It’s official: News of the Day, 2 June

We’re in for Cesc Fabregas. The club announced at the official site that we have bid on the Catalan midfielder. No numbers have been disclosed, but it’s expected that our initial bid will be somewhere in the 40m range.

Now, Arsenal is expected to laugh at that, as their valuation of Fabregas has him at 60m. Here’s the official word from Arsenal:

“Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly-valued member of the team and part of our future plans.

“We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

“To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

So. Now what? Is that statement worth the paper it was written on, and negotiations are continuing? Probably. Maybe not. Who the hell knows? What is true is that if Fabregas is serious about getting his move to Barcelona done, he will have to get off the fence and submit an official transfer request. Which he won’t do, for obvious reasons having to do with being booed incessantly, should the deal not get done.

Other stuff related:

–We are, or are not willing to toss in one big-ass Ukranian defender, Txigrinski, as part of deal. Straight-up has been bandied about, as well as a loan.

Undoubtedly, there is more to come, but you know my view. Screw ‘em. They can keep him. We have Xaviniesta, with Thiago and Dos Santos waiting in the wings. Our future is secure. Is Fabregas an excellent player? Absolutely. Is he worth all this hooraw? Hell no, and if it weren’t an election year, none of this crap would be going on, as Rosell and Laporta have a “more Catalan than thou” sweepstakes.


In other news ….

–The Yaya is days away from making a final decision, according to his agent, who is speaking for the suddenly mute midfielder. Chelsea and Citeh continue to be the front runners for our want-away colossus. We have valued him at 30m, but are expected to be willing to settle for 25m. Stay tuned for that one, as well.

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143 Responses to “It’s official: News of the Day, 2 June”

  1. jnelson says:

    i like how this one refrains from mentioning Cesc in the title. It’d a pitty if we were littered with trolls again. Boo Cesc.

  2. Luke says:

    Ugh, this is such a piss poor operation. Arsenal are trying to drive up the price through the release of fake (read: completely untrue in every way) statements that Barcelona have supposedly made (see claims made after CL games against them). How is lying better than tapping up?

    This is just ridiculous. Move on, sign Javi Martinez.

  3. mei says:

    Very strange answer by arsenal.
    They should haave slapped an 90$ price tag to him , in order to reject our offer yet they didnt. You cant declare not transferable a player who has already used the media and every single of his close cirlces to say that i want to leave the club.

    • SinghaSong says:

      Cesc hasn’t used the media for anything.. and his Spanish teammates have an agenda.. set instructions from FC Barcelona.

      Arsenal have made it clear, they don’t want to sell him. In 2015, Cesc will be 27ish.. plenty of time for Barca to have him them. Simples

  4. Erichero says:

    Interesting to see whether Barca have any class now? Arsenal have made their position clear and Barca can now choose to be the “trolls”, or can behave like grown ups.

    • Luke says:

      Or, more correctly, Arsenal can continue to lie to the press, as they have done more than a few times in the past, and their fans can continue with the “oh my god, I cannot believe that such a large multi-national club would come to our humble, small town group and treat this like an enterprise”.

      I am willing to bet, it will continue to be this way. Or you could accept that every club does this, including yours, numerous times, and just move on.

      Also, since when do grown-ups lie to the press about what a club member said?

      • TommyV says:

        When exactly did Arsenal lie to the press?

        And when did Arsenal tell all their players to state in the press “Chamakh has Arsenal DNA. he is meant to be playing for us. He is perfect”?

  5. BA says:

    if we want him and he wants to come, it’s not as though we’re NOT going to get him. Arsenal making all these outlandish gestures and statements is just a waste of time.

    more important is the imminent departure of The Yaya, which saddens me greatly. for what he does, he’s irreplaceable. especially when his intended replacement is so obviously an inferior player; making the squad weaker rings so discordantly in my brain that i don’t want to believe it.

  6. sach says:

    Surely u must even think 29mil is taking the piss!? That’s like offering a penny sweet an a ball of fluff for messi!

  7. potter says:

    No point in slapping any price on him if they are not selling. It is possible that all the running has not come from the player but those close to him and that Barca are using the family to drive down the price . Still laporta will soon be gone and the next man in will have to deal with your clubs debts

    Any truth in the rumour that you haven’t paid in full for Henry or Hleb yet. ?

  8. les says:

    if you want him pay what he’s worth or don’t try an unsettle him. If rooney is worth 95m to madrid, cesc is totally worth 60m. Our are your shirt sponsor not paying enough?

    • Luke says:

      Barcelona does not get paid by UNICEF, they actually donate money in the other direction. :)

      • SLG says:

        Instead o paying UNICEF perhaps you shoudl pay your debts off. I hear its a large debt of over €500 Million. Mug

      • les says:

        FFS. I KNOW THAT. Barcelona’s only act of benelovent charity. AND GIVING US CESC FOR £1.2. You lot ain’t getting him for less than £60m. So that a 5000 percent profit. Oh you spaniards don’t do profit……hope holland batter you in the wc

        • Luke says:

          We are all Spaniards here, definitely getting in a good dig at all of us who are from Spain…

          Reports as of December had Barcelona with less debt that any other major club in the world, in fact, here is the link: *

          Barcelona with 0% debt, Arsenal with 41%, good job guys.

          • ElShowDeJason says:

            Luke. Don’t be Naive. You should speak to them in a language they can understand.
            So, keep your stupid facts and statistics to your damned self, and start screaming out belligerently about the honor and class of a Cradle-robbing London club.

    • Anony says:

      Did any Madrid officials officially come out and state that 95m price tag? No. That would be the same media sources which you claim are unsettling your players.

