WORLD CUP! (day 2)

This is your Day 2 comments post. We’ve got some sweet games on tap. South Korea – Greece, Argentina – Nigeria, and USA! USA! USA! vs England. May the wonderful football rain down on us today!

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Nigeria was festering crap. For Argentina to beat a side that dire 1-0 should be worrying some people. Had Nigeria had any midfield creativity or real attacking flair, that match was winnable. Based on what I saw today, S. Korea could very well win that group.

    Higuain’s finishes were pretty amazing in their ineptitude. Dude’s gotta make those. Isaiah’s comment about him getting the yips in big matches is spot on. Lordy.

    Was going to go watch USA/England at a friend’s place, but there’s just something about your own sofa and a 58-inch plasma that puts the kibosh on any communal plans. That, and it’s monsoon season in Chicago. Driving in the rain around my fellow man just sucks, what with my turbo Subaru and heavy right foot, and their tendency to say “Ohmygoditrainingdrive20mph!” πŸ˜€

    1. Argentina never looked like they got it going. I still want to see how Nigeria does versus South Korea.

    2. Ohmygoditrainingdrive20mph

      Based on the liveblog yesterday, seems like our kind of people..

  2. Messi looked kinda jaded, uninterested at times, didnt have the usual work rate that he does for us but like everyone said he had a great game

  3. on univision they call tevez “el apache.” wow.

    pipita, pulga, apache. and the equipo argentino son unos pelusos. el gringo peluso (heinze), la pulga pelusa…

    yesterday whenever the univision commentator said “shabalala” he sang it sing-songy in a loud voice.

    1. That’s why I decided to watch the matches this morning on ESPN instead of on Univision. That Tshabalala thing irritated the hell out of me.

  4. I like what I’ve seen so far.

    Uruguay kept a clean sheet against France, and even then had the best opportunities in the match. Mexico and Argentina need that cold final touch to start really creating havoc.

    Overall, I get the sense that they’re just sharpening the knives. First game jitters are out, second round of Groups A and B should have these teams in full gear.

  5. Based on the first 4 games, it seems to me like this will be a WC dominated by counter attacks. The ball is so terrible and bounces so much that I don’t see how any midfield can keep it safely in possession for a long time (even Spain)

    Which does not bode well for Argentina because the defense still looked very suspicious, especially on the counter, and it was only Nigeria’s lack of quality that prevented them for scoring.

    Of course, Argentina had even more chances to score on the counter, but the question how well they’re going to do against quality opposition remains.

  6. Loved the Argentina win, could’ve had more goals, Higuain and messi both were unfortunate, except that Higuain was just missing, at least Messi was creating chances for others as well.
    Happy for Korea! I knew they’d start well against Greece. and ENGLANNDDDD hope they beat them ‘yanks’

    1. I making typos also.. I sorry..


      Besides, anyone notice how uncomfortable Argentina were with the ball, with Messi and co. having to dig them from underneath their feet as it were.. Was it because of the Jabulani?

    2. At first I thought they looked rather slow, but this is a much better Argentina than that in the qualifying. And I think the ball is blamed, but they’ll adjust, or shouldve adjusted by now.

  7. I’m glad Messi had a good match, bummed he didn’t score. Argentina is gonna have to improve if they want to make it into the quarter-finals and beyond. Wasn’t surprised that Higuain couldn’t finish those chances.

    Also, I set my alarm this morning to watch Argentina (and get ready for work) and I was so out of it that it took me like 10 minutes to figure out that the ESPN channel I was watching the match on had Arabic-language commentary. I was like, WAIT, what? I have no idea which ESPN channel it was, but it had commentary available in Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, and even a mode to listen to it with no commentary. Great options, too bad I only know a few words in Korean and Portugese.

    1. I saw on the channel that’s showing the WC here in Canada that had Punjabi commentary. There’s also a channel that had Spanish (Mexico) and Italian commentary. Pretty cool if you ask me.

      Now, off to watch EEUU-Inglaterra!

    1. I don’t know if it works outside Canada but cbc.sports live streams the games. Here’s the link anyway


      You can find a link here.


      Just take your pick, there’s a whole bunch πŸ™‚

  8. Argentina need to play Messi closer to the goal (whether on the center or the flanks). They need someone else to do the creative playmaking, linking, throwing in the though balls. Messi’s dribbling though might look spectacular when its from the half line, but would be more effective when in the final third.

  9. For me, it was a close but deserved in. I thought Messi played in the right role for him and Maradona is doing all he can to provide Messi with platform. I have seen the match and highlights a few times now, so can firmly say that two of the saves which GK pulled of Messi was spectacular. Higuain could have done better but he did shoot at goal. So i think he should be given more chances. It does not makes sense to change the front man on whims.

    Overall Argentina do have problems in defence and espcially role of Jonas Gutiarrez. Maybe he will improve but against top teams, its going to be intersting. I shall not write off Argentina lightly when France and Italy contested last WC final without being the best teams. Up front, am sure that Messi will score soon enough. He was magnificant.

