Liga Liveblog: Barça – Tenerife

Yours truly is back to his liveblogging ways today, with the return of the midweek fixtures and a visit from Tenerife. Launching just prior to kickoff.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. I think its bullshit that mallorca goal was disallowed, but w/e, we just will win out.

    1. I’m listening to music while watching, I thought the play was dead. Turns out the three or four of them were just standing around watching as soon as Ronaldo got by them.

  2. Wow the Mallorca defenders just stopped playing.

    And those English commentators need to just shut the f up…

  3. The Yahoo Eurosport feed is so FUCKING BIASED…

    Welp. Time to beat Sevilla.

  4. They did it again, I am not even surprised, they have got already so many “impossible” away wins so far. The opponent again had their chances but did throw it all away,so typical. But guys, dont be overconfident about Sevilla game, it will be very hard, especially if Zlatan starts

  5. In case you’re wondering, this season vs. Sevilla…

    At home in the Copa, they beat us 1-2.

    Away in the Copa, we beat them 0-1 and were knocked out.

    A few days later, at home, we earned a revenge 4-0 hammering.

  6. Total Barca reporting that Pique’s injury is worse than first thought and that he is doubtful for Sevilla. 🙁 🙁

  7. Wow what a game by Sevilla!!! I will get lots of beer and chips for Barca vs Seville. This game is the real deal. There will be very good attacking football on display.
    Forget others, we need Diego Capel for our Barca wing.

    1. Plus Capel has been part of the Barca academy in the past. So he understands tiki taka.

  8. i dont know why people are so happy with Ibra’s assist. looked to me like he misheaded it, yet Messi took great advantage of the opportunity.
    Just saying though…

    1. true, he was attempting to head it on goal i think, messi’s quickness is the only reason we score that goal.

  9. Also people saying Ibra’s 6ft4 poses an aerial threat. Being Dutch I have followed Ibra since his Ajax days (my 2nd team after Barça). Never was an aerial threat and I doubt he ever will be. And yes i love his 2 meter high back heel goals. And yes I hate it when we need a goal and he tries to back heel a cross in and misses the ball completely where a STRIKER would head it. You know, actually try to score! And to those who say Ibra should be put on the wing I have one thing to say: he’s too slow!
    You know, just saying though…

  10. And also I think it is awesome Pep brought in Ibra so that we would have a Plan B. Too bad he threw plan A out of the window, cause that plan seemed to be working pretty well last season.

    You know, just saying though.
    (and that’s enough of my Ibra hatemail, lol, I really do hope he will shine for Barça bc yes, he is a talented mofo!)

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