EE 0, Barca 2, a.k.a. “One for the ages”

Figure out where THIS ball is going, if you can.

Already, I am reading that this wasn’t that good of a match, that EE had excuses, that blahblahblahblah.

Nonsense. For me, this was a spectacular match. Tell my hoarse voice and sore body, evincing the effort of willing our beloved Blaugrana on, that this wasn’t that good of a match, then shut up. It was a great match, for so many reasons.

–We’re coming to the head of a run of 10 matches in a month, or roughly a match every three days. We’re tired, we’re injured, we just had a huge match against Arsenal to get us through to the Champions League final semis. And we won. With ease.

–We didn’t just win against anybody. We won against the Liga leaders if you believe that goal-differential voodoo, that was sitting at home, resting and plotting, while we were playing Champions League football. If we were going to go down, this was to be the time. Lots of people predicted that we would.

–Most importantly, we’re badasses. In all of the pretty football, people forget the mental toughness that this club has. A punk would have gotten in Sergio Ramos’ face after that silly foul. Messi said “Look, let’s get him back by putting the ball in the damned net.” So we did.

I don’t know if we will be champions of the Liga. There are still 7 matches left in this season. I know that this past week, beginning with Bilbao and ending with EE, we displayed the grit and swagger of a champion. We aren’t scoring 48 bazillion goals this season, but we aren’t giving up any, either. Our 2-0 wins this season are sometimes more convincing than our 5-2s of last season, because Guardiola has this team playing at an amazing level right now, as a collective. And it’s a joy to watch.

But man, did it start out with another match of “What the hell is he thinking,” as Guardiola rolled out with Valdes, Puyol, Pique, Milito, Maxwell, Busquets, Keita, Xavi, Alves, Pedro! and Messi. Yes, Alves was functioning as right wing, and some were wondering if we really meant to score goals this time out. But let’s think about this for a moment: We only needed a draw out of this match, so what better way to go about it than to flood the field with defenders, particularly a defender that can function just as well as an attacker. They don’t get breakaways or that much time to dwell on the ball, we don’t concede and the world is a beautiful place.

What made Guardiola’s lineup so daring, but so right, was the brilliant play from his fullbacks, even the one who was playing as an attacker instead of a fullback. Maxwell, Alves and Puyol are so comfortable with the ball at their feet, and so sure of their positioning on defense, that such an edgy scheme could work. And when they were caught out, midfielders were chasing back to force passes to be better than they needed to be.

Brilliant. The match started out a tough, foul-rich affair with yellow cards for everyone! Yay! The battle was for the midfield, as Pellegrini rolled out Gago to vex Xavi, and keep him from controlling the match and killing his team. As our Man of the Match might say, “Nice try.” Because for a while, the battle was pitched. But as Gago faded, Xavi became ascendant and transcendent, controlling the match and the tempo when we had the ball, and dishing out two highlight reel assists for both of our goals.

The difference in the two teams was very clear, in that our midfield was there to create, theirs to destroy. It wasn’t until they brought Guti on that they got some creativity, but by then it was too late because not only did we have a 0-2 lead, but we were on. If you want to have some fun, watch that match again and look at our touches as the ball pings around. We had to pass it hard because they were chasing hard, so we didn’t have time to dwell on the ball, and it had to move around fast. Then marvel at how everybody on the pitch had a rock-solid first touch, as if the collective said “We can’t be sloppy. If we have slop, we get in trouble.” It was, simply put, an extraordinary match to watch, and one that was surprisingly drama-free.

It was also a tale of two halves, as once we got the second goal, we switched from attack, to destruction. So everything they tried, every move they made, found one of us at its terminus, as if we were inside their heads. And the one time that didn’t happen, the one-on-one for Van der Vaart, Valdes stuffed him like a Christmas turkey.

And that was that.

This match, however, was also another bright, shining example of team play, in which everybody gave everything for everyone else. Milito falls down at the beginning of a Thong Boy attack, then gets back up to hustle his way back into the play, preventing any real danger. Messi runs all the way back from the other end of the pitch, to disrupt an attack. Keita just gives it up in the midfield, doing the donkey work time after time. Considerate passes flowed like water, and the only sullying of that delight was when Messi didn’t square the ball for Pedro!, deciding to shoot it himself. Casillas stopped him.

