Internal Competition Results: Fantasy and Prediction Games

I realize it’s been a couple of weeks since the season ended and I haven’t updated all of you on the various competitions we had. My bad. But I’ve been holding off on some of that stuff so that I could organize and write some of my other posts (this and this, for instance) and so that Kevin’s wrap-ups would have a chance to run on the front page, so to speak, for a while. Now it’s my turn and over the next few days I should have quite a bit of stuff to say about both the film festival I’m attending starting on Tuesday and my final 09-10 State of the Liga post. For now, though, enjoy the competition results.

In our Fantasy Football league, run through Yahoo!, we had one hell of a tight race all the way through the end. It was just like La Liga itself, though, with only 2 teams fighting it out for the top spot. In the end, Hat Trick was able to pull ahead of Mes Que Un Club and win it all (probably the first of 3 consecutive championships) with a score of 2,094,5. Compare that to my team’s 11th placed finish with 1,671.5 and you get an idea of how great an asskicking this really was. The prize, then, is either an epic poem or some MS Paint art that I will draw for the occasion. So, if you’re Hat Trick, email me — team[at]barcelonafootballblog[dot]com — and let me know what you’re interested in. Either would be killer to put on your living room wall, naturally.

As for our Table Position Prediction game, we had ourselves an absurdly tight race. It came down, in the end, to two small points in the table: Madrid ended up 17-1-1 in the second half while Barça ended up 16-2-1 and that flippy-floppy of the top two caused Helge to come out the winner after correctly predicting the top 4 teams. No one got Xerez even close to right (10th), but no one did very badly either. Everyone was within the “Not Too Shabby” range (40-49) and 4 players were sitting together in 3rd on 46 points. I came in just behind that with 44 points in 7th. I’ve published the final standings for all of you to see here.

Congratulations, Helge and Hat Trick! Email me and you’ll get your prize!

And next year we’ll be doing all of these over again, but for the whole year. I’ll set it up before the beginning of the season so that we can get a bunch of people involved. Woohoo!

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By Isaiah

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    1. That is in the works (just finalizing some details). So is the KRS, which has been delayed due to some stupid technical issues on my end that I hope to resolve today.

  1. who said this:

    “hoy, manana, y siempre, con el barca en el corazon”



  2. Yay! I was one of the 3rd place finishers! With lovelymofo getting 2nd by a single point. Props. I thing BabyDepor cost everyone 5 points.

    Btw Isaiah, in honor of the Spanish League, I think that all ties should be settled by a super complicated tie-breaking system that even you don’t fully comprehend.

  3. Congratw to da winners! I didn’t enter any of the competitions cause I didn’t really understood how they work… so please re explain before we start them again after the WC.

  4. Do Ibra and Yaya have the same agent???? Both can’t seem to shut up, I understand representing your client, but if Ibra wants out, he should come out and say so.

  5. Ibra’s agent really has some nerve to complain in regards to Ibra being benched for the last remaining games I mean really is he supposed to be in the eleven just off reputation and name?

    How you gone question the coach who stuck by you even when you was playing terrible if anything you should be thanking him for the patience he showed in you when clearly it looked like you was out of your depth.

    But still ONLY 4 GAMES you got the bench treatment for a player who unquestionably showed much more promise (Bojan)

    Straight up disgusting a player like Yaya who is much more valuable to the team and brings much more then Ibra, undeservedly game after game was benched for the likes of Sergi Busquets and even Keita what a joke (watch Spain suffer if they play Busquets has their holding player this summer)

    But Ibra agent says Pep deserves to be in a mental asylum for not selecting him in the LAST 4 games 😮

    He does have a point not in regards to him being benched for Bojan but for Pep giving the go ahead for the swap for Etoo’o plus 45 mil.

    1. I dont know if yaya was head and shoulders better than Ibra this season as you suggest, I would say Ibra was the better player for the entire season, including scoring some huge goals for us (Cough EE cough cough)

    2. Agree, CLUEless–or should I say John?–uh, I’ll go with CLUEless(john) 🙂 .

      I get that Ibra’s a frustrating player, and that he does things that just get under people’s skins (I won’t lie, I think I teared my hair out watching him during that infamous Zaragoza match)–but he’s been a better player than Yaya this season.

