol pique pedro) so far they have had the first two parts. they dont have these articles in english, condolences to the monolinguals.

    the first installation focuses on the influence of rinus michels and total football, the second article on cruyff and rexach. these pieces are accompanied by little videos. here are the links to the first two parts.



    1. Not understanding Spanish =/= monolingual.

      I can read, write and speak three languages naturally, five if you count my poor German and Swedish/Norwegian. I don’t understand Spanish though.

  8. EMD reporting that we might be shopping in France for a versatile defensive midfielder. I hope so, because I really like Moussa Sissoko and Etienne Capoue. The third name they’re talking about is Alou Diarra, but he seems a little too stiff to me, plus he isn’t as versatile as the other two. But now that they’ve mentioned these players, it probably means we won’t be signing them.

    1. Sissoko and Capoue are team mates at Toulouse. Anyone know anything about their ability?? Huge fan of African holding players(which these days seems to be 80% of players produced in Africa)

    2. Capoue is a very very good player. I like him a lot. Sissoko is a good one as well, I’d enjoy either.

      The main problem is that I think the French clubs have finally figured out not to sell their young studs for 10 cent on the dollar. After RM decided Benzema was worth untold millions, I think the rest have finally figured it out.

    3. I think I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that neither Capoue nor Sissoko are African products. Both were born in France and neither were raised or have played in Africa. In fact, Capoue’s heritage is from Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean.

      To label them as “African” is the same as labeling Freddie Adu “African,” which I’m not sure any of us do and Adu was at least born in Ghana. Their own personal labels–the ones they affix to themselves–are their own and not something we can know, but to lump an entire group of players together under the subheading “African players are defensive midfielders” isn’t particularly constructive–indeed, I find it rather restrictive.

      I’m not saying this, by the way, to posture about how great I am at recognizing these things (I’m probably not even good at it), but rather to emphasize that we’re actually looking at a variety of players from a variety of backgrounds and that 1 of them happens to be of African descent.

      Anywho, I haven’t seen either of these guys play (I don’t really ever watch Ligue 1), so I can’t comment on them specifically. All I know is if they cost a franc over €10m, then they’re very much not worth it based on the playing time they’ll receive behind Busi.

    4. Political Correctness overload alert!!!!!!!
      A- I did not label them both as African extraction. I was merely stating that I am a fan of African Holding players. Sissoko is of African heritage,no?Yes Im well aware of Capoue’s heritage is from Guadalupe like Henry.

      B ‘to lump an entire group of players together under the subheading “African players are defensive midfielders” isn’t particularly constructive–indeed, I find it rather restrictive’.
      What YOU said
      What I said (I am a)Huge fan of African holding players(which these days seems to be 80% of players produced in Africa)
      I have observed this myself for several years and perhaps the great Jonathan Wilson’s thoughts might interest you

      For an interesting read on Capoue qualities

      With the long season ahead I can assure you our bench will be well used.

    5. Real reason moderation takes so long, #1,325,992:

      Your friendly neighborhood mod decided that he could replace the front endlinks on his 5 1/2-year-old, nice ‘n’ rusted, Subaru Legacy GT wagon himself. So after laying under the car with a hacksaw for about an hour, he decided to consult the professionals who, with a proper cutting tool, had the new endlinks installed in half the time it took your friendly neighborhood mod to halfway saw through one (of the four) bolts that were being recalcitrant. A mere $90 later, said mod has decided that his time is indeed worth a lot more than money.

      So there.

    6. Moussa Sissoko is more a box2box quality player. Etienne Capoue is a better holding mid.

      We can sell Keita (now that we can still get decent cash for him) abd get them both.

      Here you have it. Me joining fantacy football.

  9. we are in for brazilian wing-backs only huh? Alves, Maxwell, Filipe Luis and now Adriano (not fat!). but one thing tho, they are all hard-working players to me.

    i expect Maxwell to play even better than last season. because it was his first season and he kinda adapted well by doing no-nonsense defense and his slick passes were proven and showed that he is fitting in us. the one game we saw him played as a rightback totally showed his flair and attacking ability. i expect more out of this “what 5million?!” signing.

  10. I think that Adriano’s signing has taught us that with Guardiola, the Spanish sporting dailies don’t know a damned thing, and we have to just wait to see what happens. Which is pretty cool, actually.