Perhaps he knew that we didn’t really need that third goal, so why not cover himself in even more glory. The GolTV announcing team discussed it. Phil Schoen wondered, and nibbled at what I am about to say, which is why the hell didn’t he pass the ball to Pedro!? Ray Hudson shouted him down, saying in effect that Messi is playing so well, blah, blah, blah. Nonsense. Pass the damned ball and take the goal. P! was there and wide open, as wide open as the net on his side.

There. I said it. People won’t like it, but it needs to be said. And in a way, I’m glad that he didn’t score the goal, because our two goals were team goals. That individual exploit would have been a fly in the ointment.

The first goal came as the result of a quickly-taken free kick. Messi rolls it to Xavi and keeps running. Xavi just one-times a little scoop for the onrushing Messi, who again amazed. He made it look easy, but you try chesting a ball perfectly, so that it bounces behind the defender who would have otherwise had you covered, and into the shooting space opened up by the keeper thinking that you’re going to do that other thing. It was 0-1 just like that, from a goal that came out of nowhere.

I’ll take you all on. Whatevs, beeyotches. Whatevs.

The second goal, like the first, pretty much came from nowhere as well, as Xavi took a pass, spotted the running Pedro!, and slotted a ball to him that was in the exact space it needed to be for Pedro! to take it without even breaking stride, and pop it past Casillas.

It was nice to have P! score that one, as I can only imagine what the feeling must be like to score in El Clasic, against the EE, for a player of the system, who fully understands what this match means. And boy, did it show.

The second half we pretty much decided to close up shop, playing defense with possession, and real defense when we didn’t have possession, closing out the match in a way that was as beautiful as it was emphatic. Iniesta came on, and Tika-Taka began in earnest, though it was on even before that. I know that detractors say that the style is a lot of negative passing, both back and laterally. But detractors are usually bitter, because their team has just been dismantled by Tika-Taka.

I, however, think that there is a difference between using a “negative” ball to sustain possession and reset the offense, and just banging it back to the keeper because that’s all that your little brain can deal with. Our back and lateral passes usually have a purpose, as they move defenders around and create space for our attackers to exploit. And they do. So for those keeping score, that’s 4-0 us in the last quartet of Clasics, and Guardiola has never lost to the EE as a coach.

Oh, and Thong Boy still hasn’t scored against us. And there isn’t a whole lot else to say, except “Like a zombie hunter looking for a Twinkie??!!” Ray-Ray, what in the hell are you talking about?

Team: 10. Another excellent, all-for-one and one-for-all match. The result of shutting it down against Arsenal once the match was secured was clear to see in the energy with which you all played today.

Guardiola: 10. You outcoached Pellegrini, and shifted your unconventional system to something more traditional when you had to. Yes, a moment of brilliance bailed you out, but let’s not quibble about that, shall we?

Valdes: 10. Every thing, every time, every place. You even started some breaks with your outlet passing, and you even knew when to just hoof it up the pitch. Brilliant stop on Van der Vaart. Yes, he helped by hitting it right at you, but some of that was the extreme rate of closure you laid down.

Puyol: 9. Brilliant, controlled and self-assured, particulary with the ball at your feet. You got caught up the pitch a few times, but let’s not natter about that, shall we? Once again, you played like a captain, in the biggest match of the season so far.

Pique: 10. Um, is it the shoes? Thong Boy is supposed to be super fast, but there you were, running along beside him. When he faced up with you, you won those battles, and pretty much owned that back line.

Milito: 9. Okay, I’m going to whisper this, because it might upset some people: I think you’re a better center combo with Pique than Puyol. Sssshhh! Don’t tell anyone. Your stay-at-home qualities, coupled with confidence on the ball and unrelenting tackling, work like a charm. You’re the foundation when Pique roams.

Maxwell: 8. Excellent match, sir. The notion that you just needed reps to play like a full-time starter seems to be coming to fruition. You had a few mental lapses out there but all in all, your veteran savvy and knowledge of where the ball was going to be, ruled the day.