  9. mei says:

    you have no idea what tapping up is.
    Let me refresh your memory :
    2 cases of recent tapping up were :

    -fabregas move to arsenal , with arsenal having to pay 1,2 million pounds in fine after they were condemned in court for not paying a regular fee to the parent club of a youth footballer

    -fran merida , illegally poaching and eventually having to pay 3,2 million for him as well.

  10. DAF says:

    “Very strange answer by arsenal.
    They should haave slapped an 90$ price tag to him , in order to reject our offer yet they didnt”


    I’ll say this very loudly and very slowly for those of you that aren’t ‘au fait’ with English.

    He’s. Not. For. Sale.


  11. mei says:

    i really hope we dont get him this season and get silva for example instead.
    I will love it when i see the tears in arsenal kid fans, having an unhappy captain who has declared publically his desire to return to us , and still having to participate in arsenal joke campaigns with a bunch of the other kids there.

  12. GoonerMAC says:


    The clear message from Arsenal’s statement is “You need to stump up more cash if you want him and just getting your pathetic newspapers to print rubbish isn’t going to drive his price down”.

    I’d find it really funny if Real Madrid were to come in for him now.

    I think there is a growing body of Arsenal fans who are now ambivalent towards Cesc and if your pursuit through the media from officials and staff fails all you will have acheived is to destroy the confidence of the player.

    Yours truly is a classless outfit and beneath contempt.

  13. vicsoc8 says:

    Prepare for the holier than thou Gooners who will claim to have more class (despite their club doing similar things) while also throwing around every insult they can think of.

    Oh the irony.

    • mei says:

      how is this similar.
      We are willing to pay and the player has come out and asked for a transfer to us beforehands.
      We placed an official bid , we werent obliged by court to pay a fine because of illegal actions.

  14. Kxevin says:

    FYI, I am all for debate about this matter, but the comments should include something other than insults or random bile. Those have been, and will be, summarily deleted. If they continue from the same person, the URL will be banned.

    Fact of the matter is that most Barca fans are against the transfer. Your club has said that he isn’t for sale. So it would appear that the next step is Fabregas’. If he truly wants to leave, he will take steps to make it happen. If he doesn’t, he will stay, and enjoy your captain and best player.

    Personally, I would rather we signed Gourcuff anyway. I think that his up side is immense.

    The Yaya business is sad, but part of life in the world of big-time football.

    • les says:

      Kxevin. I’d agree with you there, but as others have said, this comesup on newnow, arsenal. You can’t expect us not to respond (even if it is bordering infantile/bile).

      • vicsoc8 says:

        It’s just ridiculous that people come here and either don’t actually read the article (which is very respectful all the way around) or ignore that fact and just start attacking.

      • Phil says:

        It’s a public forum of course we expect you to respond, but it is OUR public forum and we DO expect you to present your opinions with an eye toward intelligent conversation and debate. We do not have to put up with childish drivel.

  15. ARSENAL FAN says:

    Graham Hunter a Spanish based English journalist, who always breaks news to Sky Sports News about things in Spai has said that Arsenal want 87 Million Euros for Cesc…

    Also, we are not ‘trolls’ when you go on Arsenal on news now, this article comes up.

  16. Alex says:

    The arrogance is beyond belief. I start liking Mourinho.

  17. Kxevin says:

    Regarding the debt comments. There was an excellent article that compared the (real) indebtedness of Arsenal and Barcelona. Both clubs were in about the same shape, actually.

    Just to add a bit of perspective to the “You’re in debt, neener, neener!” comments.

  18. Kxevin says:

    For a bit more perspective:

    –As stated above, were this not an election year, none of this would be happening.

    –It really wouldn’t be happening had the player not expressed a desire to move to Barcelona.

    –The club has made its intentions clear, which is that it desires to keep Fabregas. I, too, hope that we honor those intentions, as it will keep from messing up our lineup with a player whose price tag dictates that a spot in the lineup must be found for him, which wouldn’t be the case with the likes of Gourcuff.

    I also think that we need to turn our attentions toward filling real, actual holes that need to be filled in our lineup.

    • vicsoc8 says:

      The fact that it is an election year presents two distinct problems:

      1. Rosell and Laporta get to continue their obnoxious feud through the club and we are pursuing Cesc so Laporta never has to look back and say “Damn, Rosell resigned the player who escaped during my reign”

      2. Laporta doesn’t have to deal with the repercussions of this transfer saga. He is out in a month. The club will have to deal with a damaged reputation if this gets any uglier, but not Laporta, allowing him to do whatever he wants, regardless of the consequences.

      • Kxevin says:

        And a nasty feud it is. Further, Laporta can scuttle down the ratlines and if the Fabregas deal doesn’t happen say “I did my part. Who knows what that jackass Rosell was thinking?”

        There is still the persistent rumor that Arsenal will not, under any circumstances, deal with Laporta. It would be a shame if, after all the good that he has done for the club during his tenure, Laporta leaves in the midst of all this crap.

      • Stephen says:

        If say Arsenal did sell to Laporta, and if Cesc happened to flop as a player for Barça, then its neener neener from Rosell, saying your signing did not produce. I think Laporta will still pursue it with the best interest to the club, not necessarily a personal endeavor attached.

    • Luke says:

      I would think if Rosell and Laporta weren’t having a Catalan pissing match, we would have already moved on and offered Gourcuff, he’s an incredible player who can play on the wings or as a nice mid.

      I am for the Cesc transfer if it comes through at a decent price, but it will not. Wait a year or so, let Xavi get older, then bring him in. I still think it will happen, since regardless of the “debt” conversation, Barca makes a tidy profit and could spend the money if they desired.

    • GoonerMAC says:

      I think your perspective is skewed.

