Things I Like / Open Thread

This is just a partial list of things I like:

There are, of course, other things, but these two are pretty high up there at the moment.

Madrid, cabron, saluda al campeon!

Much more tomorrow, but for now, open thread in the comments. Have at it, cules.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Thanks, Kxevin. Been waiting for it and it doesn’t disappoint.

    “Next time he puts on a wash, Piqué will find Ronaldo tumbling on to the floor as he turns out his pockets.” Been laughing for five full minutes now 🙂

  2. my my my my mym ymy my my my my iker-face

    cant read his cant read his no cant read his iker face, only when we score

    my my my my my my my my iker-face….

    by LADY GAGO

    it would be closer to being funny if i knew the song i was trying to rip off

  3. I like that at least Barca is still kicking ass, while my first love, Liverpool, are falling on their face. =(

    1. Ha, I’m a Liverpool fan too, hard times at Anfield but Barca my true love is always there to cheer me up

    1. She’s back!!! For a second I thought Scarlett Johanssen (or however you spell it) might have taken her place.

    2. Yeah, Isaiah has been neglecting our favorite Isreali Actress…
      shame on you Isaiah!

  4. I like that I will be done with school in a couple of weeks and would be able to spend more time Barthasizing
    back to work..
    btw great going Kevin, Isaiah and everyone.. been following your work since the offside days

    1. I KNOW, Mat! Long time, no see or hear. For the uninformed, Mat is one of the few folks here to have ever met me in person, entering the gates of a Chicago exhibition match against Chivas.

    2. Ya Kevin, remember that game and day fondly.. my friends gave me strange looks after they saw me talking to a random person walking by into the stadium.. I told them about the blog site and everything but they were not too convinced!! 🙂

      I’ve been following the site religiously, but the comments are just too hard to follow..they are so many, the good work that you guys are doing.. should be done with the big degree at school in a couple of weeks, should be more regular after that!! cheers

  5. SoMa bows to JMo. About 5 of those 10 thumbs-up are from her. Click! Click! Thus inspired (and still on her 50s R&B kick):

    bojan’s brace
    and andres’ face
    pinto’s pony-tail
    a-hangin’ down
    dani never walks
    messi when he talks
    top o’ la Liga just last round
    there ain’t nothin’ bring us joy
    like a canterano boy
    make Pep wave so funny
    make Joan spend his money
    make Ray talk loose
    like Ashley at the pub
    like our club
    oh Barça that’s-a what I like!

  6. I like how Madridistas were flooding out even before the match ended..

    I like how we haven’t lost a Clasic since that fateful day..

    I like how Cantera brushes Cartera aside..

    And yeahh, I <3 Barça!!

  7. I bet that the guy from the podcast who was talking about Valdes’ “Casillas’ moment” is now praying for Casillas to have more “Valdes’ moments”

  8. -I like everything about Barca.

    -I like everything about BFB.

    -I like Peanuts!!!!!!!

    -I like Soccer Mom’s comments 😀

    -I like Crynaldo getting pissed.

    Will add more as I remember…

  9. There are so many thing I love about Barca, but mostly, it is the spirit of the team that is a joy to watch. They play as a unit and help each other out, and it is a sheer pleasure to watch that.

  10. -Messi’s wink at crynaldo b4 the game
    -Messi grabbing the badge as he scored and P! grabbing the shirt.
    -the look on Guti’s face when he was about to enter the pitch and we scored the 2nd,
    -Millito refusing to put on the blanket as he walk away off the pitch!
    -Xavi forget all about the classico, EE and the league and came to ask Millito about his injury, the look on his face told a lot.

  11. -paying my taxes @ the last minute

    -xavi-iniesta playing. am i the only one that hears “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together!!” when they’re both on the pitch?

    1. i like messi on top of zebra print ;^) i’m sooo getting a bear skin rug for my place now.

  12. From our friend who made those great Barça-Arsenal player comparisons- New masterpiece *…cesc-and-xavi/

    Best line: “To me, the bottom line is that Fabregas is in a different league and Xavi, while very good in his own way, is not even half the player Cesc is.” 😀

    1. Oops, bad link. Proper link: *

    1. he also said that when he first saw the line-up (board?) he thought he wouldn’t be playing because he wasn’t written in his usual rb position hahaha

  13. One more- *

    Puyol megging Sergio “I should have been sent off” Ramos

  14. We have said that we do not support the players’ strike that is scheduled for next weekend, probably because EE is playing Valencia. 😀

    We have also agreed to host the Copa final, which will probably be a little bittersweet for the team. Than again, maybe not.

  15. Is it immature that I still find the video of TB’s dive against us still funny? One day on and it still makes me LOL, 13 seconds well spent.

    If people don’t know what I’m talking about or haven’t seen it, I don’t mind posting it again. It’s hilarious and I recommend everyone watch it!


    It’s the music that makes the video.

    1. My favorite was when he dropped to the ground in EXASPERATION because of Marcello’s awful pass. It is awesome. I wish Leo had been close to him to wink at him again.

  16. I like that people are starting to warm up on Rafa again.
    I like that JDS metronome’d a few weeks ago.

    1. I love LOVE Crackovia’s Guti. It’s the best thing ever. Pim-pam-pim-pam!

      Actually all their spoofs are spot on.

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