    Argentina, as a whole, seem a team coming together and having such a match first up is much more helpful instead of a problem. If argies had won with 3 or 4 goals, they would have been complacant but now they will be motivated. I think that South Korea will give them a tough match and will even the match but overall, i think Argies are in good place. As a supporter, this makes me happy.

  10. ||

    Pretty nice stream. I’m muting the sound to hear British commentary.

  11. No Edu again? Clark isn’t close to being as good as Mo. Good luck with that USA.

    1. As a States fan, I’ll take. English fans have to be drowning their sorrows right now.

  12. Green’s mistake was horrendous but England should have converted at least one other score. The U.S. backline was shaky even after that first goal. They settled down, but weren’t solid.

    And England should be able to retain the ball better than they are against a U.S. team that isn’t that great on the ball or that crisp in passing.

    Where was Lampard that first half? Also, Rooney was uninvolved.

  13. Doesn’t Onyewu play for AC Milan? He’s been a rock for the States. Candidate for MOTM me thinks.

    Now Peter Crouch is on for Heskey.

    10 min left, let’s see if there will be a winner…

    1. I was kind of bored towards the end of the match. I had no idea British goalies were soooo bad. That was straight out comical.

      Also, no more TIES. Please. Or at least higher scoring ties, porfavor.

    2. Agree. I wanna see a thrashing! Aww, that means I got to wait until Spain’s match on Wednesday πŸ˜›

  14. Nope, it ends in a score draw.

    US 1-1 England

    Goals: Dempsey (or rather Green o.g πŸ˜› ) ; Gerrard.

    England dominated, but the US held their own, especially the impressive Onyewu, and had their chances to win the match.

    All in all, entertaining match. I wasn’t going for anyone, so I guess this is the “best” result.

  15. USA fan here:

    Howard was a rock. Couldn’t do anything about the goal England scored.
    Cherundolo at right back was excellent as well
    Altidore put in a good shift, look out for him in the other group stage games.

    Rooney was anonymous, couldn’t believe it
    Was Lampard on the field?
    Gerrard had spurts where he played well, but also disappeared at times
    Green MOTM for USA

    1. I thought Onyewu looked good for the US, but yeah Howard was amazing, espcially given the injury he got when he clashed with Heskey.

      I didn’t see Lampard at all, Wow!

      Agreed on Rooney. Apart from the later stages of the game, he was really involved.

      Gerrard played really well for the first 20 or so min and then tapered off.

      Green = LMAO

      Milner = Fail*

      *Was he subbed because of the yellow he picked up or was he injured. If it’s the previous and not the latter, that’s hilarious. Poor guy; it was his WC debut too…

  16. A great deal of attention has focused on whether Argentina would figure out how to utilize Messi to it’s best advantage.

    But England has struggled greatly to bring the best out of Rooney as well. On some level it almost feels like the other players on the English side just don’t know how to best play with a multi-dimensional player like Rooney.

    The absence of a focal point for creativity for England in terms of passing is a significant weakness.

    Gerrard played very well, but he played in a deeper more defensive role with Lampard moving up more. And Lampard’s strength is not creating for other players or providing service.

    1. Can someone tell me exactly what Lampard’s strength is? It’s not his shooting, either.

  17. So does this mean Korea is currently the best team so far in the WC?

    Didn’t see that coming. Then again I’m completely ignorant in regards to Asian football, so what do I know?

  18. Sorry for off-topic guys, but Thiago extended his contract.

    1. Good news that he signed. but i dont like the 1 year
      deal and 2 years incase he makes A team squad perminent

      means we either promote him och he’s gone in januari

      we just bought pep time to check him one last pre season

  19. Briliant result for me. England flop to miserable draw, Rooney, Lampard invisible and a howler from their goalie to end all ( well most) of their jokes about Scottish goalies. A good night πŸ™‚

    Only downside is they’ll still go through from what must be the easiest group since they were last in a WC group.

    Also, anyone who doesn’t think Messi has been head and shoulders above every other player we’ve seen so far needs a bigger tele in my opinion.

  20. Don’t sweep S. Korea away so easily. They are fast, with and without the ball at their feet, and keep their shape at the back.

    That keeper mistake was a howler. Unreal. And Onyewu wasn’t as good as some are giving him credit for. He was on walkabout on the first England goal, and also culpable for the other great chance that they had. He got better after that because they started playing long ball through the air, which plays to his strengths.

    The tournament has only just begun, but I’m having a hard time seeing a favorite right now. Of course, we haven’t seen the rest of the heavy hitters yet, which will be interesting to watch.

    Messi was brilliant, by the by. But we’re used to it. Imagine how it must be for people to be seeing him for the first time in a full match, rather than on highlight reels.

    1. S Korea can go very far in this world cup. they are a better TEAM than many european sides, that means they play collectively better. and they all run their asses off in every single match like there is no tomorrow.

