Sevilla v Barca LiveBlog, aka “For all the marbles!”

It’s Go Time, beeyotches!

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By Kxevin

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  1. OK. Total positivity for the next 90 minutes. Big positive waves heading to Seville. No negative thoughts, anyone !

  2. Even though we won, I’m absolutely disgusted with the way we played.

    1. Really? I heard we dominated the first half, and we dominated the first half of the second half.

    2. Aside of my stomach problems, I am glad. Three points against Sevilla away from home will never make me disgusted. But I am easy to satisfy I guess.

    3. watte? we outplayed them.
      they didnt even have a chance.
      that goal was actually their 2nd chance..
      defensive laps from us once again

  3. We switched off, but had the mental strength to hold on when it mattered. Awesome

  4. unnecessary…
    10 men seville made a comeback…tsktsk..
    imo pep was wrong to bring max out and wrong to leave yaya out

  5. WOW. I have to say that one left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. How could anyone F up such a great game. They had 10 MEN!!! WTF. Once again, we take a huge lead and fall asleep. Sucks. We were DESTROYING them for 60 minutes. What a shame. Compare our second half season falling asleep late to our first half waking up late. I don’t know which one I like less. C’mon! The game is NINETY (90) minutes. SMH at how we turned into one of the teams we hate with all the time wasting in extra time. At least we waited until then. I’m sorry, 3 points are 3 points but I have to say I’m disappointed.

  6. Well it’s also why you treat every chance like you’re one down. I don’t care if we’re 3 up, you put away your chances.

    BUT ENOUGH! Three points is three points is three points!! VICTORY!

  7. Can’t believe the initial unhappiness. It may have not been pretty for a while, but it’s been a grueling season, and a win is a win right now.

  8. A win is a win, and right know i’ll take that.
    But pep will have some serious talk bout the second half, and maybe if there’s some positive in it, it’s that we should never let our guards down. Hope from this suffer we would be on fire in Camp Nou.
    Visca el Barca!

  9. I honestly expected the whole game to be like the final 20 minutes. Congratulations on the hard fought win.

    This is far from over, though. Real Valladolid are in an EPIC relegation battle.. it’s a 4 way tie at 36 points between Valladolid, Malaga, Racing and Tenerife (places 16 to 19). Two will make it and two won’t.

    Malaga will play EE at home, which is hard for EE (especially since Malaga are dirty bastards). But we should celebrate La Liga by thrashing Valladolid to the Segunda. They will be desperate, and we should stay serious for 90 minutes. I DON’T WANT ANOTHER 2007 DAMMIT.

    1. Well, I didn’t expect the whole match to be as tough as the final 20 min, but I expected a real test for my nerves. Now, I had relaxed nerves for 70 min, but the last 20 min got on my nerves more than anything in this season! Yes, even more than the CL semi-final 2nd leg.

      It’s definitely a crazy battle against relegation, just like it is a crazy battle for the title πŸ™‚
      But Malaga is also involved in that spiral of death, so I prefer playing against Valladolid at home. We definitely HAVE to win the league now. That’s possibly the only advantage for the EE, the pressure is higher on us imo.

      Anybody knows the schedule for the last playday? I’m on the 60th birthday party from my godmother next Saturday, so PLEASE let it be on Sunday!

    2. You sure? I mean, I hope it’s on Sunday too, but everywhere I’ve checked shows May 15?

  10. I still do not understand how we made it so difficult. It was tough to watch the last few minutes man. But am so so happy that we won. Now its to final day. But that shall be for another day. Today i am just so happy:).

  11. I’m happy with the three points, though I was very worried for the last 20 minutes. It reminded me a lot of the Villareal game last spring. At least this time we didn’t throw it away.

    One more game…

  12. Jesus, I don’t believe people are actually being pissy and unhappy right now. We went into Seville, against a team fighting for a CL spot, and wiped the floor with them for 65 minutes. Then we hung on despite immense pressure. And now we’re one step closer to a second consecutive title (not guaranteed obviously, but more likely now than it was 2 hours ago). And some people are upset? Pfft.

  13. I’ve told you that Sevilla is not a team to be feared! Once again we proved how destructive we can be! I am happy also that the negotiation for villa broke down which means bojan will stay, praise that boy 3rd game in a row he scores. the boy has a very bright future ahead of him. La Liga is ours congrats. to all of BFB bloggers!!!!