    1. He’s like a ninja. Smokescreens everywhere. You thought it was Cesc!? It’s actually Adriano! Boooom.

      You thought it was Javi Martinez? It’s actually Pep Samitier in his priiiime. Kapow.

    2. Why do you all think Adriano is good? He started a grand total of 4 GAMES for Sevilla last season. And you guys are better than Sevilla.

    3. We don’t need him to start. We need him to be a quality, veraatile backup. For us, he’s a squad player, and perfect for our needs, given the positions that he plays. Sevilla had different needs.

    4. I’d like to know how you managed to find that figure Roberto.

      Soccernet says he started 23 league matches and 4 SUB roles.
      Wiki says 27 matches in la liga for adriano in 09/10

      23/27 is a big difference compared to 4.
      You also forgot to mentioned he featured in the Seville side that won the eufa cup, alongside Alves and Keita.

      I’m not saying that he looks like an instant success, but seriously, you can’t complain about the signing. It looks decent for what we wanted.

    5. Bundy,

      In defense of Roberto, Adriano had only on year left on a contract. Sevilla had to sell now not to lose him on a bosman.

      Also, it seems like he was just a squad player for them this season.

      At LB they have Navarro and Drago who both are better defenders and at LM they have Perotti and Capel who both are better attackers.

      At RB they have Konko and Sergio Sanchez and they signed RB Dabo on a bosman. At RM they have Navas, De Mul, Alfaro, Acosta not to mention Perotti being able to play there as well.

    6. looks like rosell is a tough bussiness man, a good negociator. I wouldn’t like to sit in front of him in a table 😉

  11. We’re now seeing what kind of team Mourinho wants to build at EE. He’s after Vidic from United, and Vidic wants him. That club has always been a few quality defenders short of being a real bother.

    He’s also a pragmatist, in that he doesn’t care what he has to do, or how he wins. Should be an interesting season.

    Kaka is also on the block, which makes sense to me. Not Mourinho’s kind of player. I’m surprised the fire sale hasn’t already begun over there.

    1. I figured the Benzema’s, Kaka’s, and Raul’s of the world would be gone. If he gets Vidic, well then, fuck. He’s a great defender and the kind that would actually be able to muscle our guys off the ball… maybe.

      Their defense will be vastly improved, but I still think they are missing very key pieces. I like Khedira a lot, but he’s not the final answer. They need back line help everywhere except for Ramos.

    2. And Ramos needs help in not being a festering scumbag. (Sorry, I had to say it.) I will never forget that his cheap shot cost us a healthy Henry. Recall that during the 6-2 Clasic drubbing, he took Henry down from behind, thus beginning the vicious cycle of a never-fully-healing injury. May he roast in a headbandless Hell.

    3. And the two-footed scissor tackle against Messi out of bounds the last Clasico.


      What a d*ck.

    4. Dude! I totally remember that, poor Henry was on fire and after that injury he NEVER recovered. Yeah I only like ramos with spain other than that he is a huge tool and d!@#$ck

  12. 17 Barca B players are set to take part in the first team preseason. Seventeen

    Full squad for pre-season training:

    Keepers: Pinto, Oier, Miño and Masip.

    Defenders: Milito, Henrique, Maxwell, Adriano, Dalmau, Sergi Gómez, Armando, Fontàs and Muniesa.

    Midfielders: Keita, Víctor Sánchez, Martí Riverola, Ilie, Víctor Vázquez, Sergi Roberto and Jonathan dos Santos.

    Forwards: Hleb, Jeffren, Ibrahimovic, Bojan, Edu Oriol, Benja, Jonathan Soriano and Nolito.


    1. Some interesting inclusions and exclusions.

      Caceres is not on the list. I assume that means he will be sold very soon.

      Henrique, Victor Sanchez, and Hleb are on the list. Does that mean they will be given a chance?

    2. Caceres played the world cup, so his vacation starts now.
      Thats why he will not join this group. Its a shame for him as this is his best chance to prove himself.



      This concludes your public service announcement. Had this been an actual forward, you would have been directed toward goal scoring statistics. This concludes the test of the Midfield Preparedness Network.

      Thank you.

    4. Blame the offical website, Kxevin. They most likely listed him there because Hleb can play LW in addition to LM. He did that for Arsenal That English Team a couple of times.

