What Will You Do For a Barça Win?

Everyone does stupid things now and then. Sometimes they’re pre-planned. Sometimes they’re tied to whether or not your favorite football team qualifies for the European final.


My friend has agreed to tattoo Ens Hi Deixem La Pell somewhere if we win. That’s awesome and I will post pictures of the tat if we are so fortunate. I’m not sure what I’m doing, so I’d like to open it up to you: what should I do? The rules are simple: nothing permanent, nothing illegal. Suggestions in the comments and I’ll select the one I love the most. Remember, I love weird and funny things. And yes, I will post pictures.

And not only that, but what will you do if Barça overcome their deficit to Inter and make the final? Post away, dear readers. [Don’t forget to check out the preview!]

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. I will run shirtless to my university’s cafeteria, screaming “MILK! MY BODY NEEDS MILK!”, spend my remaining meal plan on 2% milk, douse my body with the lactate, and collapse into a heap right there on the spot while shouting “CAMPEONES!” and “BLACK PRESIDENT!”

    1. ‘ while shouting “CAMPEONES!” and “BLACK PRESIDENT!” ‘

      well… the “campeones” part is cool…

  2. Cant think of much I can do. I am part of the Barcelona facebook fan club. I send them my best wishes from there.

    1. Here is the link if other want to leave a message with the official Facebook website.

  3. “The rules are simple: nothing permanent, nothing illegal.”


    Um… Name you’re first born son after the goal scorers…

    ie: we win 2-0 through Xavi & Pique goals, you first born son will be named :
    Xavier Gerard Cambron
    ie: we win 2-0 through Ibrahimovic & Krkic goals, you first born son will be named : Zlatan Bojan Cambron

    1. Unfortunately, despite it’s obvious brilliance, the naming falls into the permanent category…Plus, Mrs BFB might have something to say about it.

  4. What I will do…
    hmm… do I want Permanent or Illegal???

    Lets do illegal.
    If we win, I will take the “Ens Hi Deixem La Pell”/”Remuntada” designs, toy with them on my computer, and print some out, so that I can use it… Ahh…. Copyright Infringement 🙂

    i’ll wait for permanent later…

    1. by “print some” I meant go to a silkscreener and get T-shirts made, I didn’t really clarify that…

    1. why? a lot of athletes have to do it anyways. I’m a soccer player/runner, so I buzzed off the leg hair this weekend.

    2. I have several friends (swimmers) who do it too. I just think it works well for bets (between people who don’t normally do it) because it is something that is not permanent but stays around long enough to remind you of whatever bet you lost (or in this case won). Plus, for people who don’t normally do it, it makes them slightly self-conscious plus makes their friends do a double take (and is a good conversation starter). It’s just one of those things that for a lot of people is slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable.

  5. I will finally gain the courage to ask my girlfriend if she’s ready to take the next step into the magic of intercourse. I will post pictures, of course.

    1. I will finally gain the courage to come out of the closet and admit I’m gay……… oh wait.

  6. I will award every one of my students this semester an extra-credit point on their final grade.

  7. I will build my next bicycle with a blaugrana theme and attach a Barca flag.
    Isaiah you will officially form the Brooklyn Penya for a win.

  8. @ibrahim

    “I will make a poster of Mourinho and piss on it all day…”

    good idea. let’s do that regardless of the result, lol

  9. For Isaiah:
    (some or all of following)
    Wear blaugrana in some form everyday till the final.
    Post everyday until the final, some or all recorded as podcasts.
    Eat a blaugrana dish every day till final
    (strawberries/bluberries, hotdog + blue macaroni..etc)
    Translate all posts until the final into spanish.
    Post somewhere.
    Eat a chocalate bunny before writing every blog post.

    For me:

    Play soccer everyday until the final
    Wear/eat something blaugrana

  10. I will fuck my girlfriend while trying to immitate the Fox Sports En Espanol Commentator commentating the winning goal

  11. Haha, this is awesome. I was walking out of work bargaining with the gods for a Barça win. Such as – “Huitzilopotchli help Barça destroy Inter and I’ll eat some prickly pears (tunas!) in your honor!” Or “Chubby Buddha grant Xavi the zen necessary to pick out the perfect passes and I’ll try some meditation.” As you can tell, I don’t like to promise anything major, since you know, none of those gods exist.

    But fine, when Barça makes it to the final, I will limit myself to one cup of coffee per week for the rest of the year. AH. I’m going to die without coffee, but I’ll do it for the blaugrana.

    Isaiah, I say you record yourself on video singing El Cant del Barça with full on face paint and post it on YouTube.

  12. For Isaiah: Shout Visca El Barca like a mad Blaugrana on a crowded train and post it on youtube.
    If that’s too much: Starting the day after we qualify till the final, write one poem.. of a different Barca player currently on the first team.. a poem each day post of the day… or poem of the day… all up to you! (I still remember the one about Messi you wrote during one of the international breaks)

    For me: If we make it to the final, I’ll get up at 5 am and go for a run for 30 mins at least everyday till the final. (I used to do this but stopped 2 months ago due to a long sickness. Recovered now but been putting this off. Am also the kind who sleeps late and get up earliest at 7 am)

  13. I’ll spend all summer driving across America in a school bus painted red and blue, stopping in every town to show highlights to the people who live there showing our brilliance, telling stories of the Remuntada and many other aspects of the one club that is mes que un club. I will learn to teach birds to sing El Cant Del Barca on command so that my grand finale will be a surprise controlling of nature. It’s not much, but it’s what I’ve got.

