Tadaaaaaa! Welcome, David Villa!

It’s official. David Villa is now a Barcelona player, as our club takes one more step toward becoming the club version of La Furia Roja. We can deal with what this all means later, for now, it’s happened.

El Guaje is 28 years old, and is a striker of rather prolific form of late. He was in the pichichi running with Samuel Eto’o last season, and will bring that cutting incision to our attack. The happy number was 40m, which is about 5m more than it should have been, but you have to pay something for expediency, right?

This one will be short-but-sweet, welcome, El Guaje, and get used to scoring goals. Bags of ’em.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. A question for you experts: We know Ibra is staying right now but if Rosell wins, can he sell Ibra? Can he do that? I mean what I hear and read majority of cules don’t like Ibra and probably there won’t be much fuss except from Pep. Laporta has got Villa and if he can do the Cesc deal too, there won’t be much for Rosell. So first thing he does is Sell Ibra. Thoughts?

    1. Interesting. If we assume that Ibra was on the bench for the last 4 or 5 league games because Pep has lost faith in him, then this could be a way that he could essentially receive a “get out of jail free” card.

      Pep could either claim that Ibra was never his first choice, or that it wasn’t his choice to sell him but rather the new presidents.

      Of course, this assumes Pep has lost faith in Ibra.

  2. mourinho is a douche. first he says that the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is more important than the world cup…rofl. then he says he smashed us at home to go through to the final, didnt know smashing was scoring an offside goal and having a clear penalty taken away from us that would have put the real game ending in a tie. but seriously, saying the CL is more important than the World Cup is just a joke. I HOPE HOPE HOPE he decides to leave inter for the EE, so he can see what a real smashing looks like.

  3. David Villa, 32 games, 21 goals. 3 assists, 2009-10.

    Can’t wait to hear the culés calling for his sale to Man City next season.

    1. EXACTLY, ermengol. Everybody is giddy over getting a guy who has worse stats than the guy that everybody is calling a bust.

      Go figure. And Villa was fully integrated into in club, and didn’t start the season injured.


  4. Strange to see Ibra’s agent behaving haha. If only Seluk can do the same.

    Gabi Milito didn’tt make the Argentina squad. Messi will miss him.

  5. Vale in Valencia Soccerbabies can´t stay too long at the suegros but just wanted to share the little scoop I have (damn you Internet broadband!) Sorry Kari I thought you wanted THIS David I will go start stalking Silva for you now … And don´t dismiss Cesc, LaPorta says he is ´prudente pero optimista´ about the transfer from Arsenal … and Cesc is practically hanging around Pep´s window at night with a boombox over his head blaring Peter Gabriel songs, Coach P needs his Zs, you know … Professor Mourhiarty is at it again, saying that it is not a question of money, it´s a question of happiness, personal happiness, he´s happy at Inter he´s happy with Inter and he´s happy in Milan but he´s just not, you know, happy inside … well, that´s what I think of when MouMou comes to mind, inner happiness, peace and love and all that, but what the hey you want to purchase a team at any price you may as well pick up a coach who wants to win no matter what the cost … who´s obsessed with playing in Madrid and against Barca you all tell me … finally, the nice thing about staying in what may very well be a house of ill repute across from the train station above the Yong Fen phonehouse, a weapons shop and a not-to-discrete Blue Factory Adult Boutique is to wake up to the sound of traveling Atleti fans singing in chorus on their way to the Barcelona train, as well as a random Banesto bus encounter with some semifamous football people I didn´t recognize and the European Cup (really, the cup) that we could walk right up to and hug and take pictures and none of the local pickpockets or prostitutes bothered us at all … will post them later. Adios for now, chiquets!

  6. All I have to say is; remember last year when after Ibra’s signing Txixi said that it did not exclude a Villa buy. Pep has planned this all along.

    I’m salivating at a:

    Line up.

  7. Txiki on Yaya:

    “An extraordinary and important player. The question is how he sees things. The role he has to accept. We’re counting on him for next season but the thing is the players have to accept their position. Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Keita are all playing fantastically well. In the end you have to face up to the competition and you may not play as much as you would imagine. The player has to be the first to admit that. If they do that’s great for us. If they don’t accept it and want to discuss it, we have an obligation. We’ll never keep a player here who doesn’t want to be here.”


    1. Outside of the personal issues and the agent, etc., I do believe the squad would like to keep Yaya – but only if he’s going to be happy with his role.

      What Txiki seems to be articulating here is the further commitment of the club to deep squad rotation to keep players fresh and diversify skill sets.

      Barca this season moved away even further from the notion of a set “starting” line up. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops.