    1. I like this. I call it the “Hey! Whoa! Where did Busquets come from?!” template for filling out a squad. Not all of them are ready for prime-time. Probably not even a quarter of them. But if can roll into the season with a full complement of players (unlike last season) I will be a happy camper.

      Hey, not seeing Thiago Alcantara (I always think of the automobile seating surface when I see his last name) on the list. Oversight? Where’s my rich Corinthian leather?

    2. Thiago, along with Rochina, Romeu, Bartra, Montoya, Planas (defender) and Àlex Sánchez (keeper) were not called up because they are with Luis Milla’s Spanish under-19 squad for the European Championships that coincidentally starts tomorrow where they play Croatia at 10am (?).

    3. Whew! I was worried for a second. Hey, BritPress is still calling Gai Assulin the wonder kid, even though he didn’t make the cut with us. Is that as in, “Wonder if he has the talent to make it in the bigs?”

    4. Right now, the BritPress is at an all-time low, even the once reliable Guardian is in full-on Spain/Barca envy mode. The verbal diarrhea they’re releasing right is as sad as it is pathetic.

      “Yes, yes. Spain kick ass and take names. The opposition are scared sh*tless, and they won’t even bother to try come out and play…but, but, but, they’re… they’re boring .

      They hog the ball all the time, and don’t let the other team play! How selfish! And what’s up with them being so much better than the other team? How come their technical ability is so advanced?

      I’m glad England are crap at football; it would suck if they came the best team in the world. They would be boring

    5. See, what Spain is supposed to do it hoof the ball forward to a pylon such as Heskey, then stand flat-footed as the other team runs past, to score on the counter. We and those Spaniards are such spoil sports.

      Has any one of those fools yet figured out that that’s how we play defense? With possession.

    6. I wanted to reply to the later post of kari but looks like it won’t fit there 🙁

      WOW that is the biggest bullsh.t I’ve read, there are so many amusing players in Spain but let’s go with the greatest… if they find Iniesta or Xavi boring they should try watching volley-ball or Daytona or something, this is not your sport mates. did they say the same in the euro? I mean, that stuff is so far out, really offensive. the WC was bad beacuse of the rest of the teams, and a big “spokesteam” could be capello’s england, THEY are boring+bad+dirty.

      like di stefano said: just put the ball on the floor (and shut up)

      is cricket fun then?

      no offense I lived in the USA in 98 and the kids there followed EPL because they had no idea about football, when they saw me control & dribble they thought I was maradona lol (some didn’t even know who he was). I have fun treating the ball right and not kicking it rugby style. When one becomes a conosseiur or whatever La Liga is much more juicy. And besides we are world champions… I’ll try not to say it everyday from now on 😀 MIDFIELD!!!

      those articles were so far out!!

      “Spain will treat you to peerless moments of collective artisanship; but they may also leave you feeling a bit cold.”

      gol de iniesta en el minuto 116, a mamarla cabron (sorry).

      have you looked at the non-penalty puyi did to robben closely? that is entertainment!!!

    7. More notice of the English media controlling and exerting tons of influence over how football is now being perceived across the globe. Running a variant outside a typical 4-4-2 is “radical” or “new age” or some such bullshit. Holding for possession, making key passes, moving into space, and not taking 40 yard shots from players who couldn’t hit from 6 is “boring”. Counter-attacking football is now the exciting brand, although that ignores 90% of the game where the counter-attacking team can’t get out of their own half or get really lucky moving forward.

      It’s bullshit. The American and English media are still stuck in the late 80s running stagnant 4-4-2’s and holding out hope for the return of rugby kicking, American football tackling like the EPL allows (see Vidic, who I love), and forwards who only run under the ball.

    8. I second that. I get so sick of hearing fans of English soccer yak about how great they are. Shove it. Nothing would make me happier than if Spain and Barca continued beating their domestic and international asses. Actually, seeing the U.S. blow them out in a competitive game would do the trick, but for many people in the U.S., soccer is as concerning as Arkansas is to Texas. What?

  13. Busquets Sr. is officially the new keepers coach. Yes, you can add one more Catalan to the club. Carles was most recently coach of Barcelona B.

    In other news, David Villa’s ex-agent has filed for his 15% of the Villa transfer fee (6m, same fee that Pond Scum took), claiming that the deal was done in 2009, when he was still employed by Villa.

    sigh Tack on a few more million to the debit side of the ledger. Hell, 6m is a talented squad player.

