El Clásico Liveblog

VicSoc8 has agreed to run the liveblog! YAY HE IS A HERO.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. They really missed Kaka in the midfield. Ronaldo didn’t live up to billing…me likey.

  2. The sensible side of me is saying “The league isn’t over yet, we have a long way to go”

    I just can’t hear it because everything else is yelling “SALUDA AL CAMPEON


    “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” SALUDA EL CAMPEON (although we’re not champions yet and we are FAR from it i know i know but still)

  4. Pep answering the question of “What is the secret to beating the champions of England, Italy, the most expensive team in the world?”

    “The players. *smile* They’re very good. I teach them to run. I teach them to run a lot, so that they may run very little.”

  5. I was trying to figure out how to bitch slap Busquets through the TV. He was our only weak link.

    Valdes deserved alot of credit too.

    1. I thought Busi had a great game. One filled with needless play acting, but a good game nonetheless.

      Agreed. VV went back to normal after a two relatively shaky games by his standards (which he’s set to, oh, Casillas territory 😀 )

      I’m still wondering how Sergio Ramos wasn’t sent off and how the heck Gago got off without a single yellow? Still, can’t really find the energy to complain about the reffing.

      Our players did the business.

  6. xavi is the absolute man of the match. so many great passes to put messi one on one only for casillas to make those crazy good saves.

    i only wanna enjoy right now! ahhhh barcaaa!!!!!

  7. Just for a laugh, people. This is abosulte gold. Just read the headline 😀



    1. I just saw that too. What an all-time joke. On current form I’d argue Xavi is the second best player in the world.

  8. Forget Real Madrid. This was Regular Madrid. They may be the most expensive team in history, but are yet again a far cry from the brilliance of the most valuable team in history. In life and in sports, you can’t buy class.

  9. Another gem from the Guardian min-by-min:

    63 min Barcelona bring on Andres Iniesta for Maxwell. That’s just cruel.


  10. Picture of the day: *http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Football/Pix/pictures/2010/4/10/1270932821866/Barcelona-004.jpg

  11. Pellegrini’s press conference up now. Reporter, “Do you think you deserve to be the manager for Real Madrid next season?”

    Pellegrini: “That decision is not up to me.”


  12. Did everyone hear the THUD when Ramos and Ronaldo hit the ground from their dream cloud??? lol !

    Messi thank you.

    !! Madrid, cabrón, saluda al campeón !!

  13. And to top it all off, my Barca book came today via mail, direct from Angle Press! What a day! My voice is pretty much gone, and my body hurts from climbing a wall (actually), pogoing in place and doing everything possible to will our lads on.

    I went to the exact same place that I watched it last season, wearing the same outfit and standing in the same spot. Whew! I’m exhausted!

  14. And thank you so much, Vicsoc, for running the LiveBlog. I know it’s something that we all have come to depend on, and I think it’s great when family can run it in the stead of one of the team members. And what’s your LiveBlog record, 2-0 now? Careful, you might get drafted!


    1. My record was sullied by the snoozefest that was Xerez.. not to mention the dropped points against Bilbao.. I vote for VicSoc8 to continue running the Liveblog till the end of the season..

      On a completely different note, this gem of an article had me in splits..

  15. wow wow wow what a brutal rough game, we didn’t win pretty this time but 3 points at the bernabutt booooyeahh

    our defense was solid, but seriously what was up with higuain? some of those chances he missed were astonishing. props to VV though

    i hope milito is ok :S and messi definitely needs to be rested after a game like that

    messi winking at ron 😉


    1. Looks like Milito just had a cramp (or a muscle strain at worst). Whew!

      Love that .gif. Corrine strikes again!

      I don’t think Messi’ll be rested with the form he’s in, but if he is, I won’t be complaining. After what Pep did today, I’ll never complain.

    2. Now I know why Pep gave a media ban to all his players before the clasico. He has been thinking about how to stop Madrid, and especially the dangerous counter-attacks over CR and Pipita, and came up with completely new tactics. The whole world, execpt of the Barca players and staff, shouldn’t know anything about it. And it worked out. I mean, even all the different sport internet sites didn’t know in which formation Barca will play!
      Imagine how Pellegrini must have felled, who probably tried to work out a plan to stop a 4-3-3 vintage Barça 😀

      I also think that Maxwell did a pretty good match. And note that Madrid had new players for 180mio € on the pitch, and we’ve only had Maxwell (that is ~ 4mio €?).

    3. Ha, I have a list of favorite things about this match, and Messi winking at Crissy is one of them. In his wink he was saying “hey, ready for some scoring?”

    1. Yea, 3 games hes played him and read him like a book, Those training sessions for 5 years at Carrington have come in handy 😀

    2. Well if you think about it he comes up through la masia playing with messi day in and out for years, then moves on to manutd where he practices with rooney and c.ronaldo. No wonder he’s such a rock in defense. He was huge today and up there in the running for motm with xavi for me.

  16. Wow. I was soo wrong. I totally thought Pep had botched the line up. Especially when Pedro kept getting pushed off the ball. But he knew exactly what he was doing. Well done Pep.

  17. Cristiano Ronaldo just snapped at a reporter who asked him “What now after today’s failure?’


    *double cringe*

    1. Would love to hear your thoughts on the WTF! lineup.. And Hector’s, and Kxevin’s.. Sigh, It’s 5 am here and I think I’m too excited to sleep..

