Spain in the World Cup Final

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The scoreboard read Barça Spain 1 – 0 Germany and I yelled, clapped, high-fived my friends, and hugged them. We cheered, paid our bill, and spilled out into the street. Or, well, walked out into the heat wave we’re experiencing and couldn’t muster the energy to cheer anymore. It’s an oven here. Regardless, I went home buzzed on happiness and a few Cokes and am already looking forward to Sunday’s final.

What are your plans for the final? What will you do if Spain wins? A friend of mine swore he’d go run with the bulls at next year’s San Fermin festival. Another told me not to jinx them. Another said a string of curse words and probably should lay off the beer during matches sometimes. I’m just going to cheer and scream and whoop and holler and then maybe I’l think of something awesome.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. it will be wonderful if all of you came a summer in greece and meet barca fans here in a island!no mykonos it s a dangerous island for straights!haha!

  2. by the time i finish writing a post you already have a few written 😆

    im telling you once again, write slowly.
    all your posts are 4mins apart.
    your slowing down the page dude.
    take a chill pill

    1. 96 posts and 16 are Greece’s, All together they add up to 3 paragraphs lol, I love this blog, it is high comedy.

  3. yeah bud, i know its exciting to convey your thoughts, but try to combine all your simply amazing posts into 1 thoughtful post.

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