Remuntada Liveblog: Barça – Inter

Thank you VicSoc for running this liveblog.

It is time for a remuntadaaaa. What say you? Let’s get freakin’ HYPED!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Great post from Ramzi.


  2. Pep subbing Ibra off for Bojan speaks volumes.

    1 – It shows that Pep is admitting that perhaps Ibra isn’t what we thought he would be. Yes, it’s early, and I do believe he is a monster when fully fit and flowing with the team, but the fact he put in a smaller, pace focused striker, means that we will in fact be going after Villa in the transfer window.

    2 – It also showed that Alves needs competition at RB. Today, he was atrocious with his service. His touch, poor. His cross, poor. Abidal has gotten exponentionally better since we signed Maxwell cuz he’s had to be that good in order to keep the position. I think we need the same for Alves. Maybe Batra or whoever his name is, the lad who came on and stunned us all. But we need to keep him accountable.

    3 – Pep admits he needs to become more flexible. Pride in our style in times of adversity is nothing without results. He knows it, and we all do too. I love boasting that we play the best football in the world, but I admit we lacked creativity in our ability to adapt. We need that if we’re going to win in Europe next year. Teams are learning how to counteract our beautiful play, and we can only trounce so many teams until we meet the Big Boys of Europe.

    SO PROUD OF OUR BOYS and especially Pique. Next jersey I get for sure.

    ps – Red shorts next year are going to look gross IMO.

  3. Explain this to me all you Barca fans who claim that you play such beautiful football…

    If Barcelona now had 86% of the possession, how the hell do they manage to foul more than Inter? Which team is the one that is actually playing dirty?

    Possession: 86%/14%
    Fouls 20/15

    By the way, I have noticed that this trend more or less applies to ALL Barca games. 75%+ possession, and always more fouls. Yea, I guess that is how you get away with all those holes in your defense… foul everybody before they get a chance to attack you.

    1. you have to been watching basketball or something because clearly what you said is non-sense, please re-read the statistics again, then post something that at least has a sense

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