      It’s not a problem with it being an election year as this happens every year. Vieira, Henry and now Cesc.

      There has been no expression from the player that he wants to leave and go to Barca.

      I hope that this gets settled soon, one way or the other, so that Cesc can concentrate on his World Cup as all this can only be heaping unneeded pressure on him.

      • Kxevin says:

        Not exactly true, GoonerMAC. Recall the press conference in which Fabregas was asked directly if he could guarantee that he would be in an Arsenal shirt next season, and he said “No.” Then he went on to talk about placing his future in Wenger’s hands, and that he wanted to concentrate on the World Cup.

        His comments were as close as he will ever come to admitting that he did indeed ask for a transfer in an unofficial fashion.

        We all hope that it gets settled soon, because as I have said, our club has real needs, and Fabregas is not one of them. Self-aggrandizing politicians need to stay out of this.

        And Vieira and Henry were on the block. If a player wants to leave a club, he will leave, whatever the club tries to do to keep him. Our own situation with Toure Yaya is one similar situation. If he wants to leave, you can’t keep him.

        • GoonerMAC says:

          I’m sorry but I completely disagree with you. Barca are the villians in this matter and there’s no way around it.

          Cesc never mentioned Barca, in that pres conference or any other since and everything is largely speculation. He has also never mentioned that he wanted to leave. No player can categorically state that they will be starting at any club because we all know that everyone has their price.

          In relation to Vieira and Henry Barca did the same thing as they’re doing now with Cesc in that their affiliated media organisations put out statements on Barca’s behalf to unsettle the players. Even current Barca players are roped into making statements. This is wrong and not the way to do business.

          • Euler says:

            Viera and Henry? Are you serious? Wegner’s entire project at Arsenal – his entire strategy – has been to try to buy young players, develop them “his way” and then sell them when they are in their late 20’s and at their “peak value.” They were always going to get sold when they did. That was a fundamental part of the strategy.

            You are trying to blame another club for Wegner’s philosophy.

          • Ziggy says:

            Euler – are you trying to tell us what our philosophy is by spilling your bile? Seek some medical help boy!

          • stowe says:

            can you deny that it’s true, though? Ziggy, as a fan of both teams I would have to agree that Wenger has been doing this for years.

  19. vicsoc8 says:

    Cesc Fabregas says:

    “I try to live my future day to day and not think beyond that. Above all, I want to keep enjoying the football, which is most important.

    “My future? Well … I would love to go and win the World Cup in South Africa.”

    Take what you will.

    • danhighamsparkgunner says:

      Exactly , so where does he say he wants to go to Barcelona this season.Looks like it will be another interesting season in La Liga
      just 2 clubs in it , the rest going downhill fast due to Madrid and Barca nicking all of the TV money, nice to see democracy working.Lets hope Barca can now accept Arsenals position on Cesc, believe after making such a strong statement that if Barca keep tapping up the player and his family maybe UEFA can get involved,Barca have gone so down in my estimations since this mess started and to be fair they weren’t taht high anyway after constant tapping up of our players for the last 10 years.

  20. cliveee says:

    I would like to see Arsenal keep Cesc for another year, and then they will start attacking him for he wanted to leave so badly and next season he is not performing. and then what? next transfer season, Arsenal will sell us Fabregas for 30m. I will be laughing my ass off for more than a week.

    You can keep asking for 80m now and attack us, but next season you will see a sad captain in the Emirates playing worse than Jonathan Dos Santos. Don’t come to us in January to sell us your captain by then.

    • danhighamsparkgunner says:

      Have you ever seen him play for Arsenal , I doubt it with comments like taht ,in his interview last week he said he had the most amazing conversation with Wenger that he has had in his life.As far as I am aware Wenger is arsenal’s manager , he has the upmost respect for him and will play like that until he leaves.You are living in a dream world if you think next season Arsenal will take £3
      0 mio for him , in fact after a great WC his price will be even higher,It also doesn’t matter what Barca offer if the player is not for sale , he is not for sale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      • cliveee says:

        Everyone is avoiding transfer after the world cup because you can easily play like crap. reason 1 you play in a country where you are not used to the weather, the turf, the stadiums and crowd. 2 you play in a squad that you are not used to. 3 you play against teams that you have never played before given every squad changes over 4 years.

        Oh, maybe his price will go up because he is not starting for Spain? I doubt it.

        For all the respect he has for Wenger, he is still making his wish known to leave Arsenal. When everyone including the press is giving him pressure next season, branding him a player without heart for the club. You will doubt him. Even though he might be performing the same way, you would still think, “if he had his focus on Arsenal not Barcelona, he would have played 10 times better than now”. Then the squad starts falling apart, adding to the fire that Arshavin would talking crap to the press, saying things such as, he would jump to Barca tomorrow if we want him. haha, best of luck for you.

  21. Hugo says:

    This is getting painful.

    1. Why are you all showing hostility towards Arsenal. How dare any club not just hand over their captain to you! In fact, Arsenal should be honoured that the mighty Barcelona deigned one of thier players worthy of their interest!

    2. As regards debt, one of your own directors said recently that FCB’s debt is somewhere in the region of 400 million euros (I forget the exact details due to their irrelevance to my life). I’d take his word for it over some Forbes article.

    3. Arsenal did not tap up Fabregas or Merdia, nor were their transfers illegal. Both players were too young to be under contract at Barcelona and Arsenal put forward an offer to both of them which they both accepted of their own free will. Arguably it was dubious morally but technically there was nothing illegal and the money was compensation, not a fine.

    Tapping up of players is when a player UNDER CONTRACT at one club is approached by another without permission- something Spanish clubs regularly flirt with through the press but Arsenal HAVE NOT done.

