Trivia Time, Round 2

Now that the rounds have concluded, Argentina and Brazil are history and Spain has made history, but it’s a holiday weekend here in the States and we’re too busy burning our fingers on grills and sparklers to type and too buzzed on warm beer to care … So it’s time for some Trivia!

1. Who publicly doubted Spain’s chances against Portugal?

a. Diego Maradona, coach of Argentina’s national team

b. Luis Aragonés, former coach of Spain’s national team

c. Cristiano Ronaldo, star striker of Portugal’s national team

2. Where did the speaker air his doubts?

a. El País, Spain’s ‘newspaper of record’

b. Al Jazeera, the Arabic news network

c. ESPNDeportes, the Spanish sports network.

3. ‘Es un tío muy majo, pero en algunas cosas es un poco pesado’ (‘He’s a great guy, but sometimes he’s a bit of a pain’). Who said this?

a. Pelé, Brazilian soccer legend.

b. Vicente del Bosque, coach of the Spanish national team.

c. Luis Aragonés, former coach of the Spanish national team.

4. Who is the ‘great guy’ referred to above?

a. Luis Aragonés, former coach of Spain’s national team.

b. Diego Maradona, coach of Argentina’s national team.

c. Vicente del Bosque, coach of Spain’s national team.

5. Some scarves have ‘¿Por qué no te callas?’ (‘Why don’t you shut up?’) embroidered on them. Who said this?

a. Vicente del Bosque, coach of Spain’s national team.

b. Juan Carlos II, King of Spain.

c. Luis Aragonés, former coach of Spain’s national team.

6. Who was being told to shut up?

a. Luis Aragonés, former coach of Spain’s national team.

b. Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela.

c. The inventor of the vuvuzela.

7. Which German parvenu has attracted the attention of Barça fans?

a. Buster Keaton

b. Mesut Özil

c. Igor (“It’s pronounced EYE-gor”)

8. According to German coach Joachim Löw, ‘Spain has more than one …’

a. Torres

b. Messi

c. Özil

9. YouTube has included a special World Cup icon on its viewing site. What is its function?

a. Continuous live-feed of tournament games in progress

b. A constant vuvuzela drone

c. Special links to Maradona press conferences

10. Police have recently seized a Colombian replica of the World Cup trophy. Why was the trophy deemed illegal?

a. It was not authorized by FIFA

b. It was made of cocaine

c. It was smuggled into the tournament by South American ultras

Extra Credit!

How many penalties occurred during the Spain-Paraguay match?

a. 2: One to Paraguay and one to Spain.

b. 3: One to Paraguay and one to Spain, twice taken.

c. 4: One to Paraguay, one to Spain, a retake to Spain and then one DENIED!

Answers: b (except for Extra Credit: Clearly c!)

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By SoccerMom

SoccerMom obsesses over FCB and this blog instead of grading papers, burning dinner and/or raising her small children. She blames a Spanish husband and easy access to Hispanic-targeted cable sports channels for her football addiction and consequent failure as a professor, housekeeper and mother.


  1. I’ve never been good with trivia…

    I feel this one is a bit ironic:


    Isaiah, I will not tell anyone 😀

  2. Haha. I got 4 and 6 wrong as well as the extra credit wrong.

    A bit of news coming from Rac1: Dmytro Chygrynskiy will return to Shaktar for a fee between 12-15 million euros.

    Wonder if this is true…

    1. It’s true, but I wish it wasn’t…
      That’s 15 mio € for nothing (we payed 25m + salaray). I’d really like to know if this was Pep’s decision or rather Rosell’s.

      Imo, we should have given him another year. The only reason I would accept is that Txigrinski came to Pep, Rosell or whoever and told him/them that he wants to leave and go back to his home country so badly. But if we kicked him, it’s unacceptable to me.

    2. Everyone of the Spanish dailies are reporting the Chygrynskiy story. Marca, El Mundo & Sport all reporting a €15million offer from Shaktar and Barca seem to be all for it.
      With Marquez saying bye bye and if this is true then it leaves us with just Pique for the right centreback role and Puyol & Milito for the left. We need a backup for Pique.

    3. Not definitely but there is a good chance.
      He wants to talk to Pep about the lack of minutes last season and said that if the opportunity to leave comes up he will go.

    4. On the bright side if true, atleast Fontas(the most ready IMO), Sergi Gomez, Muniesa etc wont have anyone blocking them, on the other hand its a TEN million euro loss, and we didn’t even get to use him in europe yet! *shakes head* This Ukranian billionaire that owns Shaktar has come out of this wonderfully either way.In the future i don’t want us to sign anymore promising defenders if it cost more than 5 million pounds :D.

  3. And this is so sad… Ronaldinho on the beach in Brasil. Look at his stomach:


    1. you leave him alone ! haha Dinho still has it, so the man likes booze, it happens 🙂

    2. Compare him with Maldini (age 42)

  4. I only got 6/10 🙁

    Soooo hyped already, can’t wait for Wednesday! I want to see Spain at its very best, then it’ll be an exciting match with Spain being the only possible winner. I just don’t see this German team as strong as Barca 0.5 in top shape. They are strong at counter-attacks, but I hope to see them concede first this time. Vamos, Espana!

    1. Dunno, but if the story is true, it’s a mistake. Cutting bait after one season? I know that he’s the guy people love to hate, even more than Ibrahimovic, but he had some very good outings for the club, and can be an exceptional central defender.

      Remember, the Spanish dailies also had Ibrahimovic going to Milan.

    2. This is coming for Primer Toc on Rac1, though. Marca and the rest are just picking up on it.

    3. Oh sorry I meant “..Spanish dailies..”
      They’ll find any excuse. I’m sure this is to somehow critize Guardiola’s signing.

    1. I don’t even think that Pep would blow a fuse if Chyggy got sold. I have temporarily made up my mind on him – not my cup of tea. He will never have the pace needed for our league.
      I would love to be wrong by the way.

      I imagine that we’ll get a transfer fee for Caceres and Hleb too, added to the €24million for Yaya and the reported €15million for Chyggy gives roughly €50million.
      Joan Olivier said that the new management team would have approximately €60million plus whatever they get from transfers… meaning €100million plus available for players if necessary.

      If reports of €45million for Cesc and €15million for Van der Wiel are accurate and they are the players that Zubi and Pep want then it looks like Rossell will still have money available to put his stamp on the squad as I’m sure he will want to.
      Pep would probably want a central defender and a defensive midfielder to add to the squad.
      I could be wrong though 🙂

    2. Well if Chyggy is being sold, then it is definitely Pep’s call. Rosell wouldn’t dare sell him like that without Pep signing off on it while Pep hasn’t even put his pen to a contract yet. Not the best way to get a manager to sign a contract.

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