Season in Review, Pt. 4: Top 10 Moments of the Year

Arbitrary and capricious “Top 10” lists are always fun. They are fun for the writer because they get to throw an opinion out into the ether with no real backing or reasoning and pretend this is legitimate. They are even better for readers because they can create their own lists and consistently lambast the writer. So… knock yourselves out.

Here we have FC Barcelona’s Top 10 Moments of the Year (from after the Champion’s League final until the end of the Valladolid match). Please note, these are moments, not just goals, saves, good things for the club, or bad ones. These are the 10 most important events that occurred throughout the year that I feel are the most significant in terms of lasting moments. Feel free to add yours below or correct any I may have missed.

Honorable Mention
The signing of Maxwell; the loss to Atletico Madrid; the tie to Almeria; Messi v. Valencia; Messi v. Stuttgart.

Number 10: The Signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibra is Introduced at the Camp Nou

Background: The big add ass ninja Swede came in with as much pomp and circumstance as one can muster. Saying all the right things about never wanting to play for Madrid and famously kissing the crest at his inauguration made him an immediate star in the eyes of many fans. Yet many still held reservations about how he would fit in to the club, if he could come through in big games (*cough Madrid 1-0, brace against Arsenal first leg /cough), and how a man known as a prima donna would fit into Mr. Guardiola’s no nonsense coaching style.

Why It Is Here: You don’t just sign the best striker in Italy, insert him into a lineup that won a treble (and later more), while offloading one of the greatest scorers in club history PLUS $40 million every day. And regardless of how well he plays, this was a momentous occasion for the future of the club. It has become even greater with speculation of an impending exit to Italy or to a big name English club.

Number 9: UEFA Super Cup 1-0 Win Over Shaktar
Background: Barcelona attempts to make it 5 for 5 on the year by beating Ukrainian squad Shakhtar Donetsk in Monaco. Crazy scheduling conflicts including European obligations, La Liga raring up, other Super Cups in Spain, and World Cup qualifying means the squad is already tired by the end of August (I know, poor FCB, what with the best players in the world and winning everything makes us tired). Oh, and there is the small, minute detail of FCB agreeing to terms with Shakhtar’s best player, Dmytro Chygrynskiy, mere hours before the game, although he gets to play one more game for his home team before making the move.

Why It Is Here: Any time you win your 5th trophy, it is going to be a big deal. When you do it by playing a side that has parked 3 buses in front of the gate and literally makes 1 offensive foray during the entire game, it means it is even better. However, to me, this was the team doing what they had done the previous year and in all the tournaments: picking their spots, waiting for the perfect setup, and finally making the breakthrough with solid play. All in all, the boys take home number 5, tying Celtic’s record for most trophies in a year’s span, and beating a stubborn side in the process. Also, this was likely Pedro’s metamorphosis from Pedrito to P!!!!!!!! His goal was the ultimate in clutch and would prove a fitting preview for the rest of his year.

Number 8: FC Barcelona 1 – Real Madrid 0
Background: It’s the good guys versus EE, it’s Rocky versus Drago, it’s free society versus Francoists. Basically it is the biggest league match of the year to this point and the first time to the two sides get together since the 6-2 thrashing in Madrid last season. If I need more motivation to put a game against Madrid on one of these lists, then I guess I’m with the wrong team.

Why It Is Here: It might be higher if this had been the road victory (FCB has a much better record against RM at home, obviously). The clutch play in the second half finally opens it up and an incredible volley from The Guy Who Never Scores In Big Games, not to mention Captain Carles’s most clutch game I can remember. He saved 2 open goal shots after parry’s or excellent moves and was categorically the best player on the field; this performance is how he will always be remembered long after he is gone. Winning a grinder like this, against our closest competition keeps the season going strong because let’s all be honest, our performances against RM are the basis for everything else.

Number 7: Supercopa de Espana
Background: The first legitimate games of this year are a continuation of the previous season’s dominance. Normally contested between the winner of La Liga and the King’s Cup, Barcelona could not very well play themselves, so Athletic Club it is. The first leg was also Zlatan’s first experience with the club after recovering for an injury. Ah, new beginnings.

Why It Is Here: Winning two games is always good. Starting off the season with another trophy for the mantle is even better. Doing so while integrating new faces into the lineup and facing crushing weight of expectations from the past year, well, that is a momentous occasion. Barcelona effectively put on two pragmatic, pretty as you please performances, is rarely tested after the first leg and takes home the trophy for number 4 of the 6. Sounds mundane, and maybe it was, but damn trophies are nice, and that’s why they make the list.