    Face it boys: unless you hand over silly money The Arsenal are hanging on to their captain. Stop whining becasue that’s life- we’d like to have Messi but we don’t moan that you’re not letting us buy him!

    • vicsoc8 says:

      1. I don’t see any hostility towards Arsenal here. Towards Barcelona yes, but this space has been remarkably respectful to Arsenal.

      2. An ex-director said this. You would need to understand the election issues very thoroughly to understand why he said this, and to understand that it isn’t true, but trust me on this one.

      3. Yes, it is morally dubious. This means you are being hypocritical if you are angered by other morally dubious transfer actions.

      The press can’t tap up. As long as club officials don’t contact Fabregas, they aren’t tapping him up. The press can (and does) often print whatever they want. If you have proof the club is asking players to talk about Fabregas, and that they aren’t doing it of their own free will, then you might have a case.

      I think you should keep your captain. Enjoy a season with an unhappy captain, I sincerely hope that goes well for you.

    • Jnice says:

      I’ll address 1 and 2

      1. What hostility are we showing towards Arsenal? Once again, most of us are against this transfer.

      2. Sigh. Sandro Rosell said our debt is 400 million euros. Know who he is? No? Okay, then. He is one of the men running to become Barcelona president in the upcoming elections. Think about why it is in his favor to say that the club and current board have run up the debt. Superman anyone?

      Who the f*** is whining? Once again, most fans are against his transfer right now. Where are you getting this whining B.S. from? The only persistent whining I see is from you guys.

      And BTW, Messi hasn’t shown desire to play for Arsenal now, in the future, or ever. So that little comparison is invalid. Sorry. You can try again, though.

      • Hugo says:

        1. As the article says: “You know my view. Screw ‘em”. As well as many absurd accusations of lying. I’d say that’s hositility towards Arsenal.

        2. I’m aware who Sandro Roselli is, admittedly I wasn’t aware the statement had come from him. However I’m also aware that he has a far better knowledge of the club’s finances that you or some American journalist do. Yes it’s in his interest to point out the debt, but that doesn’t mean he made it up *sigh*.

        3. So has Fabregas come out and said he wants to move to Barca? Or has he said, time and again, that he happy at Arsenal? And it’s not down to the player- the fact is we own Cesc’s registration and don’t want to sell it, just like you with Messi’s. So the comparison is valid. I don’t think I need to try again, I was right the first time thanks.

        And to visco above, I did not say Barca are tapping up Cesc. I said they, like Real frequenty do, ‘flirt’ with tapping up through the press, which they undeniably do. Their tactics of unsettling contracted players is as close to tapping as you can get without actually doing it.

        And maybe it is hypocritical to be angered by it, but judging by the residual anger of you lot about us taking Cesc I’d say the hypocracy goes both ways. Let’s face it, there isn’t a person in the world who isn’t slightly hypocritical when it suits them to be, but that still doesn’t make Barca’s tactics here right.

        • Ethan says:

          1. hostility has always been towards barca fans. you all come here screaming and whining like a bunch of 4 year olds, why? because you all know your captain wants to leave to come to us. So a little lesson in psychology for you and let me spin it, if we had say man utd press talking of signing messi, we would laugh and not care. we wouldnt be crashing your blogs and sites to bitch and scream like little children as if our favorite toy is being taken away, why? because we know messi would never leave us, so why get upset and emotional over rumors? WELL because the deal with Cesc isnt a rumor, its real. WE have an election going down, and so this drama unfolds. I love the defense mechanism on you guys, bitch scream and moan about a player you all know wants to leave. Ya, thats going to get you far. And what the hell are you doing bitching at us for anyways? WE DONT GIVE A SHIT. You are just annoying little kids now, we dont WANT OR NEED YOUR CAPTAIN. So stop acting like a bunch of toddlers who got their milk taken away from them, bc we dont give a shit. Keep the dude, we will keep winning silverware, and you will not. hope that feels great for u when u realize the facts.

          2. You honestly think any of us are going to believe someone of the likes of Sandro has any credibility to his statement about our clubs finances??? And you make an idiotic statement as you would believe someone running for office is going to tell the truth and u would believe a “politician” over the likes of FORBES….Ur kidding right. And a little sidenote about finances, when u win silverware, u make A LOT MORE MONEY. Something after 5 years u have forgotten about.

          3.What hypocrisy? There is no anger. WE dont want the player, the election process wants the player, we dont need him. YOU NEED HIM. and u still wont win any silverware with him, so have fun with that. No one here cares, this whole saga is news, and thats what is reported here in the offseason as it pertains to us. We hope this ends with us getting a better player more suitable for us that we need for a hell of a better price such as mata, or gourcoff. THAT IS WHAT WE WANT! so get over yourselves about this whole “TAPPING UP” sharade, because its fucking old and your only defense on this matter that no one gives a shit about. we dont want him, everyone here has made that clear, so stop your childish bickering, this is the only time im putting any energy into this and the last as defending our club over a player of Cesc’s quality is a waste of our time, i just care about our club being successful and fighting for silverware each season, something you as fans have forgotten about. I HAVE AN IDEA! how about you take all this WASTED energy towards people who dont care, and put it towards your own club for leaving the fans high and dry for 5 years….now thats something id be pissed about, something REAL. Though as u have shown many times, your judgement is clouded by all this, so goodluck fighting the wrong battles that u wont win.

          • GoonerMAC says:

            WOW. What a defensive, imature litte rant.

            I’d stop calling people childish if you’re going to write purile nonesense like that.

