World Cup Liveblog: Mexico-France

Oh me oh my it’s France versus Mexico. A footballing reincarnation of Cinco de Mayo! A veritable Pancho Villa against Napoleon. A Bimbo bread facing baguettes classic. And we’re here to liveblog it with you, starting just prior to kickoff.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. so long “les bleus” lara la lara laaaa

    It makes me think that in nowadays football the coach is really important, thats ehy we spaniards are doomed 🙁

    1. Now, now, I know that instant pessimism is a tried and true Spanish tradition, pero espero un poco, hombre! It’s still early days.

  2. so long “les bleus” lara la lara laaaa

    It makes me think that in nowadays football the coach is really important, thats why we spaniards are doomed 🙁

  3. So Dumbass just mooned an entire nation and its supporters with a stupid, stupid selection, not using the best striker, loading up the offense with FOUR players who all like the left side, they playing your best left back in the center, where he promptly accounts for both goals, one by not stepping up swiftly enough, the other with a dim-witted tackle. Unreal.

    Now Mexico and Uruguay sashay around for 90 minutes and advance, and Les Bleus go home. I said I would be shocked if they got out of the group, but I hoped I wouldn’t be right.

    On the up side, those Ribery rumors are marked paid and put to bed.

    1. “On the up side, those Ribery rumors are marked paid and put to bed.”

      Made me chuckle a bit. He was so sorry these last two matches.

    1. did not watch the game but mexico always had good possesion football and are famous for their “cojones” 😀

    2. Wasn’t awfully surprised.
      Mexico entered in much better form
      and Domenech is the dumber of two evils.

    1. my mama got dibs on the flat screen. i can turn over your car if that interests you?

    2. Haha, I’m staying far away from Staples tonight! Have fun storming the castle!

  4. Congrats to Mexico. They were well organized and had a plan. Their finishing is the big limiting factor but they at least looked composed and played together.

    France. Just what can you say. As bad as it looked like it was going to be for them, this was perhaps even worse. They have actually played worse than 0 goals indicates or even the goal differential. They are completely indifferent out on the pitch. It’s just embarrassing.

    Laurent Blanc is walking into a situation where the bar has been set so low he can only look brilliant.

  5. Abidal gave up the penalty, and shouldn’t have, but he was honestly left for dead by Evra and the rest of the defense.

    1. Agreed. France was not closing players out consistently. That run should have never occurred. Gallas and Evra didn’t close down anyone. Abidal got stuck by himself. And he looked extremely uncomfortable playing deeper as a center back as it was.

    2. The whole French team did not close down anybody, they did not RUN for any ball or into any space, they were just standing or jogging around.
      It’s really tough to understand the players, because this was denial of work. I know the publicity and most-likely also the players hate Dumbenech who certainly is the worst coach ever (note: It’s even more incredible that Zizou got France to the WC finals 2006 under coach Dumbenech), BUT if you play in a World Cup, you should at least show some effort and passion for your country. There was absolutely NOTHING from les Bleus. You cannot even defend them by saying “They played against their coach” because it’s been official since weeks that Laurent Blanc will replace him after the WC.
      No question, Dumbenech or even more the France Football Federation are to blame for the state of the Equipe Tricolore, but as a fan I would also be mad at the players because they didn’t even try to chase a ball or pressure the opponent etc. They’ve lacked everything. You cannot behave like that while representing your country during a World Cup. And no matter how bad Dumbenechs tactics and line-up was/is, no matter how bad the atmosphere within the team is, you still can RUN and fight for the pride of a whole people.
      To say it with Didier Drogba’s words: “It’s a fucking disgrace!”.

  6. Good game for Mex. France look lost out there, and poor Abidal. Mexico wanted the game more, and it seemed like France really did not react after that first goal. They know the inevitable is coming…(goin home)

    Hopefully Mexico can win against Forlan and Uruguay cause we do not want to meet Messi and the Argies…

  7. France’s problem is that they had no one to rally around. When the coach of a team isn’t spectacular it is necessary for a player to make himself the focal point of the team, the player who makes everyone else better with his play and who everyone looks to as a leader. Look at how effective Argentina has been since the players accepted Messi as the focal point, despite somewhat poor tactics.