    1. Bojan you scored one nice goal but missed one GLARING sitter and a another stupid one. But who cares? We woooon! πŸ˜€

    2. hahhaa i know trust me i didn’t expect a ball like that just by instincts i put my foot in front. sorry won’t happen again… πŸ˜€

    3. i really dont know what i have said strange to be rated down. i am really wondering , i mean my happines for the title is getting someone nervous…. well i dont give a …..

    4. its ok guys never mind i was just wondering… but its ok im still happy for out title. πŸ˜‰

  14. Valladolid are struggling to avoid relegation…

    Wonderful. They won’t be content to play the spoilers by going for the draw and will be going for the win. I think that helps us more than it hurts us.

    1. Not necessarily. Malaga have to play Madrid and Tenerife are away to Valencia. They may try for a draw and assume others will slip up. Three of their last seven games have been 0-0 draws.

    2. Yeah they’ve had more solid results under Javier Clemente, hopefully it’ll be less solid against us.

    3. Possibly, but it would be pretty suicidal for Valladolid to try to play an open game at the Camp Nou. So I would suspect they will be quite defensive, tackle aggressively and try to hit back on the counterattack.

  15. I’m sure Pep will tell the players about losing the lead, since he was so mad when we went 3-2 from 3-0.

    But we won damnit whats all the stupid distaste?!
    A win = a win = 3 points!

    The 1st half we played like I don’t know what. It was craaazy!

    1. Our first half was probably the best (against quality opposition) since our first half at London.

    2. Well, vs Arsenal it was the 1st 20-25 mins while today it more more the 1st 60 mins but yeah I get what you mean.

  16. Phew!! Visca Barca! but I was about to have a heart attack! How did we throw a 3-0 lead?

    So it drags for another week but at least our players get to rest.

    but dont care at this point. a wi no matter how is a win. 3 points!

  17. Annoyed that we lost our focus for two silly goals. Almost cried after Fabiano’s goal. Messi and Bojan could have put that game to bed early, thankfully those missed sitters didn’t come back to haunt us. For those who like to point out Ibra’s misses all the time, Messi and Bojan showed today that it happens to everyone.

    1 game to go… it might be the first time we win the league at home for like 11 years or something, right?

  18. AND YET we still have the same number of yellow cards as them.

    Oh, the irony…

  19. BTW, Xavi earned his 5th yellow and won’t be able to play against Valladolid. Maxwell as well.

    1. Maxwell – no problem, Abidal is back. Xavi – irreplacable. But maybe Iniesta is back. Otherwise, play Busquets, Yaya and Messi in midfield, Pedro, Ibra and Bojan in attack.

    2. Really? The official site only lists three yellows. Even if they haven’t updated for today’s match he should only be on four.


      Soccernet also only lists three…

  20. Fantastic result but given the circumstances, we should have made it very easy. I thought that we were going to regret Messi’s missed chance early but when we went 3-0 up and had 1 extra player it was all over.

    Xavi gave the ball away for the goal which a fully fit Xavi doesn’t & the 2nd goal conceded was ridiculous defending. It was school-boy defending.

  21. RM won’t have it easy. Malaga are a dirty team and that pitch is awful as well. haha

    But 7 days for us to recharge so we can go all out for 93 mins against Valadolid. Honestly we are our own worst enemy!

  22. Having calmed down a bit, I now can see something positive about this almost give-away: We won’t allow our focus to go down like this against Valladolid, this was the perfect warning for the team that a match is NEVER won until the ref blows the whistle.
    We might have been a bit lucky to come away with it, but over the complete 90 min, this was a damn deserved victory!

  23. Give Seville some credit. They kept fighting despite loosing one player and being 3-0 down. The first Goal against us was earned, and the second was dumb. Still Fabio is a Brazilian International. Kounte is a great player.

    I am more pissed off at the wasted open goal chances from Messi and Bojan of all people.

    If Xavi really out next game for 5 yellow cards… that is depressing.

    1. We should be able to beat Valladolid at Camp Nou with the title on the line without Xavi. It adds some spice to it, but we should be able to get job done.

    2. Seville have world class forwards in Kanoute, Luis Fabiano, Negredo and fabulous wingers like Navas, Adriano Capel. And you can see how they turned the match with all the class they have.

