BFB Interview: Adam Bader [Updated!]

Updated! At the bottom of this post is the podcast I did with Adam, Kevin (different Kevin), and Mark. Listen to it!

This is another in the series BFB Interviews (previously here and here) that I’ve run with various writers from different La Liga teams prior to big matches with them. This time it’s Adam Bader of Real Madrid Talk at OleOle that is on the hot seat. Let’s see how he does, shall we?

Thanks for doing this interview, Adam. Anyway, let’s get this party on the road, shall we?

Barcelona Football BlogLet’s start with questions about finances. Since our first meeting, way back in the antiquity of 2009, there have been various new financial statistics released, including Real Madrid achieving €400m+ in revenue. Do you believe that Florentino Perez’s economic model is viable in the short term? How about the long term?

Adam Bader: It’s undeniable that Florentino Perez is a successful and smart business man and he proved that his economic model works when he first ran the club in the Zidanes y Pavons days. Short-term, his model forces us to take a lot of risks such as making expensive signings, getting huge loans from banks while the team is a work in progress and is not winning titles and therefore not bringing as much money as it should be bringing.

Financially-speaking, we are not in a very good position at the moment due to our exit from the Champions League. It’s estimated that the damage could amount to as much as €80m in missed ticket and shirt sales, sponsorship opportunities, TV rights and performance-based bounces so we have been hit hard by being eliminated from the Champions League, and thus Perez’ financial plan has become complicated.

So short-term, his model is only generating more debts and risks, but long-term, things will change for the better. We generated €400m without having valuable brands such as Ronaldo and Kakà and without winning titles and so I expect that we will pass that mark at the end of this year. I’m not really worried about our financial situation, because Perez as I said is a smart business man and he is always finding ways of generating money.

With that being said, it all depends on how well we do on the pitch. It’s known that clubs don’t receive a lot of money from the titles they win (I mean directly), but the money that comes as a result of winning titles is a lot, so If we start winning titles, his model will start to work as he planned.

BFBHow do you feel about the team’s success so far this year? Are they overachieving? Just right? Overachieving? Underachieving?

AB: Taking into account the changes that happened in the summer, I’m satisfied with what we’ve achieved so far. We are sharing the top spot in La Liga with one of the best Barcelona teams in history and who also happens to have one of the best players the world has seen.

Yes, we were kicked out from the King’s Cup and the Champions League by average teams, but it doesn’t really bother me because as I said, we are building a new team from scratch (I hope Perez just stick with his plan this time as I’m sick of using “building a team from scratch” everytime someone interviews me!) and If you have been following us since the last time we met, I think you’ll agree that we improved a lot as a “team” and not to mention the incredible statistics we’ve achieved.

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuaìn have scored around 42 goals together this season, other 12 players also found the net which means the goals we score come from many players. Another interesting thing is that, everyone seems to assist including Marcelo who assisted Higuaìn 6 times or more this season.

What I’m trying to say is, we have begun to play as a team and yes, this group of players can gel together and become a great team If it is given more time. What I’m also saying is contrary to what the media and most of the people are saying, they claim because we are Galagticos we won’t be successful because money doesn’t buy success. Well, money doesn’t buy success, but it brings professionals who can succeed. And aren’t Inter, Barca, and Chelsea Galagticos too?

BFBFabio Capello was previously booted for not entertaining enough despite having just won the Liga title; is this year’s team the same for most Madridistas or are they exciting enough to pass muster despite writers like Sid Lowe calling them “very, very boring”?

AB: First off, I didn’t really think that Capello’s team was not entertaining. In fact, I thought Schuster’s Real (which was supposed to be sexier according to Calderon) was boring to death. Capello built a strong team (that challenged you for the title until the last second and won it) and also built a great base of certain player that had the spirit to fight and win.

This current team, however, is different from Capello’s, not only because its style of play is different, but because the players are different. It’s not the same when you have players like Ronaldo, Benzema, Kakà and Alonso and when you have Gago, Diarra, Robinho and Van nistelrooy. Capello didn’t have the resources that Pellegrini has (and even those that Shcuster had) yet he got the job done for the second time, and Calderon showed our appreciation by sacking him.

To answer your question, I think this is not the most entertaining Real Madrid ever, but it is not as boring as Sid says. I’ve personally enjoyed watching it play against Barcelona, Villarreal, AC Milan (in the San Siro) and in many other games, but as I said earlier, it is a work in progress and I think it will definitely improve.

BFBFrom your vantage point–and taking into consideration your answer to question number two–is the loss to Lyon in the Champions League a debacle, a fact of life, or a piddling detail?

AB: It’s a fact of life. Just look at how Manchester were eliminated last night, they were winning 3-0 before half-time, but Bayern taught them that in football, it aint over till it is over.

In my humble opinion, I think Real were eliminated not because they were terrible (and I’m not saying they were awesome), but because they failed to capitalize on their chances.

The Champions League is just like the World Cup. It’s so damn difficult to win. You need a lot of things. You need talent, skill, hard work, faith and “LUCK” to win it.

Having said that, I have to admit Lyon were the better side overall (especially in the first leg, but not in the second leg) and for one reason which is they had effectiveness in front of goal.

Gonzalo Higuaìn has netted 24 goals this season, but has wasted as much, if not more, decent chances (he hit the post and wasted two other good chances against Lyon) and this has been a problem for us (and I’m worried the reason we might lose to you again is because we wouldn’t be effective upfront)

We were not eliminated because we didn’t have the right coach or players, but because we didn’t learn from our past mistakes and we didn’t make the most of our chances.

BFBHave you seen the trailer for Iron Man 2? Mickey Roarke and Scarlett Johansson? Yowza!

AB: Nope.

