Kevin Rating Synthesis 2009-10 [Update]

Thanks to my lovely lady, who intervened and pointed out a glaring typo, what turned out to be extraordinarily simple problems with my KRS spreadsheet has been fixed. And that means, besides more eye-rolling on her part, that you, dearest reader, get your final KRS fix of the year. In previous editions we’ve talked mainly about who was the best and who was the worst and that format won’t differ particularly for this one, but let’s start with what will not be included.

Because Kevin wasn’t the reviewer for every match last season (how dare he!?), KRS does not cover the Athletic Bilbao, Real Madrid, or Osasuna home league matches; the Zaragoza and Mallorca away matches; or the last 3 CL matches against Inter (home group, and semis). The rest of the matches are included.

When I mention team ratings, I’m not including the Team or Guardiola ratings because they weren’t on the field. You can run those numbers yourself if you’d like to include them. I bite my thumb at you.

Kevin gave Valdes the Player of the Year award in his season wrap post, but Vic garnered just a 7.30 average and a median score of 7 throughout the year. Of course, he appeared in more matches (46) than all but Xavi (47) and Messi (46), but hey, whatever, Eric Abidal earned a 7.93 average and a median of 8, making him the KRS player of the year. Congrats, Le Greyhound! Abidal appeared in 27 KRS rated matches, so it’s a bit of a stretch to call him the KRS PotY, but hey, whatever, the numbers are the numbers. Valdes was second, though, so Kevin can hang his hat on that. And it’s quite a hat.

The overall team average for all competitions was 6.45 and the median score was 7. The following players earned better than the team average:

Abidal, Eric: 7.93avg, 8med, 27apps
Valdes, Victor: 7.30, 7, 46
Xavi: 7.09, 7, 47
Keita, Seydou: 7.09, 7, 33
Toure Yaya: 6.97, 7, 30
Messi, Lionel: 6.85, 7, 46
Puyol, Carles: 6.83, 7, 42
Pique, Gerard: 6.67, 7, 42
Milito, Gabriel: 6.64, 7, 11
Alves, Dani: 6.53, 7, 40

The following players are included in the global average, but aren’t really worthy of being included in the list above thanks to lack of appearances:

Bartra, Marc: 7.00, 7, 1
Pinto, Jose Manuel: 6.50, 6.5, 2
Alcantara, Thiago: 6.50, 6.5, 2

The following players earned worse than the team average:

Iniesta, Andres: 6.35, 6, 34
Pedro: 6.20, 6, 40
Busquets, Sergio: 6.15, 6, 39
[Update] Ibrahimovic: 5.89, 6, 37
Maxwell: 5.69, 6, 29
Chygrynskiy, Dmytro: 5.50, 5, 12
Henry, Thierry: 5.46, 5.5, 26
Suarez, Jeffren: 5.20, 5, 10
Marquez, Rafael: 4.95, 5, 21
Krkic, Bojan: 4.76, 4, 25

The following players are included in the global average, but aren’t really, uh, worthy of being included in the list above thanks to lack of appearances:

Dos Santos, Jonathan: 6.00, 6, 4
Fontas, Andreu: 6.00, 6, 1
Assulin, Gai: 5.00, 5, 1

Most of you are probably surprised to see Iniesta in the list of underperformers, again, the numbers don’t lie. Milito’s inclusion in the above average group is also somewhat surprising, but thinking back on it, that’s a pretty fair assessment of his second half performances. That’s just me avoiding saying that the worst player of the year award goes to Bojan Krkic. Colon open parentheses. Poor kid and stupid truth-telling numbers.

These are cumulative numbers, of course, so let’s see if Mr. Krkic does better if you isolate it to La Liga (global average 6.57; median 7):

PotY: Abidal (8.27, 8, 15). Runner up: Keita (7.59, 7, 22)
WPotY: Jeffren (4.50, 5, 6) or if a minimum of 10 apps, Bojan (4.76, 4, 17). Runner up: Bojan or Marquez (5.07, 5, 14)

For Champions League (global average 6.11; median 6):

PotY: Krkic!!!! (8.00, 8, 1)…but with a minimum app count of 3: Abidal (7.83, 8, 6). Runner up: Xavi (7.38, 8, 8)
WPotY: Henry (3.60, 4, 5). Runner up: Marquez (4.00, 3, 3). That one’s weird because Marquez’s median is lower than Henry’s…hmm…

Let’s quickly compare the Team rating with the team’s average (the average of all the individual ratings):

