The FCB Elections

This is just a small post about the elections that are coming up. I don’t want to get into them too in-depth right now (both because of time constraints and the need for more research on my end), but I think there are at least a few things that are worth explaining for those who haven’t been paying strict attention to the developments at the board these last few years. And who could blame you for tuning that stuff out while the team is purring like a kitten having its belly scratched?

To start things off there’s the “Who is who?” question. The candidates are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  1. Agustí Benedito – a Catalan businessman (in the car industry) and one of the founding members of Elefant Blau in1997 (along with Laporta).
  2. Jaume Ferrer – Barça’s Vice President of Marketing and Media until his resignation to pursue his candidature.
  3. Jaume Guixà – A college professor who appears to be the only candidate with women on his board.
  4. Marc Ingla – Barça Vice President from 2005 to 2008, when he resigned due to differences with Laporta.
  5. Alexis Plaza – A 27-year old hotel executive. His step dad is John Toshack, apparently.
  6. Sandro Rosell – Laporta’s first Vice President; resigned in 2005. An ex-Nike representative.
  7. Santiago Salvat – A Catalan businessman. His wife is pretty. That’s all I know about him.

The heavy hitters are Jaume Ferrer, Sandro Rosell, and Marc Ingla. The frontrunner is most certainly Rosell. He’s the glitzy one with all the glitzy ads, after all, and the track record of having been in the Laporta administration. Ferrer is the candidate that has Laporta’s backing while Ingla has been joined in his campaign by former Barça VPs Alfons Godall and Ferran Soriano.

For now I’ll leave it at this: Rosell has been accused of corruption in some case in Brazil and Portugal, to which he has responded by suing Ingla in court for defamation, claiming it’s not true (I have no idea at this point); Laporta is accusing Ingla and Soriano of having been in favor of getting Mourinho instead of Guardiola; and Ferrer is demanding a debate between himself and Rosell, basically claiming that Ingla isn’t important enough to warrant inclusion. The rest I can’t really speak to.

I mentioned in list above that Guixà appears to be the only candidate with a woman on his board, but I have to admit that that is based on scant evidence and certainly women appear in the various ads the candidates are running, but I haven’t read anything explicitly stating they have women on their boards, which I have read about Guixà.

There will be much more coming up soon from all of us here at BFB in the coming 2 weeks, but for now check out FC Barcelona 2010, which has a ton of information about the candidates and which is a very good source if you don’t speak Catalan or Spanish. Several pieces of information in this small post came from there and certainly more will come from there in the future, so there can’t really be enough thanks extended to Pep for his hard work on all of this.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. and what a short but complicated summary! So is Ferrer the guy who was always talking about money and budget on the FCB Confidential? I like that guy, smart and seem to know a lot of things especially finance.

    2. nope, Ferrer is the guy who said “we feel just like numbers”. Soriano was the finance guy.

    3. I like that guy. He is totally smart! I mean I misunderstood that he is the finance guy because he was talking about management model of manchester utd and other bonus and purchases of such which impressed me a lot. plus, he has a marketing and media background which will be ultimately helpful for him to promo the club in a solid way.

      After watching the confidential and compare that to the recent news about how they are stabbing each other in front of the media, I believe the compatibility among people will define if they will work together or they will stab each other… what a let down to think of how they started out so well together…

    4. who are you talking about being smart? There’s not a single recorded achievement, idea or anything else by Jaume Ferrer in all these years. Ferrer was the guy who hanged around long enough until everyone else left and he said, “well, I’m still here”. No one is more pathetic than him.
      The big ideas were all Ingla and Soriano(new members, marketing, UNICEF deal etc.), in the last years, it was Ingla and Txiki building the team.
      Ferrer is Fredo Corleone and for whatever reason, no one has taken him fishing yet.

  1. I recommend everyone to have a look at the Marc Ingla homepage, at least if you understand basic Spanish or Catalan. He has some pretty interesting ideas, specially with regards to putting Barca even more as a global brand. Some stuff, like Barca embassies on all continents sound kind of crazy but on the other hand, have a bit of genius.


    If we go by the Godfather, Sandro is Sonny, Ferrer is Fredo and Ingla and Soriano are kind of Michael and Tom. Comparison doesn’t fit 100% but I would feel safer with Ingla and Soriano than with anyone else.

