New Kits, or, the most important news of the day

As you may have already surmised from pictures of Mr. Villa, FC Barcelona unveiled new kits today. Come inside to check them out.

Still looking good
This cat's got claws!

The new home kit is not so much new as it is amazing. Some people hate the red shorts, I, on the other hand, love them. Besides, this home kit is so stale, we need something new, and fresh. So, we get VV’s new kit, which in my estimation is miles better than his turquoise monstrosity from this year. Even if the arms are basically tiger stripes.

Spearmint Gum-sponsored kits!

This is what you all came for. I mean, this is similar to the turquoise monstrosity, but I will be honest, it is not nearly as heinous as the gold away’s, or the super orange ones for that matter.

So, um, thoughts?

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By Luke

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  1. I’m ok with the colors of the away kit, but the design looks like a practice kit.

  2. Love the red shorts on the home kit and will be buying a pair as soon as they are available. Hate the gold/yellow trim on the jersey though.

    I’m a fan of Valdes’ new kit, and with the way he’s been playing he deserves something like it.

    Why oh why can’t we find a classy away kit? Spearmint with a random blaugrana stripe through the middle? Seriously? Is the person who designed this colorblind?

    But I’m old fashioned, and the home kits we had last year are my favorite in years, if we could keep those exact same jerseys every year I would be happy.

    Looking through other team’s new kits this year, a trend is emerging. Adidas is getting it right, Nike is anywhere from acceptable to monstrous.

    1. I also loved the home kit for the 09/10 season. They were perfect. I am really growing to love these new kits though.

  3. grrrrrrrrr……….. i will be very honest and i have to say i am totally disappointed with the design, the colors and everything. blaugrana remains great.

    cat claw style gives me the chill… but it gives that KISS type of oldskool feel…

    ah, so wanna buy but the designs are holding me back!

  4. hmm cant tell if i wanna buy last years home kits or the news ones!!! i need a home kit as i have the pink from this year and the yellow kit (both messi) im tormented on who to get as well…. tough choices, maybe last years home kit will go on sale now as soccer kits are crazy expensive!!!

    i wonder how the red shorts will look with last years home kit.

  5. I have everything from this year (home, away, third, travel polo, training tops, MES shirt, etc) and will get everything for next year. Just because. Yes, even that um …. questionable …. keeper’s shirt.

    I kinda like the away kits.

    1. Why did you smile on Balbeav’s last comment,About Hector and euler being one in the same?

    2. Becauae despite the humor in that, they aren’t the same. But they do feel kinda the same.

    3. haha thats awesome, but kinda dorky but more awesome! whos name do you have on all of them?? same person all the time or do you mix it up?

  6. Also, next year’s kits will have available the World Club chest patch that we’ve all been admiring from afar.

  7. they are not that bad, every time a new jersey comes out I hate it at first and after the 1st phase I start getting used to it and liking it. BESIDES they are recycled!!!

  8. I love the home one. I love the gold stripes, LOVE them. And the red shorts and new socks are beautiful.

  9. Luke. You, sir, are on probation here. Do not make fun of my orange highlighter jersey. Watch your step, mister!

    1. el-oh-el. i also love me my orange jersey. i also like me some neon yellow away shirts, but the mango? no thank you

  10. Someone posted another link recently and the away kit looked different. Maybe I am dreaming?

    Looks like Barca is joining the Green movement… or something. Either that or the guy who designed these plays a lot of Video games… (dont ask me to explain… I am not sure I can).

    1. Nah, you’re right. The leaked Nike stuff turned out to be fake. I called it as such and then my friends convinced me otherwise. This is why I hate friends!

  11. Cesc transfer saga.

  12. I should totally be doing work, but I vote yay! on the home kit, I’m okay with the crazy sleeves on the keeper kit, and mostly nay on the away kit. At the very least it’ll give us the opportunity to argue over whether its spearmint blue or european azure or whatever.

    I found this link with World Cup poster art, I likes:


  13. The new jerseys are available at the price of around $100 (€80). Is that a regular price of the jerseys? I haven’t bought one before, so I don’t really know the prices.

    1. I’m seeing them for €68 on the official site (~85 USD), but they’re not even available at the USA shop.

      It’s the ones with the Club World Cup logos on them that are €75 (~94 USD). Which is, of course, absurd.

    2. Really? I am looking at both the official site and kitbag and the ones with the logos(no name printing) are $63 before shipping. The Euro-US dollar currency is dropping madly recently. I will order two.

  14. anyone have any luck buying jerseys on ebay?? they are seling some of this past seasons jerseys for 30-40 bucks but i have an off feeling they might be fakes?? any way of making sure they are real nike’s??? anybody have luck buying jerseys and not paying like 80-100 bucks for them!