          • Ethan says:

            u r childish though. coming to our blog to talk shit about something u clearly dont get. childish rants are talking about things that do not pertain the actual situation, such as what u rant about. mine long overdrawn out frustrated rant, has real points, one such as, ur wasting ur time and energy on something u dont understand clearly, as if u did and werent such a child, would understand that ur energy is better used towards your own club. not throwing some little hissy fit about “tapping up” players when its just business. Unless you have forgotten thats what all of this is, pure business and entertainment for the masses. You nor I have any control over what happens, just support your club, and hope they make the right decisions and that your players know u are always behind them. Thats all you can do, not come to a blog and bitch and moan about how ur star player doesnt want to play in a team that cant win any silverware.

  22. Euler says:

    I have no idea why some football fans go into an utter tizzy by stories or statements made in the football press.

    Both Arsenal and Barca are global businesses. Global businesses utilize the press for particular purposes. They release public statements for public consumption. Arsenal is not some delicate flower that doesn’t understand the business side of the game. They are not being bullied or any other such nonsense.

    Jose Mourinho has mentioned multiple specific names of players already under contract at other clubs, doing so even before he was officially named at Real. Should Chelsea and Inter fans go into a tizzy because of it? Should Wolfsburg fans start storming the gates of Man City because of the lengthy Dzeko saga. How about Villa fans and Milner? How much more direct could City make it’s interest known? What about Liverpool fans – every player on their club is routinely discussed in every rumor possible. What about Santos? Weren’t they “tapping up” Robinho? I won’t even get into Arsenal and Chamakh.

    The list goes on and on. This is the bizarre world of international football – a strange industry in which tact and subtlety is largely absent. All clubs do it.

    Arsenal is in a very bad spot because they haven’t won anything in several years and the competitive landscape in the EPL has changed enormously. Arsenal has been eclipsed by Chelsea and Wenger’s entire project is under threat because it’s not producing results. I like Arsenal and have a great deal of respect for Wenger. But he is under a lot of pressure from the a despairing fanbase, many of who now view Arsenal as nothing but a “selling” club. And for whatever reason, Arsenal supporters are projecting that frustration with their own club onto Fabergas and Barca.

    Arsenal is using the press to send messages to it’s supporters. Barca is doing the same, particularly given the elections. The real business is being done behind closed doors.

  23. Stephen says:

    If we have signed our superstar (Villa) why would the Cesc thing becoming such an obnoxious deal !? Hes not worth even 30m in my opinion, hes an excellent player, but not for our needs.
    I feel these elections are making Barça look as pathetic in the “signing Galacticos” sense, as EE.. and I hate that.
    Plus I have not heard from Guardiola much about this stuff, and I feel he’s not liking it. The elections is why the man only signed for one more year, HE doesn’t even want to deal with it.

  24. Eklavya says:

    I absolutely hate it when we have a OMGCESCTOBARCA post and all the Arsenal fans come flooding in.

    I had to really use restraint to not swear. Simple points:

    -Most people here don’t want Cesc.

    -We (or atleast I) don’t give a shit about if you “lost a lot of respect” for x player or Barca.

    -Arsenal poaching underage players who don’t – can’t – have a official contract is nothing compared to Cesc closest friends saying that they would like to play with him WHEN ASKED ABOUT IT???

    Sigggggghh. I can already see some Arsenal fan writing another rant …

  25. Eklavya says:

    For the record I don’t think we will manage to sign Cesc this season. But I think he will come next season (I don’t want him though).

    • vicsoc8 says:

      We certainly won’t sign him before the World Cup, and I think his price will be prohibitive after the World Cup.

      I see him coming in the next 2-3 years. To be fair, he never should have signed an 8 year contract.

      I don’t have anything against him, and would actually like to see him play in the team. I just don’t think there is space for him right now, and I really hate all this transfer nonsense.

    • love real, hate barca says:

      shows how ignorant you are. everybody wants a player like Cesc

    • cliveee says:

      Let’s not sign him now, and Arsenal will give him up next season. Keeping a player who wants to leave a club will forever be the stupidest thing to do. When you play him, the fans boo, the shirt sales go down, possibly tickets sales too. Player with a negative image to the fans can stop you from playing a normal, regular season. New players can’t adapt to the club because of all the press talking craps around the club. keep asking for this dream price 80m or more. we won’t fall for it. I am not sure how much he is worth, but surely not 80m, not even 50m I say we want to pay.

      Imagine if we keep The Yaya next season, what good will that bring? I have not heard anything from The Yaya saying he wants to go. But how is it not clear that he wants to leave when he don’t come out to clarify everything like he used to? and Arsenal fans insist Cesc never said he want Barca. Beat me. No matter how much we want Yaya to stay, if he wants to go, go. The sky is not falling down, and we will find replacement.

  26. the king of the world says:

    looks like ur trophies r gonna be a 5 year wait now Jose Mourinho has taken over Real! he’ll destroy barca just like he did twice this season with Inter! Scores

    • vicsoc8 says:

      Well, we played them four times, and the result was 2 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss for us. Not sure what you mean.

      On a side note, Mourinho will not stay at Madrid for 5 years. 2 or 3 max.

    • Eklavya says:

      LOL, what an epic fail hahaha this one made me laugh out loud.

      “he’ll destroy barca just like he did twice this season with Inter!”

      We had 4 matches against him this season with results as:

      -2 wins for Barca. (2-0 and 1-0)
      -1 draw (0-0).
      -1 loss (3-1).

      • love real, hate barca says:

        remind me what happened in the CL semi – the group games mean nothing

        • Eklavya says:

          You mean the semis don’t mean anything to you because you couldn’t reach them. :) ZING!

