Liga Liveblog: Barça-Depor

I am back with the livebloggagery. Let’s do this! Kicking off at 4pm, even though I think the thing itself says 4am cause I can’t read. Oh well.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. why the f**k do RM always play after us, knowing our result? i know sometimes it has to do with the CL fixtures, but that surely cant be the reason this week, can it?

    and last year, they got our sloppy seconds, week in, week out. WTF.

    1. not a bad thing i think. we only focus on ourselves without being distracted at all. we can put pressure on them when we win game after game.

  2. I think the players will need the crows more than ever in this match. It’s all too easy for players not to be up for this match, although I’m sure Pep and co are doing their best to combat this. His comments in the media about how we are not yet Champions suggests as much.

  3. Liveblog says 4:00 AM. I dunno if that matters or not; probably not.

    Watching the North London derby (i.e Spurs v Arsenal); some guy scored a golazo 9 minutes in.

    1. i read something that said van persie would be in the squad this weekend. so things are looking good if they can just score more then get scored on.

  4. I think Pep is employing his 4 2 4 formation again.

    Alves, Piqué, Márquez, Maxwell
    Xavi, Touré
    Pedro, Messi, Bojan, Jeffren

  5. I don’t like Pique Marquez partnership. Just like Milito Puyi, Pique with Marquez or Chyggy is too similar.I guess milito is knackered.

    1. They did really well last year before Marquez got injured. I think they’ll be fine.

  6. So ESPN has decided to put some consternation in my life by having a new ESPN 3 to replace ESPN 360 *. Here’s hoping this new feed is stable. I haven’t had Barcelona football in 4 days and I am going into withdrawal.

    * What’s up with the new name? Now they only cover 3 degrees of sports? No more about faces — doubled. I can only hope that they want to treat the online video as a third channel. Of course that makes sense, which means it won’t happen.

    I need this game to start so I stop rambling . . .

    1. I’m actually happy about ESPN 3, I can actually access it at work! YAY!

      Anyway, I finally got DirecTV to install a new satellite so I can actually get ESPN Deportes so I can watch Barça games on tv when I’m home, instead of huddling over my laptop.

    2. With the World Cup coming and the new Fox Soccer Plus channel, I may just break down and get Directv with a dvr. Because my office mates are getting tired of my yelling and cheering while watching the game in the office.

  7. i can only guess what is going on with henry. how long has it been since he has started? is he not fit, or what? if he is fit i can only see him starting a game like this.

  8. Pathetico are currently losing to XEREZ at HOME 2-1 (down the second time).

    The fact that they are in the Copa final (having beaten the mighty Marbella, Recreativo, Celta and Racing…losing two of those 8 ties) and in the Europa semis (I don’t even what to comment for the sake of my sanity) is :cue Drogba-esque rant: a FUDGING DISGRACE!!

    They are going to be Spain’s representatives in Europe?! F$(*%&@&!~~~!!!

  9. Kari, apparently with all the La Liga midweek games, Sky Sports couldn’t find a time slot for Revista this week. So no Revista. Sorry.

    1. S’okay, Jnice. There’s always next week to look forward to, with Balague having to make up another excuse as to why his beloved Pericos were rocked.


  10. line up:
    Pique Marquez
    Alves Maxwell Messi Xavi Jeffren Bojan Pedro


  11. Messi has GOT to pass that ball in the 33rd minuted.

    He had a hell of a run, but instead of dishing it off to Bojan for a sitter, he tried taking it himself once he got in the 18.

    I love him, but come on Leo. You know better.

  12. We had 75% of possession, 14 shots on goal and 14 corners.

    3-0 Bojan ( 😀 😀 😀 ) P! (que golazo) and YAYAYAYAYAYA

    A job well done I’d say.

  13. Is Messi injured? I really really really really hope he was just tired. After a match like today, I have no problem with P! and Bojan starting matches. The first half domination was because of HUSTLE and ACCURACY. Everybody was hauling ass. I’m glad Henry played, but it was apparent that nobody gives a shit about him anymore, sadly.

  14. YAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Not only did he hit the shit out of the ball for the goal, but he was hitting the shit out of the ball for those 40 yard diagonal passes.

    I loved Pedro’s goal too.

    Tidy 3 points.

    BTW, Salma Hayek is the best in the world. She has been my celebrity crush since like forever, I don’t care how old she is, she wins everything hands down. 😀

    1. that was a cannon ball.. the defender was wet his pants lol
      i don’t know why some quarters are complaining that yaya can’t pass.
      hopefully after this match, they will track back.

  15. AS.COm up to their old tricks, saying Depor had a penalty call. I should probably stop looking at their page, but their sour grapes attitude after any of our wins is hilarious.

    1. Now they’re saying Yaya used his arm for the 3rd goal. LOL. It’s funny that when Real were “leaders”, there was less of this from AS, but now that we are leading by 3 points, they up their villarato efforts.

    2. It was not actually his arm….. I know this is a family friendly blog but that huge black rippling mass that looked like Yaya’s arm was indeed a third leg. We now know why he is so manly. Clearly he puts Greg Oden to shame. Can you say Yaya ‘Johnny Wadd’ Holmes. : )



    For some reason, when I see Zarate, I think of FF :S

    1. that is hilarious. i don’t think his hair is as cool as jeffren’s, though. he’s not a bad player he’s just a douche in a lame team w/a douche coach, or maybe he’s been fired already don’t know.

    2. FF’s pics arent much better

  17. Tribalfootball is drumming up clicks with an incorrect headline “Barcelona midfielder Xavi upset after being ruled out for a month”

    That gave me more of a heart attack than jnelson’s query about Messi being injured. I wasn’t watching. What happened? Did he limp off? Was he substituted? I’m scanning the news now, and am not finding anything. Obviously, this is season-changing if he is injured. We could get through the Liga without him, but beating Inter, particularly without Iniesta, is very doubtful.