Number 6: The Best 2-0 Win You Will See (so long as you don’t count Champion’s League Finals)
Background: Barça’s CL run had been hit-or-miss, at best, thus far. After drawing the toughest group, the team stinks it up in Milan with a tie, wins a snoorer against Dynamo Kiev, then loses to the Little Russian Engine That Did, Kazan, then ties Kazan in Siberia, or the Seventh Level of Hell, or some such place. So basically, backs to the wall, win or enjoy the Europa League.

Why It Is Here: The best team game the boys played all year in my estimation. If you ever want to know why Xaviniesta is the best Midfield tandem in the world, watch this game. Watch the passing, the setups, the looks, the shot… ok, I needed a moment. Oh yes, lest we forget another clutch performance on the wing from Pedro, Pique showing why he’s a top 5 defender in the world (and scoring a goal), Abidal doing his thing, and basically everything working perfectly.

Number 5: Pick Six – Club World Cup Wins
Background: Barcelona travels Abu Dhabi for the final piece in Pep’s six shooter (wooooo, bad puns!). The games come during the Winter break for La Liga and the team is tasked with facing opponents they know little about, so yeah, these games have “trap” written all over them. So basically the team has to overcome complacency if they want to take the greatest trophy haul in a calendar year in the history of the club game.

Why It Is Here: Pep Guardiola crying after the final was heartwarming. Estudiantes taking a 1-0 lead and sitting on it while Barça played exhausted and from behind. The semi was a clinical dismantling after surrendering a 1-0 lead before taking the win at 3-1. The final was an epic back and forth with Estudiantes playing extraordinarily, a clutch strike from P! in the 89th minute to send it into extra time, and finally, masterfully, beautifully, Messi chests the winner home at 110′. Here because it was an epic final and a worthy victory for #6.

Number 4: Champion’s League Semi-Final, 2nd League Leg, Inter-Barça
Background: Inter ran away with it after some lazy defending and a couple of questionable calls in the 1st leg, winning 3-1. FCB needed at least a 2-0 win to keep going in an attempt to become the first side to ever repeat in the Champion’s League proper. Mourinho was always going to park the bus and this had showdown written all over it.

Why It Is Here: The last 10 minutes were crazy enough. I sat on my knees in my living room pleading with the TV, pleading for the ref not to disallow Bojan’s goal that would have sent us through, trying to find some way past the masterclass defensive performance Inter was showing. Prior to that however, you had Biscuits becoming an internet meme, Ibra coming off in sad fashion, and the battle of the two best young coaches in the world. Oh, and Pique scored. Oh, and a bogus red card. Oh, and it ended our CL run with Inter celebrating on our pitch. Sometimes the most painful ones are the most important, and this is a prime example. Sadly, sometimes the worst losses mean the most, this is one of those times.

Number 3: 4 in a row over Madrid
Background: Although the team was in pole position since the beginning of the year, Madrid, despite some slips, had been excellent at keeping pace (even if it meant coming from behind to beat junk squads they should have hammered). This game is at Madrid, a win would allow FCB to hold the tiebreaker absolutely and give the team breathing room down the stretch. Finally, our boys were in the middle of a 10-match in one month run.

Why It Is Here: If the first game against Real was a grind with one bright-shining, beautiful moment, this version was a pendulum, wholly relying on the play of Xavi pivoting in the middle. The starting lineup was strange when Alves started up front on the left, meaning the there were few targets up front with Messi moving around more. But Xavi bides his time, gets kicked down, and then plays a ball that 3 other players on the planet can hit correctly. This win really set up the final stretch, gave the blaugrana the tie-breaker, and put every bit of pressure on Madrid. A ridiculously clutch performance from every player on the field, even those playing out of normal position.

Number 2: Messiah 4-Arsenal 1
Background: FCB should have come into the second leg of the Champion’s League quarters up 8-1, but Manuel Almunia literally played the best half of his life before Ibra put in two (he never does it in big games) and then Arsenal clawed it back. This game also looks like a trap with Barça possibly looking ahead to Real Madrid at the weekend (see Number 3). So the stage was set for Barça to play an opponent it usually sees more of during the offseason.

