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World Cup Liveblog: Italy – Paraguay

The defending champions are back. And Luke is here with a liveblog. LOVE US because we deliver the goods. Join us after the jump.

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50 Responses to “World Cup Liveblog: Italy – Paraguay”

  1. ElShowDeJason says:

    when does it launch? 15 min before kickoff?

  2. ElShowDeJason says:


    “Manchester City Could Offer More Than €36 Million For Barcelona’s Dani Alves – Report
    With Maicon’s transfer being held up by competition with Real Madrid and Inter’s unwillingness to negotiate for a lower fee, City have turned to Barca’s Dani Alves…”

    €36 Million is what we paid for Dani Alves BEFORE incentives.
    someone please explain to me the logic in selling one of our most important players for a net loss?

    or selling one of our most imporant players period?

    If Villa, and DiMaria are worth €40mil, Kaka €65mil, and Ronaldo €94mil, then alves is easily worth between €55-70 mil.

  3. ElShowDeJason says:

    Pirlo’s absence will be very noticeable considering Italy’s lack of attacking midfielders. I fully expect there to be a large disconnect between the midfield and the frontline.
    Paraguay also play a tight defensive game hoping to nick one off the counter. and without Chava Cabanas, Paraguay are a weaker team. It’s all up to Nelson Haedo Valdes to run their attack.
    I see a very boring match-up and optimistically preict a 1-1.

  4. barca96 says:

    off topic but very important.
    Rosell assured the fans that he will continue with the negotiations to buy Cesc.
    He will have a sit down with Pep within these 4 days before pep goes off on a well deserved holiday and he’ll have a talk with Laporta too.

  5. sirius says:

    while i am a bit nervous about some of rosells ideas i think he was the best candiate and am glad he has won. i wish him good luck and am confident our club will continue to grow in positive ways….

    cant wait untill spain starts their journey!!!

  6. Kari says:

    Ivory Coast – Portugal tomorrow

    CRUSH HIM, YAYA. CRUSH HIM WITH YOUR MIND (or your face, skill, or defensive awesomeness–whatever floats your boat). YOU’VE HAD ALL SEASON TO THINK ABOUT IT.


  7. Helge says:

    Am I the only one who is disappointed with the beginning of this WC?
    I cannot remember a more boring start…
    11 matches, only one match with more than 2 goals. Aside from Germany and Argentina, nobody has played beautiful football yet. Maybe I’m used to Barça football, maybe I’ve had too much pleasant anticipation for this tournament?
    Be that as it may, I hope Ivory Coast and Spain will show what they are both capable of. Allez, les Eléphants! Viva Espana!!

    • Kari says:

      Sid Lowe has responded to you via CBC


      • Dave says:

        Yes Ive said it yesterday as well Helge- standard has been pretty crap so far. Too much tactical battles. God Id love the ‘you score 3 we’ll score 4′ of Barca right now.
        Italy were horrible to watch. Paul Newman has lost it.
        Argentina are Messi. Gutierez rb will be skinned.Veron is class but will be exhausted.
        Germany were a breath of fresh air- but won’t beat SP or Brazil
        And for Premier league numptys who rave about ‘English football’ and its domination of the CL- we saw what it amounted to, players not able to string passes together. Paul Scholes was the last player to be able to do this.

        I hope S korea go far for the sake of football.
        This has got me thinking, imagine a world without Barca- Gruesome

        • Rohanv says:

          Honestly, being a fan of Barca and La Liga in general, I’m getting quite tired of the let’s chuck long balls and 25m+ shots that most teams have been using this cup. (Although to be honest, I shouldn’t have been surprised.) Germany used the through ball, and see where it got them?

          The Dutch were supposed to use it, but instead they just crowded the centre of the field and kept passing sideways, until shooting from outside the box. I can’t imagine Brazil will be much different with the two holding mids, although at least they put enough trust in allowing a player to actually run at a defence (Elia did that for a little while for the Oranje, and how).

          So Furia Roja, get here now!

          • Ryan says:

            Maybe it’s because I have low expectations, but my two teams besides Spain are the US (I’m American) and Japan (living there now) and watching them cling on and get points from opponents they were supposed to get beaten by was great to watch. The personal duel between Nigeria’s keeper and a rampant Messi was fun too. Sure, the long balls are a bother, but where would be the beauty of Spain or Barca if every team could manage tiki taka?