    1. Ingla and Soriano are my favorites. But I think they started their campaign a bit late. They should have decided who will lead their project earlier (the delay was mostly Soriano’s fault for not sorting out things with his company till last moment)

      Still the last two weeks can bring lot of U-turns.

    2. Ingla and Soruano are a good tandum. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they left the board after the motion.

    3. 60% of people were against them/Laporta. They did the choice they thought was right. In the end, it turned out different because Pep had success, but it’s not that anyone would have guessed that Pep will win 6 titles in his first year.

    4. True that. I still think they are the best candidates it’s good thing they are together. I hope all the Rosell hype stays at just hype.

  2. I’ll try to fill in some holes:

    Alexis Plaza is running a sort of young professionals campaign, as everyone involved in his campaign is a young professional. Honestly he shouldn’t be considered a legitimate contender, but look for him and many in his group to be players in the Barcelona board in the future.

    Ingla said that Rosell had been charged with corruption, but in the same interview session when someone said he was incorrect he apologized and said something to the nature of “not understanding legal terms”. He also apologized later in the same day about it, but asked that the issue be cleared up. (WARNING OPINION BEGINS) Rosell threatening to sue everyone who asks questions about him is in my mind dirtier than those asking questions. It would be easy for him to clarify if he has done nothing wrong, but instead he is threatening to sue and trying to intimidate.

  3. Hate to say it but Rossell will prob win, seems most of the commentators believe that. Doesn’t strike me that any of the others have the presence he has. I hope he doesn’t get in, as the links will cruff will be severed for a couple of years

  4. can kxevin and isaiah please tell us what happened to hector? at least that he’s still alive, geeze…

    maybe he was just a shooting star… 🙂

  5. After watching “barca confidential”, I must say sandro comes off as a whiney lil biotch when he does not get his way. But it was his brazillian connection that got us Ronnie when it looked as if he was already being fitted for a United uniform. and 30 mil was a steal.

  6. i vote ingla too. but i too think rosell is going to win it.
    i dont understand how all the socis and all the media love to blast florentino for the way he runs madrid yet seem to push for rosell who has often been compared to being like florentino. they also blast florentino’s lack of continuity yet they’re calling for ibra’s head after one season.
    how disgaceful are our papers(MD and SPORT)for campaigning to get ibra outta here.
    i think the club wants him to stay but because how disrespectful the media have been, he’s probably going to eventually get fed up and want out.

  7. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to watch World Cup matches in Boston? I’m going to be there for a few days during the World Cup and I wasn’t sure how updated the “Where to Watch” section was.


    1. It’s as updated as I know because I don’t live there. I would imagine that almost all bars will have the games on (except maybe during Red Sox games). Phoenix Landing is Cambridge’s place for soccer nerds (aka me).

      If you have other suggestions for Where to Watch in any city, please let me know.

    2. Tim – it can depend based on what team you want to follow. Shoot me an email at (p c k at b u dot edu) I can help you out.

  8. i would vote for ingla.
    he seems the smartest from all.
    benedito is making too much noise.

    rosell doesnt talk much but is somehow a front runner is very pole.
    can someone explain to me why he is the favorite?
    cesc blanc, i know ur quite good in these affairs.please explain.
    btw i like how you compare them to the godfather!

  9. Why on earth is are you guys/girls comparing Rossell with florentino perez? where do you base these accusations? from what I’ve been reading so far from his project he sounds nothing of the sort!

    I won’t even comment on Laport little muppet as a continuity candidate but my problem with Ingla is that he is WAY TOO MUCH commercial for my liking…money here, money there…he want to apoint a shoping mall chairman as a Barca ambassador for one!
    …if that is not the florentino way then i don’t know what is!