  24. I’m in the camp that says it’s not too important how we played, just that we got the points. We only have one game left, we’re not trying to build momentum, we’re just trying to hang on. I don’t care how we do it, we just need results. We can miss 50 chances and only score via an own goal, but if we win 1-0, that’s all that matters. I don’t think form is important anymore at this stage.

  25. Story of the season this match.. We come out all guns blazing, get into a very good position (scoring the 1st goal at Inter) and then go to sleep.. Hopefully we came out of those last 20 mins with our slender lead intact and can finally win La Liga next game..

    The first 60 minutes were WOW, to simply put.. Then Bojan missed that tap-in.. It all went haywire after that.. If it were the start of the season, that Puyol wouldn’t have allowed that pass to be completed.. I guess the time is ripe for a young CB to step up aka Pique..

    That second goal not only caught us completely off-guard, it destroyed our game from then on.. Not to mention putting all of us watching in serious risk of a heart attack (I’m still shaking). We have to keep the pedal to the metal for the whole f’in 90 minutes.. It has happened against Arsenal, Inter and now.. This is the difference from last year apart from those injuries, that has cancelled our trip to the Bernabeu.. We have to get over this problem..

    And we have to canonize Xavi as well, he’s played 3 games with a 3cm tear.. I bet del Bosque will be having sleepless nights over his condition..

    I guess this was the most tense Liveblog ever.. I apologize and I will cut down spooking others with just one word expletives and complete the whole sentence in such situations..

    TREMENDOUS win.. but those last 20 minutes ruined (and muted) my celebrations..

    1. Huh. The action at the end almost made it better for me. I hate to concede but I wanted a thriller πŸ˜€

  26. OK, I didn’t enjoy the last 20 minutes but what a performance up till then. At the start I was having trouble persuading myself we were going to win and we just swept them aside.

    Still not sure what happened to bring them back into it. I’ll need to have another look. Initial impression was Puyol was out of place for both and Abidal as well for the second but he was marking a man way out wide so that wasn’t it. Possibly Xavi arguing with the ref that ball was rolling left his man?

    Anyway, Pep seriously needs to calm down a bit. Demolishing the dugout is a quick way to burnout.

    Onto next week. Can’t wait. Just hope Xavi exit was a precaution.

    1. Kariiiii, We all thought you left the blog after the Inter defeat.

  27. Hey, I looked up the statistics on and, and I’m pretty sure that this has been Xavi’s 4th yellow of the season!

    We will be champions πŸ˜€

    1. Apparently the official site also says that Xavi is suspended.. Wierd!


  28. //

    Iniesta put this up on his Facebook. Emotional promotion…

    “Cuando tu equipo es tu equipo.” ~ “When your team is your team.”

  29. I think its time they realize that teams have things to fight for just like us.Its a pity we arent playing someone like valencia who have nothing to play for.Anyway hopefully there will be no blackouts next week by the team.

  30. Performances can be judged by their process or their outcome. Relying too much on either can be misleading.

    But ultimately what matters is outcome.

    And today what mattered was collecting three points. That’s what counted even if it meant gaining those three points via survival rather than sustained brilliance or dominance.

    That said, the process of this match can in parallel be judged independently of it’s outcome. Doing so will be particularly important for planning strategy for next season.

    It is a concern that in a few matches this season we coupled dominant first half performances to extremely poor second half efforts. It’s puzzling and may speak to structural concerns over how Barca is constituted and how Pep’s tactics are deployed.

    Pep needs to use the second half today to focus the club on a 90 minute effort for the finale.

    Three points closer. And for this season that’s what matters.

    1. Fair point about the 2nd halves but at times we’re out of sight by then and human nature being what it is the temptation to coast must be huge. Hopefully, something for the champions to reflect on during the close season πŸ™‚

  31. Like Van Nistelrooy once told Higuain, goals are like ketchup, sometimes you squeeze a little and they come alot, and sometimes no matter how you squeeze, nothing comes out. I agree with that. Thats why I normally dont fault players for missing chances. Yes, some really need to be buried, like Bojans chance, but for me, the question is, was he constantly putting himself in threatening positions by his movement and effort? Both Bojan and Messi did that, so I let missed chances slide. I liked that Bojan came right back with an attempted 22 yard shot that gave palop food for thought. If he keeps this up, he has a great future. Im a huge fan.