Why It Is Here: If anyone ever had any doubt who the best footballer in the world is today, this game answered it. Messi takes a few moments to get going and Nik Bendtner makes this one look like it might be a nailbiter, but then, well, magic. The first goal was setup by an unlucky bounce for the Gunners, then by one of the best shots you will ever see (Messi is a great player). The second comes on a good pass from Pedro and Messi cooly destroys it home (Messi is a Playstation game come to life). The third comes from racing 40 yards and sending an audacious chip over Almunia that was oh so gorgeous (Messi is the greatest player on earth). And finally, Messi is a bit selfish in the second half and holds on only to be shut out by Arsenal, before megging Almunia for number 4 with a bullet (Messiah Mode). I’ve said too much, might as well let video do the talking…

Number 1: La Liga Champions FTMFW
Background: So far as we knew, it was win or rely on Getafe Malaga to take down the EE. Beat Valladolid and we are champions for a 20th time and number 2 in a row. The previous week against Sevilla the team ran out to a lead and then faltered down the stretch, barely holding on despite fast and furious pressure. All the pressure you can get against a Valladolid side that was fighting to avoid relegation to hold off the most expensive side in the world that had been building steam since losing in Number 3.

Why Is It Here: Valladolid shot out like a rocket and some suspect play in the defensive third starts to cause headaches and this starts to remind me of 2-2 v. Almeria all over again. And I’m terrified we are going down and EE will sweep it out from under us. Then sheer blind bounces of the ball lead to an own goal, Yaya takes control in the midfield and Pedro puts it in at 2-0 to close the game out. But of course there is the minor matter of Messi needing 3 to break Ronaldo’s single-season record for FCB. He “only” picked up two goals to tie the record. Oh, and of course, the win left no doubt as to who would raise the trophy for La Liga on the year giving Pep 7 to his name, tying him for 2nd for all FCB coaches after 2 years, and setting up a chance for number 8 in the Supercopa in August. Other will certainly argue that Messi’s performance was single-handedly better (it was) or that the Madrid games were more important (possible tangentially), but if we lose or tie this game, there is a very good chance EE capitalizes and we lose out. Hindsight is wonderful, but no one thought RM was “only” tying Getafe. Basically, winning the league was the goal from the get-go, and without this game, it would never have happened. Plus, it leaves you with this one lasting image:

League Champions

By Luke

We calls 'em likes we sees 'em.


  1. I was thinking of putting myself into cryostasis and never forget this 2 seasons! I am so proud of our guys, we are writing the new history, midfield textbooks will be written, coaches in future will analyse the philosophy of Pep, the kids will learn some moves from our guys and we will be happy for being live through barca’s history writings… Gracias armanos!!!! I’m Blaugrana till death!!!

  2. by the way a touching preview Luke congrats. it really made me remind of the past and smile… well also sad about some games

  3. Great post, Luke. Some moments we’ll cherish for a long, long time (even the inter ‘loss’).

    Just a side note: Madrid were playing Malaga, not Getafe on the last day.

    1. Great post, Luke! I agree with most of them. Small correction, you wrote 2nd League in the Inter loss post… should be 2nd LEG. 😛

  4. Cool posts. I would have found a spot for messi giving up his penalty so that Ibra can get out of his funk, demonstrating that the best player of the world is not only a great player, but an exemplary great player who thinks of the success of the team first and above anything else. We are blessed to have him at Barça.

    1. That is a good one. Don’t know that I would have put it anywhere in place of these, but an awesome moment nonetheless.

    2. Yes! I think that was my favorite moment/goal of the season. We had Messi at his best just doing whatever the hell he wanted with the ball and scoring ridiculous goals and yet, he still has the wherewithal to think of his team first. It was awesome!

      Especially when you consider that he would have bettered real Ronaldo’s record with that penalty. And even now I don’t think he’d change his decision.

      [Great post Luke!]

  5. (meant to say cool article instead of posts) (with apologies to the postwriters :p

  6. Makes me wonder, were we ever awarded/presented with the la liga trophy? Didn’t see Puyol hoisting it..

  7. #6, is that the Inter game in the group stage of the CL? without Messi and Ibrah on the field?

    1. It’s a team game, and the team is still bigger than either player. The team put on one of its best performances of the year without its best player or a true striker. Excellent game and the best play from Xaviniest around.

    2. Oh yeah I completely agree, I was just making sure that was the game you were talking about 🙂 I loved that game, it shut a lot of mouths that talked about messi-dependencies.

  8. I enjoy your writing style Luke, good job by Kev and Issiah to add you.

  9. ‘capricious’ is the word to describe the way new threads are started on this blog. hard to keep up!

    im reposting this link, dammit, because it so warms my heart. and just cos of this, i am making Bilbao my #2 fave team.

