Tying Up The Loose Ends

A few pieces of information from around the non-World Cup, non-transfer sector of the footballing world today.

-In La Liga news: The season begins on August 29, 2010 and ends on May 22, 2011. No firm dates on when we can expect the actual schedules for the individual teams, but at least we have some parameters.

Champion’s League info as today was the first and second qualifying round draw occurred this morning. In case you are unfamiliar, the champions of the leagues with the 4 lowest UEFA coefficients play each other, and then move on to the second phase, which contains the 32 champions from leagues with coefficients between 17-49, as well as the two victors from the first phase. The information is available on Wikipedia in English here. In case you are interested, Tre Fiori (San Marino) face Rudar Pljevlja (Montenegro) and FC Santa Coloma (Andorran) go up against Birkirkara (Malta). See, I knew you cared.

Anyway, the next draws are up in the coming months after the first rounds are finished with the Playoff Round on August 6 and the Group Stage draw, where Barcelona get involved, comes around August 26. So look for more on who we can expect to play around that date.

-Finally, in case you missed it in all the World Cup hubbub, Barcelona Atletic were promoted to Segunda A and Isaiah had a nice write-up about it, go check it out.

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  1. and if I’m correct, Segunda A is the league where the relegated teams from La Primera Liga go to right?

    If so, I would also presume that in the unlikely event that Barca-Athletic earns promotion, they will not be allowed to participate in La Liga because the same club can’t have two teams in the league?

    1. Begs the question: If Barca all get suddenly struck with a bad case of ‘The Leeds Virus’ and have a dreadful season and get demoted (for arguments sake), what happens then???

      I’d assume Athletic just get dropped aswell? Unless they win Segunda lol!

    2. yes the A team always has to be one division above the B team so in this case if the A is relegated so would the B, but cmon its not gonna happen. likewise Barca Atletic has risen as far as they can rise.

  2. A Dutch website claims Olympique Marseille signed right-back Azpilicueta from Osasuna for a reported fee of only 7 Million euro! The site went on to explain that CL-football gave them the edge over Barcelona and Arsenal? sounds strange to me unless they mean a starting spot in the CL as I have no clue who starts at RB for Marseille (Bonnart?).

    Sorry to start transferrumours so early today, but at 7million I believe we lost out on some very good Dani Alves-cover

    1. We probably wouldn’t have been able to land him because we wouldn’t offer him much playing time.

  3. haha now el mundo is saying that ibra will be loaned out.
    wow. if that is true, ibra would be the biggest flop at barca along with some of the other signings for the past seasons.
    k9, henrique, hleb

    1. How are K9 or Henrique flops? They haven’t even been given a chance yet.

      And if Ibra was to somehow go on loan (absurd), Rosell and co. would be the only flop in my eyes.

    2. There will be no loans or other transfers as Barca have just been reported to FIFA for tapping up players. A hearing has been called for next week, so watch this space.

    3. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Not tapping up, in international club football? It’s not possible! I mean, I know no other club ever does that, all the time, through all forms of media, to all the players they want, ever, but still.

  4. Like I said before, those who write these stories are dumb but those who believe them are even dumber.

  5. Alou Diarra starting for France today, and wearing the captain’s armband. We’ve been linked to him as a replacement for Yaya.

    I can’t decide if I should watch the France – South Africa game or the Mexico – Uruguay game.

  6. Sport and EMD both reporting breaking news!

    The French NT has gone on strike again and is refusing to take the pitch against South Africa. Ibra is going to be loaned out to Domenech to field a one man team after he undergoes an emergency defection and change of citizenship this morning.

    As has been reported prior by both Spanish dailies or rather reported daily, over and over literally every single day, by both Spanish newspapers or rather papers (just skip the “news” thingy), Berlusconni loves the “Big Swede”™ but couldn’t afford to pay for Ibra’s plane ticket from Stockholm to Paris so instead Mediaset will cover the press conference live as a charity fund raiser with 100% of profits going to Nike via Rosell’s new shell company set up in Antarctica.

    If that’s true Ibra would be a national hero in both the Domenech household and with all penguins.

  7. Is anyone surprised at the 2-0 lead for S. Africa? Really? Shit now, shit later, shit for Dumbenech.

  8. France is unable to maintain any shape or organization in the back. No team can defend as a series of individuals. They have no capacity to control space in their own third right now.