    In his last interview he makes some very good points one of which is about the following…
    1. about the view that he is going to fill the squad with brazilians
    “we signed Ronaldinho, Belletti, Edmilson and Silvinho. They cost us 32 million and three of them played in the [2006 Champions League] final in Paris. And they won two Spanish league titles as well. Then, by selling Ronaldinho and Belletti, the club recovered 25 million of that. Now there are four Brazilians – Alves, Maxwell, Keirrison and Henrique – who cost 76 million. In the last match only Alves played, because Maxwell was injured, while two of them, Keirrison and Henrique, have never been seen on the pitch. And I’m supposed to represent the Brazilian school? Do me a favour!”

    the complete interview can be found here
    part two

  10. Damn it! WTF is going on with EMD??? Another anti-Zlatan article , they don’t include him in the “Dream Team” for next season, but Iniesta as the left wing forward and Villa as central forward. Didn’t we all see how “great” Iniesta was on the left wing…?
    The more articles EMD and Sport keep publishing against Ibra, the more people will adopt their opinion. They simply should STFU and let Ibra do his work. But I fear if their anti-Zlatan campaign continues, it might eventually lead to their aim – which is obviously to get rid of him.

    1. Ditto! It makes the mess of Barca politics much easier to understand. 🙂

      Keep up the good work, pep!

    2. Ditto. I follow that site everyday now since we are getting closer to elections. Thank you.

  11. Why did you guys delete the link? You didn’t like the article? Or not at his place?

    Anyway it seems as if Ingla is just a slightly more sensible version of Rosell, I like the fact that they have sound economic ideas (maybe a tad too Galactico-wise). And they seem not to want to meddle too much with the sporting part of things as Rossel.

    Anybody an Idea about what they plan to do Stadium-wise?

  12. From the little I’ve read, sounds like the Ingla Soriano tteam have a clearer presentation of their ideas on Barca’s future. The others just sound vague to me.

    Rosell has Laporta’s domineering personality, but too much of it. Him becoming president would be so wrong. He would be tempted with the Cruyff system to spite Cruyff. Don’t trust him. If he can mislead us with the supposed debt, who is to say he won’t do it when it comes to other matters.

    And Laporta should not use Ingla wanting Mourinho as evidence of poor decision making or whatever to discredit him (anyway Ingla explained it and Txiki wanted Guardiola way before that), Laporta only went for Ronaldinho after failing to get Beckham. Anyway, Laporta should shut up and let Ferrer do his own talking if he can.

    I think Rosell will win. He has too much of a start.

  13. Not so sure about Rosell winning. He has the most exposure but nobody seems to be really sure or fanatic about him.

    Ferrer probably can not tie his shoelaces himself, lest rule a club. Give him some candy and make him go please.

    I actually like the University professor as well, Guixà. But realistically will cheer for Ingla & Company

  14. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed this, but has a really funny “team rating” for La Liga teams. It’s on the right of the screen, just under the random ads they have.


    The “Can’t Stand” Factor for us is 6.5 and our “Stability” is 7.0, the same as EE.

    As for the candidates, I can’t say I’ve been seriously following the election, to be honest. Still, I know for sure that I don’t want Rosell to be the Presi. Anyone else is fine, especially the continuity candidates, though Ingla also has my support. Seems like a nice guy with big plans.

  15. so off topic a bit but did anybody here see this video of messi at a restraunt its awesome


  16. I like Ingla but he too looks like a weak sauce. Soruano should have been the one running. Beside Ingla has come out with statements like, “I’ll get Cesc no matter how much it costs”

  17. Isaiah… way to kill the silly season and Ibra comment frenzy with your Election Candidate post…

    1. but if you need more traffic through here just make a post titled “Cesc’s Grandmother’s hairdresser confirms Fab to Barca transfer!”

  18. jesus…
    there isn’t a hint of journalistic ability whatsoever in this “article”


    “ Special: Jose Mourinho Will Soon Be The Greatest Coach Of All Tim”

    I cannot believe that this man emailed this garbage to his editor, and the editor decided it was worthy of being printed. FFS!

  19. Laporta (does that mean “the door”?) spoke today on the Yaya situation:


    “if there are players that ask to go, then we have to study that possibility, but in principal, we want to keep with us all the players we have in our roster.”

    “Toure is a great player that has given us a great yield in Barca and for that reason we would like that he continues many years here, but his representative has risen the possibility that he might leave, as they are unhappy in some sporting aspects. the player is unhappy because he aspires to play more minutes and for that reason we will listen to the offers that come in from other clubs.”

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