World Cup Liveblog: France – Uruguay

Welcome to the first of what should be many liveblogs throughout the World Cup. Today it’s France (Henry, Abidal) vs Uruguay (Caceres, Suarez). Yay, a battle of people we own and people we used to own and could own. Yay. Also, Monsieur Kxevin is a big Les Bleus fan, so maybe he’ll grace us with his presence and freak us all out with his passion.

Launching just before gametime:

By Isaiah

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  1. Hello BFB followers! I have been a long time follower and reader of this blog, over from the offside days but hardly ever comment here. Hope to do more of it from now.

    Just want to give a shout out to the mods here who have been doing an absolutely fantastic job! Thx guys for your efforts!

    And I will soon be a proud member of our beloved club. Just filled out the application and hopefully will get my membership card soon. I have been wanting to do this for while now but just been lazy. But with the elections coming up and the candidates’ position regarding new members being quite uncertain(I hope Rossell does not win), thought I should just get it now before I am denied the chance.

    Visca Barca!

    1. Not only the first post without saying it; but also saying something interesting.

      Kudos to you, sir! Welcome and congrats on becoming a member (I really, really, really hope Rosell doesn’t win)!

  2. Are you serious Isaiah, a liveblog for France? Or is it a liveblog fo Kxevin? LOL j/k 😀

  3. In theory France should do well against Uruguay. Uruguay plays a 3-5-2 and France should be able to exploit the differences in formation.

    France has terrific pace and skill on the flanks. They should be able to exploit a 3 man back line wide. If they do wind up playing Ribbery on the left and Malouda as a center mid who tends to drift left they, along with runs from Evra should be able to overload that left flank and put a great deal of pressure on the back line and wing players from Uruguay.

    At the same time Sagna can make runs from the right and if he can overlap effectively with Govou it’s could create a great deal of confusion for who Uruguay’s winger and back should mark. There should be a great deal of space along the right for France to work on if they want to.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Abidal does at center back against suarez and forlan.

    But all this of course is only in theory… Theory is something France excels at but can it overcome Domenech?

  4. France are so pointless. a case study for the way in which a total lack of managerial ideas can nullify a team. they have players from nearly every major European club squad and were lucky to escape a draw with a Uruguay side intent only on defending.

    so weak.


    Day 1 is ovah, and all the teams…drew? I missed the Mexico-SA match(which I plan to watch shortly) but friends of mine were telling me how messed up the Mexican lineup was (and how their keeper was weird). SA goal gave me chills when I saw the highlights, though. Rafa manged to bail Mexico out, who despite dominating the first half (it seemed) kind of tailed off in the second.

    Don’t know if this works for anyone outside of Canada, but you can watch full matches online and in relatively good quality! (Hey look, Canadian broadcasting is good for something after all!) Link:


    They also have this camera that focuses on the star players which is pretty cool.

    So, tomorrow, Argentina-Greece is on at 10:00am for me; followed by England-USA at 2:00pm with pregame/in-depth looks in between (which I’m going watch but am rooting for no-one…well, unless someone from one side starts pissing me off or if it’s completely one-sided then I’d go for the underdog.)

    YES! to the World Cup dominating my life 😛

    1. Beat me to it. I was JUST about to correct that. It’s Korea-Greece and Argentina-Nigeria.

      I probably had Greece on the mind since the movie Grease is on where I am 😛

  6. Some “interesting” facts I found the CBC (Canadian) website; if you are from Canada (well, not really. I’m just bored and I don’t want to do any work):

    -Argentina has 5% of the “National Vote” (i.e team supported by) and is most popular in NUNAVUT

    -Spain has 5% of the National Vote and is most popular in SASKATCHEWAN

    -Brazil has 11% of the National Vote and is most popular in NORTHWEST TERRITORIES

    -England has 18% of the National Vote and is most popular in MANITOBA

    -The US has 1% of the National Vote and is most popular in QUEBEC.

    Except for England, all of these are surprising (my personal reaction to most of these were: W. T. F?).

  7. Before the Domenech bashing session begins, I just want to say I think he got his tactics right today.

    The problem is France is a bunch of individuals playing for themselves on the pitch. There is absolutely no collective offensive play. I don’t know if this is Domenech’s fault, but with all the resports of disagreements in the locker room it’s not particularly surprising.

    Regarding players – Gourcuff was very poor. I haven’t watched a lot of him but from his performance today I wouldn’t want him on the team. Suarez was very poor as well today, although he was largely isolated up front so it’s difficult to judge him from this match. Abidal was solid if unspectacular. There’s certainly a case to be made for Henry starting – Anelka was way too selfish and France looked more threatening with Henry on the field.

  8. Based on only today, Gourcuff and Suarez can stay the hell where they are. Gourcuff especially was shocking. Suarez didn’t really get the service, but I still wasn’t impress with his pace or his touch.

    1. On the other hand Forlan was good, and was really the only attacking player on the field I’d like to have on the team.

    2. Oh, and Ribery didn’t impress me at all, either. His final ball was beyond poor.

  9. I just realized, Rafa is the Golden Boot so far for this WC, right? Crazy!

    Anyway, hope Messi has an awesome match tomorrow!

  10. Was working like a dog today. France were horrific. They have given up on Domenech, it is clear. If they get out of the group, I will be thrilled. There is no midfield creativity, and everybody holds on to the ball too long.

    Ribery’s moment as a world-class player appears to have passed. He was terrible, and Anelka was worse. I will admit that our football has me spoiled, but that was a horrific display. Uruguay weren’t going to score, and Les Bleus didn’t bring defenders up into the attack until too late. Horrific. Just horrific.

    Mexico could have won by 3 goals, or lost by 1 when that S.A. player hit the post. How the hell do you hit the post from that close in? Crazy match. That group is going to be a flat-out mess.

    1. This is gonna be a helluva group.. France, though utterly dull for most of the match, did show some intent, and should’ve went ahead if not for that spectacular miss by Govou.. If the can keep Anelka off the pitch and shoot DomDom, they’ll sail through the group..

      Hopefully the next few matches in this group are more exciting.. If it weren’t for the LiveBlog, I’d have dozed off by the 5th minute..

  11. I hope this isn’t the start of a pattern; nobody willing to take a chance in the first couple of games and relying on one good result to take them through. I know Spain won’t but can we even rely on Brazil under Dunga not to sit back?

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