    2. most players can accept rotation, what it comes down to, who gets to start in the clasico, the CL semis, etc, the biggest matches. yaya was consistently benched for these matches and more

  8. Yeah Dave it’s from Re vista I can’t say I’m surprised really defied logic in keeping a player of Yaya’s class on the bench for majority of the season and only got game time when Xavi was suspended.

    Oh well what can you do?
    I have to say though in this day and age where players love to talk to the press if they get mistreated in any way despite the clear bias Pep has for Busi.
    Yaya has remained silent he really is a class act.

    Surprised to see the fans here are overlooking that we are kicking the best DM and most versatile player in world out the door.

    1. We aren’t forcing The Yaya out of the door. If he wants to go somewhere where he will start every match, that is not going to be Barca. As Txiki said, players must accept, as part of being in this squad, their position withIN the squad. If The Yaya doesn’t want to do that, then he should go somewhere that will meet his needs.

      But he isn’t being forced out. His agent is talking him out, which is a significant difference.

    2. This is purely a means of saving face by putting the onus back on Yaya- making him look the one that has the problem.
      The question is- Is everyone in the squad having to accept these terms??? Will txiki in his negotiations with Arsenal and Valencia provide this ultimatum to their players- I highly doubt it.
      What is annoying is the fact Yaya IS CLEARLY BETTER THAN BUSQUETS.
      Are we creating a situation reminiscent of Mourinhos Chelsea where certain players are your kevin costners, sean connerys ie ‘Untouchables’while others are merely expendable?
      I mentioned before that Barca are beginning to take the praise of la masia too far- in that they aspiring to be some kind of national team of Catalans while gradually phase out foreigners.
      No sane person can choose Busquets over Toure. Thats the interpretation im getting. others might go further and call it NEPOTISM just because his father was a goalie.
      I don’t like Toure’s agent but we are forcing a terrific player out by playing a political game. Theres no smoke without fire- and the agent has a point about Toure and the Inter match- whatever his agenda.
      Futhermore this could create divisions- if players see that the local boy is being selected ahead of the foreigners not to mention Yaya being popular. It flys in the face of meritocracy and ‘the best man for the job’ theories.
      I fear this could lead to a return to what Petit(I know he also may havehad an agenda) described about the cliquish nature of the Barca dressing room with Catalans in one corner and everyone else in the other. End of Rant.

    3. The record says otherwise. With Busquets in as many matches as he was, we have more points and fewer goals against in the Liga, with a better goal differential. So if The Yaya is clearly better than Busquets, wouldn’t the club in fact be doing worse?

      It’s a simple matter of if a player doesn’t want to be here, he doesn’t have to be, and that includes anyone on the roster. To argue otherwise, that the club is somehow forcing out a player that its coach, president and sporting director have ALL said is important to what we do, just isn’t supported by the facts.

      “Phasing out foreigners?” Don’t forget that Messi is Argentine. Abidal isn’t going anywhere, nor is Keita or Alves. Fact of the matter is that having 7 starters that cost the club nothing in transfer fees enables us to splash in other places.

      The agent does NOT have a point about the Inter match, unless The Yaya was in the box being stupid while Inter scored three pillow-soft goals. But the agent has to say that, to talk up his client.

    4. Thats the sin of spin right there.
      If hes not better-hes worse?? Were those conditions stipulated to others transfer targets included?Don’t bet on it.Busquets was bullied for most of that match- that doesn’t happen to Toure. With busquets we’ve no drive from deep.
      We know the player wants to be here but we are shifting the goalposts on his status.AND THEN SAYINGS ITS HIS PROBLEM. And before you say it ,this is not part of the politics of the game or shouldn’t be-it has no logic maybe if yaya was worse,but he clearly isn’t. It seems to me that Busquets was played to reach form (having horrendous displays forgotten)- Yaya was not given this luxury.
      What about the lucky escape in the 1st classico busquets was the worst man on the field(getting the road) Maybe if that had some bearing on the liga we wudn’t be having this discussion. Sell him sure,lets resort to busquets flailing around like hes been shot to get out of trouble. Tiki Taka is all well and good but sometimes you need a battering ram in mid f.
      This club has a short memory. When we had edmilson and motta both failing to convince and then resorting to 3 attack mf ie deco xavi iniesta we were lucky to sign yaya. Now we’ll repeat the mistakes and in 12 months time prob look to sign a inferior player to yaya.
      PS why do I feel so strongly. Not for Yayas benefit- the guy’s a millionaire he dont need sympathy- for the good of the team.

  9. Interesting quote from Txiki on Villa:

    Does David Villa have a Barca profile?

    “Yes, like Leo combining the position of centre forward or cutting in from the right wing. He‘s one of those players who make good diagonal runs, who use space well and give the team depth.. David Villa has this profile”.

