The wonder strike of Pedro. Goal of the season? Discuss.

Something to tide you over while waiting for the day to pass.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. What I love most about this one is Valdes’ effort to hit the runner with a long pass. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    1. Yeah, Valdes hit that ball with an outside spin and acute curve, and the ball landed a few inches to the left of a running Alves, and the 2nd bounce would have been right on his path…truly incredible. Only two people with ‘alves’ in their names can do that! 😉

    2. Huge side-spin punt. The cameraman did not know where to expect the ball to fall. No matter how short we love our passes to be, this long ball shows how good Valdes’ vision is.

    3. i watched it few times…u see, when deportivo player just kicked the ball, alves already ran towards depor area. run alves run.. the ball not even reaching valdes, he was already at full speed…

      i think they have planned all these movement. great tactics and looks like very simple.

  2. No, only because it was so unusual, and I’d rather give that particular accolade to a vintage Barca goal. That said, it was incredible. It put a crown on Valdes’ most-improved-player status IMO, and how about Pedro? Forget Pedro!, he is the Wildcard. He always scores the most surprising goals. There I was, wondering if Jeffren should have stayed on instead of Pedro, and then he pulls off another one of his out-of-nowhere superstrikes.

  3. Pedro one-touched it and it went exactly straight in the top left corner! Holy crap!

    1. True…but I’m sure he aimed for the middle of the goal, so he was actually kinda off. 😀 The top corner looks cool and all, but that “error” keeps it from being a “goal of the season” in my mind.

      Go Valdes.

  4. Alves could have scored the definite goal of the season. The passing moves before an audacious overhead kick.. beautiful.

    Pedro scored a wonder goal for sure, but GotS it is not.

  5. The best thing about the goal was Alves position on the field. We were under attack and our right fullback was our striker at that moment. Total Barca.

    1. Ha! we were writing about Alves at the same time! Only, it wasn’t his positing, more his industry and lung busting ability.

    2. was about to say it, and need not repeat now. full credits to Valdes’ wonder kick. but if Alves wasn’t there to run and give pressure to the goalkeeper, they would have dealt with it comfortably.

      Pedro is better with his left foot now huh? scoring against casillas and now this wonder shot, both left-footed strikes. bravo!

  6. To place that, with the curve and angle+distance, using his ‘off foot’ was simply another thing that shows the incredible talent that Pedro is. By the way, I’m not even sure the goalie staops that, even if he was standing around the penalty spot as they usually do when the ball is on the other side. The key to that goal though, is Alves. To run from outside your own 18 to near their 35yrd area, all before Valdes catches the ball and imediately boots it to you, is truly lung busting. The guy is tireless.

    I enjoyed The Yaya and Bojan getting playing time and performing soo well. For both to score was icing on the cake. Btw, I loooove Bojans striking insticts. We don’t need Ribery or Suarez or any other striker/winger, lets work on this kid. He is the future.

  7. As this youtube shows: Lotina to his player, moments before the goal:

    Alright…their attackers are….you mark XXX…What the hell…who is that number two striker?! You know what…forget it…

  8. Statistics:

    Passes made: Barca, 808–Depor, 275
    Shots on goal: Barca, 21–Depor, 5

    Holy crap. And Espanyol with no Kameni? The only complexity is that we’ll have the HUGE Champions League tie with Inter midweek, which will affect player selection. Sure would make life easy if EE drop points today. I’d even take a draw.

    1. Depor 275? more than arsenal! It goes to show what they call the ‘arsenal way’ in England, they call it football in spain.

  9. Ahh the “brown goal” that made everyone in the liveblog relax their bowels at the same time.

    1. It’s from the “brown note,” from wikipedia – “The brown note is a theoretical infrasound frequency that would cause humans to lose control of their bowels due to resonance.”

      Add that to the comments after that goal in the liveblog, and you should see where I’m coming from

    1. Interesting part of the article

      “Standing four feet away from them was an upside down stool. Try to visualise this if you can: they had to chip the ball into the legs – first with the right foot and then the left – before they could shoot at the keeper. Despite the temptation… neither took a shot at goal until they had landed two balls in the stool.”

      Crazy. The guy said Pep’s attention to detail really shines through in training. I wish Pep allowed the media more than the first 15 minutes everyday.

  10. Goal of the Season? Nah. Top 10 Barca goal this season? Maybe.

    A few of the posts are indicating they think Pedro intentionally picked out the far left top corner to place it… come on, he had an empty net, all he had to do was get it over the goalie and its celebration time.

    Nice finish by Pedro, but nowhere near goal of the season, not even goal of the day! That honor goes to Danny Rose.