    1. busi & zubi … busi and subi in english … subi and busi … palindrome!!! (school did serve for something) 😉

      can anyone think of any two goalkeepers that are so damn different? they did share barça’s goal for some time

    2. not sure how to not be a dick about this, but thats not a palindrome. thats an anagram. a palindrome is when a word reads the same way forwards as it does backwards. i have a friend whose name is Tim Smit. thats a palindrome.

    3. Heh, yeah, I was going to point it out, but I didn’t want to be *that guy*. Thanks for stepping in.

    4. true… doh! I was reading subibisu in my mind 🙁

      anyway they were as similar as iniesta and van vommel 😀

  14. Damn, Citeh is serious. They just grabbed Aleksandr Kolarov from Lazio. Very talented mid, and are rumored to be in the frame for Balotelli, though Inter are trying to hold people hostage for that head case.

    Meanwhile, Wenger says that the Fabregas business is over, blah, blah, blah, never wanted to sell, too valuable, captain, work too hard to develop young players, etc, etc.

    Whew! But we’re still two signings away (DM, CB) from making me happy. Can be done for way less than the 41m we have left in the kitty. I’d take a bit of midfield depth as well, assuming that we are shopping Hleb as hard as I rather imagine we are.

    1. Only thing I’ve heard about Hleb is some comments from his manager saying AC Milan is an interesting prospect.

      He then said he couldn’t say anything else. I’m inclined to believe it is a possibility.

    2. Whatever!
      Citeh are seriously playing in the Europa League 😀

      The Balotelli story is fun, now it’s a 3-way-tie between Citeh, United and Chelski. But I wonder if Balotelli is even worth 25m…

    3. It’s how those Northerners (Mancunians) pronounce the ‘y’ sound. Not Cit-ee, but Cit-eh.

  15. Should I wait until a new post, or should I just post this now? Decisions, decisions.

    Ah, fudge it. I’ll just repost this if I get Hectored (or almost Hectored)

    One of My Favourite Isaiah HeWhoCouldBeNamedButIDon’tFeelLikeIt Transfer Post EVER


    YES! 😀

  16. I just read somewhere that Adriano had only one year on the contract and still we will pay more than 10 million for him. Huh.

    I like the signing and i think he will add required depth for us. Considering he had only one year remaining, Sevilla have again done good bit of business.

  17. Hey i know we really shouldnt care what those gunner fans say,but in light of the long fab saga and our recent inability to pay salaries and us taking a loan and all that, do any of you feel our general image worldwide might have takwn a hit or two throughout the past month or so? I dont know, Rosell is making it sound like were wobbling financially a bit, and some claim its part of his mini-war with Laporta, but what if its true?

    1. I wouldn’t say our general image world-wide, just those who read the English media and the EPL bloggers who eat that crap up.

    2. To be honest, I think a lot of supporters are jealous of FC Barcelona and when the debt stuff hits the news or whatever, it makes them sleep easier at night. Insecurities about their teams and how they play make them criticize us every chance they get. I could care less about what they think, though.

    3. Maybe you’re on to something. After all, Arsenal fans didn’t collectively lose their effin’ minds until after our 6-3 Champions League fixture.

    4. Much of our current salary complexities have to do with performance-based incentives. The joy ’round the world at said plight should be tempered by the fact that so few clubs had such problems, right? Most modern contracts are laden with performance or playing time incentives, and we are no exception.

      So yes, we’ve had to pay out a lot of money in salary-based performance incentives. Oh, the woes of success. 😀

      People will love to hate us. Period. As long as we’re winning, it’s envy. Once we start losing, and make no mistake, that time will come, it will be spiteful delight. Either way, it matters not a whit to me. Our nucleus is strong, and more importantly, mostly young. We should be players, so to speak, for some time. And that will mean the wages of success.

      Nice problem to have.

  18. Barca have every reason to be happy. Your organization have experienced what only the least and most wish to experience.. This includes Arsenal of which I love and have had misery of late and every club including Inter, MU, and you name it.. The writing is on the wall Barca and it may not be too late… Cesc is not coming and bills have to be payed! Wake up now or be written as the great team or organization who just collapsed….

