Super Copa 2nd Leg Liveblog

It’s time for the second leg of the Super Copa de España.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Valdes – Alves, Pique, Puyol, Maxwell – Yaya, Xavi, Keita – Messi, Ibra, Henry

    Let’s go.

  2. All business line up anyway.
    Alves – Xavi – Messi down one wing
    Maxwell – Keita – Henry down the other
    Yaya and Ibra through the centre.
    I’m optimistic

  3. nice 1st touches by ibra but awful “desmarques”… he looks a bit lost I guess he only needs time

  4. the cover it live thing sucks

    better here

    ibra now getting involved. pero me pregunto si tiene los pulmones

  5. isaiah, i dont know if it is just my connection, but the cover-it-live rarely posts what i type in….remind me, what is the advantage of doing game comments there rather than here in the regular forum?

    well, we got the tres puntos….uh i mean the cup

  6. ballbeav: Less reloading.

    When you barely join the chat, your messages have to be approved by Isaiah or whoever is running the liveblog. Once they upgrade you to “Reader,” your messages go straight through.


    Great game by everyone! I have very few complaints. Mostly, all the errors came from being a bit rusty and not having played many games together. Ibra’s passing is unbelievable, but yes his movement off the ball can be a bit iffy. He was very unlucky not to have his goal counted. The tackle on Alves was clean! Aw well. He clearly doesn’t care about that for now.

  7. Guys, I am a little nervous. The Sexta guys were trying to interview Messi but they said “he wasn’t at all well and went straight to the locker room”. *Crosses fingers*.

    Add to that Pique holding ice against his knee and yeah, the SuperCup sucks.

    Still, nice to see us roll out the A-Team again 😀

  8. I’m thoroughly impressed, I saw Ibra backtrack on a ball he lost all the way into the other half and slow down the play before heading back up. If fitness allows this has all the makings of a great season.

    I hope the players and staff have the same humility and drive that saw 3 titles go to the camp nou last season.

    One thing is for sure…1 down, 5 to go!

  9. Looked like he was holding his stomach when he went down, Hector. He wasn’t limping or anything.

    I know that there are still going to be Henry Haters, but man! And Ibrahimovic….the goals will come. What really excited me was the movement (already, though still a bit clunky) and the passing. Holy crap, the passing.

    I figured Bilbao would come out and play rough, but they weren’t as bad as I thought. I thought for sure that Krkic would get a nice, hard-ass foul for his cheeky goal finish. I sure would have given him a nice tolchok had I been a Bilbao player.

  10. Ibra was a little “discontinuous” as the Spanish commentators kept saying. We saw flashes but usually not consistent. Its not just him getting used to the team but the team getting used to him. The goals will come. That pass to Messi to set up the opening goal was beautiful. When Messi realizes that with Ibra all he has to do is dink a ball 9 or so feet high over the 4 defenders that are watching him to get a goal, we’ll see what happens.

    Maxwell was also impressive. He definitely doesn’t have Abidal’s raw speed but his offense and his performance on close quarter one on ones was very good.

    Its a good start assuming Pique and Messi are OK.

    I’m still worried though.

  11. Very impressed, by everyone. We could have won this game by 6 or 7 goals on another day. Henry is getting back to form, Ibra is going to blow us all away and Messi….well there arent any words left to describe that boy. It seems he has become immune to getting kicked. Incredible really that he can take so much abuse and just get up and get on with it. If only there were more players with that attitude.

    Abidal better be carefull cos Maxwell looks like he might nick his spot. Keita is a monster, i know a lot of ppl out there dont appreciate his work, but what he does for the team is priceless. Its different to what Iniesta does, but just as effective. Always there, always chasing, always working the ball….fantastic to see, especially in a game like this.

    A goal from Ibra would have been nice, but after what we saw from him today does anybody have any doubt he is going to get his goals?!?! It takes time for forwards to gel, but he is gelling very very quickly. His passing in particular impressed me a lot today, his assist to Messi was well worked and it shows he understands how Messi moves. I’m not even gona mention the ninja stuff cos i dont wana get too excited 😉

  12. I definitely would have given him a hard tackle after that…but that’s just me 🙂 .

    How do you guys think Ibra felt after hustling all game to try to score only for Bojan to come on and 2 minutes later be almost gifted a goal? I say almost because you gotta credit his active pressure.

  13. I would have knocked him into the middle of next week, Hector. I’m with you. I’m totally down with the exuberance of youth, but I just don’t think you want to show up a club like that.

    I liked the lineup a LOT. I think you have to have Keita in there when Maxwell is also in the lineup, and it worked. This isn’t quite the A-team. You can swap in Iniesta and Abidal for Keita and Maxwell.

    But mark my words: When Ibrahimovich gets full match fitness, and learns to play with/within the attack (and they with he), we are going to light it up, all crazy-like.

    When someone gets a download link for the match, please post it. Thanks.

  14. The kid is awesome Kxevin.
    He is the f-king business. The last time I saw a goal like that was when I was a kid. He might as well have got on his hands and knees and headed it in.
    I loved it.