    1. exactly. he didnt pick out the left corner. it would be more accurate to say that he almost missed. its actually not hard to hit the ball that far when it is rolling towards you, and a professional footballer should be able to put the shot pretty close to on target, pretty often. even i could do it once in a while. not saying i would try it in front of 80000 people heh heh.

      i rate yesterday’s first goal much, much higher. the passing and one-touch finish by bojan were beautiful.

    2. I didn’t say he aimed there, just saying that it went straight into the top left corner which makes it even more awesome.

      I’m assuming you’re commenting on my comment…

  11. The thing is, it was his off foot. Half of us could not hit that shot on a pitch alone, let alone in a game with our off foot. Great job by Alves and VV, both had a big hand in the goal. As for Bojan and Pedro being the likely sucessors for the LW, I wish you were right, but to maximize this teams potential we should bring in a top class LW….most likely Suarez, Ribery or Villa.

    1. Right but none of us are professionals. I think any pro could have scored that. The goal was wide open. Just because he placed it and curved it so well is what people are raving about. Alonso has scored from that far away countless times and he had a goalie in the net.

      Nothing to take..oh wait, yes, I am taking away from the goal a tiny bit. I still think Messi’s last 8 goals were all more impressive.

    2. fully agreed that it is not the goal of the season, but it was a classy goal. Messi’s chip vs. Arsenal was much more difficult and probably more audacious I would think….anyways Vica Barca.

    3. Well, Pedro is basically ambidextrous. But yeah, his left foot is the “weaker” of the two.

    4. I don’t want to get into a discussion about transfers, but I somewhat disagree with the idea that we need a top class LW.

      Pedro – Ibra – Messi is pretty good if I do say so myself.

    5. I agree that we don’t NEED a world class LW, but as the best, most fiscally responsible club team on the planet, if it is a need, we should and can foll it. What we dont need is Fabregas right now, he will not start unless we were to change to a 4-4-2, in that case I agree we dont need a left winger because Ibra would play up front and messi would play as a second striker. That would allow Fabregas to play at the top of a diamond and Inesta to play the left, Xavi to play on the right with either Biscuts, Kieta or the Yaya to play DM.





      The reason this is a possibility is because the leader in the clubhous for the election is Sandro Rosel, who is a Cryuff hater and may try to move away from the beautiful ‘dutch’ football we play in our 4-3-3 formation for a more conventional 4-4-2 with Fabs coming over. It kinda makes sense if you think about it, having Messi, Xavi, Inestia and Fabregas all on the field at the same time means 70% possession in nearly every game. Our Tiki Taka would be a joke!!!! I have steam coming out of my ears thinking about all this nonsense someone tell me what they think!!!!!!

    6. And to further play into the Fabregas mess, today Tixi would not rule out signing Fabregas this summer after Arsenal spokesmen came out and said that we assured Arsenal that we would not go after him this summer. Personally I dont want him coming off a broken leg anyways. When he is 25 and Xavi’s career is winding down, he is more than welcome to come on back!!!!

    7. Pretty sure his left is actually his strong foot. In any case, he’s probably the most two footed player I’ve ever seen…

    8. me too. i know he’s ambidextrous but you always favor one foot over the other. that shit doesn’t just happen. sneijder is the same way. he said he used to practice free kicks w/both feet for hours at a time when he was in the ajax academy.

    9. Its not the goal of the season, Pablo’s was better *

      But it still a great goal, what’s impressive is he hit it 1st time, and had little reaction time as well not to mention it being his weaker foot, if you can really say he has a “weaker foot”.

  12. An audacious attempt at goal with a supreme result, but not GOTS.

    Messi’s goal vs Zaragoza is still slightly more impressive for me.

    Even last weekends wonder goal by an Athletic Bilbao striker was more impressive. I don’t want to diminish the quality and class made evident through P!’s golazo, but I agree with Nafja..

    if Alves’ overhead shot had gone in, I would’ve soiled myself and called it a night.

  13. However, I did just realize that was LEFT FOOTED. Holy Crap this kid is a keeper.

    I still wouldn’t mind Ribery or Villa, but Pedro as a back-up for Villa/Messi/Ibra would be Fantastico!

    1. Yeah, I don’t even bother getting up for when they have an early goal against them. Teams like Almeria can always exploit their shoddy defense, but they have so much individual talent in their front line that only very well-organized defenses can keep them out.

  14. I have the best luck when I start watching games online (which I don’t often do). I turned on ESPN 3 yesterday and less than a minute later, Pedro pulls this one off.

    Last time I put a game on via streaming, less than 2 minutes later Robben scores that amazing goal to knock ManU out of the Champs League 🙂

  15. off topic:

    GOLTV use to be available on the TVU player as channel 65217. i cant find it now. anyone know what happened to it?

  16. Very well taken goal by Pedro. Not easy though the net might be open. Remember Higuain against Lyon. He is indeed staking a claim to be automatic starter for next season as well.