Overall, the team got a 6.27 average rating and a median score of 6. As previously noted, the global average of the player ratings was 6.45 with a median score of 7. That’s really close, actually, so that’s cool. In La Liga, the Team rating was 6.27 (weeeiiiird) and the median was 6 while the overall player averages came out to 6.57 with a median of 7. In the Champions League, the Team rating was 6.67, median 6 while the overall numbers were 6.11, median 6. I would have guess that the Copa’s 4 matches would have produced the least variance between the Team rating (5.75, median 6) and the overall (5.96, median 6), but I would have been wrong by .03. Noooo, damn you, decimal points! You have come back to haunt me! The Champions League, you should note, is the only competition where the average of the player ratings was lower than the average Team rating.

Were we better at home or away? Well, I ran the Home vs Away numbers in La Liga and came up with this:

Home: 6.71, median 7
Away: 6.40, median 7

So apparently we’re better at home, but not by much. So, what about our best and worst games?

Best Game: 0-2 defeat of Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. Our rating? A stellar 8.69, median 9. Runner up? Our hosting of Getafe (2-1) in which we garnered a 7.92, median 8 .
Worst Game:  Our 0-0 draw at Espanyol in which we earned a 4.29, median 4. Runner up: Our only loss of the season, at Atletico Madrid (2-1) in which we earned a 4.38, median 5.

So there you go, folks. Adieu for now, mes amis.

[Update] PS I’m starting my film festival tonight, so that will be taking up a lot of my time this week. Expect some reviews starting tomorrow, barring some strange glitches. Tonight’s film is Fifteen Minutes That Shook the World, directed by David Kirby.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. After all, these are numbers and opinions can differ.

    For me, on the year overall the team gets 9 while the player of the year goes to Messi followed by Xavi and Valdes.

  2. Looks about exactly how I expected it to (wish I had the time to go back and point out the post where I correctly guessed the KRS best and worst players of the season).

    Interesting that the players that fall below the global average include:
    – 2 older players who could (should?) be on their way out of the club this season (Henry and Marquez)
    – 2 first year signings (Txigrinski and Maxwell)
    – 4 young players from La Masia (Bojan, Jeffren, Busquets, and Pedro) who are learning to step up to the next level
    – Andres, who played out of position or was injured for long stretches of the season.

    1. In iniesta’s case, the 2-0 win over Inter at the camp nou, which wasn’t counted was one of his best matches, it could have increased his avg. rating a bit further tbh.

    2. i just watched this yesterday & was going to mention it. he really was excellent playing on the right wing alongside xavi. props to you, sir.

  3. Hey, where’s Ibrahimovic? Not to be one of those churls who looks at all the hard work that you did and finds the one thing to grouse about.

    Damn, that’s interesting. To be sure, the grading is subjective, so no claims can be made as to any absolute anything, really. But there you are.

    1. okay ill go really away from football matters with this one but freudian slip is not just when saying one thing while you mean your mother.
      Actually , thats just the most popular example of a freudian slip and its the opposite : when you mean one thing , but you say your mother.
      Its about ,not intentionally, saying words that reveal more than you want to reveal / saying something true when you its actually not intention either to generally express it with those words or at all :P. It can be attributed to memory slips , lack of concentration , subconscious pop ups etc.
      An funny example of freudian slip can be when somebody says to you for example that “he didnt recognise you with clothes on!”.
      This hints to him fantasizing about you !

    2. It’s just a play on words/joke


  4. All right, everyone, I forgot Zlatan. MY BAD. Jeez. You’d think I’d just left out an important player or something…

    I’ve updated it.

  5. I’m not sure how Iniesta ended up there but then I don’t understand spreadsheets so I can’t argue. Bojan’s overall might seem a little unfair but he really didn’t shine much till the end of the season. I liked the piece over at Total Barca on him and thought it captured what he still has to do pretty well.


    Maxwell I reckon suffered a bit at the start from not being Abidal and from some strange perception of him about giving away needless corners which I never understood. I thought he was pretty steady the whole season ( if not as adventurous as I feel he could be with his skills).

    Interesting read and credit to Kxevin for being the one prepared to put his thoughts up her for sniping at ( by people like me ) 🙂

    1. he was good all year long however, i still think that he is to blame for the 2 goals at emirates and 3 goals at san siro. those were crucial goals. not really his mistakes but they obviously know that he is weak.

    2. speaking of which, theo walcott was omitted from england’s 23 man squad. i thought he’d be key in capello’s strategeries.

