Yaya Toure v. Dani Alves Live Blog

Brazil can qualify for the Round of 16 and Cote d’Ivoire need at least a draw to keep themselves in it. Hopefully Drogba starts and we will see if Dunga lines up a more defensive lineup this time. I’m bringing it to you, so come on it and enjoy it with us.

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By Luke

We calls 'em likes we sees 'em.


  1. I’d just like to reiterate, Danielle De Rossi’s second dive in two games gave Italy the tie today.


    1. He was also given Man of the Match for it. Blah.

      Whatevs. Even if they do go through (and at this point I think they will) they’ll be found out eventually, and crash out in the most embarrassing way (they’ll play Holland, assuming they finish second after Paraguay and Holland finish first, right?). Karma and all that.

  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

    More drama from the French national team. An argument between the fitness coach and Dumbenech ends with the fitness coach storming off the field. The players refuse to train and leave with him! Man ,the drama off the field is more much interesting than their play on it.

    Poor, poor Kxevin 😀

    -That dive by De Rossi was appalling. Maybe not a dive dive, as the New Zealand player WAS pulling his shirt and I’ve seen those given, but still. Shameful. The only Italian player that can hold their head high is Montolivio. His second game where he was MOTM for Italy. I was really impressed with him

    -How about the Brazil camp thinking about requesting Drogba be ruled out to play them. They have doubts on the cast he’ll wear. Instead of praising the fact Drogba still wants to play for his country even with a broken arm, they go and pull this.

    Newsflash Brazil: he’ll be wearing the same cast he wore against Portugal, if it was okay then, it’ll be okay now.

    Pathetic. Just pathetic. CRUSH THEM YAYA!

    1. Montolivo was very good. The best player on the pitch for Italy. He is a very good footballer.

    2. The Yaya might be a planet but Brazil–as in its flag–is an entire constellation of stars.

  3. And ESPN just learned NEVER to put a French journalist on a live feed, as a L’Equipe reporter gave the full, uncensored translation of what Anelka said to Dumbenech, live on the air: “Go to fuck yourself, you son of a beetch.” 😀

    The in-studio guy was wrestling with wanting to laugh his ass off.

    1. I was laughing my ass off with that. “We thank you for reproducing the quote accurately”

      Later on “We just had (whatever his name was) on air and he reproduced a quote from the France situation, and we would like to apologize to anyone who was offended”

  4. It’s halftime between Sant Andreu – Barca Atletic. It’s still 0-0. The game is quite intense. Sant Andreu on the initiative with Barca mostly defending and relying on counter-attacks. Both teams were dangerous on few occasions.

  5. Barca Athletic lineup:

    Mino – age 21
    Bartra – age 19
    Sergi Gomez – age 17
    Muniesa – age 18
    Espasandin – age 25
    Benja – age 22
    Oriol Romeu – age 18
    Rueda – age 22
    Elvis – age 23
    Soriano – age 24
    Nolito – age 23

    Now I would love for Barca Athletic to get promoted, but these ages indicate something I’ve been worried about. I’m worried that if promoted the team could begin to rely too much on older players and potentially start to neglect our youth. In the starting lineup there are only 4 or 5 players who could break into the first team. It will be essential to remember what Barca Athletic’s primary purpose is – to groom players for the first team.

    1. I don’t think a lot of those kids are good enough to play for the big boys. Putting Soriano, Nolito, or Espasandin is not going to improve us, and we have to be realistic in thinking that there are a lot of players who have ceilings that are simply not that high. Sure they are great for Atletic, and they could probably play well for a smaller Liga side, but replacing Villa with Soriano or Ibra with Nolito would not work, in my opinion.

    2. Agreed completely. That’s sort of my point – I’m worried that if they get promoted the coach will have to rely more on older players who will not be able to ever contribute to the first team and not allowing younger, true prospects to get as much playing time.

    3. Yeah, there’s an issue with age of the forwards, but just look at how young the defenders are

      TBH, we have more than enough attacking power, and defense is what we really need to build on. Muniesa is someone I have really high hopes for, the same with Bartra. If Barca Athetic’s defense is solid and it’s made up of young player then that looks good, IMO.

    4. Very good point. The success of Atletic is being blown out of proportion and misunderstood.

      Atletic only purpose is to provide high quality players for the club. That’s it. And it it concerning that there are players playing key roles on Atletic who essentially have little chance of being world class players. And to play for the Barca that’s the level or close to it you have to be able to perform at.

      Also – several of the players with potential on that squad who could help the first team are very young. They aren’t necessarily going to be ready to help for 3-4 years.

  6. Domenech on Anelka: “For me what he was doing was insufficient so I told him. It is, to me, normal to do this. This was not a confrontation; people do not realize the pressure. In a locker room, coach says something to a player who is already under pressure; there can be a moment of irritation. He didn’t react in a professional way but it’s a guy mumbling in his corner, it does not matter. It took importance when it came on the cover page of a newspaper. Before it came out it was the internal life of the squad. But if we had won, would they have come out and put it like this? ”

    This is only a part of the debate which happened today morning…im doing the rest people just wait…

    1. Our reporter Eklavya!

      Maybe we should make you a temporary BFB writer 😀

      Merci beaucoup! I know French, but France French > Canadian French (if you can call it that. More like Quebecois…)

  7. The irony of watching Italy bang it’s head unable to break down a team that puts 9 men behind the ball was quite entertaining.