    2. Gooch had moved up to close down space on Rooney as Rooney tried to receive the pass. He isn’t able to control the pass and semi deflects it and Gooch stays watching the lane back to Rooney and stands ready to cover him cause lets face it…if you have Rooney at the top of the box you’re not going to just let him stand there.

      It was Clark who was watching Gerrard’s run. Clark drifts over to play the lane, but doesn’t actually get forward of him and is a few steps behind as he is somewhat ball watching. When the pass comes in its too late, he tries to get goal side but is just too far behind. Bocanegra actually is just 1 step behind Clark and he had to come from much further. I find it hard to pin much blame on Gooch for that one.

  21. dont forget, sunday (tomorrow) 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern, barca atletic v sant andreu

  22. GolTV is rebroadcasting the Sept. 09 match at home v Atletico, when the three men that so many loved to hate were in the lineup, and playing brilliantly: Henry, Txigrinski and Ibrahimovic. This was before they were declared old and useless/waste of money/should be sold. Ah, those were such innocent times.


    Oh, and Ray Keown, part-time coach and scout for Arsenal, says that HeWhoShallNotBeNamed is outta there this summer, and that all the stuff we’re seeing/reading is just part of the long, drawn-out negotiating process.

    1. I typed Ray Keown in google with few results, then I realized you meant Martin Keown. πŸ˜€ Regardless of what he says, I’m still doubtful the deal will happen.

      Looks like Rosell is in poll position to win the elections…such shame. Sid Lowe and Pep(of the elections site) both had tweets stating that like with Perez last season, the press is deciding the elctions.

      GHANA FOR THE WIN tomorrow!!! and hopefully Barça Atletic.

    2. Actually I was giggling at a Ray Ray-ism as I typed Keown’s name. Which explains that.

    3. It’s funny how that worked out though, because I wiki’d him and it turns out his middle name is Raymond. πŸ˜€

  23. Anyone who says that Messi can’t replicate for Argentina what he does for Barca just needs to see this game. What he did in this game is just the same if not more than he does in any Barca game that he doesn’t score in. Yeah, there arn’t a lot of those games, but they exist. He was creative and linked up well. He was, at times, tenacious at winning back the ball and playing defense. He was able to get good looks at goal and forced the keeper to make some very good saves. His finishing was off but there was a spell this year where that was true at the club level too. Remember when we were in disbelief for weeks straight at how he just couldn’t buy a goal? Yeah, it happens.

    There is still a lot of football to be played but looks to me like he is on a path to vindication.

  24. nigerian goalie was amazing, messi usually scores on those kind of shots. Onyewu was spotty. definitely responsible for the chance england had when lennon or the right back (can’t remember his name or which person it was) shot straight into howard’s chest (was he wearing velcro, wow!) Korea was fast! argentina defense was as shaky as their has was long.
    and why does the USA team never play leading or through balls? can’t wait to watch xavi and co. do their thing
    higuan choked

    1. I was wondering that same thing about the U.S., stowe. I think it’s because the midfield creativity is about nil. You have guys like Altidore, but can’t take advantage of them because they can’t control and pass. It’s control, regain control, turn around, the moment is lost.

    2. The only person with any passing creativity on the field is Donovan and to describe him as such would be a big stretch. Our off ball movement isn’t very good either as you dont see a lot of attempts to run behind the defense, but then again why should you? Nobody is going to make that pass. They mainly look for a ball over the top.

  25. now let’s wait till the big boys( spain, brazil & holland) play and see who looks in form.

    1. my god…
      i envy you guys in the states.
      you guys have so many choices!!!
      and i just learned that in the US, you guys have something called the amber alert. that is so amazing!

      btw, i thought isaiah and kxevin were socis..
      how come both of them are here and not doing the good thing by voting?
      kxevin, i presume you are driving an impreza? latest one or ver8?
      do you get called a ricer a lot? lol

    2. That was the plan, barca96, right up unti real life decided to gnaw on my bum and make it impossible for me to get away, thanks to this vexing thing called having to earn a living. Thankfully, my plane tix were refundable.

      Legacy GT wagon, sir. The turbo Subaru for grownups. From 2005.

  26. Sky Sports News has just said that Iniesta is doubtful for the opening match. That starts to get worrying as he was only taken off as a precaution. Sounds like there’s something rumbling on there.

    Leave him out of the group stages if there’s a doubt, I’d say. It’s not like they’re going to struggle to win it.

  27. what’s up with that poor boy little sad face of messi when the game was over and all the rest of the argies literally out of their minds celebrating a 1-0 vs a weak nigeria?? maradona evwen came to cheer him up, hugged him up from the ground and all… I didn’t like it at all, even I’m not argentinian I’m messian I looove messi. He should be (or at least show himself) happy for the team win and the 3 points. Besides he played really well the only thing is that he didn’t score life is hard.

    1. Messi probably looked sad because he understood how vulnerable they looked, against a pretty poor side. If that guy doesn’t send that shot wide, they draw that match, a match they should have won in a laugher. Messi seems much more a realist/pragmatist than many others.

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