  19. Kxevin,

    Your next post should be about the comparison of Messi(and he is beautiful and the best in the world but not Spanish) vs. Fabregas (who is Spanish and Catlan and who will be best in the world who Barca despise) wake up Barca deceit is a terrible thing! Fabregas as an outsider has won Euro ’08 and WC ’10 and Spain credits others.. Wake up!

    1. errr…ummm… xavi (30) or iniesta (26) sound any familiar? we are a traditional club that likes to play with “canteranos”, so the coach has to respect the hierarchy. Even more with la roja, look at what happened with torres he shouldn’t have played but he is TORRES. Cesc is only 23 I guess he will come to Barça someday if he still wants, and to playing some years in England can be taken as good formation also 😉

      there’s even time to collapse and then get cesc, Barça is famous for collapses: see late ronnie-deco, van gaal, van gaal2, milan 4-0, schuster vs steaua etc etc 😀

    2. I don’t understand your point…?
      You hate Barcelona, I get that much, but what’s up with the whole Pinkie and the Brain taking over the world kind of sinister tone I get from your posts?

      The Spanish press want us to sign Cesc and ask every single player every day. Heck, I love transfer rumours as much as the next guy but this is boring as shit.
      If you happen to go to or you’ll see how many stories get printed about Ibrahimovic getting sold to here there and everywhere. We don’t talk about it all day cos it’s bullshit.

      If I were an Arsenal fan, I’d be more concerned with who Arsenal are going to buy than sell. You’re squad is the weakest it has been in probably 4 seasons and Chamakh isn’t exactly a world beater. Adebayor (whom I don’t like) has never been replaced and it looks like Gallas & Sylvestre are gone too along with Senderos who is already gone. Rosicky’s fitness is never going to be what it once was and Theo Walcott hasn’t progressed in 3 years

  20. Not said.. Never said I hate Barca. And, by the way hate is a strong word. I was brought here because of this site. As far as I am concerned Barca is impeccable in terms of what they bring to the game and how Barca dominates world football! My point was and is how this site portrays all good in the eyes of a Barca fan but fails to see how Cesc exposes how you all run your club. You all could care less whether Cesc is purchased. You arrogantly feel he is yours and embrace spending to win titles (which you are entitled to if you can) but you can’t. Amidst world economic lows you still have this arrogamce. My point is two fold; Wenger embraced Cesc which Barca did not and fails to do so and currently your excellent club is being spent down! As for Arsenal well it has had prolems in terms of actual trophies but we are in an excellent position and your position is not so good. For one you have to deal with Real next u have to deal with the rest of the continent. We are oung, we are resonsible, and we have the best player in Spain! You are bordering bankruptcy, not young,and you have Messi not Cesc.

    1. You are quite wrong about many things in your post. But I am quite sick right now 🙁 and I cannot make the effort to explain why you are wrong.

      So now that my “reasonable, polite argument in the face of nonsense” approach to trolling (because, make no mistake, that is what you are doing when you come to a Barca site and say that) is out, I am going to give you the option of either “the silent treatment” or “gibberish” (tsamina mina, eh eh, waka waka, ey ey).

    2. I won’t contest your opinion in regards to Cesc vs Messi because as ridiculous as your statement is it’s still an opinion and everyone is entitled to opinions. Buy in regards to your statements that Barça is on the verge of Collapse and or Bankruptcy and the the team is not young, I ask you what you base these two things on. You see, this two things are not subject to a personal opinion or interpretation. Rather these are subject proof and evidence, and therefore they are either or they aren’t. So unless you have some factual basis to substantiate this assertions, stop making wild speculations.

      I encourage you

    3. Okay, I’m going to give this a shot. I don’t mind that you like whatever club you like. I do mind that someone comes here and manipulates “facts” to serve their needs.

      –Fact: This site does NOT portray all that is good in the eyes of a Barca fan. Go back and read some of the posts. You don’t have to go very far. My very recent Fabregas post says that all is in fact NOT “all that is good.”

      –Fact: The pursuit of Fabregas and how the club is run are two emphatically different things. Prima facie, with two Champions League titles and four Liga titles during Laporta’s tenure, and a failed non-bid (you honestly don’t think we were serious, do you?) for Fabregas, were the club to be run as the attempted purchase, we wouldn’t have any silverware, right?