    The first goal by Messi just showed how good it is going to be with Ibra in the team.
    He could have controlled it, turned and tried to run at the defense as he would have with Inter.
    He could have passed it too hard and made Messi break stride as less skilled strikers could have.
    Instead it was just right.

    And a word for Messi’s penalty, It was beautiful also.

  15. I thought Bojan’s thing was unnecessary, but he was chatting with Iraizoz at the end of the match and they seemed to be getting along fine, so I suppose Bilbao players didn’t take it too bad.

    Bojan came on with such fresh legs that he was able to pressure harder than anyone out there at the time. Still, that defender passed the ball like a sissy back to the keeper.

    I love Ibra’s passing though, it’s so spot on. He needs to work on the timing of the runs, of course, but I saw a couple of times where he was ignored by his teammates also. Both parties have to adapt to each other.

    Oh and Yaya dribbling past the guy on the byline was nasty.

  16. By the way… when Maxwell said that he wasn’t coming to be a bench player he wasn’t joking.
    He is incredibly effective going forward. When he gets a good understanding with Iniesta and Henry down that wing it will be close to unstoppable

  17. Obviously Bojan being in the area helped, but boy that defender was like, here, have the ball! I think Bojan might hear a little from Pep. A retaliation most certainly can come from his petulant goal that may end up in injury.

    I see Ibra doing things I didn’t see him do at Inter already (obviously there are reasons why he didn’t play back in Inter). For instance, I don’t remember where in the match it happened, but he lost the ball and then hustled back and did a slide tackle to disrupt the play. I’d say he improved 30-40% in this match and that’s huge. The ninja stuff is incredible. Someone once described him as half gangsta half ballerina. We haven’t totally seen the gangsta part but it will come, and in a good way.

    I am liking Maxwell too, we don’t talk much about him and I think that’s b/c he’s doing his job well. I am also happy to see him get so much playing time. He didn’t fit well at Inter, not in mourinho’s plans.

  18. I’ll post whatever match links I find, Kev. Because it is only the Supercopa, the quality of the match uploads today will probably be like low wmv. But by tomorrow, there will be good avi’s probably from La Sexta and maybe a Russian channel.

    And for those who are not so worried about top quality, there is this up right now: //

  19. The Bojan thing was kinda funny, I get the feeling it was less show boating and more “I will not miss this goal, I am not going to miss this goal…I do not want to miss this goal”.

  20. honestly, i know the net was wide open, but i think Krkic just didn’t want to risk the ball not going in…

    now that would have messed up his confidence…

  21. Bojan’s little move was cruel. Very unnecessary. It wasn’t that type of match.

    But, it seems all is well as shown by Bojan and Iraizoz’s chat at the end of the game. So water under the bridge..

  22. I know, Ciaran. Great goal, and I laughed my ass off. But then I thought, WWBD (What Would Bilbao Do?) 😀

    Here’s what I like most about Ibrahimovic: touch and unselfishness. As Ciaran said, he could have made a run himself, or held the ball too long. But he just knew. He already knows, and it’s pretty awesome. Imagine when he gets full fitness, and can play without having to worry about his hand.

    Here’s what the other guys are going to have to get used to (no offense meant to previous Barca strikers): Having a “9” with pillows for feet, who can pass like a midfielder. I think that some of it, frankly, is that you don’t pass Ibra the ball because you aren’t used to having a guy who can control it as he can.

    I am so excited about the potential of BAS. The goals will come. I’d frankly be less excited if the goals were coming, but the passing and interplay weren’t there.

  23. “I’d frankly be less excited if the goals were coming, but the passing and interplay weren’t there.”


  24. Couple of nice pics



  25. And now we wait til Friday and Shaktar Donetsk.
    Bring on Srna, Chygrynskiy and whoever else…

  26. Can’t wait for that match. Get to see Barça possibly win another piece of silverware on tv. I always feel they play better when I watch them on the tv rather than on the computer lol.

  27. I think Maxwell and Ibra are having quiet, yet effective workman-like performances because they are slightly timid.

    i know when i begin on a new team I like to work hard and gain trust before i start shooting from outside, dribbling, risky passes and other flashy things.

    i think as they get more comfortable, we will get more live-wire performances for them.

    Also Keita is looking good, not to much rust on him.

  28. And I’m going to say this right now and for the record, with no offense intended to previous occupants of the “9” position: That ninja shit by Ibrahimovic was mad crazy, yo! The keeper figured that he’d take that angle and had it covered, but imagine with full fitness, and the kind of chronological luxury that such things allow a great athlete. The result is a stupid-ass goal for the ages.

    The defender is looking like “Coach, what about this stuff here? What do I do?!”

    And now that I’ve watched that backheel to Messi again, I just have to say….sick. Seems like we could have had about 7 or 8 goals, including two by Captain Caveman.

  29. Our powder is still damp, as they say in Spain. As soon as it drys up, get ready…

    Messi has to adapt in that he has always tended to cross low when penetrating from the right. When he realizes that he has a 6’4 ninja in the middle and starts dinking cross in, watch out. Ibra will also open more space for the likes of Xavi and Keita to crash the box.