Busquets: 8. You played to a 9, but lost a point for the diving. When you couple creativity with disruptive tendencies, it’s easy to see why Guardiola likes you so much. Just don’t dwell on the ball so much. You gifted an opponent another break, that your back line had to snuff out. And just once, finish a match with grass stains from tackles, not making turf angels of faux agony.

Keita: 9. People are going to say that you didn’t play that well, and that you disappeared for stretches. Laugh at them. Yeoman work in the midfield, and I’ve never seen you as graceful with the ball. You were flying solo a lot, and pulled it off with style.

Xavi: 10. Sorry, but that’s all I have to give. Command and control. It’s as simple as that. You are the best passer in the game, because you’re always facing forward with your shoulders square. This makes it hard to read where you are going to dish the ball to, and it also leaves you in perfect control. Always.

Alves: 8. I know it probably didn’t seem all that weird for you, playing right wing as you were. But not having to rush back on defense as hard must have been something of a relief, right? Even in the absence of much real danger, your pressure was constant, and your presence had the disruptive effect that Guardiola intended.

Pedro!: 8. You were a bit funky early, but quickly played your way into the match. I know, right? How many goals do you have to score before teams stop giving you all that space on the left to run around in? Dunno, but keep scoring ’em, okay? You were much more composed today, so there was less of that infernal overrunning of the play that you are so fond of.

Messi: 9. Make that pass to Pedro! for the sure-thing 3-0, and you get a perfect match score. As it is, you were almost there, with all-around brilliant play. I know that Puyol is the captain, but this is your team. You carry it well as you score goals, play defense, contest for possession in the midfield and draw fouls. More importantly, you don’t get mad, you get even, which is the attribute of a true assassin.


Iniesta (for Maxwell): 8. Guardiola brought you in to activate the Tika-Taka monster, and you did it with amazing style and precision. We kept the ball for so long that by the time they got it from us, they were so desperate that they did silly things. Then we got the ball back, and you and Xavi resumed the tormenting game.

Marquez (for Milito): 7. We were in command and control mode by the time you entered, but you immediately began to show that perhaps people shouldn’t be as down on you as they are. I should apologize, however, for my scream of horror when you came onto the pitch. Sorry, Kaiser.

So. We have a 3-point lead in the standings with 7 matches left. In effect, this means that EE needs to finish 4 points better than us, with 7 matches left. We have two tricky ties left, away to Villarreal and Sevilla. They have a couple as well. I wouldn’t be as quick as some are to anoint us as Liga champions, but it’s certainly ours to lose. But recall that we dumped a 5-point lead in the standings in less than 7 matches, so it could happen. No, we weren’t playing as well as a unit then. Yeah, yeah, I know.

I think this match also showed that the Big Two are really the Big One. I’ve said before that greatness is about taking the chances when situations arise. We didn’t have very many shots on target, but two of them went in. They had many more chances, and none of them went in. Either that last ball went begging, or the shot just wasn’t good enough. It’s one thing to dispatch Racing, or come back against Sevilla. Barca isn’t Sevilla. Yes, their rebuilding project will continue, probably with a new coach next season. And if it comes together the way they keep hoping, we might well be on the wrong end of those scorelines next season.

But for now, we’re the best team in the Liga, and to my eyes, it wasn’t all that close.

Official thanks to Vicsoc for running the LiveBlog. It’s a feature that the denizens of this space have come to expect, enjoy and rely upon. I had to do my part to help victory, by going to the exact same place, wearing the exact same outfit and standing in the same place as last year. I even sat down for much of the second half, as I did last year. And look what happened. Yay!

Muhahahahahahaaaaa! Yes, I am the devil!

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. wow, now after i got my voice back and my knees are ok from landing on them while the goals, i can just say…. WOW! it really brought tears to my eyes and to realise the beauty of the football game! Xavi, my idol again OWNED the game those fantastic bullet accurate passes just keeps you repeat yourself he really is the best. I got horrified when i saw the line-up at first but i must say In Pep we trust indeed!Proven sooo many times! I LOVE BARCA VISCA BARCA PARA SIEMPRE and nice win for us all too! i just dont know what else to say overwhelmed by satisfaction, joy and happiness!
    On to the next victory!!!!

