Xavi Renews Until 2016

The news today from Barça is that Xavi has extended his contract from 2014 until 2016, meaning he’ll almost definitely retire at FCB. He’s currently 30 and so by June 30, 2016, he’ll be 36. That’s a ripe old age for such a workhorse like Xavi. Hopefully he can pull it off, but I expect him to make his departure amicably from the club right around 2014 anyway, probably through a deal that earns the club a bit of cash and sends him somewhere fun.

If he continues at his current pace, by 2016, Xavi will have appeared in (44 games per year) 790 games in all competitions, making him both the longest-serving player (18 years) and also give him the most appearances by more than 100 (Migueli had 664). HOORAY.

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By Isaiah

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  1. Xavi has to play in 50% of our games in the final two years of his current contract to trigger the next year and the same thing repeated to get the final year.
    Pedro also extended til 2015

  2. yay!

    here’s a zm article on espain:

    i really do hope la furia wins the world cup. not just for the sake of beautiful football, but for the sake of xavi finally getting the recognition he so deserves. i really want him to hoist the balon d’or(sorry messi.)

  3. I just want none of our guys to get hurt, and for France to win it all. So there. 😀

    And congrats to Xavi.

    1. over the past 6-7months that ive been following your blog, i noticed that you have a soft spot for France.any connection? or just for the love

    2. It’s a very long story having to do with race, acceptance and retirement destinations.

  4. Visca Xavi, y Visca Los Estados Unidos!

    2-1 the Yanks. Prediction time. Goals from Dempsey and Gomez off the bench.

  5. Yay for Xavi! Love him. Looking for him and Iniesta to set the WC on fire.

    France will win nothing, BWAHAHAHA! I mean, neither will Mexico, but hopefully Spain will. And I hope Messi has a good WC, even without winning it.

  6. A great read on the history of soccer in America:


    Written by one of the guys at Run of Play.

  7. Hey Kxev, did you know that when France hosted the WC in 98 they did not even sell out their own games?

    (attention, bold generalisation coming up)

    In France, football is for the immigrants and for the Marseillais. I am probably the only European alive who counts Marseille as his favorite French city and I grew up among immigrants but I am not going to cheer on a team whose own people cheer it on so half-assedly.

    1. Ouch! I don’t particularly follow French football, I mock them mostly because my brother randomly likes them. He isn’t all that knowledgable about the sport – I mean come on, his favorite player for a while was Benzema.

      But anyway, would be interested in reading any supporting articles, etc.

  8. I think it is incredible that their federation have kept on Domenech for so long. Of course some countries have better coaches then others but he has shown his utter incapability time and time again over the last 6 years, and was only saved by Zidane’s comeback to ensure France’s qualification and final run last time round. Such talented players should not have had to have put up with such an idiot for so long. Had this been Holland the players would have revolted a long time ago.

    1. I wouldn’t say that. I would say that any success from Les Bleus is a surprise, and the people react accordingly. Rugby is really the big sport in France, so it’s no surprise.

  9. And off topic:

    I can celebrate another Championship, as the Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup. 😀

    1. Now all you need is Wade and LBJ, along with D-rose at the point and Noah at PF, Chicago would be amazing, especially if they can swing a sign and trade (gordon/Hinrich and the Bull’s first round pick the next two years for Bosh/Bargnani. or the bulls could send that same package to the Mavs for Dirk and Shawn Marion or Jason Terry. Last possibility would be LBJ and D Wayde to the Knicks with David Lee and then NY could trade 2 1st round picks for a good PG like Ricky Rubio, or someone of that nature. All that being said, where ever LBJ goes, a second top of the line free agent is going as well, and possibly a third like Joe Johnson if all three were willing to take pay cuts. Lets hope this happens.

    2. no. i think lebron is going to miami. he was spotted in miami. and bosh as well. and pat reilly is getting out of retirement.

  10. Deulofeu signs contract…

    1. The surname Deulofeu means literally “God created him” in Catalan.
      Deu=God, Lo=Him, Feu=Created. Can Barca play with 2 Messiahs in the same team?

  11. messi taking shots on maradona’s a*s
    we used to play this fame too in holland after losing a game. but only from 3-5metres out or so.


  12. What a day…
    + Xavi signed an extension
    + P! signed an extension
    + We are now considering David Silva in place of Cesc (supposedly)
    – Luis Enrique is being considered for the Mallorca job
    – Hristo Stoichov labes Ibra a big failure

    karma people, learn it.