    I couldnt see the first half but from the highlights, Pique had another Piquenbauer moment. Awesomeness.

  30. i’d have socked peter pan in the mother fucking jaw after pulling that cutesy ass shit. luckily he had yaya to hide behind, if not he’d a been mince meat.

    i’ve known about ibra’s shaolin technique for a minute now but to see it click w/in such little time on the pitch w/everybody else is mind boggling!!! by week three all chakra’s are unlocked & we kicking ass & taking names(just like last year). super cup before then.

    i hope we make chygnasty cry like a little girl w/ a skinned knee during the super cup so that we don’t have to throw away all those millions of duckets.

  31. Xavi already has it figured out, Hector. He laid in a ball that all but landed on the head of Ibrahimovic. His header just missed. Our powder is definitely still damp.

    Ye gods, could Guardiola have been right about his Ibrahimovic desires? I know that it was just one play, but I just can’t get over that backheel. It’s one thing to do it as a parlor trick, it’s quite another to do it because it’s the fastest way to make the pass and keep moving toward goal. It’s yet another to make the pass perfectly weighted so that all Messi had to do was run onto it. Think about how many backheels pop up, or are too soft. And it happened so quickly!

    txikidracula, Chygrynskiyy (how the back of his shirt spells it) is the business. If we sign him, I’m sure it’s for a good reason. I like the fact that he can move up and play DM if necessary, as well. Yes, I’m trusting Guardiola. The unnamed board member who directly ridiculed Guardiola by saying “Yes, but he wanted Hleb too,” or some such nonsense, a direct critique of Guardiola’s transfer judgment, should also cite Alves, Keita and Maxwell.

  32. Good god!

    That WAS a pseudo backheel pass from Ibra to Messi. It went so smoothly that I didn’t even notice it. I just thought, “smart pass”. Messi had an angle to give it back too but being Messi just said “I got this”, broke a waist, and chipped the ball in at an almost impossible angle.

    BTW Gorka is the business. I thought so last year and still think it. Good keeper. I”m glad he returned home instead of staying at Espanyol.

  33. If Chy…whatever finally come, it is a moral obligation for us to refer to him as Chygnasty. That’s awesome, Txikidracula!

    I know it doesn’t have the same ring to it but may I propose modifying BAS (Big Ass Swede) to BANGS (Big Ass Ninja Gangsta Swede) for Ibra? That also lends itself to plenty of lame puns which is a plus. 😀

  34. no, i know, he’s the cb type that plays the ball from the back…what marquez is…what koeman was. but he’s been playing in natural gas starved the ukraine of all places? he’s gotta adapt to a new climate, a new language, a new culture, a new system…just like hleb had too. sounds good on paper but i’m skeptical. hope pep is right.

  35. am i alone in that yaya toure reminds me of the dude from the green mile? that guy was awesome today.

  36. I think Henrik Ferdfelt, in his paper, “Football” best captures the ninja, gangsta, enigma that is BANGS (or BANGSTA), and why I believe he will articulate well with the philosophy that is Barcelona football:

    “‘In nomad thought, the dwelling is tied not to a territory but rather to an itinerary. Refusing to take possession of the land they cross, the nomads construct an environment out of wool and goat hair, one that leaves no mark at the temporary site it occupies.’

    The fourth, fifth and sixth incidents and intermezzi on the controlled space, just on an outside, by the chalked line and among the bleachers. The first in the threesome is the incorporation of a becoming-other as in innovation, creativity, e.g. the martial arts practices into football – solutions that are like stuttering in a minor language. It seems almost like a move from the art of capoeira or a plain roundkick exemplified when Zlatan Ibrahimovic leans and bends his body, at hazardous angles, to mediate a pass coming from the backfield aimed at centre midfield and redirects it to a team-mate running along the line. Further he is speaking minor, becoming-other, when twisting his body, wrapping it around the defender and scoring with his heel against Bologna in the fall of 2008.21 ‘- Zlatan is unpredictable even to his team-mates, [says Jens Fjellström]. He always does something that doesn’t fit, that doesn’t fit the template, that isn’t in accordance with the prevalent patterns. But that is at the same time what is fantastic. That you never get him. [Or as Inter’s owner Massimo Moratti expresses it]: – Zlatan doesn’t play football. He creates football.’22 But how then does he do it? Whether knowing matters or not, what he does becomes percepts, movement deterritorialized from him, and reterritorialized as property in a repertoire of art and creativity, accessible as such but maybe not possible to mimic or recreate. Something that, without doubt, often can be said for art as it is transcending virtual immanent forces becoming actualized.”

    But does this not contradict what is Barca, the form, the system? Well that is, at least to me, what makes Barca well BARCA, it’s unpredictability (to the other team that is), it’s constant motion, the way spaces become small for defenders and explode for our players! While Mr. Ferdelt describes BANGSTA’s unpredictability, I think PEP is the person to fully actualize BANGSTA on the field. My opinion, maybe it’s quite delusional, but it makes me happy watching the beautiful game.

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