    Bilbao vs. 100 children in Etxeberria’s goodbye celebration:

    1. We’ll take that as a compliment, ballbeav. 😀

      And nice work by Luke. We have some more season-ending stuff to wrap up. Remember that the numbers guru, Isaiah, hasn’t even weighed in yet. As promised, we will take you right up to the World Cup, and of course, things will stay pretty busy right through it, as there are as many different NTs being supported as there are commenters here, I think.

  10. the photo of puyol with the trophy is from last year. you can see sammy in there.


  11. i’ve been a barca supporter for almost two years now, i am so thrilled they won la liga again this year

  12. And for the record, not that you heard it here first, no way does Fabregas come this year. The 80mn price was a clear indication of Arsenal’s willingness to sell. They can keep him, frankly.

    This is what happens when business gets personal. People never, ever learn from it. We obviously don’t know the behind-the-scenes stuff, but if he in fact wants to go, it’s stupid to not allow the player his wishes, if in fact those wishes have been stated.

    I don’t blame Arsenal for wanting to hold us up. I just hope that we realize that, as when you go new car shopping when you present car is perfectly lovely, it enables you to walk away from a heinous deal. 80mn for Fabregas is heinous. The price is purely to end discussion. We should do so, and begin planning for next season, and doing military presses so that when we have to hoist trophies next season, it will be easy.

    1. Kev i think you and I have been on the same page with this Cesc nonsense all year. We can wait 2-3 years when Xavi is 30ish and Cesc is 25 to bring him in a year to play with Xavi and Inestia to relearn the system. Then he can take Xavis spot the following season and partner with inestia. This works because

      A. He will be much cheaper
      B. Xavi will be winding down and Cesc and Andres will be in the prime of their career.
      C. One year of them all rotating before Inesta moves into Xavi’s spot and Cesc slips in the Left Mid role Inestia currently holds.
      D. think about this lineup om 3-4 years


      —————Cesc(26)—————Inestia (29)

      ******age in 3-4 years
      Average of our front 6 in 2014 will be 25 years and 3 months. Not to mwntion Pique and Chigy ar fairly young as well ns if we could make a move for one or both of Man U’s D’silva twins as wing backs we will be super young.

      Sorry just a bunch of ranting, overall I am just saying that we don’t need Cesc till Xavi only has 1-2 years left. Then he can come in as an apprentice before taking over fr Xavi. Let me know if this is a crazy idea or what.

    2. Xavi can play for many more years, and be a starter til the day he retired. I believe even Pep could start in our midfield right now, if we didn’t have Xavi. That position is very unique. I remember somebody posting an article about Pep’s position and how the game phased it out. They argued Pep still had several years left when he retired (from Sinaloa, in Mexico, correct?) but Europe was no longer utilizing the position. Of course the position is now becoming popular, but in terms of fitness I am confident Pep is still fit to start even, and Xavi will be fit to start for years to come. IMO

  13. Was still a gud season, I dont think we should bringz back Cescicles though, Diaby is Arsenalz bestz player, we should get him instead!!!

    1. I’m not. Can’t touch this line-up:

      Alves – Pique – Puyol – Abidal
      Xavi – Iniesta
      Ibra – Villa

    2. heh heh. all the hoopstars want to be in barca (nash, kobe). they know showtime style when they see it. up barca!

  14. the douches at ole REAL MADRID are reverting back to the second leg of the 1943 spanish cup semis 11-1 madrid as a high point. Not much happening lately. One thing is for sure we will see how big of a prick Jose is next year when he starts talking shit about Pep and Pep just brushes it aside.

  15. And completely off topic, I have another (hopefully) championship side to follow, as the Blackhawks have just swept the San Jose Sharks, and are headed for the Stanley Cup finals as favorites.

    1. even more off topic, this years NBA free agent class is like a summer transfer window, I am hoping that LBJ and wade go to the Bulls with D. Rose. they would be a nasty team. my grandma could play power forward on that team and they would win 50 games.

    2. I’m a Sharks fan. Sad day. Sad series. Once again, they are eliminated after finishing the season second in points. What a waste….Congrats.

    3. i heard a rumor that lebron might go to lakers.
      not too sure whether kobe and lebron could work together.
      they could do it on the redeeemed….
      that rumor was like my only 2nd happy news for the past week after villa.
      yaya is keeping me 🙁 all day.

  16. also if we if we give liverpool Ibro plus 30 mil-40mill for torres and benyhoun i would take it in a second

    ———————pay the man/yaya


    as valdes gets up their in age i think we should look at the Athletico madrid Goal Keeper Sergio Ansejo sp?