    1. Stoichkov is a douche. The Silva bit, if true, would be welcome news, way over Fabregas. And the Yaya’s agent is saying that we are pricing him out of a transfer. Go figure.

      I wonder if we will stop, now that Arsenal are determined to keep their captain, who might or might not want to leave?

      I also think that our valuation of The Yaya is very fair. Irrespective of what we bought him for, this is the price that we want, and I think it’s the right one. So pay up. People hold us hostage all the time for their players, so why not us? If you want a world-changer, give us 35m. Period.

    2. stoichkov has always had a big mouth that’s who he is, the perfect extremo and a FCB icon. Ibra is being a failure so far to me also.

  13. It breaks my heart that I won’t be there to take advantage of the below notification. I keep having nightmares about Rosell winning by one vote.

    Barcelona, 10 June 2010



    Voting will take place at the club installations this Sunday, June 13th, from nine o’clock in the morning until nine o’clock at night.

    Your polling table is 120, which can accessed through gate 105 of the Gol Nord

    You must present your Identity Document in order to vote.

    1. Ha! My table is 19. You are waaaayyy below me in Voter table ranking!

      I assume it’s done alphabetically and C > W.

      I am saddened I will not be able to cast a vote.

  14. Oh, now the word is that Iniesta isn’t really injured for real, that the holding out of the opener is just a precaution. Hope that’s true. We can’t have our own glass man.

  15. A note from Dimitri Seluks past:


    Dont know how authentic the site is

  16. All of these last minute extensions before the elections are interesting. Another way LaPorta is trying to extend his legacy and implicitly tie the hands of the person replacing him. It’s logical for the future president to decide whether or not Xavi should get his contract extended from 2014 to 2016. But such is politics. I’m happy Xavi will be staying but never thought there was much threat of him leaving.

    Assuming that the Silva thing was leaked by the club rather than another fiction made up out of nothing MD, it may be a way that the club has of reminding Fabergas that they have other options. The ball is now in Fabergas’s hands. He is going to have to make the situation untenable for Arsenal in order to leave. He’s going to have to make himself a problem. Rumor has it he’s thinking of switching agents to Seluk to get that job done…

    It is good at least to hear that they may be keeping other business in their minds and everything isn’t getting bogged down with Fabergas.

    None of these things now are going to move at all until the world cup is over.

    Barca’s needs are very clear and straightforward. But who knows what the next president will do to put his “mark” on the club especially if its Rosell.

    1. my nightmare scenario.

      rossell wins, fires txiki, advises pep by signing “galacticos” over his head, pep leaves in december, everything falls apart.

  17. on a happier note: waka waka we’re all africa, now.

    shakira video with barça representing.


    argentina are gonna win this one. sorry kxev.

  18. This reminded me…one day before the WC, here is the 2010 WC WAG!!! 😀


  19. hey guys, I could use some help

    I’m going to be in Barcelona for a week in Nov (1st trip to Europe!)
    For the most part a friend and I will be backpacking it, and staying in hostels and what not…

    so, any tips, pointers, advice, or any reference that helped you would be greatly appreciated.

    (oh, and as soon as La Liga’s Calender is announced, I would like to know, so that I have a chance to watch a match, if all the stars align correctly!)

  20. silva’s name was mentioned in el mundo as a plan B if we dont get cesc.
    i like silva.more than mata and all the other alternatives but say we get silva this year and im sure next year we wil try to bring cesc home once again.
    what will happen to silva?
    we will have way too many attack minded players and that will leave only busi to cover the back 4.

    1. For me, Silva would be better than Fabregas, and would kill that deal (until the next election).

  21. It would be cool if Spain or The Netherlands win the cup since both try and play attacking football and both never won it, just 1 Euro each.

  22. silva would be way better than cesc specially ’cause cesc said he won’t leave to any other club other than barça. If silva comes, with andres pedro! villa messi bojan and maybe ibra 😀 , keita will have to play the DM position with Busi. That would be great, I think keita is great for that position as iniesta and silva are made for the xavi-dancing-partner role and wings if need. AND most important, for the times they have to play wings always silva > iniesta, so iniesta can focus in his infinite trecuartista skills yihaaa

    I wouldn’t mind silva leaving to england ’cause I like him a lot, but never ever to EE. there’s a war going on outside

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