      –Fact: Politics. Go back and study the elections, the tone and tenor of the debate, then understand that every candidate has to say exactly what he had to say about Fabregas. Every presidential candidate makes promises. Who better to promise than an excellent player, who is also Catalan. Does an election have any pertinence to how a club is run? No.

      –Fact. There are unbiased articles out there that lay out the debts of both us and Arsenal. Read them. Do your research. Don’t just spout the dim-witted conjecture that you read online or in newspapers.

      –Did Wenger really embrace Fabregas, or did he refuse to sell him to a place that he wanted to go to? Obviously, the answer to that question depends upon club allegiance, but as Fabregas himself said, he stands behind his Barca statements.

      –Arsenal is in a good position fiscally, but not in terms of the sporting project. It would be difficult to find an unbiased observer who would say such a thing. Look at your lineup, then compare it to that of United, Chelsea or the rich upstart, Manchester City, who is building a real team of proven players. Last season, every time Arsenal came up against an opponent of real quality, the result was a loss. Chamakh isn’t going to get you over the hump. A cadre of inexpensive players might be fiscally smart purchases, but you aren’t going to win championships with them. I wish that weren’t so. We all want Arsenal to do well, to show the Premiership that you can win playing football. But Wenger will have to do something different. It hasn’t worked in years. Arshavin is a year older. Who is your striker? Bendtner or Chamakh? Can you see either of them doing what Ibrahimovic did in the second half against your defense? Ask yourself honestly.

      –Fact. Barca is paying the price of success in increased wages and bonuses. Nice problem to have, but it’s a temporary one. Subsequent ones can be budgeted in. Problem solved. Again, there was a recent press conference by the club, in which our financial situation was laid out. A club that is in REAL trouble, Valencia, had to sell every major star that it had. We, on the other hand, have 50m to spend this transfer season. Does that really strike you as a club in trouble?

      –Fact. You, like us, are young in spots. Messi is young, so is Fabregas. Bendtner is young, so is Krkic. Busquets is young, and started for his country’s World Cup side. Diaby is just young (yes, he played for Les Bleus). Gallas is old, so is Puyol. Walcott is young, so is Pedro. The clubs are more alike than you know. Please don’t try to make yourself feel better about your situation by denigrating ours. The effort won’t stand up to close scrutiny. But I can tell you our lineup and career status:

      Valdes (prime); Alves (prime); Pique (young, improving); Puyol (last season); Abidal (probably another two seasons); Busquets (young, improving); Xavi (two more seasons, at least); Iniesta (young, improving); Messi (come on….really?); Villa (at least two more great seasons); Ibrahimovic (2-3 good ones, at least).

      And all are world-class players, who would start in any side in the world.

      –We have to deal with that other Spanish team. You have to deal with United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City. Which means what? If you have the best player in Spain, why didn’t he start in the World Cup? He rode the bench behind the same players that he would ride the bench behind were he to come to Barca. It’s why our bid wasn’t a serious one. Spending a lot for him, then forcing him into the lineup would be a big mistake. I’d take Xavi/Iniesta/Busquets any day of the week. Subsitute Fabregas for Busquets, and who plays defense? Valid question. Its why we here are as against the deal as Wenger is.

      So once again, if you are going to come to a site and make assertions, do the homework to back them up. Otherwise it’s just supposition that is all too easily shot down.

      Thanks for coming.

    4. yea, walcott didn’t even make the world cup squad did he? and didn’t that team score less than the “boring” spaniards?
      If i were pedro, i would feel hurt. you should have compared bojan and walcott, at least that’s closer

  21. Why does everbody think Cesc got kicked out of Barcelona?! He left! plain and simple

    1. Exactly. He looked at his future, and didn’t like what he saw were he to have stayed at Barca. Nor would he have developed into the player that he is today. Full credit to Arsenal and Wenger for that.

      But he made the conscious choice to leave, for playing time and a starting role. He made the right decision. As he said, he wants to return to Barca some day. Who knows if that will happen. I do know that Jonathan Dos Santos and Thiago Alcantara are knocking at the door. In two years, when Xavi is ready to step back, who knows where things will be? “Future” is always a complex thing.