  2. The only thing that would have made this win better would have been if Bojan had scored a goal. He would have burst into cuddlyness on the spot, and prolly would have gotten a ‘Ronny like’ standing ovation at the Bernabau from being so damn cute.

    1. I know but Pep told me to sit this one out in order to get as much experience as possible because i am the next attacking force for the upcoming season! :)))) hahahaa

  3. So, our swashbuckling juggernauts rolled into madrid for el classico. It was supposed to be a big match. And many wanted to see Real Madrid cut Barcelona down to size. Based on what Real had done to other teams at the Bernabeu, they way they had ‘rained’ on inferior teams, basically camping at their goal line, and the number of goals they had scored prior to this match, told us that they might be dangerous, like George Foreman.

    So, like Muhammad Ali, our line-up essentially adopted the rope-a-dope strategy. With only two short and speedy forwards, it was clear we expected them to try and re-create the first 30mins of our game against arsenal at the emirates. Only, this wasn’t Foreman who turned up, but sonny liston. It turned out, they were even more scared of us than we expected. Our recent performances must have left them a little bit intimidated. We waited for the assault, and waited…Nothing. Like Ali shouting at Liston to get up, we started kicking long balls directly to their defense to reset and attack, but still….Nothing. Then we started giving away cheap possession by kicking the ball out….Nothing!

    Another thing some of us expected, was that their speed, especially CR9, would give our defence problems. When CR9 begins to race Pique for a ball, you expected him to leave Pique embarrased 5 steps behind…again, Nothing!

    Once we realized they wouldn’t be that much of a problem, we set about putting them away. And put them away we did. With great passess, great teamwork and great tenacity. When Messi gets fouled, gets up and scores, all within a 20sec period, it symbolizes his rise-from his lowest point,literally eating grass because of his physical problems, to the top of the mountain before you could blink. All the while fighting, never giving up, never dwelling at his circumstances.

    And Pedro finishes them off, with the help of Xavi. That both players scored with their ‘wrong foot’ was amazing. That both players vary their shots, shooting with the ‘in-sole’ when they need accuracy, and with the top of their foot when they need power, as opposed to CR9 and co. who always opt for the power shot, shows the difference about being great or just average.

    The look Ronaldo wears everytime he plays Barca is just Priceless. You have the feeling that he doesn’t understand whats going on, he is overwhelmed and completely confused. I sometimes feel he is a little intimidated too, especially the way he was looking at Messi

    1. Haha, you can understand Ronaldo’s feeling, right? He’s never scored against Barca, it’ll be tough to find any other team that he’s already played 5 times but didn’t score against. I am pretty sure, it’s impossible 🙂
      I also think that CR is totally “over-pumped” once he faces off against Barca and Messi, because he is that type of guy who is reading all the newspapers, all the “Messi-vs-CR showdown” claims. He DOES care about it, whereas Messi doesn’t give a shit and prolly won’t ever read Marca, Sport, etc. The pressure gets too much for CR, although he seems to be such a strong, and self-confident guy. I have a picture of him in my head, reading the newspapers and the debates about who is the best player right now. Suddenly, there’s this little Messi dude who most people believe is better than him. “Better than me?!? Nooooo… my world just crashed” CR thinks to himself. So he does another 1000 sit-ups, push-ups and whatever else he does to become the new Mr. Universe. He trains his free-kicks, his step-overs, his shooting power… it doesn’t help. Once again, out-played by Barca and the magical midget Messi. And then, just before their 5th encounter, Messi does a little wink, implying “catch me if you can!”.
      And deep inside of him, CR knows that he simply cannot.

      But you also have to give credit to CR, who yesterday said that Barça was clearly the better side, who last season applauded us in Stadio Olimpico. He’s grown and matured, 2 years ago I couldn’t have imagined such a reaction from him. Guess you learn with your losses 😉

    2. I completely agree. Ronaldo has improved a lot in his character after he moved to Real. May be its the reality check, but we all know that on his day he is unbeatable. Him getting his natural game back(ofcource not against us) will be a treat for anybody. Him and Messi are polar opposites in every sense, and as footy loves we are blessed have both playing infront of us 🙂

  4. Check this video out, shows the players celebrating on the pitch after the final whistle. You can see how much it means to them- even those who didn’t play like Txigi and Henry were ecstatic.


