David Villa, in the house, in pictures

Sometimes, you just don’t need words.

Our new number 7 (duh, right?). Still can’t believe that number wasn’t taken.

Is everybody digging the new kits? Not a fan of the red shorts, but I only wear the shirts, anyhow.

Finally ….

Now, for some thoughts. This is brilliant. Exceptional. Staggering. I’m almost woozy with the joy.

Why? Because David Villa, though I am on the record as thinking he’s overrated, will probably make me eat those words. His mobility, finishing skill and more importantly in the context of our offense, passing ability and ball control, means that we have the most potent front line in the world. Period.

What other team will be able to bring the likes of Pedro! off the bench? Puyol is right when he says that Ibrahimovic and Villa are compatible. He’s absolutely right. The possibilities are inSANE. I will leave the tactical nuance to Euler and his big brain. For me, I envision Ibrahimovic moving defenders around and Villa or Messi scampering into the space created. I envision a world in which you can’t sit on Messi and foul Ibrahimovic, because there’s that third guy to kill you.

Some say that we haven’t solved the left wing problem, but I think that we have. Unlike Samuel Eto’o, when Villa drifts out to the wing he is every bit as lethal as he would be leading the line. His cutting ability will bring that valued width, and I just don’t see anything bad about this signing.

But maybe that’s just me. In all of the Fabregas hooraw, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that we have nailed a major, major coup in this signing. He’s durable, keeps himself fit and bangs in goals.

I can’t wait for the new season.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. It’s kinda weird to see him in blaugrana. Don’t get me wrong, I like that we signed him, it’s just I’m so used seeing him in white.

    And BTW, I like the home kit except the yellow/gold parts.

    1. Yeah, Villa ‘represents’ Valencia.. This will take a few days to sink in.. But oh, the Villa-Ibra-Messi forward line is making me drool already.. Can’t wait for the next season..

    1. That’s for later. For now, Villa is huge. HUGE, I tell you. A lot huger than the variation of blaugrana that we’re going to be rocking next season, frankly.

      In due time, Eklavya. In due time ….

  2. Got Hectored in my first post after a looong time.

    I just want to say a big thank you to the BFB team, I don’t post here much (or at all) but I read as often as I can and supporting Barca as great as it has been these past few years is only enhanced with Isaiah’s superbly insightful and informational previews, Kxevin’s Reviews always brilliantly analytical and yet always with great emotion whether it be elation, anger or calm and superb tactical comments from the team and so many regulars in the comments.

    Thanks for a great season. Visca Barca.

    (And SoMa I really like your writing as well)

    MARAVILLA! And the infamous red shorts are back!

    1. Aw, shucks …. thanks to YOU for being part of the family that makes it all work. You all inspire us, and keep us on our toes, from pointing out how crappy I am at math to making contentions and suppositions that make us think more, and raise our game. Often, we couldn’t have done it without you all is a nonsensical plaititude, but in this case, it’s very, very true.

      A blog is only as good as its readers. The consistent quality of the commentary here means that we have the best space in the world. Period, full stop.

      An immense thanks to all.

    2. Yes Id like to second that – great work being done- much appreciated like the guys at Total Barca

    3. Sorry but you didn’t get Hectored 😛

      Your comment came 8 minutes after the new post was up! Therefore Kari got Hectored! Yay! 😀

    4. he got hectored because he started typing it before the post came up… therefore… total Hectorage…

  3. I just realized the video is the same one as I posted before.

    Where’s my hat tip damnit! LOL! 😀

  4. Fantastic Villa best striker there is. But what kind of a clown allowed that yellow collar on a blue and red shirt?

  5. Guddy had the 7 before he left, Larsson before that. I really don’t know why no one took that number, maybe it was saved for Villa 😀

    -I don’t like the red shorts either (or the yellow on the collar for that matter), tbh, but it’ll grow on me…I hope.

    -@DontPanic. I think Villa looks really good in our kit (not that I’m biased or anything). I guess it is kinda weird to see him not wearing the Valencia kit…

  6. here are our now kits for the next season:

    * http://www.totalbarca.com/2010/news/1011-kits-revealed/

    the home kit looks good, i personally like the yellow strip … but the away one looks weird, i’m not sure yet whether i’ll like it or not …

    [my first comment on this blog after silently reading it for almost a year … i used to read the barca transfer blog by pep; when that one stopped updating, i somehow got this one … nice job Isaiah, Kxevin and others … thumbs up …]

  7. – No one was ready to take the number 7 shirt after Guddy left. Remember Jeffren was wearing it at times but I don’t think it was permanent. If Villa hadn’t come probably Pedro would have got it – deservingly.

    – The yellow color collar isn’t too cuddly.

    – Do you guys prefer Villa writing “David Villa” on his shirt or “D.Villa” or just “Villa”? I, personally, like the full name.