  22. Ha, Sport presented 12 candidates to replace Yaya and backup Busquets, and they say MY BOY Anthony Annan is “without a doubt, out of all candidates, the most suitable of all the candidates.” I would be overjoyed if we signed Anthony Annan and I think he would do great here, breaking up attacks and keeping the ball moving plain and simple AND he is only 23, but this is Sport and they have no clue of what they’re talking about.

    1. without a doubt the best option is the victory man himself, CARLOS MARCHENA, 34 years old … lmfao … if he comes in 3 or 4 years he’ll year ballon d’or 😀

  23. Adriano to wear number 21…i hope theres not a curse with that shirt. Hleb then Chygrynski…just saying. lol

    1. Sure you can. Luis Enrique did a shaman dance around his jersey when he retired, and vowed that no other player would wear it like he did.

    1. 😀 😀 😀 😀

      (Although our first game isn’t until the 29th, it’s better than nothing….)

    2. Right?

      At this point, I’m just excited to see pictures of the players in those “Cherry” shirts, lol.

  24. Could one of you guys translate what Puyol said in the his last interview? I had a feeling he wanted something pretty bad and he looked liked he was begging for it. Sadly I don’t seem have the linguistic ability to decipher a caveman.

  25. Spain U-19 line-up (losing 1-0 to Croatia at half-time on a bullet of a shot).

    1 Álex (GK) Barca
    2 Martín Montoya Barca
    3 Carles Planas Barca
    4 Marc Bartra Barca
    5 Jorge Pulido Athletico
    6 Oriol Romeu Barca
    7 Keko (C) Athletico
    8 Thiago Alcántara Barca
    9 Rodri Real Madrid
    10 Sergio Canales Real Madrid
    11 Daniel Pacheco Liverpool

  26. Does anyone know why Muniesa wasn’t called up? Last preseason he was better than Montoya, Planas, and Bartra in Pep’s opinion because they didn’t stay with the first team and he did.

    1. I think he had an injury fairly recently and because of that, he wasn’t playing regularly down the stretch of the season? I know he played that last set of matches, though.

      Anyway, Thiago just scored a nice goal from outside the box and he has the captains armband.

  27. Spain ties it up. Planas crossing on the ground to Thiago at the top of the box who drills it bottom right.

    Another Barca world cup goal for spain 🙂

    1. please dude give stream, atdhe don’t seem to work for me, only with the game I want to watch… the rest work just fine. stream please? I wanna see thiago my next bet for scoring a goal in overtime in a WC final 😀 😀 😀

    2. This page has sopcast stream links which are very good quality.


      You can download sopcast here:

  28. Montoya created the goal just scored by Rodri. Both Montoya and Planas have been getting up the field well, especially Montoya.

    1. Spain-Croatia 2-1 FT.

      Thiago, Planas, and Montoya looked great. Romeu was solid, Bartra and the keeper Alex looked average, and Rochina showed some good touches in the 10 minutes he got.

  29. Daniel Pacheco is also an ex-Barcelona product who was kidnapped through being tempted to earn early first team appearance elsewhere(which ironically didnt happen before the likes of Busquets and Pedro who were not rated as high as him at Barcelona). I dont want to think of the possibilities of him scoring couple of goals in the EPL, which is -of course- enough to call him the best outfield player in football history.

    Sports tabloid will start publishing that he is a Barca lost-son who has to come back. The players will no more dare to say hi to his neighbors in Barcelona or else “The Sun” will complain that they should be fined by platini. while he -by coincidence- keep showing up everywhere Pique and barca players go even in their summer vacation, expressing his suffering for being away from catalunya (help me you unfaithful childhood friends). And me wondering between Barca and Pacheco, who is tapping who?

    Note: I am talking exclusively about Barca, Liverpool, and Pacheco here.

  30. henry: “No me gustaría estar en su posición porque el es de allí y el ama al Arsenal. Pero como aficionado del Arsenal, para mi, me gustaría que él se quedase en el Arsenal, pero también entendería que volviese a casa”.

    “I wouldn’t like to stand in his shoes, because he is from there and he loves arsenal. But as an Arsenal supporter, for me, I’d like for him to say in Arsenal, but I’d also understand that he came back home”

    I’d say stronger words but I just took a deep breath and don’t want to bring any argument. as an arsenal supporter you know nothing about footy and should wash your mouth before talking about FCB. Man you’re a character to hate, enormously!!! shut up you’re nobody, and if anyone ever tought of you as a Barça player they don’t know what playing or Barça is.