    2. As I mentioned on “The Offside” Three of our four defenders were the second options where they served. Without Ibra, and without a fit Iniesta we -the exhusted team after two weeks of games between CL and Liga- defeated a fresh team on the road.

      May be we analyze more tomorrow. Now live the moment with heart, the mind will have its share later 😉

  18. “Ronaldo has started this game like he started the 2009 Champions League final,” says Liban Saleh. “He’s too busy trying to prove he’s the best player in the world, and is distracted from helping his team win the game.”

    This comment was posted on the Guardian website. Interestingly enough, this game turned out the same way as the final. Ronaldo must be tired getting beaten 2-0 by Barca 🙂

  19. Another one from the Guardian. “It wasn’t humiliation, but it wasn’t far off. Without ever hitting top gear, Barcelona ended Real’s 100 per cent home record with effortless disdain”

    I love that last part. Effortless disdain 😀

  20. Oh, just wanted to add a quick observation: Xavi’s injury a little while back may have actually been one of the best things to happen to us. I think he was getting stretched thin and needed a break. His performances were lacking some before that, but since coming back he’s barely put a foot wrong.

  21. RayRay on our goals. Apologies for the scratchy audio

    “It’s like trying to put fire out with gasoline”

    “Beautiful Football like this should be outlawed” (Aah, it comes out, the Madridista-ness 🙂 )

    1. thanks, dude! Finally a new RayRay video on youtube, I’ve been looking for them for months 🙂

    2. Well, if you go here : *http://www.youtube.com/user/fcbarcakurd they have a lot of RayRay highlights from last season

      i.e. Barca 6-1 Atletico *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz1–2iFewM

  22. On another note, that was the first time since Feb 2008 that Madrid have failed to score a goal in a home game, just demonstrates the value of tonight’s performance

    1. I wouldn’t call Fabregas our dirt. If anything, he’s one of Barca’s best youth products.

      If you want to complain about Madrid fans, watch to the stadium feed in towards of the end of the second half today (in extra time and after full time). Not only have many madridistas left the stadium early, but our fellow cules are easily drowning them out with a joyous “Cant del Barca”. How do you let them come to the Bernabeu and get away with that? See how the Camp Nou reacted to Arsenal’s first goal last Tuesday That’s how you get behind your team.

  23. @mario
    agree 100%. Xavi pre-injury never played up to his abilities he even had one or two games in which he was downright awful. But now he is back with a vengeance. Man of the match for sure.

  24. Anyone know what the record in La Liga is for points in a season? If we don’t drop points the rest of the year, we’d end up with 101. That would be pretty amazing.

  25. actually it has been reported that both barça and madrid will probably break the record for points in a season this year, although i don’t know what the actual record is.

    1. i’m kinda gutted we won the league early last season because we lost motivation to score goals, we coulda easily topped real’s record for scoring the most goals in one season. it’ll be hard to get there again :S

  26. OMG! don’t think I can sleep now.

    *goes down on my knees and begs forgiveness to Pep and the team for my lack of faith*
    Well if I had known this lineup, then yes I believed. But I was thinking of a Bojan Messi P! front 3 and so I thought a draw would be the best. Forgive Pep!

    And, Xavi. Words failed me.

    Our defense was great, everyone in fact. A tight intense game. I can’t imagine the pressure and mental strength of the players, and again, Pep, whatever he did and has done to prepare these guys on and off the field, I salute him. You know, we have an exceptional team, not just very good technically gifted guys, but probably very tactically savvy as well by now with the constant tactic changes Pep’s been doing.

    I have been worried about Gabi. Since returning from injury, he has played only a game each week. I thought 2 games in 4 days would be too much, but we needed him, and will again vs Inter. So, huge relief that it is nothing serious.

    I better stop … won’t make much sense after this. Visca Barca!

  27. Steve Nash tweeted something after the first goal about how if you enjoy sport, enjoy this team because it won’t last forever. That’s good advice. Don’t forget how lucky we are to be experiencing all this, it really is special.

  28. First, the team was amazing, ESPECIALLY the DEFENSE. I know Xavi was marvelous and should have had at least 3 assists (how did Messi finish with his right foot but not his left?). But, I would love to give MOTM to the 3 defenders. Pique back from injury and matching a faster and quicker Ronaldo step for step, milito being his rock-solid self and PUYOL for playing on both sides of the field!!! they were amazing and so was Valdes.

    As for the crazy line-up, WOW! but I don’t think it was a new formation. Alves was definetly playing where Messi usually does in the 4-3-3. and he was driving me crazy. He was Offside half the time we had the ball up there, AND he didn’t have anyone to cross it to. It took our boys a little while to adjust and Xavi was having trouble with the pressure at the very beginning of the game, but he adjusted and took over.

    Second half we played a 4-4-2 with Maxwell playing in midfield and Puyol on the left (has he ever played there before?!) When I first saw this I was wondering who got replaced at half-time.

    Immediately our passing, possession and pressuring started working much better (it was good in the first half, but i thought it was much better in the second).

    Pedro! with a spectacular finish and then we just tiki taka-ed the game away. Iniesta was playing with them (thought he should have looked for some passes more often instead of dribbling around but he’s smarter than me)

    I look forward to the match review. YOU WOULD POST WHILE I WAS WRITING THIS! i need to eat lunch, but i wanna read (whiney voice)
    I will post this on the review.

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