    Definitely not GOTS for me. That has to be Messi’ against Zaragoza.

  17. I would take a draw between EE – Almeria today. Unfortunately i do not see Almeria holding out for another half. Hoping like hell that EE slip up nonetheless.

    Goal by TB was very nice one as well. Though it pains me to say that.

  18. at JNice et al: ive been appreciating that you post the download links post-match.

    i found out that i will miss the first leg of the CL semis.

    I need to be able to download this without knowing the result. coming to this site and looking for the link will likely ruin it.

    i tried to become of a member of the forums at but “registration has been disabled by the administrator”

    you have any other ideas about how to do this? thanks for holding my hand.

    1. Well, you can go to and they will have it in their forum. Shouldn’t be any spoilers there. Otherwise, I mean I could e-mail the links to you or something.

    2. cool, i just went and found the found the correct forum on rojadirecta and it looks like nobody is talking about the result in there, and there are lots of download options…dont know why i never explored this…i use rojadirecta for real time but never for post-match downloads….this looks like it will work…thanks a bunch.

    3. You can also save the rojadirecta live links from justin tv and view the archives from the day before…you do risk seeing/hearing a score though…and the quality is often horrendous..but sometimes you just can’t wait for a download you know. (you do need to have the link ahead of time though.)

  19. Brilliant stuff!!! we’re scoring soooo many different types of goals this season!! Lotina wasn’t even looking!!

    Lotina (talking to his sub): ummmm, I know it’s a long shot but hey one can hope right? so now listen.. when you get ooooo… waaaaiiit a min!!!!

    Sub: what boss what??? you ate the vindaloo last night didn’t you?

    Lotina (with shocked look pointing at alves running faster than usain bolt): oh no!! oh wait thank god! azanzubia will get to it!! yayness!! waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiittttttt!! oh thank god that ball didn’t go to messi 🙂 ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooo!! (gripy face)

    Sub: you really should stay off the spicy indian food boss!!

    Pedro scores a screamer!!

    Sub: you were saying boss?? go out there and target the guy who’s supposed to be the right back but was running so fast it seemed like he just came on?

    Lotina: the secret my son is in Pep’s cardigans, but you go on now and play in defense cos I smell a Yaya in the air

    the rest is history!

  20. I tune in to EE-Almeria and what happens?

    I see Piatti flagged for the most BS offside ever and then taken down by Casillas which would have a been a nailed on pen. From the quick restart, the ball falls to VDV who scores.


  21. The difference between Almeria and us is that we finish those chances. If you look, it’s just quality. So the first touch is a little funky, which means that the shot takes longer to get off, which means the defense gets there, etc, etc.

    It really is why the big two are precisely thus. Watched a little of it, and the difference in the way we played them and the way Almeria played them is like night and day. It’s easy to be confident against sides you’re supposed to beat.

    1. The same thing will probably happen at Mallorca. Mallorca will score early, they will squander chances, Iker will save them, then someone will score a couple of late goals. Game over. Same script every time.

    2. One can hope, right?

      …Don’t answer that.

      Sigh. At least I have Alcorcon, Lyon, and us to appease myself.

  22. But on the up side, all we have to do is take care of business. Almeria playing a better match, however, would have helped Guardiola with his weekend selection as regards the Inter match.

    1. Yep, you are right Pep could have had some massive help in the line up selection if Almeria could get a result…and that would be all the help we would need…
      But still…that offside and then goal by the EE on the counter it’s just TOO ARGHHHH…

      I think them scoring after a bad referee decision for the other team has become so common that they MUST be doing some practise on it…pffff

  23. Of course AS claims that Almeria’s first goal came by way of an offside, but no mention of that botched call in the 2nd half.

  24. The Spanish press is impressed with Yaya as he again spoke in Catalan. This time, he answered in Catalan in all of the questions given to him in Catalan.

    1. wow..
      he is really talented, linguistic wise.
      it would such a waste if he would leave us in the summer.

  25. Mestalla = awesome. They played the Pirates of the Carrabien theme after Silva score. LOL

    Uh oh. Villa was fouled after owning the Athletic left back, and landed awkwardly on his shoulder…Hope he’s okay.

  26. don’t know if this has been posted yet but it’s a commercial re: toure’s new boots.


    1. Wow Isaiah you were dead right with your predictions on both matches….You should now make this your profession lolzz…

    1. I don’t really know any Barça-centric ones, but besides World Football Daily, I listen to the Guardian’s football weekly, BBC’s World Football Phone-in (my favorite), and I just started listening to the Football Ramble (thanks corrine).

  27. where is the match review?!?!?!?!?! are we gonna get a double whammy with the match review and derby preview all in one day??

  28. Sorry for the delay, everyone, but the review is up. This whole weekday match thing is a problem, with this whole bicycle racing business. 😀

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