Super Copa 2nd Leg Liveblog

It’s time for the second leg of the Super Copa de España.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Nice find, Luna. And that’s why I compared Barca of the music of Thelonious Monk. ‘Cause it’s just like that.

  2. damn, all aggro in here, what bojan did wasnt that bad. he could back heeled it or done any number of things, why not just make sure the ball gets in the net. he’s muffed some sitters lately so can you blame him?

    ibra’s pass to messi was brills, the highlight for me of his debut. i dont know if it would be an assist cos messi still had to dribble around one dude and then chip the keeper. but ibra knew the ball was better off at messi’s feet, that was what was great for me, that he was able to defer to the wunderkind.

  3. someone was saying something about a backheel by ibra? are you talking about the 1st goal? i dont think it was a back heel…see 4:05 of the video link hector posted.

  4. Look at the “Messi gol” link that CP provided. Backheel for sure.

    Not a Mr. Bungle fan, txikidracula.

    ballbeav, it’s party in jest, but professionals hate being shown up. I’m presuming that Krkic’s chatting with Bilbao players after the goal means that all is well, which is cool.

    But the net was wide open once he dribbled past the keeper. Just knock it in, and celebrate with your teammates. I love the play, the aggression and movement of The Kid. We all do. I, for one, however, don’t like giving clubs something to look at for the next time we play them in the league.

  5. Not back heel more like side heel lol. The pass was so on point, it was like Messi was running with the ball the whole time.

  6. it was just a normal one-touch pass, there was nothing cheeky or flamboyant about it. nicely weighted, etc etc. but most people wouldnt have been able to turn it into a goal like messi did.

    anyway i am warming up to Ibra. ya veo que el spectaculo puede crecer con el ibra en el punto de ataque. he looks like he might be a better playmaker than etoo. we’ll see…soy muy fiel a la memoria de etoo y no me gusta verlo en otra camiseta. pero bueno…

  7. Cool game!!! Ibra’s gotta work on his being onside. Other than that I enjoyed the match quite a bit. Too bad his ninja kick did not get him a goal.

  8. ballbeav, if you watched Ibra at Inter, you would know that he is a WAY better playmaker than Eto’o.

  9. blibeav, like Jnice I had the pleasure of watching Ibra at Inter and let me tell you what he did by himself there is unbelievable!

    Ibra’s pass was not a normal one-touch IMHO, but I understand your ambivalence…puedes ser fiel a la memoria de Eto y tambien apreciar lo nada cotidiano de Zlatan, o como le llamo yo, BANGSTA (Gracias Hector!).

    I added the A, honoring the gangsta in our BAS, BANGS, BANGSTA!!

  10. Hector, (or whoever else)

    Didn’t think we would play both Maxwell and Dani at the same time too much at first, but Pep changed the tactics. Since Maxwell was high up the wing, he pushed Puyol wide and brought Yaya back in the center between Pique and Puyol.

    Or am I wrong? Seemed like that is why Yaya was back there so much and Puyol out so wide in the back.

  11. Isiah, I saw the Ninja kick on the highlights reel. thats something he tried earlier in training while in the US and Pep almost screamed cos his hand was in the cast. He did it again!

    Xavi is a demon is midfield! was a glorious second half albeit against a lesser side. With iniesta back and ibra getting off the mark.. who knows?? 🙂 not getting a haead of myself though.

    Bring on shakhtar! is it 2 legs again?

  12. Jnice, except for that run on the line when he was released by ibra, i did think to myself that yaya was playing awfully close to a CB position in parts of the game…

  13. ok. does anyone know the actual financial state of the club? some reports suggest that the club has already brought their debts down to zero while others state that our debt increased this year to 202m euros and yet people are not concerned.

    I know its a massive club but thats still a massive amount and it sucks that we didn’t make the most money after winning the champions league last time.. why did clubs and man u still make more of the champions league?

  14. Quick thoughts:

    1. Ibra looks a little timid as a commenter above pointed out. Quite natural since he’s just starting out and probably wants to fit in and not ruffle feathers. There were a couple of times when he might have been better off taking it himself (the first time pass across the face of goal to Messi for one) but passed it instead. That will change, hopefully soon.

    2. The Bojan goal was cheeky and needless, but then again he’s very young and the understanding for these things comes with maturity. I don’t think the AB players minded too much.

    3. Keita had an excellent game.

    4. I’m glad Messi is going to be taking the penalties this year. If he stays healthy, he might end up with 50 goals. I’m not even kidding.

    5. I still think FCB is a CM and RB short. Particularly during the dog days of the season (Jan-Mar), this may hurt the team. Let us see.

  15. Found this to be rather distasteful from

    “While Barcelona’s fans are wondering if the likes of Eric Abidal, Seydou Keita and Yaya Toure – all Muslims – will be fasting, Real Madrid fans know of the importance their Muslim players – especially Mahamadou Diarra – place in their religion and his traditions.”


  16. IMO Ibra looks like a new man in Barcelona. He hasn’t shown any arrogance or prick-ness that he sometimes showed at Inter. He also looks very passionate. Especially about his first goal, he desperately wants to make it very memorable. He’ll get it soon 4sure.