    1. Haha what an awesome series of clips. Man, Pep’s “encouraging” back-of-the-head slaps look like they could really hurt.

    2. Cool!
      The camara angles capture the Majesteriality of Xavi …wow.
      Nice to see the greatest player in the world under Peps bridle…I just can’t see Thong Boy getting rapped upside the head like that and doing anything positive with it! Those taps go directly to Messi’s feet, you can see it.

  5. Hate to look WAY ahead, but if we don’t give Keirrison a good, long look next season, we’re crazy. I haven’t seen evidence yet of his all-around skills (passing, work rate, etc), but he’s Brazilian, so I’m pretty sure he’s comfortable with the ball at his feet.

    But he’s been playing his way into that Fiorentina side, and looked really good yesterday. Makes you wonder about his time at Benfica. His movement and finishing were, dare I say it, Eto’o-like.

    1. I’m torn. I definitely think Keirrison should be a part of our team in the future. I just can’t decide whether it would be better for him and the team if he spent another season on loan or if he should spend the season training with us. I just think he might not find the playtime he needs to develop if he stays.

      On another note, I wouldn’t mind bringing Henrique back. Puyol is our only defender who can play across the backline, and Henrique is fairly versatile. I don’t think he’ll go down as a legend, but I think he could contribute to the team.

      On a different note, sometimes I think you could play Puyol at forward and he would impress.

    2. I’d rather bring back Botia. He has kicked major ass this season and has played way more minutes than Henrique.

      Didn’t Puyol start out as a forward, way, way back in the day?

    3. I know that he was some sort of an attacking player. Hmmm….let’s look at who we have out:

      Hleb: Don’t laugh. He’s still ours, though we’re just trying to get something for our transfer fee. He might be a makeweight in a summer move.

      Botia: Excellent defensive depth, in case the likes of Fontas, Dalmau and Muniesa aren’t quite ready yet.

      Adriano: Can play across the entire back line. Man, are we deep in defenders!

      Caceres: He’s sold, the only question is to whom.

      Keirrison: Jury’s still out, but he’s suddenly looking the business. He earned his first start for Fiorentina.

      But, on the back line, we have right now: Puyol, Maxwell, Abidal, Milito, Marquez, Pique, Alves, Txigrinski. It’s a safe bet that the only one who might leave is Marquez, so it’s good that he’s playing well right now. Should only enhance his value. Txiggy is Guardiola’s choice, so he isn’t going anywhere. And he’s young, like Pique. Alves is staying put. Puyol will be facing a heavy challenge next season for his spot. Milito is the sentimental favorite, though I see him where he is now: talented, more than capable backup.

      Question is, are any of the folks that we have out sufficiently good for anything except squad depth, which I wouldn’t place too low a value on right now. Then there’s the Hleb question. He’s under contract with us, and is he good enough to be a squad player? Yes, he can tika-taka, which might be his principal value if we can’t get something more than a fire sale price for him.

  6. By the way, that wasn’t Messi riding shotgun to Pedro’s goal, it was Maxwell…not that it matters much! But it explains why he would attempt it himself…

  7. if yaya worked as hard as keita he would have no problem staying in this barcelona. i just dont see that, though. be interesting to see if he plays in the remaining CL matches.

    1. I think it’s more than work rate. I think that Guardiola thinks that Busquets’ skill set is, in most league matches, better suited to the Liga style than The Yaya. I still can’t see us selling him. He’s too good, and too valuable, even in the limited use he’s been getting of late.

      Really, the only players who I can see leaving this summer who are currently on the roster are Henry and Marquez. But man, do we need depth. We also have to answer the Krkic question. That kid needs some serious reps. In many ways, I’d love for us to wrap up the Liga with a few matches to go (won’t happen), so that we could see Krkic in a starting, full-time role.

  8. i like that messi (in addition to being the goleador mas goleador de la liga) is also leading the league in assists (tied with Xavi)

  9. excellent review by kxevin and i wanted to compliment the lyricism in the writing on busquets…”turf angels of faux agony.”

    love it.

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