      Yaya is Yaya and I love him. I think he’s a man-beast, but this sesason it’s not like when he’s played, he’s been amazing–Valladolid match aside. There was one match where I couldn’t believe how badly Yaya played. I think you still see the last season Yaya and say “if we had him, we would have been better”, but Yaya wasn’t the same this season. Loss of form and an agent that didn’t know when to shut up attributed to that.

  6. I think we all have our opinions on that matter.

    But I think we sorta justified the situation in the Ibra-Eto’o swap in the other thread. Either way it would have cost us a lot of money, but the tall guy would cost less in the long run.

    I think its unfair to say that Busquets doesn’t deserve to play for this team, I remember watching him play in the game when we beat Seville 4-0 this season, and I frankly didn’t miss Yaya, thats how good the kid really is. I feel sorry for the guy, because whenever Yaya’s agent opens his mouth, Busquets is always involved with the topic, and that shouldn’t be the case.

  7. The short answer is that we sort of don’t know what happened to Hector. One day, he just went away. The e-mails that go out to him as part of the BCB Team aren’t being returned, so who knows? It might be one of those mysteries that, like the sudden disappearance of Genis (for those of you who date back to The Offside), will never be solved.

    But Euler isn’t Hector, I can safely say that much.

    –Regarding outstanding matters, I think that as with last year, things will go batshit crazy until Guardiola returns from vacation, then he will take care of all family business, like Michael Corleone in “The Godfather.” Until then, lots of nonsense will be talked. As we all know, Guardiola’s vacation is sacred, like that of most severe workaholics.

    1. I remember Genis. You ended up meeting up with him during one of your trips to Barcelona, right?

  8. Did anyone watch the Mexico match against Namibia today? I’m interested to know how Jonathan played.

    1. He must’ve done ok, by the looks of it, he started and played the whole game, always a good sign in a friendly…

    2. True. And they did score 5 goals. Just finished watching Oldboy and now I’m bored, so I might as download the match to see how he played.

    3. I thought he did well overall, though his first half was better than the second. He kept it simple. My sister was saying that the commentators were not too impressed with him in the second half, but I tune them out after a while.

      I think he’ll be a great sub during the WC.

  9. According to an article in AS, Gerard Deulofeu’s contract expires on June 30 with Barça. We have made him a couple offers, but both were seen as inadequate. Is this true?! I’ll be so pissed off if we let him slip through the cracks. Extremely pissed off.

    Jordi, I know you have been following the U-17 tournament. Has this boy not been balling or what? That one move he caught the England kid with at the end of the match yesterday was disgusting. Too bad they were unlucky… Spain definitely deserved to win that match.

    Here is the article: *

    1. Yea Gerard had a great tournament even though he didnt get to play in *his* position he still had a hand in about every goal spain scored in the tournament.Hes a little individualistic and obsessed with the ball( I swear he was holding it even after the game lol) but its not as bad s it was a few years ago and hes a year younger than the whole team.I thought it was impressive that they all looked for him whenever they had possession.I didnt know about the contract, and if its true it makes me wonder why the hell we wait so late, and let these contracts run down in the 1st place.I dont think he would leave since he rejected Chelsea and Arsenal when he was 14 and said he wanted to triumph here but it would be nice if we didnt let these scenarios creep up.

    2. Yeah, some of the Spanish players, including him looked so selfish even when they needed a goal at the end of the game.

      Shame Rafa and Muniesa weren’t able to play in the tournament, btw.

      And yeah, I do wonder why we wait so late with these contracts. Are we that confident in our system that we feel we can afford to wait till the end? Dunno, but I reckon that needs to change. I do remember Gerard saying that he wanted to triumph here and I hope he doesn’t get big headed and still feels that way.

  10. Mmh… maybe I’ll get a bonus for being honest? 🙂

    I actually predicted Atletico to finish 4th and Sevilla to finish 5th (I still have the eMail). That makes me end up with 47 points, just like lovelymofo.
    I’d like to get both prizes now, the poem and a paint – I’ll put both on my living room wall 😉

    By the by, did google scan my IP or does everybody see my (false) prediction?

    PS: Just realized that I cannot choose between poem and MS Paint, so I expect an overwhelming Paint art.