    1. I think jnelson just thought he wasn’t very involved and thought it might have been due to injury or something. But no injury, at least none that I saw.

    2. Dont worry Messi looked fine. He was just taking it easy near the end of the game. I am sure if it was anything even remotely serious Pep would have taken him off

    3. Xavi was all smiles to the bench when he was taken off. Can’t see him doing that if he was injured.

    4. Yea I thought maybe he was injured because I saw him standing and walking almost the whole second half but I guess he was just tired or taking the foot off the gas. After all the running he did in the first half, I don’t blame him or anyone. I think we should be allocated 11 subs a match. Especially with the hustle we had today.

  18. He never was gone, just can’t get any game time in the games that really matter.

  19. BTW If anyone wants to see the Crackovia Grease Thong Boy spoof; it’s here with English subs


    I just though this was cute. He’s supposed to be wreaking havoc, but he just looks like a kid waiting for his parents 😀


  20. Everyone loves Messi, all of the English pundits on World Football Daily are blowing the little Argentine!!!!! A year ago they were saying ‘lets see Messi and them boys in Barca go to Hull on a cold Tuesday night, they can’t make it in our league and Ronaldo is twice the palyer.’ We would kill Hull any day of the week, the English are so biased, glad to see them finally coming around.

    1. now that the world cup is coming up we gotta dust off and serve up the classic monty python clip:


    2. “hegel is arguing that the reality is merely an a priori adjunct of non-naturalistic ethics.”

    3. “a midfield duo of beckenbauer & jaspers. beckenbauer obviously a bit of a surprise there.”

      -so nerdy on so many levels. i love it! :^)

  21. Hey with all this talk about Messi winning the golden shoe everyone has forgotten Luis Suarez who scored his 45TH! goal today. So why am I the only one who still wants this guy on our team next year???? haha
    I know it is a risk, but if we were willing to buy Chygwimpy/nasty for 25m why not Suarez for 30m? Remember the hlebber? Many people thought he was a guaranteed success because he played well for a top England side and guess what happened? I know arguing here for the club to buy Suarez is fruitless but there is much more to a good player than prestige. 45 GOALS! He can shoot AND pass!

    1. He’s a good player, no doubt. I actually think he was the secret behind Huntelar’s success at Ajax.

      I’ve wanted a genuine Henry replacement for us this summer, Villa has been my top choice. Convert him to a LW, and he can backup Ibra as striker. However, the way that Pedro is playing (not to mention Bojan and Jeffren) I don’t know that we need an automatic starter this summer. Suarez might be good in that he’s still a work in project, and would be willing to share time.

    2. I have been calling for suarez for 2 years now click on my name and read my blog post. Totally agree, the kid is the truth!!!!!!! he also has six goals in 9 European matches showing he can score on the ‘big stage’. The thing is, he just signed a new contract with Ajax, some believe it was a show of willingness to stay with the team, others believe it will make hime easier to transfer. One thing is for sure, he loves our club and wants to play here. I look for Suarez 25 million and Villa 40 million to come this summer. Maybe bring Micha Richards as well, especially if Yaya goes to Man City we can recieve richards and cash back for the Yaya

    3. Really? You, of all people John. HAHA just kidding. Well then I guess I jumped your and Boat Forever’s Suarez bandwagon then.

  22. perdo’s goal was OFF THE HOOOOOOOK, i mean WOW really took me off .. last time i saw such goal was STANKOVIC’s goal against Genoa //

    LOVED YAYA”S CORNER BALL CONTROLL .. AWESOME MAN, sad he plays only stupid games like this and benched against Inter, and Madrid.

    1. And make sure the email you use to sign up is the same email you use to post comments!

  23. *
    can we talk about how bad the defending was for the goal at 0:25
    ok thanks

  24. did you guys notice messi going straight to the tunnel instead of celebrating with the team? he was really frustrated. i thought that he was preserving energy for espanyol.

    1. Well, it’s comprehensible, right? At least to some degree… I mean, he should have scored one goal and assisted two goals. Messi knows that and he always wants to play a perfect match. This match was far from perfect. But Depor was sooo poor today that it didn’t matter. Against Espanyol, Messi better take his chances and play the ball to better positioned players.

  25. Nice win! one game less.
    Messi my favourite player, but I hope he’s not trying to score just for the sake of beating that 47 goals. Come on Messi! relax. its perfectly ok not to
    score vs Depor or Espanyol. Save them goals for Inter so we can go to the final. and then you can score more in the Bernabeu!

    Pedro’s goal was incredible! and good comeback from Yaya after el clasico’s frustration.

  26. This is what I got yesterday. I nicknamed it “Messiah” cause it literary shows God in the heavens 🙂


    Barcelona technical secretary Txiki Begiristain has subsequently refuted Hill-Wood’s claims [that Barca has refused to sign Fabregas this summer], saying the club SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP had only agreed to conduct any future business directly with the club.

    “If Barcelona think that he is necessary for the team, they will go for him, alwMAKE IT STOPays respecting negotiations,” Beirgistain told Spanish daily AS.

    “We haSTOP ITve never said that we will not try to sign Cesc STOP IT YOU ^&*#)&!! Fabregas. We will see what happens.”

  28. Review will be greatly delayed, because my DVR decided to switch to California time. So it was 3 hours ahead. So no match. Recorded the rebroadcast at 3 a.m. today, and will have to go home, watch it, then write the review.

    So anybody who’s particularly antsy can watch themselves, bond with Isaiah, and get their own review up. Word.

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