          • love real, hate barca says:

            we had to play a team worth 300m and yet with 5 first team players missing you could only draw with us. the second leg was always tough for us and there is no shame in losing to you or messi i should say.
            you are showing how classless you are again. if i was in your position i would be thankful, grateful at what i am watching
            and the fact that you went out to an offside goal in milan shows there is justice in the world

          • Jnice says:

            Get ‘em, Eklavya. ZING!

        • Hilal says:

          HAHA. Remind us what happened in the quarters? Oh yeah, thats right, we made a mockery of your team.

          No wonder Cesc WANTS to leave.

          You can come here and hate all you want and spew garbage all you want but at the end of the day Cesc started this whole thing a month ago when he came out and said he wanted Barca. All the noise is coming from his camp; his father, his agent, his teammates and most importantly the man himself. Our players and our club are RESPONDING to his cry to come and get him!! If you want to point fingers and lay blame then look no further than yourselves. Cesc is a champion, a winner, did you really think he would stay season after season at a club that win nothing??? Come on. Get off it. You should be happy he has stayed 5 years. Maybe, just maybe, if your manager had greater aspirations than getting Chamkh on a free then Cesc might be tempted to stay.

          • Ziggy says:

            “Our players and our club are RESPONDING to his cry to come and get him!! ”
            Is that why he didn’t demand the transfer publicly but instead said this season he is tired of constant stories coming out of Barca camp every year (they were confirmed to have their source in Barca hierarchy and not just newspaper hacks)? He also said Barca should show more respect to Arsenal and himself!
            How does it wash with your stupid comment mate?

  27. JayGooner says:

    You have officially been told to get lost by The Mighty Arsenal. Jokers offering peanuts for a class act, but then Barca are past masters at this eh? Well go away Barca Cesc is not sale not this year next year or any year until 2015. Period. Hope you get the message and don’t reply to me cos I will not be revisiting your pisspoor site

    • Ethan says:

      unfortunately for everyone here, u will be visiting this “pisspoor site” because u support a team that doesnt win anything year after year after year after year after year(had to make sure i got 5 of them lol) and u have nothing to entertain urselves with besides being upset that CESCS FATHER has been pushing for this. Cesc isnt stupid, he doesnt want to leave himself high and dry by asking his club for a transfer, as if the transfer ends up not happening he would be hated all season long, what player wants that?


  28. love real, hate barca says:

    you barca fans have a verh high opinion of themselves. your club have used underhand tactics to destabalise a player. yes we all know that it is your elections that are causing this – just shows that you are all show and no substance.
    you have no class, look what you did to the inter players when they won the cl semi – you put the sprinklers on them
    we clapped your players off the field at our ground but look at your lot – classless and childish
    even pep is embarrased by your actions
    lets hope that jose puts you in your place next season in that wonderful 2 team league of yours. your going the way of Scottish football and you deserve the consequences

    • Mikel says:

      Seriously, the 2 teams league argument is getting sick. The Scottish League has 2 teams but the rest are trash. You can’t say the same of the La Liga, where the rest of teams are very competitive (Atletico winning the Europa League). This year there was Barca in the semis of the CL and not a single British team. In the last ranking of the IFFHS:


      Barca is in the pole position and there are 5 liga teams in the top 30, and only 4 English teams in the top 30.

    • Ziggy says:

      Brilliant, spot on!

  29. the king of the world says:

    ermm 2 legged semi final? who went through? and quite easily and comfortable as well?! think that was Inter, they didn’t need to win the 2nd leg, they just had to not lose by 2 goals n they did that very easily

    • Ethan says:

      hmmmm. they went through on an offside goal, blatant offside goal. congrats to them for cheating there way into the finals, just like france did with henry…and we all know how well he feels about that.

      • Ryan says:

        Don’t forget the baseless handball foul called on Yaya before Bojan scored what should have been the winning goal. “Very easily” indeed…

  30. nic says:

    I really dont understand some of you arsenal fans ..
    Its simple,if arsenal really dont want to sell him,no one can force them to do that and he will stay at arsenal.. and if he finally come to barca its because arsenal have accepted to sell him,not because pique and xavi are saying he have barca DNA..

  31. Mike the red says:

    Which part of NOT FOR SALE do you lot not understand?

  32. Ziggy says:

    This blog is quite a revelation to me as till now I thought it’s just Barcelona “politicians” that act stupid and disrespectful in their great arrogance of being the best thing since sliced bread. Now I know it spreads through their fans and supporters as far as America. What a sad bunch of wankers!!!

  33. vicsoc8 says:

    A question for the Arsenal fans:

    Do you think that by coming to this website and posting “he’s not for sale” etc. that you will somehow change the nature of this transfer? Will acting intimidating on a football blog cause Barcelona to stop their pursuit of Cesc?

    Or are you just here because you are frustrated and angry with this saga and looking to take it out on people who have not, in any way, caused your anger and frustration?

    • Hilal says:

      ITs a sign of desperation because they know their talisman wants to leave and without him they will have even less of a chance of winning anything. Actually with Tott getting better and better and City with their deep pockets, if Cesc leaves Arsenal there is a very good chance that they end up out of the top 4. So what you are seeing are the actions of desperate fans who cannot fathom the possibility that Cesc might leave.

      • Ziggy says:

        See where Barcelona ends up when creditors start knocking on your door. You should be worried about that not Arsenal. Our future looks bright whether with Cesc or without!