  11. Why, oh why, can’t The Yaya be more like Keita, who is in line for a contract sweetening, and is more than happy to be patient, because he loves being on the best club in the world. No, he doesn’t play every match and isn’t an automatic starter, but just one more admirable quality about our Malian box-to-box ace is that he understands playing as part of a talent-rich club means not always getting what you want, for the advantage of hoisting trophies at the end of the season.

    There’s also a rumor that United are sniffing around Krkic. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind a loan deal, to toughen the kid up. Send him away for a season or so to keep the press from yammering about why he isn’t playing over Villa (yes, is it going to happen, the first bad match that Villa has, and he will have them), and getting knocked around by some hard men wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    I’m certain that nothing will happen, but the prospect is suddenly intruiging.

    1. I can see Bojan starting quite a few matches next season for Barca based on his performance in the last few matches. I believe that there have been statements made by Pep and Laporta expressing their love for him.

    2. To be fair, Keita is 31 and getting on towards the twilight of his career, while Yaya is 27 and just hitting the best years of his career. Add to that that Keita played more than Yaya this past year, and you can understand Keita’s happiness.

  12. Im all for loaning Bojan next season. I doesnt seem to be getting be developing fomr the bench here, and I think he could even be a real effective in epl. Like Pique who said at united he learnt how to use his body effectively.

    1. I never said he hasnt improved. He needs minutes now more than ever- those three weeks showed that. With Villa and Ibra, how does Bojan fit into the rotation? I dont think he does and will only get time with injuries. His prospects here really arent great. Pedro will play alot because he can play the wings.

    2. I would disagree, respectfully of course. I think that we will see some combination of Ibra, Messi and Villa starting 60-70% of our games up front with Bojan and Pedro coming in as our 4th and 5th forwards, both are versatile, especially Bojan who can play the wing or the ‘9’. So I see Bojan starting somewhere around 20-25% of our games and getting minutes via injury and substitutions. The same can be said for P!. The best part is that in three years when Villa is winding down (seeing Barca win their 5th straight la liga title) our own Lil Bojan will be all grown up in the best system in the world and we will unleash a 22 year old striker that will be one of the best forwards in the world, next to Messi who will be only 25……Seriously, not even fair. Add a bit of Fabregas and Inesta in their prim and we are unplayable.

    3. Krkic will be playing Copa matches, in case of injuries, and as part of an offensive rotation that will include Pedro! No problem.

      The real question is can he benefit from regular playing time. I’m not sure he would get that at United, frankly, if the rumors are true. But to Pique’s comment about using his body and positioning, Krkic could use the ability to do more with his less, so to speak.

    4. My question is: What if Bojan leaves to play somewhere,like -insertMiddleTableTeamHere-, tears it up there and becomes a star, only to come back and find that we play at a much higher, and much more difficult level than the team he was playing with before?

      I think the forward role at Barca is diffult to adjust to. You have to have a certain skill set to be able to fit into our system–something Bojan has.

  13. Damn it! JDS got thrown out of the Mexico squad!


    1. I knew that he would. A couple of posts back I had predicted that even if was taken, there was no way he sees pitch time, and I suppose that is the reason he got cut.
      He is simply too young. Not ready. He would have been the Walcott of this WC.

    2. Dammits! I just posted above about how he’d be a great sub. Whatever Mexico. You’re just going to disappoint me again.

  14. Mino Raiola is on a roll!!!
    you guys should see el mundo’s cartoon of the day regarding mino.
    it made my day!! 😆

    Mino Raiola: “English football would be a great test for Zlatan”
    “English football would be a great test. Everything will depend on the club, but his future, for now, is tied to Barcelona,” Raiola was quoted as saying by
    “He has never thought that Barcelona will be his last club – he is like (Jose) Mourinho; if he can win everything with Barca then he will need a new challenge.”

  15. mino raiola cartoon link

    here is the translation;

    Mino Raiola, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s agent.

    If Guardiola doesn’t want Ibra in the team, he should go to a mental health hospital. In fact, he should come to the mental health hospital where I am confined.

  16. Well it looks as if only Ferrer, Ingla, and Rosell will be able to collect the necessary signatures. Let the real dirty campaign begin.