    1. I wish I could agree with you, but I don’t know a whole lot about either of them, and from the little I do know I’m not too hopeful.

  17. Great post. The UEFA Supercup ranks higher than the Spanish Super Cup for me because of the horrendous pitch and it was a much harder fought win, but that’s just nitpicking.

    I don’t think Cesc is coming this summer either, but I don’t think Arsenal’s valuation is playing as big a role as we think it is. If you look at the quotes of Laporta and Txiki about Cesc they say (paraphrase) “Cesc is a great player and it’s great that he wants to move to Barcelona. We will look at the transfer from a sporting point of view and make the approach if it seems right.”

    Translation – Cesc is great, but we’re not sure we need him right now. Sure we’ll ask Arsenal how much they want, and then we can blame them for not signing him this summer – increasing Cesc’s desire to move, maintaining our sporting project, and letting his transfer price drop over the next year or two.

  18. If Cesc isn’t coming, we should really be trying to sign up Silva (I prefer him to Cesc, btw). He is young, creative, and versatile. We need that in midfield.

    For those that haven’t seen it yet, Villa’s interview with the official site is really good:


    Is playing under Pep Guardiola a special motivation?

    “Yes, very much so. I’ve spoken with him and he told me how keen he was to see me playing for his team. My international team mates have spoken really well of him to me and they all reckon they’ve improved under him and that he makes you enjoy playing the game.”

    For all those who thought so, it shows that Villa wasn’t only a Laporta legacy signing, Pep had a say in this too.

    1. i dont think we need another big name star like Silva right now; rather sign someone who is low-profile, wouldn’t mind sitting on the bench and can perform when called upon … somebody like Maxwell or Gudjohnsen … doesn’t have to be very young either …

      one Villa is enough for one summer, i don’t want our team look like Galacticos …

    2. Silva isn’t that big of a name.

      Either way, I’m not really looking at his name so much as I am looking at his qualities as a footballer. The boy can play. He is also young, adapted to La Liga, knows half of the team from the NT, plays more a less in a “Barcelona” style, can play LW, as well as in the midfield, has a good shot from outside the box… should I continue?

      I think he would be a great signing and he would surely come cheaper than Cesc.

    3. Am I the only one who respected and thought it was cool that Villa didn’t kiss the badge? I think it showed how classy he is. Besides, I don’t care so much if they kiss the badge… they are here to help win trophies, not drool over the badge.

    4. Agreed.

      Offtopic a bit, but I downloaded the Spain-Belgium match from September 2009 just to watch Villa a little more and couple of things stood out from the match:

      1. Villa does indeed look comfortable on the left. Most of his dribbles with the ball started out from the left side. His movement is crazy.

      2. Busquets started and had a fantastic match. He and Pique made more long diagonal passes than they usually do for Barça, and I can only attribute that to Del Bosque encouraging it more/Pep discouraging it as much.

      3. Silva was on the right hand side of the pitch for most of the match and looked good operating from there. And that was with Arbeloa, not Ramos behind him.

    5. Spain-Belgium? Was that the match Iniesta’s forcefield was shattered by this badass goal:


      Or was that Belgium-Spain. I think it was Belgium-Spain. No way they’d wear those “mustard” (Aragones’ words, not mine) jerseys at home.

    6. spain-belgium was awesome!
      iniesta and silva could find each other blind folded!
      and that guy, lukaku or something is quite good for belgium!

    7. Spain-Belgium is the one where Silva and Villa had 2 each, and Pique had 1.

      Yeah, that goal was from Belgium-Spain.

  19. Like someone else (Lou?) previously commented, Villa looked genuinely happy to sign for us (the fact he doesn’t have to move overseas also add his joy). You can argue that all footballers are like that, but for me, he looked really happy. I think back to Raul Albiol’s unveiling for EE and the dude looked really miserable.

    As for Silva, I think he’d fit like a glove. He is young, not a “superstar” but not an unknown, can score if needed be, and is comfortable on either wing. Not that I want him to sign for us or anything. Just that IF he did, he’d fit.

    1. I’d love to have Silva as well, but unfortunately I think the signing of Villa precludes that possibility.

      What we really need now is a defender who can play across the back line (to replace Marquez and take some minutes from Puyol) and some central midfielders.

    2. I feel that way as well, to be honest. Thinking about it rationally, Silva’s only a year older than Fabregas, and signing him right now wouldn’t make sense (then with Iniesta’s new found fragility–we got to put him on the same regimen as Messi–I’d like to have him. He’s too good to be a back-up though…). I feel the same about Fabregas as well.