        • Hilal says:

          Haha. Yeah, ok mate. Barcelona are on of the most financially stable football clubs in the world. Certainly more so than any of the other top clubs (incidentally Arsenal dont fall into that category). Arsenal may have a wonderful business model that gives great returns to investors, etc, but I always thought the aim of a football club was to WIN TROPHIES and not to create a great financial model. Quite frankly its just another pathetic excuse Arsenal fans point to when they go yet another season without winning anything… “Oh but its ok, cos we made more money on transfers than anybody else”. Really? Wow. Thats great. Quite frankly I would rather have a bit of debt and a few trophies than no debt and no trophies, but hey, thats just me…

      • Ethan says:

        and if i can add, being ive lived in barcelona and visited london on many occasions, who the hell would want to live in such a depressing weather climate with such ugly looking people over the beauty of everything in barcelona…cesc will come back to barcelona, just as most everyone moves back home at some point. when that will be, who cares.

  34. poipoi says:

    to the arsenal fans… cesc will come sooner or later if not this year the next one… or the other just because he likes it better here, for multiple reasons. he has said he wants to leave so what is exactly the problem then? I think that signing a youth player for nothing and then selling him to his town team again for 35-40 is not a bad bussiness, besides he has played really well for some years in your team. let him enjoy the glory of barça poor kid

  35. Euler says:

    Will the hypocritical tapping up never end?

    “My dream is to be a striker for one of the two biggest clubs in Spain, Real Madrid or Barcelona. I think it’s possible and I will leave to the one that suits most”

    – Niklas Bendtner, May 2010


    “If I have the opportunity to play one season in Barcelona, it would be the peak of my career…. After Arsenal played against Barça in the Champions League, my feeling of excitement changed to a feeling of dissatisfaction because the Spanish club has become much stronger than any other.”

    Andre Arshavin, April 2010


    These innocent, easily swayed multi-millionaires who have the amongst the most cosmopolitan lives on anyone on the planet are once again “unsettling” themselves through the press.

    The hypocrisy! How dare these players who are clearly under contract to Arsenal continue to tap themselves up!!!!

  36. Jnice says:

    I’m just still puzzled as to how newspaper stories and words of a few players “destabilize” a grown-ass man. How? If he didn’t want to leave in the 1st place, would these stories “destabilize” him? I don’t understand how people blame the feelings a player has on the media, other players, presidents… basically everyone but the player himself.

    Once again, he is a GROWN man. You shouldn’t be swayed by some newspaper articles or whatever it is Arsenal fans choose to blame on the day. In his head, the seed of doubt was already planted by Cesc himself.

    • Euler says:

      That’s the thing Jnice – people treat these mult-millionaires who likely lead very complex, international lives as if they were children.

      The fact is, many of these ridiculous rumors in the football press are leaked directly by the agents of these players.

      There’s no such thing as “unsettling.” These are adults who make their own decisions and like everyone else have to live with the consequences of those decisions.

      When supporters talk about “unsettling” it just insulting – it’s treating them as if they were infants. These are individuals who live lives that financially, socially, geographically and culturally far, far more complex than that of the vast majority of supporters. But it’s the player who can be treated like a child by the supporter? It’s just bizarre.

      “Unsettling” is a made up notion used to bridge a cognitive dissonance supporters can’t come to grips with. The player no longer wants to play for the club, usually because they can get more money or more fame somewhere else.

      Is Jose Mourinho “unsettling” Maicon? No. If Maicon wants to go and can force Inter to let arguably the best right back in the world leave, then that’s Maicon’s decision and his actions.

      Managers and clubs don’t lead players around by some invisible strings that are attached through the press.

      • Hilal says:


        As if a few stories in the Spanish rags can “unsettle” a player and sway his decision. Although if it could then he obviously wasnt very settled in the first place!

        Cesc wants to leave because he wants to WIN. IT is as simple as that. Arsenal fans can dream up all the fantasies and conspiracies they want but that fact of the matter is Cesc wants to win and he sure as hell aint gona do that at Arsenal. Not with teams like City and Tottenham getting stronger amd stronger and UTd and Chelsea looking to strengthen. Where does that leave Arsenal? You Arsenal fans have some nerve… why on earth should Cesc stay? Doesnt a player of his quality deserve to win? Doesnt he deserve trophies and glory? IF your club and your manager does not give him enough confidence to believe he can win something with Arsenal then you are the ones unsettling him, not some stupid story in the press that he most likely doesnt even read.

      • Jnice says:

        Exactly. Truer words have never been spoken.

    • Eklavya says:

      Exactly. The only person getting destabilized here is me! I thought it would be a nice break from studying to come here but now my mind it distracted it difficult to focus on my studies. -_-

  37. Miguel says:

    poor isaiah’s post on his little film festival only got like 4 comments before kxevin put up this omgcesctobarcaomg madness.

    • Jnice says:

      I’m about to go back to that and read the whole thing after I finish watching highlights of this 2001 youth World Cup. Some great players in that tournament, Essien, Kaka, Maicon, Robben, Donovan, Adriano… the list goes on. Saviola finished the tournament as golden boot with 11 goals.

    • If Isaiah’s film post was called Cesc in PG-13 movie, plenty of gooners would be typing their little harts out all over the BFB

  38. Han says:

    Saddest discussion ever on BFB, very dissapointed by a lot of the comments.

  39. Bebop says:

    All I can say is.. Thank God Isaiah put up a new Post.. :D

  40. mr man says:

    i heard that the price tag on cesc is 87 million euro’s according to sky just now i think

  41. mr man says:

    i have no doubt that cesc will one day join barcelona maybe even this year, but remember cescs dad sends him wherever the money is, thats why he is at arsenal currently and not at barca,so dont be suprised by this little devil lol

  42. Since1979 says:

    The thing is it is Barca who have gone through the press and use there own players to try and unsettle Cesc and you think you can go and just buy anybody but i think your days as the top team in Spain will soon be over as Mourinho will help Real topple you so enjoy it while you can.