    – Who else can play PacMan on Google? 😯

    – Another vid. of Villa presentation: *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTPCKYZL7AM&feature=player_embedded

    1. haha, that’s a brilliant gimmick from google! They should leave it there forever 🙂

      And for the name, I prefer “el Guaje”

    2. OMG I can play PacMan. This is awesome!

      -I like David Villa on the kit. D.Villa is weird and we don’t have another “David” anyway. Villa is just…naw, I like David Villa!

    3. I liked the “TEXTp” function on YouTube as well on April’s fools day except that somehow I DIDN’T FREAKIN’ HAVE IT!!!! I had to see videos of TEXTp videos to know how it was…

  8. Number 7 was not taken cuz they knew Villa would be coming 😉

    He is going to be immense and solve all our Henry not performing problems. I see Villa Ibra and Messi lining up and being our starting 11 with Pedro and Bojan giving them competition and being next in line. I don’t see a future for Jeffren, Henry and Hleb because of the 5 ahead of them.

    I really don’t see why we need Fabregas right now…we already have a great great midfield. I would rather see Jonathan or Thiago moved up to get them developed. We do not have room for Fab until Xavi retires, which wont be for at least a yr or two if not more!

    Can’t wait for the new season either, going to be wicked!

  9. While I’m on a commenting spree, I have a technical suggestion about the site:

    There has been several comments in the past about being able to modify one’s comment to correct a mistake. (There is the obvious downside that you can change your comment after someone has pointed out a serious flaw in you tactical analysis or whatever.) How awesome would it be to have 60 seconds to correct any mistake like at Zonalmarking.net? I hadn’t commented there until now but that feature is awesome! You have a minute to edit a comment until it goes up on the site!

    I know the site is already a bit slow, but I would prefer this feature rather than the infamous “thumbs”. And while we’re on this topic, it’s really annoying that the Avatars take longer to load because in a post where there are a lot of comments the whole page keeps moving for ~5 seconds because of the pics which keep popping out one-by-one. Especially if you’re scrolling down.

    My 0.2€

    1. Also, how is the background wallpaper made of BFB bloggers thing going? We need a post on that as well! Or maybe a comment would do…

  10. need a new post about Villa AND the new kits! great work this season all ’round to the BFB team here. we should just turn this thread into a IsaiahKxevinNCo love-in in the meantime.

    you guys do a fantastic job for zero pay, so we get world-class coverage of our beloved club for free*. we’re all thankful for that, even if we get caught up in the comments on a disagreement.

    *speaking of which, are any of you in touch with Pep, who ran BarcaTransferBlog last summer and the summer before? that was an absolutely invaluable resource, and if he could be persuaded to come onboard for the next few months at least it might make your lives here easier while sifting through all the transfer gossip and agent-speak crap.

    1. Pep runs a blog that gives details about the elections.

      You can find it here:


  11. Man this is such an unbelievable sight. I for one don’t think we could have signed a better forward to help us out. He is humble, incredibly talented, and an overall great human being. It’s almost too good to be true! I wish more people would have shown up, but perhaps there will be less pressure for Villa to perform than ibra had to deal with. Also looks like I will be laying down the cash for that jersey in those pics, welcome to the greatest team in the world! Now go win Spain a world cup!

  12. Love David Villa in the Blaugrana.

    But let’s talk about the kits. Last season was the best we’ve had in a long time (at least the home kits). I’m very happy the red shorts are back, very nice. However the person who ok’ed the yellow trim should be shot. I’m going to have to go and buy some of the shirts from last year because that yellow trim is horrible.

  13. Oh NO! I found out that Abidal has already scored goals in the past! Or at least he has one:


    Maaan, so we were wrong all along!

  14. I also want to say that it is great that Villa actually looks happy and excited to be at Barcelona. I know he really loved Valencia, but they need to sell in order to stay solvent which is sad for both the players and fans.

    I remember last year when Valencia sold Albiol to Madrid because they needed the money. He gave an interview just before saying how he’d always been a Valencia fan and that he would be upset if he was sold. And he looked miserable at the presentation ceremony.

    Just glad to see that that’s not the case with Villa. I think he’s just what Barcelona need.

    We can argue over whether he was worth the price at his age but he’s a fantastic goal scorer, hard worker, and already plays very well with half our team for Spain.

    Plus I bet they’ll make back a significant chunk of his transfer fee in shirt sales alone.

  15. I bought the “training” shirt this year. They are my favorite. I think this year I am definitely buying the “away” shirts.

  16. not digging the new jersey yet, hope i will change my feeling to it later.

    Really hope David Villa will solve our width problem, confident, but never say never. There is a chance that he will go downhill anytime soon, but from what we have been seeing from him, i am confident he will take less time to blend in and immediately have positive effects on the squad.

    With Villa, we can play him in the center and have ibrahimovic move around at will, drop back to midfield to hold ball, slick pass around and let Villa score. OR vice versa.

    🙂 Visca Villa

  17. Whassup culés
    can anybody tell me what “El Guaje” means? I imagine it is a Spanish word (Spanish as in from Spain) xq ni yo ni nadie que conozco sabe q coño significa esta palabra

    1. It means “The Kid” in Asturian (the language of the region Villa is from).

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