Oh Baby, It’s a Wild World

Trivia time!

1.         According to coach Parreira, who is South Africa’s 12th player?

a.         Nelson Mandela

b.         Shakira

c.         The vuvuzela

2.         Who met Sarkozy post-Cup in the Palais de l’Élysée?

a.         Barack Obama

b.         Silvio Berlusconi

c.         Thierry Henry

3.         As of June 21, who had more puntos than Spain?

a.         Switzerland, regarding its World Cup points.

b.         France, regarding its World Cup veterans.

c.         Gerard Piqué, regarding his stitches.

4.         Who is under this heap of people?

a.         The inventor of the vuvuzela

b.         Raymond Domenech, France

c.         Landon Donovan, USA

5.         Which goalie has made the biggest mistake?

a.         Green of England, vs. USA

b.         Casillas of Spain, vs. Switzerland

c.         Bravo of Chile, vs. Spain

6.         Who is repsonsible for Casillas’ poor performance?

a.         Pelligrini, for leading such a crappy season in Madrid

b.         Valdés, for undermining his role in the Selección

c.         Sara Carbonero, for being so hot and distracting.

7.         What do you think after seeing this photo?

a.         Iker is still a goalkeeper.

b.         Sara is still a sidelines reporter.

c.         Park your tush in the stands with the other WAGs, toots!

8.         Why did Capello strip Terry of England’s captainship?

a.         His advanced age.

b.         His poor lockerroom spirit.

c.         His messy love life.

9.        According to Maradona, who smells of an old museum?

a.         Nelson Mandela, ex-president of South Africa

b.         Joseph Blatter, president of FIFA

c.         Pelé, Brazilian soccer legend

10.       What does ‘waka waka’ mean?

a.         Them hips don’t lie.

b.         Fozzie Bear makes a funny.

c.         Frank Zappa makes a record.

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By SoccerMom

SoccerMom obsesses over FCB and this blog instead of grading papers, burning dinner and/or raising her small children. She blames a Spanish husband and easy access to Hispanic-targeted cable sports channels for her football addiction and consequent failure as a professor, housekeeper and mother.


  1. *http://www.goal.com/en/news/1863/world-cup-2010/2010/06/27/1998699/world-cup-2010-argentina-forward-diego-milito-laughs-at

  2. I thought Messi was ok yesterday. He did get some punishment in beginning that might have had an impact. Overall, he was not as good as first three games but was still good enough. As Ramzi said, his role in Argentine team is different than Barcelona.
    It is going to be interesting to see how Maradona lines up his team against Germany. Its going to be quite a match but I am not unduly worried. After all the criticism (deserved in my opinion), Maradona is proving to be a decent manager. Even if Argies go out now, i have to say that my opinion of him as a useless manager has changed and i respect him for having learned on the job.

  3. It’s all coming clear now: Seluk, as part of his deal with The Yaya, gets 6 mil from the Citeh deal. It explains a lot. So I figure that Citeh shouldn’t get too comfy with The Yaya, because whenever Seluk needs a house or a boat or something, he will talk his client out of town, for another chunk of the transfer fee.

    In random WC musings, that Arg/Mex match was always going to be contentious. Germany kicked the crap out of England. People can talk all they want about that second goal “changing the match,” but Germany was the better side, all day and all night.

    1. Yeah, I mentioned a week or two ago, Seluk was going to get a nice paycheck off of this move, which explains why he was basically pushing for a move.

  4. A message to all my fans at Barcelona. I want to thank all of you for your support. I love Barcelona, I love Catalunya. You will always be in my heart. I will never forget the Champions League glory.

    from you know who…

    whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you have to go????!!!

    1. I put that quote in google after I couldn’t find him saying it on the official site. So it came from a facebook fan page… is it even Yaya’s official one? And why would he be writing in English instead of French or Castellano?

  5. It was only a matter of time before we started to be linked heavily with Ozil.

    But seriously, with the Fabregas deal looking like a pit fall, why not sign Ozil on the cheap?

  6. rosells first move: barca and txiki announce their end.
    good job socis, we just got rid of a very underrated piece of our club that has made us enjoy these last 5 years

    1. Txiki? Really? Not underrated, did OK, brought some good players in and also some VERY iffy ones.

  7. Ozil!!! Good positional sense, calm on the ball, good pace, terrific shot. Me likes!!!

    1. Oezil’s positional sense is unreal! Love watching him exploit the space left for him.

  8. Luis Aragones: “Busquets makes everything look so easy that people don’t see how good he is.”

    1. yep. as much as i’d like to see spain rock the busque-xavi-niesta midfield i kind of hope xabi alonso is fit to play against portugal, not that i think espain is gonna have any problem against the other iberians. well, ramos might vs ronaldo on the flank. i loathe madrid.

  9. Well there you go, it was going to happen …


    1. I guess that is why he’s been playing so poorly for Argentina so far.
      Maybe his mind is free now and he explodes against Germany!

      If Argentina wants to stand a chance, they will need a Benfica-esque Di Maria. They will have to make more use of the wings against Germany, and actually, Di Maria is the only true winger for Argentina. Damn it, I already cannot wait for the quarter-finals (and for Crynaldo to get eliminated tomorrow!).

    2. He’s been playing poorly because against the big boys, he can’t cut it. It’s okay to do well in the Portuguese league, I mean even Saviola is scoring lots of goals, and it’s okay to do well at the Olympics, but against top sides, he doesn’t look interesting to me. I guess putting your head down and dribbling makes you a 25 mil rated player. :shrugs:

  10. brazil and argentina are getting serious, come on spain! please do the same, it’s such a big game tomorrow. great teams BUT queiroz vs del bosque omg anything can happen

  11. Can someone answer this-having a debate with someone over whether Luis Fabiano is black/African-American or not, just interested to know others views.

    1. Fabiano can’t be African American, as he is Brazilian. Like many nations, Brazilians come in all shapes, sizes and colors, shapes, sizes and colors that defy categorization. If Fabiano were African American (a dimwitted piece of descriptive crap, by the by), he’d be playing for the U.S. side, and they might not be watching the matches from home.

    2. Brazilians, like many Latin Americans, come in white, black, native American, Asian, and absolutely everything between.

    3. I know, the term AA was just a ruse-but if you do come from America which Brazil is part of ‘technically’ African/American is correct (if you have clear African Ancestry)

    4. But the people who ginned up “African American” weren’t at all concerned with anyone who didn’t come from America in specific, as in the continguous American states. A Brazilian didn’t enter their minds for a second.

      Further, and more evidence of its dimwittedness, is what if a S. African who is white is also American. Are they African American? Not according to the dimwits, because they aren’t black, you see.

      Man, don’t get me started.

  12. The club has confirmed, through Joan Oliver, that The Yaya and Henry out out of here. Henry, most likely on a free transfer (an incredible goodwill gesture on the part of the club), and The Yaya for that north of 30m price that has been so often discussed. Look for appreciations coming soon to a space near you.

    The likelihood of either one staying is slim. Same with Marquez, by the by.

    In another bit of news, Txiki B. has resigned from the club. It will be popular to slag him because of recent transfers, but look at the transfer activity during his tenure, and the effects they have had on the club. For every Keirrison, there’s an Alves, Keita and Henry. Was he exclusively behind every player transfer? No. No technical director ever is. But he deserves our thanks for a job well done.

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