    In the past Zidane was the man for France. It could have been Henry this year, but not with him on the bench (an argument to start him despite his lack of fitness?). Instead the French players let their egos get in the way, and they really just didn’t look like they wanted to be there.

  8. Frankly, the Uruguay game had shown Mexico that France was there for the taking. And I had predicted that France’s wingers would kill Mexico for the defensive naivete they’d shown against South Africa. Really shows: coach matters.


  9. Random, but WOW, this baby is killing it: *

    1. No. Les Bleus were just crap, and have been for some time. This World Cup they have simply played to form. The reason they did so well in ’06 is because Zidane functioned as a player/coach, and provided the midfield creativity (while Vieira provided the spine) to keep the attack moving and, when the attack wasn’t moving, control the ball.

      This year, we had “Whirligig” Diaby and Toulalan, who is defensive-minded, but not the most creative player on the planet. Gourcuff was on psychic walkabout, and even had Lassana Diarra been healthy, he isn’t sufficiently creative to lift an entire side.

      They play much better with Henry out there, but Dumbenech is trying to teach him some sort of lesson by freezing him out of his last World Cup as a player. That, to me, makes that dimwit comprehensively loathsome. As least have a heart and give a player who has done so much for the side a chance to give it one last go. To play him against South Africa (if he does at all) isn’t going to cut it.

      The first goal was stupid, because you play to the whistle. Even Lloris froze, which was all the time that the striker needed. Had he rushed the ball, a la Valdes, instead of standing there waiting for a nonexistent offside flag, that goal could have been prevented. Instead ….

      Abidal shouldn’t be allowed to play CB. He just shouldn’t. He’s one of the best left backs on the planet, but that doesn’t translate into CB. And yet, Captain Stupid continues to put him there. I will be so happy to see the back of his stupid, stupid head and those artsy-fartsy ass glasses that he is so fond of. To hell with him.

      (No, not at all bitter. Nope, not me.)

    2. They’re a sickening crowd of whingers. To cheat to get there and not even try is pathetic and an insult to other countries. Domenech is an idiot sure but the blame cannot be laid solely at his door. Instead the players wave the white flag.They are paid professionals for god’s sake, but decide to sulk instead. Look at some of their players- Gallas is still sulking over the captaincy. He would be the last player I would select for country(or club)
      To top off they’ve a population of 60million taking most of their players from the colonies, have to cheat to get there and when they do, whinge and flop around like the overpaid ponces some of them are.

  10. besides the penalty, abidal looked good. i guess marquez mustve done alright too, clean sheat and few clear chances.

    1. And an assist. Could he potentially play as a defensive mid for Barcelona in the future?

    2. Marquez played wonderfully today. His passing is still remarkable for a player with primarily defensive responsibilities. Unfortunately, with age his ability to defend has dwindled.

    3. Nah, he looked good against Uruguay. Against Mexico, he was involved in both of the goals conceded. He’s not really a CB though, so that doesn’t worry me.

  11. It was apparent that this was going to happen, but the Guardian is also now reporting that Yaya to Man City is essentially done. They’re fairly conservative with the rumor mill and they haven’t been throwing many stories about Yaya out there. So it looks like it’ll get done after the cup.

    At this point Barca will likely either get a experienced player to complement Busi or a younger player with different skill sets to try to develop in parallel with Busi. Which direction is a major decision for the squad. If they go the wrong direction they may become too narrowly defined in terms skill sets and less able to adapt to certain opponents.

  12. So even after Laporta comes out today and sayson TV3, “We didn’t receive any signal from the staff, so Ibrahimovic is not for sale,” Sport still publishes fresh rumors about Pep dreaming about a Villa-Torres-Messi front line. So silly.