    1. It depends. Most stuff from Asia is a knocloff, amd not very good ones at that. As long as you know what you’re getting, it’s all good. Personally, I steer clear of eBay

  15. At this point the tradition of the away kits manage to be both kind of shocking yet not surprising at the same time. Not an easy maneuver to pull off. Tip of the hat once again.

    You don’t know what’s coming but you know it’s going to be…special… and then it arrives in all of it’s bright, bound, glory.

    Spearmint it is!

    It’s one thing for the team of midgets to be decked out like chewing gum… but for Ibra and Yaya. Bold statements, indeed.

    Maybe it’s a round about way to force both mountain men out…

  16. I love the goalie’s kit! And the away kit! They’re really weird! 😀

  17. I love both the home and the away! I like how the away is a wacky color but still has the blaugrana incorporated into it. I’ll probably buy a home with Villa and maybe an iniesta away, now long sleeves or not long sleeves is the question.

    My most recent purchase was the new Spain jersey for the world cup with Xavi on the back, and I have to say the roja feels great to wear.

    I also have the orange one from a couple years back and I only wear that one to practice haha. I don’t want to hurt the innocent public’s eyes!

  18. I’m thinking i can’t think of many teams that wear green. Maybe it’s to do with players blending into the field. Will xavi still be able pick out pedros flashing runs in the corner of his eyes.

  19. That green kit is a smart idea. Messi will vanish on the field if we leave the grass uncut for two days.

    1. That will be unfair to the grass. can u imagine the number of fouls and kicks the grass will receive after being mistaken for Messi?

  20. hate the home jerseys love the away jerseys. don’t have the money to buy any of em but that’s ok my heart is blaugrana anyway 🙂

  21. According to this Guardian writer, we are now the world’s most annoying club:


    Shouldn’t the Guardian put up a disclaimer saying that an Arsenal fans is writing this article before they “publish” it?

  22. It is true a lot of people are put off by what Barcelona (in their opinion pretend to) stand for, but he funny thing about this article is it makes you wonder if the author himself really means it or not.

  23. I’m with you Kxevin, I think every kit is gross.

    That doesn’t mean I won’t go out and buy a Pique home kit, or a Villa home kit, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t throw up a little bit in my mouth the moment I saw our away jerseys.


  24. Atrocious. What is up with the blaugrana rectangle on the away kit? That totally destroys it. I have really liked our home and away jerseys the last two years, but these are weirrrrrrrd. I think someone is obsessed with gold. We’ve been adding it more and more each year lately. Also, the tiger stripes are uhhh interesting. VV is GRRRRREEEAAAAAAAT!

  25. villa and messi already eat of the same curd:


    for background:

    ** (touch wood)

    and finally…


    1. We had green again like 13-14 years ago! It was by Kappa it was kinda ugly but it brings back memories! So its green for me!

  26. i wish we had a similar jersey as USA’s..
    such a beautiful jersey! one of the few that can be worn casually.

  27. anyone watching the CL final?
    i dont feel like watching.
    2 teams who got there with the help of referees.
    and we were the victims of it.sigh.
    i still cant get over it.

    1. Nope. We aren’t in it. No interest. I hope that Bayern win, but I think that without Ribery, they don’t have a shot.

  28. mourinho will don a gold crown gifted to him during the press conference by a Russian journalist if he wins the final.
    what a clown!

  29. I love the claret shorts! I’ve always have since 2006. I think that it gives a sharp edge to the whole kit.
    As per the second kit…I love it…I am going to get it on 5th June, the first day they are on sale!!
    As I live in the UK I relate this green colour to the After Eight’s one (you know…the mint chocolate…).
    A pity we cannot be today in Madrid. I am a Bayern fan tonight!

    1. oooh i love after eight’s!!!
      now i have a reason to like the jersey a bit! :p

    2. For me they are like the Pringles…once I open the box there is no stop! That is why I do not buy them often…otherwise I would have to get myself two shirts to cover me!! 🙂

    3. We could actually call it the “After Eight Team”. We have won 7 tropheys in the last 13 months and we are now after the eighth one…and the ninth and tenth!!

  30. I already have the 07/08 home kit, 07/08 away kit, 08/09 Eto’o home kit, and the 09/10 home kit.

    I’ll definitely be buying the 10/11 away kit. If Yaya stays, I’ll buy a 10/11 Toure Yaya home kit. If he leaves, I’ll probably buy a 10/11 Chygrynskiy home kit (for the sake of comedy).

  31. Really annoyed by being called annoying by an annoying journalist from an annoying country…

  32. can we refer to abidal as “mint chocolate” when we are away from home next season? (i like the “french greyhound” too, but this new nickname has flavor.)

    i mean this only in the most respectful way.

  33. I absolutely HATE the away. Looks like something they’d wear at the Joan Gamper? Ugly as shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    anywho… I like the new home one.

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