    1. LOL, poipoi, you just hate Henry. Like I said before, at least you’re consistent.

    2. I’m just saying… he could have been more polite or respectful with the club that payed 24 million to his beloved Arsenal for him when we was absolutely wasted. He has played for some years here and we are the ones that gave him his only CL. He would have never played in a club with players of the likes of ronaldinho messi iniesta xavi puyol pique etoo… and find out who the real stars and ball handlers are. So be thankful titi it was so easy to shut up. They’ll love you in london but people here are going to take those words as an offense. How can he diss us so blatantly? At least I felt like that. Did you see when he played vs arsenal and all he wanted to do was getting an applause. brrrrrrrr!

    3. i don’t know. i think you guys more than got your money’s worth for him during your treble season. particular during the Lyon fixtures en Europe.

    4. Oh, nonsense. Don’t hide the fact that you dislike Henry behind some notion of “respect.” It’s about a player speaking his mind. We bought him, and got fair value for the purchase, irrespective of whether anyone likes or dislikes him.

      Yes, he won his only Champions League with us, but do you think that would have happened had he not been part of the most potent front line in Europe? And think hard before you answer that question.

      Henry is one of the best strikers in the history of the game, and one of the best in the Premiership. How can you really be so blinded by hate that you can sit there and type blather such as “He would never have played in a club with the likes of Ronaldinho, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Puyol, Pique, Eto’o.” He DID play in that club, and he was integral to its success.

      Nobody here takes those words as an offense except you, who started out offended by him anyway, for whatever reason. He even played hurt in the last matches of the season for us, including the Champions League final. And still, no respect. Before you talk about him respecting the club, people such as you need to respect him.

      And yet, Ronaldinho, who quit on the club, preferring the nightlife to training and living up to his responsibilities as a member of this organization, in addtion to being a locker room toxin and a general pain in the ass, gets a pass.

      “Dissing” us would imply that everybody and their mamas want Fabregas to come. I don’t. Many people here don’t. Not now. Are you willing to spend 60m (which is what it will cost) for a bench player? I’m not.

      Henry’s comments during his Red Bulls press conference were effusive in praise for this club, the organization, Guardiola and everybody else he could think of. But let’s ignore those so that we can dump shit on somebody who played his ass off for us whenever he was given the chance.

      Sorry, but what too many cules do is bullshit, plain and simple.

    5. I’l never ever respect that player in my life. I respect people like Iniesta that personify the game. I play footy a lot and to me what he does with the ball is just below average saying it nicely (I speak for what I’ve seen in FCB). Busquets in a year as DM has done more dribbles and magic than him in 3 or 4 as a winger for god’s sake!! Besides there’s the fact people like you think of him as a great player or “one of the best strikers in the world” or think he was key in the triplete season. It really amazes me, it has to be because of his years in Arsenal or France. He only had one good average year here (to me still bad even scoring) and the rest he was awful you gotta agree on that, everyone laughted at him in Spain. Not just me many many more, call us stupid or bullshiters if you may 😉

      I know he DID play here (I’d say he just tried and failed) I had to see him every sunday 😀 I’m not blind or amnesiac, what I say is that if he hadn’t come here he would have never seen players like the ones we have, real ball handlers. Taking Arsenal’s side was not nice in my opinion… you’re right it’s just an excuse to trash him, I love to do it!

    6. As I said, what too many cules is bullshit.

      The worst part is that your hatred blinds you to his accomplishments for us, even though we saw the effect of not having him on the wing last season. But I’ll leave you to it. He’s an ex-club player at this moment. I have to worry about people who are actually playing for the club.

  31. I was thinking about the options to provide depth at left-wing if we were to sell Ibra (which for the record, I don’t think is going to happen). I read about a player who made a lot of sense. He scored 15 goals last year, assisted on 15 more and is 30 years old so he wouldn’t block Pedro and Bojan’s development too much. Best of all, he would probably only cost about 10 million euros.

  32. I really think loseing weight is not too hard if you exercise consistently and stay away from bad food. Unfortunately, this seems to hard for many people.

  33. I have no time for individuals that eat like pigs and then look for magic pills, diets and programs. By eating too much, you will end up fat no mater what. And i’m not particularly slim but I actually do run and feel healthy, without feeling hungry all the time. Get a grip folks!

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