    What a story for South Africa so far. They have a shot.

  9. west ham tried to sign fontas after meeting his buy out clause of 3mill euros.
    but thankfully fontas rejected.

    @jnice. what i meant by flop is, a transfer flop.
    they didnt even ever get a shirt number.lol.

  10. As badly as S. Africa needs that third goal they cannot concede either. The match is over – but they need to maintain their concentration in the back and not let in a weak score from France.

    Uruguay’s early score will also help S. Africa. All of their players will learn at halftime that Mexico is down and that they only need one more goal and a clean sheet to advance.

    1. Dumbenech giving Henry instructions. What the hell could he possibly have to say to him?

  11. i thought that SA had a a GD of -3 while mexico has +2 so SA actually needs to score more than one more

    1. just saying, if mexico’s GD is 5 better than SA coming into the game…mexico’s margin of loss and SA’s margin of win need to add to 5…i guess we’ll know in 20 minutes anyway heh heh.

  12. South Africa had it. Beautiful combination play in the final third. Pienaar is having a strong match. Tshabalala with a beautiful move to spring Mphela and he just gives the ball too much lift.

    South Africa is maintaining their composure well and not forcing the action. They are doing a very good job utilizing the space open with France down a man.

    They need to stay patient and just finish a bit better.

  13. Clichy just fouled the S.A. attacker, but no penalty called because the guy stayed up instead of going down.

    1. Mphela did the right thing in that he maintained concentration on scoring the goal. But if he went down that’s a penalty kick.

  14. If S. Africa can’t score this third goal they are going to be both very proud of their effort and heart broken given how close they’ve come to that third score.

  15. I’m confused like ballbeav… thought there needed to be a 5 goal differential in this last game for SA to be able to go through above Mexico.

  16. Terrible. They had to keep a clean sheet. Left the channel between the center back and full back too large.

  17. Tell me again about Alou Diarra? I know that he has an excellent cloak of invisibility.

  18. Those missed finishes really hurt S. Africa. If they had just scored that third goal they could have dropped deep and defended in numbers.

  19. Henry getting booed by fans. Ridiculous shot. Will ANY African sides get out of the first round?

  20. Screw Henry, what a way to go out. Cheat to get there/ winge and moan when your’re there. Good riddance.
    He hasn’t had a moments luck since the handball and im delighted. Came on against Arsenal and showed no effort.
    Henry great player one time but was it worth tarnishing your reputation for this. Disgrace now shag off to the States.
    As for Abidal, who Im a big fan of- he better not start that crap at Barca.
    Lost all respect for Evra, cowardly, would he have started with Sir Alex?
    Finally the French (and I don’t care how this is interpreted)- time to hire real Frenchmen, that is people who are proud to play for their country and sing their anthem. Clean out the poison from the squad.AND IN FUTURE, DO NOT BE ARROGANT TOWARDS SMALLER COUNTRIES WHEN YOU RELY ON COLONIES TO WIN.
    As the song goes HAVE A NICE DAY

    1. I’d like to start by saying that I regard Abidal as one of the better professionals in the game. I’ve never seen him commit a dangerous foul and he obviously keeps himself in top condition to be still quick at his age. He also uses his speed well to mop up situations.

      however, its also fair to say he didn’t play well and was at least partly responsible for the two goals they lost against Mexico. I accept that CB isn’t his position but the same traits are evident when he plays for us. They showed his shortcomings: the first his lack of positional sense – in fact if he’s as quick as people here say he is he didn’t even have to step up. He could’ve outpaced the attacker to the ball, and for the second his vulnerability if wingers run at him.

      Mind you, he didn’t deserve the mayhem around him in that squad.

    2. Im not taking about what Abidal did on the pitch, Im talking about his role in the strike. Nothing to do with his ability.

    3. “time to hire real Frenchmen”

      Like Platini, Zidan, Turam, Viera, Lizzarazu (or however you write it 😀 )…

      Yea, I know what you mean!

    4. Ah no- nice try, but those guys played with passion and were proud to play with their adoptive country not like the overpaid ponces their now.

  21. Domenech refused to shake Pareira’s hand at the end of the match. Pathetic.

    And apparently, the French FA booked 2nd class plane tickets for the entire team. LOL.

    1. is that real jnice?
      thats quite bad actually for the reputation of the french FA.
      i mean, even in 02 they were a disaster

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