    This speaks to how the club envisions utilizing Villa. And that doesn’t sound like he’s being seen only as a classic 9 or as a player who would need to occupy the center striker position. It doesn’t sound like a player they feel is redundant with Ibra.

    Barca’s strategy here seems to be creating a symmetry in skill sets in the front line on the left side. No one in the world is Messi. But Villa stationed on the left wing as an attacking player is at least analogous. Villa on the left is a player capable of using his right foot and speed to engage in dangerous diagonal runs. He will be able to play off feeds from a centrally positioned Xavi deeper on the pitch or even Ibra higher on the pitch. He will be able to overlap with Iniesta when Iniesta makes runs.

    The combination of things they can do tactically are remarkable.

  10. –Pedro!’s going to WC! Boo yah! Go P!

    (Valdes isn’t, but then, who’s suprised? At least he was in the provisional squad.)

    -Now that Villa signed, I know have to get a Xavi, Iniesta AND Villa jersey. My poor wallet 🙁 😛

    -Atletico won’t be doing the double. Sevilla score through Navas and Capel. Thank goodness, the insanity had to stop sometime. 23 defeats. Seriously?

    1. Why is Valdes not going? It just makes no sense to me. It makes me sad for him.

      And yay for Sevilla! I really like that Jesus Navas kid.

    2. Don’t get it either. Diego Lopez? Seriously?

      As for Navas, I think it’s the eyes for me. Talk about intense.

  11. Has anyone thought that we may have scuppered Madrid’s move for Silva by buying Villa? We know from last summer that Valencia won’t sell unless they absolutely must. With the 40 million Euros they got from us, they are probably back in the “orange–caution” zone of the debt-o-meter (where they were last summer which is why they held on to Villa) rather than the “bright red with flashing warning lights” zone that they have been in until today. So now, unless Madrid overpays and meets Valencia’s asking price for David Silva, Valencia won’t sell.
    What is that expression about a couple of birds and a stone?

    1. Two birds with one stone is the expression (not sure if that’s rhetorical or not. Me stupid see? 😀 )

      EE are without Guti, and Kaka’ has disappointed. VDV is a Calderon signing, so he’s out of the question and they sold Sneijder. That means EE is out of creative options in the midfield–a Xavi if you will. They don’t got jack in their youth team (muhahaha–sorry, couldn’t resist), so I guess they’ll solve this issue the way they know how, which buying more players.

      Silva seems to be the “best option” in terms of trying to find a playmaker, seeing as Ribery, the for-sure signing it seems, is a winger, but Silva ain’t a playmaker. He’s more of an Iniesta-ish player but doesn’t have a forcefield in front of goal and is comfortable on the wing. What EE really need is a Xavi, but they can’t have him (na na nana na! *blow raspberry*) and the only player close to him on the market is HeWhoMustNotBeNamed (and I’m not talking about Hleb).

      We were really smart in that we got Villa fast, and more importantly, first. Just like you said, EE have to meet Valencia’s asking price–who can hike it at anytime because they’re in the driver seat …

      …is what I’d like to say, but sadly EE being EE they’ll find money from some bank somewhere. I’ve expertly deluded myself into think Silva would never play for them because they’re arrogant, self-absorbed, unappreciative jerks who have no self-respect for themselves and others, but I know it’s probably not the case.

      Still, I won’t believe otherwise until I see pictures of his smiling mug holding the kit of our rivals splashed over all the official sites.

  12. Did you guys and girls know that in only 5 La Liga games did we give up more than 1 goal? And in 3 occasions, that is when we had a commanding lead, ie. against Sevilla.

    Am I the only one that finds that to be an amazing stat?

    1. Pretty darn amazing, if you ask me.

      We’re awesome and we know it. Now, to convince the rest of the world….


  13. Late as usual. also.
    I’ve read much of the tactical analysis here and I am still not convinced that signing makes much sense. It just does not address our left side issues and with all of these super super stars looking for play time, what does it do to the chemistry of the team?

    I have to also say this and you can rate me down all what you want… This is getting somewhat ugly. With so many teams struggling to make ends meet, Barca is doing what EE is doing. They spent 250M in one year, we are spending over two years… Sorry, but with all due respect, I don’t like this one single bit.

    1. When so many of your starting lineup cost nothing, you can afford to splash some money around. And don’t forget that we made bundles of money last year by winning the treble. The EE we are not.

  14. good good :d thank god oh thank you barca for not selling Bojan (me :))you wont regreat that! Now we are undestrutable cant wait for the next season

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  16. this has 4-1-2-1-2 writen all over it the world cup 2010 maradona formation seriously what a team


    that is some serious 4-1-2-1-2 formation come ultra attack 4-3-3 easy rotation into other formations too SHOCKINGLY GOOD

    i want argentina to continue with it but new faces


    both sides so simular

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