      • Helge says:

        Oh, great link, thx a lot 😉

    • poipoi says:

      I’m dissapointed we were all so pumped up and the teams have been mainly bo-ring, I enjoyed the 1st 15 minutes or 25 of Argentina very much. Besides I missed Germany’s game and that new dude (I really dislike Ballack so I wanna see the new Germany)… but it only has started.

      How was Germany btw?

  8. Kari says:

    This thing is awesome!


    It’s a Brazilian Name Generator.

    If I played for Brazil, I’d be “Karinho”

    If Xavi played for Brazil – “Hernandeto” or “Xavinho”

    Yaya – “Yayando” or “Tourson”

    Iniesta – “Andriano”

    Messi – “Messinhosa” or “Lionildo”

    It’s good stuff, I’m telling you.

  9. vicsoc8 says:

    PS: Hilarious


  10. Kxevin says:

    I repeat: Group stage matches, particularly the first ones, are alwaysalwaysalwaysalways drum tight. They are played not to lose. As the stakes get higher, teams will open up, because they will have to.

    Quite a day today. Who would have predicted Japan beating Cameroon, and Paraguay getting a draw with Italy? Tell you something else. That Van Der Wiel kid looked really, really, good. I sure hope that the rumors linking us to him are true. Wow.

    • DontPanic says:

      I agree VDW does look good but don’t you think he would be wasted in Barca? There’s no way he gets the nod over Alves and he is too good to be on the bench.

  11. Kxevin says:

    The Alves situation is interesting. Sport says that he rejected our renewal offer, and Citeh is waiting and watching. I have no patience for this. Alves has achieved things that he would never have achieved had he stayed with Sevilla. He should get a deal done. If he wants to chase money at this point as does The Yaya, let ’em. Let’s get a deal done for this Van Der Wiel kid, sign a stopgap RB to tide us over while the farm kid gets fully ready, and move on.

    I’m calling bullshit on anyone who doesn’t want to be with us. If you don’t want to be here, fine by me. Get out.

  12. JC says:

    Most of the matches have been a drag! I blame Mourinho!! The prick has showed that u can be ultra defensive and still win trophy’s.
    May be Fifa should change the rules to whoever scores 5 goals first, wins the match. That should make the games more interesting :)

  13. Eklavya says:

    Why is there always a liveblog for boring teams? :)
    Is there going to be one for Ivory Coast – Portugal? I MAY be free to run one…

  14. barca96 says:

    yaya is close to man city and we are going to sell ibra and get torres from that money according to the catalan papers.

    • Kxevin says:

      Yeah, but those same folks have us moving for Gerrard. Both are silly. Aside from being Soanish, Torres offers nothing over Ibrahimovic. He won’t score any more goals, does’t track back on defense and doesn’t help with possession. And don’t get me started on the overrated Gerrard.

    • vicsoc8 says:

      I can understand the notion of selling Ibra, even if I don’t agree with it.

      I can’t understand the notion of selling Ibra and buying Torres. It makes no sense. If you sell Ibra Villa should play in the center and a new LW should be bought. Simple.

  15. El Tel says:

    Ronaldo was just yellow carded unfairly — 20th minute; still 0-0.

  16. El Tel says:

    Finally a poor ref in the WC.

  17. barca96 says:

    why is yaya playing at dm when they have zokora who can play at dm?

  18. Euler says:

    Both the Ivory Coast and Portugal are deploying highly fluid front lines with multidimensional players who are switching positions.

    There are a number of advantages to these tactics. Starting out a player like Ronaldo on the wing and then giving him freedom to cut in and move as he chooses makes him difficult to mark. Having Gervinho start in the center but then overlap to the flanks where he usually plays adds fluidity to the Ivory Coast’s attack.

    The risk with this strategy is that if the front lines don’t maintain enough positional discipline, they can lose width rapidly and narrow the pitch. And that’s what’s happening in this mach – especially to portugal. The attacking players keep clustering together and playing in each other’s space. Portugal has little width.

    Narrowing the pitch like that plays into Ivory Coast’s favor. It allows them to consolidate their defensive players and it also heightens the impact of Ivory Coast’s power.

    Portugal needs to make the pitch as large as possible when in possession but the lack of mutual understanding and positional discipline in their forwards is doing the opposite as they interchange and overlap.


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