    This Italian squad has not only played a cynical brand of football, but a highly unskilled one. Their lack of creativity has been striking.

    DeRossi is a very good footballer but an embarrassing one at the same time. His diving this world cup was very interesting though because of it’s pathos. It was literally pathetic.

    One gets the sense that DeRossi himself understands how limited this Italian squad is and knew that it’s intrinsic skill wouldn’t get them by. Not even against New Zealand.

    Tactically, Italy is an interesting example of what happens when you’re best player is comfortable playing in a deep role. DeRossi’s ability to impact matches depends on link up play or very strong skill sets on the flank for diagonals out. But Italy lacks pace and played very narrowly through the middle to diagonals weren’t particularly viable.

    France, England, Italy. Spain loses it’s first match. Germany is very talented but very young and inexperienced. Very interesting Cup for the Italian super powers.

    It’s also interesting and unsurprising that in England, the blame the foreigner strategy is well under way.

  8. why isnt sergi roberto and thiago playing?
    jds is not even on the bench sigh.

    what is up with the french camp?
    and earlier i saw a video on youtube of ribery getting pissed off at a reporter. anyone knows what happened there?
    here is the video.

  9. I wonder what Benzema and Nasri are thinking right now? Headed into the cup all we heard about was how Benzema and Nasri were the changing room cancers that had to be removed from the French NT to achieve cohesion and team play. Benzema in particular was identified as the problem standing between the squad and cohesion.

    Great quote from Bixente Lizarazu:

    “We’re in an X-Files episode, it’s science-fiction. Problems show there is no more authority in the France squad.”

    Laurent Blanc has an unbelievable opportunity to become a legend in French football. The bar has been set so low. And he now has full license to exclude whatever players from this generation he wants and build the team as he sees fit.

    Blanc’s big decision is whether or not to build that squad around Gourcuff and his needs. He’s a talented player but has real limitations and for him to excel the squad needs to be tactically constructed to protect him and allow him time and space on the ball. Does Blanc make that commitment? Is he good enough to make that wager? Given their experience together at Bordeaux it seems like a high probability that Blanc may.

  10. it’s over we have our youngsters in segunda!!

    there was some violence in the postgame it was kinda crazy with the police and all that 🙁

  11. Ofcourse the boixos had to start shit, anyway- PROMOTION!!!Gonna play with them in fifa 11 B).

    1. which is why keita’s dive & kaka’s subsequent expulsion was so absurd to me. you had already lost. think about the next game.

  12. Asked this in the liveblog, but I think it got ignored.

    Anyone know a lot about Elano’s game? If we don’t get Cesc, could Elano come in and be an acceptable substitute for our attacking midfielder positions? I admit I don’t know a whole lot about him.

    1. No. Hell to the Yaya no.

      He’s not a very good play. Lazy, can’t pass that well and has a weak, whiny personality.

      Not even good enough for Man Citeh.

    2. he’s really not that bad, but given thiago alcantara’s contract extension, or whatever, it’d be counterproductive to have them both in the team. especially w/jonathan dos santos in the first-team, too.

  13. Damnit the LiveBlog closed just as I got in! >:D

    Fight with the Yaya = Red card because The Yaya > God. 😀

  14. Fabiano spits in the face of Maradona.

    Hand of God, eh? Bah, I could go it twice and not get caught. Eat it.

    1. two hand balls and did you see the footage that after the goal the ref gestured to fabiano as if he might have known that he handballed it. but the goal stood.

  15. I have to agree that Yaya had a bit of a stinker. He looked really lazy until they were three down.

    1. he had a nice assist. i still think he should play farther back w/romaric playing as an enganche. i hate ericcson.

    2. Yaya i thought played quite well in a very average (thanks to Sven) Ivory Coast side. he certainly contained Kaka well enough until Dunga moved him out wide instead of through the midfield. that’s 2 now, both Kaka and Cristiano, that Yaya has kept quiet through his position. stupid to give him away in favour of an inferior player, i don’t care if we get a billion dollar transfer fee.

    3. Sorry, can’t agree, BA, and I’m a huge Yaya fan. He loped about the park looking disinterested and was slow to get to a few potentially serious incidents. When he started putting himself about (0-3 down) i thought he looked twice the player. I do think you’re right about the average players around him though.

      I thought Kaka kept Kaka quiet by some of the poorest control I’ve seen from a top footballer recently although i have to admit he did have two decent assists in amongst the dross.

    4. Come on now. Yaya did very little until that nice pass to Drogs. His defense was not up to the usual level and he looked aimless a lot. I understand the cult of personality around here with Toure but you have to be honest when he has a bad game, which he did today.

      Also, 30+ for Yaya is a ridiculous amount of money.

    5. The first assist was a rather lucky one, I’d say.

      Whatever, this Brazil team is merciless with regards to converting goal scoring opportunites. And defensively, they work perfectly together. I think Brazil will be the team to beat. I don’t like this Brazilian football (because it ain’t Brazilian) but I have to admit they are top favourites now.
      This Brazil unifies Italian Cartenaccio with some explosive counter-attacking moves by technically still brilliant players. It’s like Italy 2.0

  16. Right. So I want North Korea to kick Thong Boy arse and Spain to redeem themselves.

    Make it happen, Maradona! 😀

  17. is it just me or are all the 5 south american teams involved leading their respective groups? see what happens with chile tomorrow though.

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