  43. james says:

    ok so we rejected the offer we will reject every offer until you either meet the players valuation or cesc sees out his contract till the end.

    There will be one satisfied party in this and most likely be arsenal with cesc remaining with us for the next 2 seasons at least unless barca can borrow more money to pay us what we want and what they owe from the other transfers for our has beens. No player is bigger than the club and all were trying to get is a fair price 10m for each year reamaining on his contract plus the cost for the player himself 30 million making a total of 70-80 million.

    Look if barca would willingly shell out 50mil + Eto for shitrahimovic then cesc is worth at least 60mil to you. And just to mention if cesc did hand in a written transfer request Barca would fall foul of the uefa tapping up rule therefor any transfer by barca for any player would be blocked by uefa for the next 2 seasons at least.

    oh yeah bendtner and arshavin you can have the lazy bastards for free the dog shite and know their days are numbered at arsenal

    • Naahhhhh, although you make some good points, I think it may just be wishful thinking. This looks very similar to the Ronaldo Man U/ Madrid saga, next year Cesc will demand to come to Barca, and Wenger will do the right thing.

    • james says:

      Yes good artical but this just confirms what i said give us what we want we knw you can get it and we will give you what you want and what you dont really need.

      Im of the camp if he wants to go let him hes not bigger than the club and we could strengthen the team with half the revenue gained from the 70-80 million and if barca do not wish to meet that level surly this should say somthing to cesc like

      ‘come to barca cesc we dont really need you or want you but we can make money off you even if we dont play you we got our target this year in david and we payed over the odds would you believe it 43mil to get a player approaching the twilight of his career im sorry were not willing to pay arsenal what your worth if we can get you on the cheep we will welcome you with open arms other wise we will just harras arsenal until they give in

      Lots of Love

      Barca xxxx’

      • james says:

        P.S bring that belgian fella at the back with you our defence is looking a bit shit and puyol’s not getting any younger and the jose fella is givin us the willies please help

  44. Euler says:

    ARSENE WENGER has lined up a £21.8million deal for Bordeaux ace Yoann Gourcuff – his No 1 choice to replace Cesc Fabregas.

    Arsenal have already spoken to the France star’s dad Christian to pave the way for a switch that will make Gourcuff the Gunners’ record signing.

    An Arsenal source said: “While every effort is being made to keep Cesc at the club the boss is working towards an alternative.

    “He believes Gourcuff’s finesse and grace will fit perfectly to Arsenal’s way of playing and will make it an almost seamless transition if Cesc does go.”

    Have already talked to Gourcuff’s dad!!! The scandal!!!!!!


  45. special 1 comming to get u says:

    bankrupt country and soon to be club……..

    running scared of the special one…

    only Cesc can save us now

    • Ethan says:

      The “special One” never won 6 trophies in one year…just saying we have our “special One’ that has. and a better team, with better play, oh and we’re not in debt to the hundreds of millions of euros that EE are…just saying

  46. Ciaran says:

    OMG… this is just ridiculous.
    Big Bad Barca corrupting the footballing community by making an offer for a world class player.

    Cesc Fabregas is a quality player, who happens to be a Barca fan. He has indicated that he wants to go to Barca. Barca have responded by making two informal approaches and then making a formal offer yesterday; which has been rejected.
    Arsenal do not want to sell him; he is their captain and best player by a long shot. Understandable.
    If Arsene Wenger chooses to sell him at a reasonable price then every Barca fan will want to see him come back. If the fee is unreasonable, most of those in power will still want to see him signed due to the fact that it is an election year.
    Most of the Barca fans do not want him at a very high price due to the fact that either our tactics would be changed to fit him in or he would be on the bench which doesn’t make sense for 80million.

    • The price needs to be very reasonable for me to want cesc this year, I would rather have him in 2 years for 30 mil tan now for 50!!! give me Gourcoff!!!!! but everyone is saying he is lined up to go to Arsenal if Cesc comes here??

  47. Museum says:

    This is too much. The fans of FC Pure Delicate Flower Of London that keep coming here to troll need to find a different outlet for their anger. If Barca says they’d like Cesc, they get mad because it’s immoral (not that they’re above it themselves, but anyway), if virtually everyone on this site says that we don’t really want him and that we wish we weren’t dealing with this whole situation, they get mad because their pride is injured. Keep raving like lunatics that he’s under contract and how could a football club make an approach for a player under contract, as if it was Barca’s fault that Cesc wants to come, it’s amusing.

  48. mei says:

    Come home cesc! we ve been warming up a great bench spot for you for a while!

  49. We can see through these dubious preemptive strikes by Arsenal fans, its a a coping mechanism as they are finally realizing that they can’t be that great of a team if their own Captain wants to leave. And take the blinders off, Arshavin would leave in a second if we came calling, after all he did just say that your trophyless season was ‘pathetic’. At least he is not a jellyfish like Cesc, and he would actually come out and say ‘I WANT TO LEAVE!!!!’, he does : )

    ps. the above reference was to Cesc being a jelly fish was saying he had no spine!!! not racial or inflammatory in any way!!

  50. Kurt says:

    The only time I don’t like this blog is when the forums get filled up with bile (and text-message spelling) from Arsenal fans.

    Don’t get me wrong; during the Champions League a number of classy Arsenal fans posted thoughts here, and I really appreciated their thoughts and debate. But next time there’s a Cesc article, you ought to abbreviate/avoid his name and club in the post. The loyal readers will know exactly what you’re talking about, and we’ll avoid the trolls!

  51. Geez, It bugs the shit out of me when I hear that this kind of stuff even took place to begin with! Mostly it just pisses me off, but whatever, what’ll change, ya know?!


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