  17. Oh and apparently, you are not allowed to hold the post when you have the ball, so if the referee wanted to be a stickler for the rule book, he could have have disallowed Bojan’s goal.

  18. Jnice- Regarding your Yaya observation. At least for the second half (the one I saw), that’s spot one. Yaya wasn’t a CB per se but more a deep d-mid (a sort of defensive libero with freedom to roam as I’ve described it before) and Puyol moved left to be in position to give diagonal cover to the wing if Maxwell was caught out of position on a break. It was a rather risky proposition but Bilbao was so set on parking the bus that there wasn’t much danger.

    The best way to move the ball through a team completely packed tightly in its own half is through the wings. Why? Because that’s usually where the most space is available and you force them to spread out horizontally to cover your guys thus opening more spaces. Note how often we advanced through the left or right.

    I even saw glimpses of Maxwell and Messi as wingers with Henry, Keita, and Ibra in a packed trident in the middle. We didn’t score of a cross but came damn close a few times. As Maxwell and Ibra gain confidence we’ll see some bus breaking tactics we hadn’t seen before.

  19. Ibra did work very hard and is trying to be too nice to his new team mates:). It was nice to see him trying to find Messi almost every time. I do hope this is the settling in period.

  20. What i liked most about Ibra was that he recognised that Messi is the king in this team, he passed to him every opportunity he had, he wasnt selfish and he wasnt trying to impose his status on the team, for from it. This is the one thing that worried me slightly about Ibra, his so called attitude and arrogance. So, to see him work hard, press, track back, be unslelfish (maybe even a little too unselfish) and realise that here he is not the focal point of the team, but part of a collective of the best players on the planet, well it made me very happy.

    His skill and his ability never worried me in the slghtest because it is as plain as day. Now that i can see his attitude is not going to be an issue, i know he is going to be great for us. Is it true he requested extra training so that he could fit in quicker? If that’s true then I gotta say, kudos to you Ibra.

  21. Definitely, all concers about Ibra’s arrogance are unnecessary.

    After watching the highlights, I don’t think Ibra was too unselfish. He wanted to score a goal and he has had at least 2 great opportunites plus a goal that the ref didn’t allow although he could have decided to play on.
    And the scene where he passes the ball to Messi… the angle for a finish is pretty tight, he doesn’t have time to control the ball and Messi is actually in the perfect position. The Athletic defender did a great job to intervent that pass without scoring an own goal. I think it was the better and the easier choice to play a dangerous pass in that situation.
    Plus, if Ibra tried to score but missed, some people might now be claiming that he should have been less selfish and pass the ball to Messi 🙂

  22. Maxwell looked very well… a true professional in the line of silvio. I think that he and alves can play together.

    Ibra is improving also and that is great!!!

    Even keita is improving 😉

    we miss you a lot “lo puto crack”, “ghostface killah”, “el puñal de fuentealbilla”, “don andres” !!!

    btw… when a team is beating our players as much as Athletic did… put Sergio on the field, hurry!! xD

  23. Review this evening. I’m back at work today, and getting caught up. Will be out of pocket until much, much later. But fear not. Have downloaded and watched most of the match, and am all noted up.

    Later, and perhaps one of the lads will hook y’all up with a news post to bide the time.

  24. the half-heel pass was great. but what about the inverse spoon pass with the exterior of the foot from ibra to maxwell in the left side of the court?

    1:58 – pure class, not many people can do that

    I’d go for ibraolin…. but ibrucelee sounds more agressive 😛

  25. uggghhh, it says the same thing on the official FCB site — sylvinho for Man City. that really guts me. but i guess he wouldnt do it if he didnt think he’d be happy there. he’ll be with quality players vying for a CL spot… but still….

  26. It does, Anna.

    Sylvinho to ManCity is interesting on several levels. The level that interests me the most, though, is the one where City, with their quintillions of gold bars or whatever, wanted Sylvinho.

  27. 5 to go indeed eklavya! but I’m kinda supersticious and I still remember when we FCB supporters and specially Laporta were all cocky about the 7 cups we could win 2 years ago and that year we won nothing… maybe 3 years ago I don’t remember very well. We have to learn and be the greatest and the most humble. It’s a hard thing to do I know 😉

    have you checked the link to the “cuchara” by ibra? they have different virtues that’s clear but eto’o wouldn’t do that even if he practised a full decade from now on.

    on henry:

    look at him… he looks so old in that pic!

  28. I like BANGS. It not only covers his nationality, his height, and his ninja skills – it also reminds me of those pictures of that time he flat ironed his hair. Which amuses me to no end.

  29. I was just reading the Liveblob comments and I wanted to ask the same question?

    Is there a way of sending your comment without having to move your mouse till “send” and click and then click back on the text place etc etc, cause the “enter” doesnt work when you are a panelist…its pretty annoying….

    It would help a lot….

  30. Someone said control+enter I think. And you can probably try Tabbing back and forth between the Enter button and the text box.

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