    -Messi was awesome, yet again. Man of the freaking match, no questions asked. He’ll score against Greece, I tells ya! You read it here first, people. 😀

    I know a lot of people won’t really agree with me on this, but I felt Veron was poor vs Nigeria and actually weighed the team down a bit. Apart from his corner that led to the goal, I felt his passing, which was his only strong point as he’s now 35 years old, was way off and thus didn’t really offer much. The repercussion of this poor form wasn’t really felt that time because Messi took up the slack, but it could have been had Argentina relied heavily on Veron to be the playmaker a la Riquelme.

    I felt Argentina were a much, much better team without Veron (not to say that Veron shouldn’t play or anything) and worked better together.

    -Other points: Tevez was a bulldog, crazy how much “passion” (English press’ favourite word to describe Rooney) he has. Awesome, especially his link-up play with Messi. It was really breathtaking at times.

    -Aguero looked really sharp when he came on and injected much needed umph into the team. I think the Messi-Aguero-Tevez combo > Messi-Higuain-Tevez combo just because they understand each other better right now, so I’d like to see that front line against Greece on Tuesday.

    -Credit to Higuain; right place at the right time. He might have a limited skill set (compared to the others) but he does his job and to be honest, he needed it after all the heat he’s taken recently. Still, I hope he doesn’t forget who set up his goals 😛

    -Mexico; you guys were the better team HANDS DOWN. Gio, wow. What a work rate. I still feel they need a Jonathan though. For all their good wing play, they really need someone who can play that killer ball a la Xavi and utilize that crazy pace they have up front in Vela and Gio. Congrats to them and the Mexican supporters!

    -France: No comment.

    1. Zonal Marking agrees with most of the points you made about Argentina, Kari. Better and quicker movement without Veron and Aguero moved better than Tevez. Good job. 😀

      Regarding Gio, I’ve never seen him work that hard off the ball.

      Let’s go Germany. Please beat Serbia by 8 goals, thanks.

    2. -Ghana’s playing the Aussies… the day after tomorrow right? Well, I don’t think you’ll have much problem TBH, but then again, you never know. Cahill will be missing although that might actually be a good thing for them.

      I thought Ghana played a relatively good game against Serbia (with it being the first match and on African soil and all that jazz). Me thinks they’ll improve on the first match by a mile, and they’ve sorted some things out (like how to pass to each other more often)

      -Germany will most likely kick a#$ and take names. Here’s hoping for another good performance, especially for Mesut Ozil!

      -Oh! And Gutierrez misses the next match vs Greece. Aww, shucks! Argentina will have to replace him, but who could ever replace such a player?!

      Oh, I dunno, an ACUTAL right-back perhaps?

    3. I hope we do beat Australia, but yeah as you said, we should improve a lot.

      Are you going to watch all the matches tomorrow?

  14. Sigh. Just when my view of the CBC was starting the change, they go and write this:

    “World Cup post-game: Argentina 4, South Korea 1


    Who needs Lionel Messi when you have Gonzalo the Great?”


    Who else could it be but Higuain?”


    Link to the above match report here. Read it and laugh if you want. *

    1. At least voted Messi MotM, the Guardian user vote has also Messi with the best rating. Some sport sites and most of the fans recognized who was the essential person behind this win 🙂

    2. Guess who voted Higuain MotM? Yup…
      Im not saying that Higuain played bad but it was obvious who ran the show.

  15. hahaha
    “thanks to everyone from my hood”. the queens..
    “and my new single coming out”
    gotta love him for his hustle in the final game

  16. back to football.
    messi really has a good chemistry with tevez.
    why are we(barca) never interested in tevez?
    and once aguero came on, it was sexy as well with messi

  17. This sums up Messi’s performance in Argentina-Korea match in one wonderful picture:



    1. Before I even checked the link, I knew it was that picture. I just showed that to my friend on AIM haha.

    1. if you want to solely look at the game 7, then artest or pau gasol(catalan) wouldve been the mvp. but kobe had to carry the whole team on his back all this….KOBE!!!!

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