Quick News: June 28, 2010

This is a quick and dirty post:

First, Txiki Begiristain, whose name I still have to double check after all these years, has announced he’s leaving the club. It appears that Sandro Rosell has yet to speak to Txiki despite promising to do so and Txiki has decided it’s lower-case t for time to get out. Understandable, I think, but a fairly straight-forward warning sign that things will be changing dramatically come July 1 when Rosell is officially in charge.

My thoughts on this are as straight-forward as the warning signs: this is a bad move. Txiki has been excellent for us despite some of the bad buys (Keirrison and Henrique, for instance, who have yet to play a minute for the club–in fact Keirrison hasn’t even played a minute of preseason with the club) and if Rosell is to be believed, he’s moving toward not having a Sporting Director at all. I read that as it meaning Rosell will have a lot of say in the transfers and will foist many more such Keirrison-esque buys on Pep. I could be wrong and I’ll be covering this aspect of the club as closely as I can throughout the rest of the summer.

Next up is the news that Thierry Henry is getting ready to leave us. He’s agreed in principle with the club to leave on a free to somewhere/anywhere/New York f’in City. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone as Bojan, Villa, and Pedro will be taking all of his available minutes and Titi apparently loves him some NYC and we in NYC apparently love us some Titi. So come on over to Red Bulls and I’ll go to a game or two and yell at you and it will be good fun.*

And of course there’s The Yaya, whose time at FCB is quickly coming to an end. Manchester City and Barça have apparently come to an agreement and it’s all ready to be signed, pending Yaya’s demands. And, of course, whether Man City are prepared to deal with Dmitri Seluk once again. Blech. Suffice to say that I, currently wearing my Toure Yaya #19 Ivory Coast jersey, am not happy, but I understand both sides of it. If the numbers are true (€32m) it’s hard not to sell and if the other numbers are true (higher wage demands and more playing time) then it’s hard not to see why he’d want to leave. The club obviously does not value him as much as they value Busquets and, if I were Yaya, I would leave to. As with Eto’o, part of my heart with leave with him, but I’ll develop a different man crush and you’ll all be scared about that one soon enough, so no biggie.**

So then, we’ll soon start to talk about who will be replacing them and several people will be watching Argentina thinking about Mascherano (who I think is overrated, for the record) or whatever other team for whoever else has been linked to us. We won’t find a better DM out there and that’s the sad part, but I guess at least we’ll have €32m to throw at Liverpool for Jefecito…yay for that, I guess.

*I would only yell nice things, of course.
**Yes biggie, but it’s easier to mask the pain at the moment with statements like that.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Also, news we were laughing off at the time, that of Villa joining us, couldn’t have come sooner.. Valencia could easily have driven up his asking price, without playing a single match, that 40 mil euros is beginning to sound a steal, hope I haven’t jinxed anything..

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that his spectacular form has something to do with his future being resolved with such swiftness?

    1. I would say that if his future was still unresolved like it was during the Confederations Cup last year, he would be playing nowhere the level he is playing at now. He has said several times that all the speculation affected him severely and I’m sure it would have been the same in this tournament. (Although he looked pretty good in the Confed Cup, but that’s not the World Cup.)

    2. Nope, it’s not just you, I felt that way as well. I’m say it right now; that we got Villa for just (yes, just) 40 mil was an absolute steal.

      We got Villa for the price of EE paid for Benzema + 5 mil. It just shows you how dire the situation at Valencia is (that and they don’t negotiate very well, it has to be said)…

  2. Something for the conspiracy theorists:

    P. ¿Cuántos relojes tiene? [How many watches do you have?]

    R. Aquí, uno, el que me ha regalado el Puyi. [With me, one, that Puyi gave me.]

    Question and answer session in El Pais with one Cesc Fabregas (||http://tiny.cc/qmdu4). Clearly Puyol is under orders to tap up players on behalf of Barça. 🙂

  3. The team was really alright today, everything sort of started to fall into place but still we have silva cesc and the wingers out of the starting 11. Busi and alonso were really good (busi MOTM) and my eyes do not hurt anymore of seeing xavi hernandez all alone ’cause iniesta is absolutely free to come and help him in the playmaking and form a 4-4-2, with villa and torres up. One always talks after knowing the result but it’s not only the result we played like a great team today, attack and defense. Even with both “mediocentros”. We even saw some moments of xaviniesta!!

    If you can manage to have good rhythm, attack and play wide it can even be good to have two DM’s to take care of the counterattacks that hurt Barça and Spain so much, with so many players ahead of the ball, RB and LB going up all the time and keeping over 60% possession. Plus Villa did great in the left and iniesta in the right counted more as a midfielder than as a forward at times, the attack really really worked, Torres falling to the right at times also… and the sub of Llorente??? ABSOLUTE CLASSIC, who thought of that!!

    I love Iniesta and I think Del Bosque has to abuse his talent in this world cup and let him play free like he did tonight. Playing as a winger and coming back to xavi he can break any game. Today’s goal and the second vs chile show what iniesta alone and iniesta+xavi can do in front of the box.

    btw… hope you noticed because that costa dude should not ever play football again, or any ball game period. The constant hits to villa, the crazy faces, the red card, everything that came from him was a f… shame, good thing old capdevila kicked his ass.


    1. LOL @ the “crazy faces” part. He definitely was making some mad dog faces. I was almost scared for Villa

  4. If Busquets keeps playing as he did today, I will box The Yaya up myself and ship him off for 32m. Holy crap, what a match from a guy who is improving right before our eyes. He is reading the game so well right now, and is always where the ball is. The more he plays, the more it becomes apparent why The Yaya is, as Ramzi said, strolling through Manchester eating a big ice cream.

    David Villa. Holyfreakincrap. ‘Nuff said.

    Does anyone still want to do the Ibrahimovic for Torres swap? Lots of players have been struggling with injuries, most notably one Thierry Henry, and not a lick of slack. Ibrahimovic struggled with form thanks to coming to us injured, then picking up a number of other niggling injuries, and not a lick of slack. Torres plays like unmitigated crap, and it’s because he’s injured? I don’t buy it. He was running and moving just fine. He was just shit.

    But to end on a positive note, that goal was all Barca, from the exquisite passes from Xaviniesta, to the finish by Villa, and what a finish that was. And the best team won, because Portugal were just playing for PKs, really. You can’t start off playing not to concede. You just can’t. That nauseates me.

  5. Quotes from Txiki B.:

    –“Alex Hleb was a player who reminded us a lot of Michael Laudrup, and was in our style, but circumstances have shown us otherwise.”

    –“We felt that an investment of €14m for this player [Keirrison] could lead to a value of €80m. It is true that experience teaches that sometimes this is impossible.”

    1. Very interesting. Sounds like he’s covering his ass for those transfers, but I’m not sure why.

  6. Laporta says that if we signed Villa after the World Cup, he would cost 20 million more and I must say that is probably true.

  7. haven’t read any of the comments (there are way too many) but Busquets has been amazing from what I’ve seen this world cup. of course I have seen him play more this month than i have all year, but i haven’t seen him play dead yet, and he’s been K.I.S.S. ing it so far. I think he should be the first choice for the side next year (although i still think that Yaya is better).
    Has anyone noticed Gilberto Silva playing for Brasil? He’s old, but he’s got the goods, and would be a skilled, experienced and strong backup to our tireless Busi. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind winning some hardware either. just a thought

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