  14. If Barca qualify, I will WALK to work every day until the final… an 90 minute walk, twice a day.

  15. I will run make a voodoo statue of Maicon and pierce it with needles…just for the heck of it.

  16. *http://www.antena3noticias.com/PortalA3N/deportes/Mourinho-Para-Barca-final-sueno-antimadridismo/10501514

    I think I heard a nice “Mourinho, cabron, saluda al campeon” chant as The Special One gets driven away from the angry mob outside his press conference in a minivan.

  17. i will go to the gym everyday until i leave the country next week

    harder than it sounds

  18. I will buy the 4th generation iPhone and post pictures of it on the internet and paint it blaugrana. Later I will watch as the police ransacks my house and takes my crap. Oh wait….

  19. I’ll cry tears of you until I’m dehydrated. I’ll be rocking my Barça jersey and scarf in the university tomorrow once I’m regenerated. And it’ll make me forget about all the horrible stuff that’s going on in the world right now (such as exploding oil platforms but Obama still wants to drill for oil on the Atlantic Coast…).

  20. 3:45AM. Can’t sleep. Work in 3 hrs but I’m sitting in front of the PC wearing my blaugrana scarf listening to El Cant del Barça and re-reading the preview for the 3rd time. \

    To say I’m hyped for the game is a gross understatement.

  21. Oh come on.
    Even if we qualify, doesn’t mean we will win the final. There are still matches left and Barca has won nothing yet. And pls be calm even if we qualify, we have some tricky matches left if we want to win liga and we must not get over-excited.

    Save what you gonna do for later when we actually win anything and do it for real.

    1. but this is not a normal game. We are into unknown territory. If we make the final, we’ll have another “what will you do if” 😀

  22. Isaiah, if we qualify I dare you to not watch the final. He he he 😀 😀 😀

    Or else, you can write a post on how my Peanuts jokes were the success of Barca all along…

    As for me, I will think of something …

  23. I just want to finish writing the two emails I started to prepare yesterday…

    Oh no, I am not always that slow. you just cant type properly when you keep walking back and forth like a pendulum.



  25. By the way, I think there have been too many interviews, “Remuntada”-Videos etc.
    This might actually distract the players and work against us in the end. They’re all saying “We’re the best, we’re gonna make it” – where’s the humility from last season????
    For me, they seem to be too optimistic. They don’t even consider not qualifying for the final. This slightly arrogant attitude might be fatal if we fail, and I’m not only thinking about today’s match, but also come Saturday 🙁

    Sid Lowe is right when he says there’s been much more talking than acting in the last days.

    I personally do not EXPECT us to reach the final, I hope for it but nothing more. Because the disappointment of elimination would be unbearable if I expected us to win.

    If this works out today, you can congratulate the players for their great confidence and mental strength, but what if not…

    1. Nonsense! Every player and every fan should believe that we will make it to the final. We are the best team in the world with the best players. We have character, grit, determination, skill, heart and a never say die attitude. If any team in the world can turn this tie around it is us. Lets be real here, its notlike we have to win 4-0 to take us through. 2-0 will do the trick. I mean really, that is not so big an ask. We already did it earlier in the year, without Messi or Ibra… all we have to do is play our game.

      I love the Remuntada campaign. It shows belief, it shows spirit and above all it shows a willingness from the players to leave everything they have on the pitch. I for one could not be prouder of any of them. No matter who plays I believe they will give their all and I wish more than anything that I could be in the stadium chearing them on.

      Win or lose the players will play their hearts out tonight and honestly that is all I care about. Football is the type of game where anything can happen, the best teams dont always win. So, we may not make it to the final, but I believe we can and if we are to do it than the players also have to believe that.

      This whole remuntada thing is blatantly Peps doing and I dont believe for a second that he will allow the players to be distracted by it.

  26. So Ribery won’t make it to the final…


  27. And take a look at the first point that Barca needs to do to reach the final:

    I completely agree with it! Can somebody please confirm that the Yaya starts? I can’t wait any longer -.-

  28. I had a nightmare that we were losing 1-0 and boy was it realistic 🙁 . Atleast this time it was a dream. Last time we played them all through the match I was trying to wake up 😀

  29. Isaiah, you must propose to your wife (in Catalan) in Barcelona advance to the finals today.

  30. After I’ve lost my voice, I’d go to the grocery store, put on every piece of Blaugrana attire I own (8 kits, 2 jackets, and 2 t-shirts) and run around stripping off each layer of Barca material while shouting El Cant Del Barca.

    Then, I’d go sit in the frozen food section and eat nothing but Blueberry and Rasberry ice cream, to the point where I’d vomit, JUST SO I CAN SAY I’VE BARFED THE COLORS OF EL EQUIPO MEJOR EN TODO DEL MUNDO.

    Finally, I’d run home doing my best Dani Alves imitation, and sip sangria while eating a tasty baguette stuffed with Torta de la Serena, paella, then topped up with a glass of horchata.

  31. I will loose 6 pounds to achieve my ideal weight if Barca progress to the finals. And that I will do till the finals.

  32. Isaiah,

    If anyone (boss, girlfriend, parents) makes a mention of any sport at any time, anywhere between today and the finals, you have to (secret-society style) shout out Cabron, Saluda al Campeon/We are the Champions, My Friend, and find a way to leave the room. And keep a journal of how many times you do that (and how) here on the blog.

    Or if you don’t leave the room, at least shout it out a lot 😀 I’m sure doing that to random people on the subway should make for fun stories.

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