      Honestly, I think that Txigrinsky was bought to replace Marquez. Think about it, we desperately through 25mil on a 23-year old defender that can pass from the back, not very fast but has positional awareness to cover that weakness (sound familiar?).

      His skill set is similar to Marquez’s and we’ve seen how we play without Marquez. That being said, I think it could be a case of wishful thinking on my part. I’d like to think Pep had thought his far, but I doubt it. As much as Marquez hasn’t played this season, Txigrinsky has played less and when he has played, he’s been iffy (granted there was injury and a language barrier to contend with.)

      I have hopes for Txigrinsky.

      I’d also like for us to sign a back-up right back, a Maxwell for Alves’ Abidal, if you will.

    3. I feel that way as well, to be honest. Thinking about it rationally, Silva’s only a year older than Fabregas, and signing him right now wouldn’t make sense (then with Iniesta’s new found fragility–we got to put him on the same regimen as Messi–I’d like to have him. He’s too good to be a back-up though…). I feel the same about Fabregas as well.

      Honestly, I think that Txigrinsky was bought to replace Marquez. Think about it, we desperately through 25mil on a 23-year old defender that can pass from the back, not very fast but has positional awareness to cover that weakness (sound familiar?).

      His skill set is similar to Marquez’s and we’ve seen how we play without Marquez. That being said, I think it could be a case of wishful thinking on my part. I’d like to think Pep had thought his far, but I doubt it. As much as Marquez hasn’t played this season, Txigrinsky has played less and when he has played, he’s been iffy (granted there was injury and a language barrier to contend with.)

      I have hopes for Txigrinsky, though. He played so well against us in the UEFA Supercup, who’s to say we won’t see that, but even better, player for us?

      I’d also like for us to sign a back-up right back, a Maxwell for Alves’ Abidal, if you will.

    4. Ugh. Double post. I hate when that happens. Just ignore one of them and hopefully one of them will be gone. (Admin, if you will 😀 Gracias~!)

    5. Even if we can’t sign Silva, don’t y’all think we need to sign another creative player in midfield? This season will come after the WC, Iniesta could break down again or even Xavi after playing basically 3 years straight. Who is left? Keita and Busquets? For me, another creative midfielder is a must.

      Also, if Yaya leaves, something that is more than likely, I would argue that we would need two midfielders- one creative and one DM. Maybe it is just me, but I don’t want us to be short in midfield like we were this season. Xavi and Iniesta could breakdown at anytime, leaving us with Busquets, Keita, youth players, and some type of Pep scheme.

      Or Busquets could get hurt leaving us with Keita at DM and he has only played there a handful of times for us. I would definitely take a midfielder before a defender.

    6. meant to reply to this post. Henrique can play across backline, dunno if hes ready though.

  20. i only noticed halfway through the post that something was wrong.
    this is not kxevin’s style of writing not
    i always take those guys for granted so i scrolled up and saw it was luke. sorry luke…
    but great post.
    however, i thought alves played RW in the 1st half in the clasico in madrid.

  21. Whatever happen to Hernanes? we were linked to him once, or is that another Traffic case.

    1. Yeah, when Pep first came he wanted him. I was excited because he is a great passer, has a great shot, and is ambidextrous. Sao Paulo wanted too much money, so it never went through. He has regressed a bit and should have moved to Europe already, but I wouldn’t mind us taking another look at him.

  22. How can beating a quarter strength Arsenal be #3 when Barca got Whupped by Inter next round. Really clutching at straws.

    A better post or question would be, why did Barca invest $Mega Millionz in Ibrahimovic AND SWAP Eto’o the great for him ???
    Ibrahimovic seems to be a Lazy, look-at-me, playboy Nancy-Donkey.
    Did U see Eto’o get his 3rd CL Medal Saturday ???

    This Article = FAIL.

    1. ZOMG, you are so right! I should not have included the best individual performance in club football of the past year when it occurred for a Barça player in the CL quarters…

      From now on, the entire site will be called: “Let’s listen to uninformed fans bitch about Zlatan Ibrahimovic and make every post about it.” And then we can listen to everyone make comments about him being a “nancy-donkey” which I assume is an attempt at using some form of sexist slur?

      Alright, now that the site’s purpose has been changed, everyone get going. Come on, we have slots to fill.

  23. G7 thank you so much for the comments. Your positivism helps us blind souls through dark days.

    Now go back to Milan and hide in your Dome.

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