  17. I like what Laporta and Joan Oliver have said to Mino Raiola. Essentially, they have said “What you said about Guardiola wasn’t cool. Your client is part of this club, and we don’t want to sell him. But you CAN talk him out of town, if you keep being a dick.”

    They are exactly the right words, because the club has done nothing except reiterate its desire that Ibrahimovic continue. The same with The Yaya. But in both cases, Laporta and Oliver have said “If a player isn’t happy here, we can make them happy by getting them the hell out.”

    Excellent. Just excellent. Because if you don’t want to be part of the best club in the world, no worries. Get out.

    1. I loved what they said as well.

      Laporta also believes Ibra wants to stay, because “He didn’t say he wanted to leave after meeting with Pep and Txiki.”

      He also said that, “We have a plan with the forwards and we count on Ibra.”

      So Ibra’s agent needs to relax, otherwise his mouth will put Ibra on the market. Quick.

  18. jds’ dad mad at his son being excluded and says that jds will never represent mexico again.


    i find it really strange..
    jds doesnt even play 1st team football and he is only 19.
    why does his dad expect the kid to be in the team.
    he has to be more realistic.
    my expectations were 60-40 favoring a final spot for him.

    and this might be bad news for gio as well.

    and now that jds has played for the senior team, i dont think he will get to represent brazil or even spain.
    would he be able to break into the 1st team of brazil or spain? not too sure.
    but it will be very cool for him and thiago to lead the midfield for spain one day

    1. Unfortunately his father had that same attitude concerning his brother when he was playing for Barcelona, and that’s what led to his departure. You think he would have learned after Gio’s troubles that you can’t have expectations that far ahead of reality. Let’s hope Jonathon is able to resist the pressure from his dad and stay and realize his potential.

    2. Yeah, he seemed more level-headed than his brother, let’s hope that he doesn’t already think to highly of himself.

  19. I’ve said this probably a million times but I think CT will learn a lot from Villa–like he learnt from Titi (see Copa Final goal vs Athletic). They just strike me as similar players (i.e size, build, positional sense) and I think Bojan will benefit so much with having Villa in the team.

    Also, Bojan is training with THE best players in the world. I’d argue that the training sessions are harder than some of the actual matches.

    What I love is how much Bojan’s growing as person and a player at Barca. He could be a superstar somewhere else–no question. He could get more fame and admiration and playing time if he were somewhere else–I don’t disagree with that. Still, despite all that, he is staying. Why? Because he wants to make it at Barca. Pro football is cruel, I agree with that, but all (great) players have to go through a tough period, and I’d rather him struggling at Barca now then deluding himself somewhere else.

    At Barca, he’s with the creme de la creme; the cream of the crop. He knows the people he’s training with are better than him–he ain’t the “wonderkid” or the superstar and the attention is not on him, but on the Messis or the Xavis or Abidals. He knows how good he’s got to be called a world class player.

    He’s 19; he’s patient; he’s maturing; and, like just as we saw at the end of the season, is learning to take his chances when presented to him. Bojan will succeed at Barca–I firmly believe he will–but just not as fast as Messi 😀 .

    (Somehow this post, which was meant to be short and sweet, turned into a mini-rant. I blame the trend of long posts that have been the norm at BFB since Euler came! 😀 )

    1. Well, let’s see if he can resist the temptation of a ManUtd contract. They’re pushing hard for him.

    1. Remember, his work load was getting heavier and heavier. That obviously takes precedence over writing a blog for free.

      I’m sure he will be back, though. Probably at the start of the season-Hector Pills are named in honor of him and his desire to distance himself from Silly Season after all.

    2. i don’t think hector will be leaving us just like that. he could be spending more time with his family. also, if i am not mistaken, he also said that he would be busy with his work. hector would be a great loss, but i wish him goodluck with what he’s doing right now.

    3. Yeah, life > fanatically blogging/obsessing over the best team in the world

      Although what does that say for the rest of us…

      (Damn you, Hector! 🙂 But thank for your pills. Now if I just give them to certain newspapers and agents 😀 )

  20. Is it me or this hasn’t been posted here yet?:


    Sid lowe’s end of season review! Hilarious as evah!!

  21. I can’t tell why google sent me over to your blog but I feel I should say I am now certainly entertained by the posts you have sourced together. How many years did it take to get so many people to your blog? I am rather new to this web site stuff.

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