  6. All right, everyone, I forgot Zlatan. MY BAD. Jeez. You’d think I’d just left out an important player or something…

    last time i checked Ibrahimovic is a very important player to this team! Why are you so anti Zlatan?

  7. Rosell – 13,603
    Ingla – 4,756
    Ferrer – 4,422
    Benedito – 2,847

    These are the candidates that passed the signatures cut with their number of signatures (thanks Pep).

    Remember that in 2003 Laporta had the third highest number of signatures, so the race isn’t over yet.

  8. For Spanish speakers/readers – there’s a great little series in the El Mundo newspaper from Spain. It’s titled “Once Literario” which translates to “Literary Eleven”. They cover eleven figures (players and Maradona) that will feature in the World Cup. Anyway, the piece on Messi is pretty good, link follows:


    I would translate it, but I think lots of you speak Spanish. It’s worth just to look at it, if only for the nifty little cartoon versions of the eleven WC figures. Xavi is featured, as is Eto’o, Wayne Rooney, Kaka, and even Cuauhtemoc Blanco. O_O

    1. your much maligned cuah. as much as i hate on him, too, you gotta admit he pulls the strings for mexico & that they’re a better side w/him playing, so far. that johnny dos santos was played as a dm in the game vs gambia pretty much told me that aguirre didn’t picture the barca youth in his natural role. cuah’s role. shame shame shame. either way jona shouldn’t have gotten cut from the squad list. what. ever.

    2. The problem is that Jonathan is a pure center mid.
      Aguirre keeps deploying a five-man midfield of: 2 Defensive Mids, 2 wide attacking mids, and a Support Strikers.
      Jonathan plays none of these positions. The closest fit would be to play one of the holding mid spots, but they are spoken for, and he isn’t a defensive mid. nor a winger, nor a support striker.

    3. //

      he could have played alongside torrado; to the right of him. marquez is a sort of hybrid defensive mid/center back that enables mexico to play w/a back three. i don’t really notice a support striker. it’s usually a front three comprised of either vela, g. dos santos, or el venado on the flanks. my question is where has guardado been playing? it seemed like he was playing in midfield with israel castro & jds in that gambia match when i’d have though he’d have played as a winger.

    4. When I say “5-man-midfield” i mean:


      I suppose if you consider Guardado and Gio forwards, it’s a 4-3-3, but they don’t score, they are play creaters, so, I’m going with a 4-5-1, with Blanco being the support striker.
      Both Wide mids always tuck in. Gio for more offensive reasons, and Guardado for defensive, but Juarez likes to get forward, be it down the middle, or more traditionally, down the flank.
      In the diagram you linked, Marquez and Torrado were holding, with Juarez running around the entire midfield.

      I actually am the biggest believer that Jonathan is the future of the Mexican national team, but Torrado seems to be the preferred CDM, with Blanco/Juarez to attack, and Castro/Marquez as the second DM.

      In an ideal world (my idea world), Mexico would have a coach that would play less conservatively (Barca style) like so (if i can only pick from the 23):

      Clearly this is Marquez’s last world cup, so Jona would take over there.

      To translate this in Barcelona terms, Gio plays like Iniesta, and Jona like Xavi, but Mexico doesn’t play a Yaya-Iniesta-Xavi Midfield. They play a Yaya-Busi-Iniesta midfield. Sigh :-/

      I dunno. Aguirre keeps changing shit up anyways… I just never thought that Jona had a place on the team. (regardless of how much i wanted him to)

    5. I know! I have to agree with the article, you either love him or hate him, and I happen to be one of the haters. Oh wells.

      Even though, I would dispute the claim that he’s been Mexico’s best player in recent memory. I think Marquez can claim that. The last few years have clearly not been his greatest, but before that? Pretty damn good. I mean, who has had the success he has had at Barça? Obviously Hugo Sanchez, but he never won a Champions League.

      But blah blah blah. Bummed about Jonathan, but really, he and Gio should start tuning out their father. He’s leading them away from success.

    6. i would have much rather seen a caricature of marquez than blanco, as funny as the fuddy duddy’s is. i love the four hairs on romero’s chinny chin chin!

    7. that messi article is brilliant.

      “Como no participó profesionalmente del fútbol argentino tiende a sobreactuar su apego a sus orígenes, en una probable mezcla de lealtad, culpa y obediencia.”

      “No sé. No soy yo”.

    1. agree x 1000… if Iniesta doesn’t get straight 10s… It’s his team-mates fault, or the referee’s…

      but then again, I could be biased…

      not that there’s any well documented persistent Iniesta-fanboyism by my part.

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