    The first goal was Puyols mistake. He gambled by sliding for that ball, giving Kanoute acres of space to work with. He should have retreated and shadowed him. Thats defense 101 that Puyol forgot. The second, actually both goals when you come to think of it, were due to lackadaisical play, when the team was on cruise control. That should never happen.

    Henry’s enthusiasm on the bench is amazing. I never liked his game on the pitch, but I’m respecting his game off the pitch. To never be given playing time for stretches of the season yet be soo supportive of the youngins is amazing. I wish him well.

    1. True that, Bill and Euler. Henry, by the by, has never been anything short of a consummate professional during his time here. For a flat-out superstar, that is to be commended. I join Bill in wishing him well, and hope for a Valladolid hammering, so that he can maybe get the chance to say goodbye to the Camp Nou faithful.

      I think we’re like a cat playing with a mouse. The mouse plays possum, we get bored, then the mouse gets up and runs away. Two goals later, we get some semblance of style back, and finish out the match.

      But the back of my neck itches (a stress manifestation). Them there boys are killing me! πŸ˜€

      More in the review, but I really liked a lot of what Krkic did. Things that he will learn, such as making the pass then immediately sprinting up the line to get the return, will come with time, despite my constant exhortations during the LiveBlog.

    2. Bojan was actually cramping in his calf, and that is why his tame shot in the end towards the keeper towards the end. He might have been thinking of passing the ball to somebody who could get a shot. He was ultimately subbed though after going down and holding his calf.

  32. it’s so good to hear we won in sevilla with goals from the three kings!

    anyone got any links to watch or download the game please? I don’t know who could it be… jnice? πŸ˜€

    1. Courtesy of Pakman of

      Sky Sports Commentary

      1st half:


      2nd half:


      or Hotfile

      1st half:


      2nd half:


      Post match analysis:




      Sorry, but he didn’t upload it to mediafire because of some type of problem.

      If you guys don’t have premium rapidshare or hotfile, it is probably best to use Jdownloader and it will dload faster.

    2. I left the jdownloader overnight but now I wake up and realize my girlfriend shut the computer down… damn πŸ™

  33. \\ – Pics of the 2010-2011 home kit. Not that different from the current one.

    1. \\


    2. Rumors are that that is just a very well done photoshop of Atletico Madrid shirt. We’ll see.

    3. Oooh.. Collar! Nice.. I’m buying this one, even if it means I have to turn every Nike store inside out in the city..

  34. first, let me say, some beautiful football on display today

    second, we depend on ourselves going into the last match against a bottom-of-the-table club, and that’s a beautiful thing

    three, does anyone else think the early red against Bilbao was harsh? sure, it was a hand in the box, but it was ball to hand, and he was trying to pull his hand away — direct red. madre.

  35. Found this gem on guardian’s minute-by-minute. Rob Smyth puts forward a question to the people who don’t like watching BarΓ§a:

    Would you really rather watch a load of hairy-arsed cloggers chasing their own first touch?

  36. I also noticed how genuinely happy Ibra looked on the bench when Bojan scored his goal. He was smiling and clapping along with everyone. That really is great to see. It’s also great to have guys like Pinto on the bench, who even though he doesn’t play, is a big part of the team because of the support he gives the players from the bench.

  37. I was driving from Florida to Tennessee all day, and did not want to look at the score till I got to my hotel which was at 8pm.!!! When I typed in FC Barcelona in Google I was shaking uncontrollably, but the relief that poured upon me when I saw that scoreline was immense, Visca el Campiones.

    1. You missed a great game John. All the goals were world class. Even the two by the Sevilla forwards were true goal scorer’s goals. The match was a treat in the sense that there was tension even till the very last minute in the match.

    2. we had a great match! prolly the best 50mins since the arsenal match but then 2 costly errors at the back.
      the scoreline couldve easily been 7-2 or something

  38. thanks for posting those links jnice…sorry to be an idiot–but can you explain what to do with this file once i download it…i think there is a second step and i dont know what that is…im on a mac…thanks alot..

    1. You need to use a rar extracting program and extract the 1st file. I have a Mac and I use The Unarchiver or Stuffit Expander. Once you download one of those programs all you have to do is open and extract the 1st file and it will do the rest automatically.

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