BFB: Go watch it! What are you doing with yourself? Do you consider this match a do-or-die scenario, given that there will be 7 matches played after it or is that just hype coming from the media?

AB: Just hype coming from “ASS” and Marca, but it is still a crucial game. Although I can still see both teams slipping up after the Clasico, the side that wins this, will be very close to winning the league.

BFBWill Madrid alter any of its usual tactics or will they simply continue to play as they have, believing they will win? Is Barcelona’s possession-based offense (and, really, defense) a problem for Madrid or will it play into Pellegrini’s current system?

AB: First off, both teams play different styles of football. Barca love to have the ball, while we love to move it as forward as we can and score. But for me, I like my team to have the ball because If you don’t then the pressure is on you, and the more pressure is on you, the more mistakes you make and goals you concede.

Alonso agrees with me here and he said that the key to win the Clasico is to dominate which is difficult to do when your opponents have players like Xavi and Iniesta. Having said that, I think Pellegrini will “try” to have more ball possession because as he learned from the first Clasico this season, giving up the ball to Barcelona for the entire 90 minutes is suicide!

In most Clasicos I have seen, Barca have had the lion share of possession, and we only won because we were effective in front of goal. Having said that, I think we need to try and dominate because Barca are just very good with the ball and it is risky to let them play with it when they got Messi, Pedro, Ibrahimovic (will he make it?) and Bojan.

To answer the first part of your question, we will alter our tactics to minimize the danger coming from Lionel Messi. He is very, very dangerous (I’m not saying something new!) and as we’ve all seen in the Arsenal game, he could do what can’t be done.

I disagree with those saying he is unstoppable, because he can be stopped and we stopped him on a couple of occasions and so did Jose Murinho five times before. Messi has never scored against a side that was coached by Mourinho because the Portuguese knew how to stop him.

We will be counting on Arbeloa to keep Messi away from goal but it is going to be difficult. As I told you on the podcast, I’d use Ronaldo on the wing because If we let Alves and Messi roam freely in there, we are going to be in a lot of trouble. But If Ronaldo could keep Alves busy and Arbeloa focuses on Messi alone, we will minimize his danger.

BFBWho will be missing for Madrid that we should know about? Injuries? Suspensions? Recent returnees?

AB: In addition to Pepe who has a long-term injury, we’ll be without the rapper aka Drenthe and possibly Kakà who is still recovering from his injury. I don’t know If he will make it but even If he does, he is not match fit.

We’ve recently welcomed Benzema, Garay and Guti back and all three are fit.

BFBDo any of these absences worry you or are you confident in your bench to produce in their stead?

AB: I’m actually glad that Drenthe is injured because I still blame him for losing to you last season at the Camp Nou and I don’t like his songs anyway. Pepe is clearly a big loss but we’ve managed without him.

I have mixed emotions about Kakà because he hasn’t been really excellent but I would love if he was fit. He is special and could help us win. Luckily, van der Vaart is in form and can replace him.

BFBOkay. Let’s say there are two giraffes in front of you. Do you know how to identify which one is male and which is female without, you know, checking?

AB: I would look straight at the face. If it looks like Dani Alves, then it is a lesbian female giraffe.

BFB: Hmm. Close. But it’s actually the width and height of the horns. We are missing Abidal at the moment, with Ibrahimovic and Pique potential absences. Does any of this make you more confident or do you think our bench is strong enough in depth to withstand these absences?

AB: I think you have a deep squad and good replacements, but these three are undeniably important for you, Pique in particular, so I think you’ll be fine without Ibrahimovic but you might have issues in the back.

BFBWho do you feel is going to be Barça’s most dangerous player against you this weekend? Last time I asked that question of someone, Lionel Messi was a cop-out answer, but after what he did to Arsenal…can you shut him down without sacrificing space for other players?

AB: As I said before, it is hard to stop Messi, at least without killing him. He’ll always be dangerous, but I think you have other players who can cause damage too. I have been impressed by Pedro and if he plays he could create problems even though Ramos can shut him down on the right.

Xavi might not be directly dangerous but I think we really need to stop him from playing his game. His passing rate is just incredible and I want Lass or whoever plays as a defensive-midfielder to chase him, hug him from behind, be his shadow, his underwear or whatever (without sexually abusing him though) because he is enjoying the attention that is being given to Messi as it allows him to move around freely.

BFBLet’s say Florentino Perez gives you a call and asks you to visit his, erm, lair. Would you willingly count his Scrooge McDuck style piles of gold? Would you filch any of it?

AB: I wouldn’t go because we haven’t been talking after what happened in the Bernabeu’s offices in October. I accidentally entered to “ladies” bathroom and his daughter was there and…you know, will tell you later on Skype.

BFB: Well thenAnd finally, what’s your score prediction?

AB: Seriously? Let’s face it, deep down nobody knows what’s going to happen (or that might be only me). I can see both teams winning it, but I don’t know how will. It is open!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be featured on your blog, Isaiah.

And remember, visit Adam’s page to give him respectful grief for his lack of having seen Iron Man 2 trailers.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Let the games begin.

    I think Real’s potential over-focus on Messi (which they MUST do) will lead to their downfall. Perhaps we’ll see a couple of goals from some less-familiar faces such as, say, Keita???

  2. Sid Lowe’s take on things (around 16:40)


  3. OK, I read the whole thing and there were some “WTF” moments (Alves looks like a lesbian? WTF?!) but overall it was pretty good. Keep them coming!

    Also, Iron Man 2 will be 10 times more awesome than the 1st one because of you-know-who 😛

  4. Great interview.

    Don’t really agree with the whole Mourinho knows how to shut down Messi thing because those games against Chelsea, Messi was what, 17 or 18? And this season he didn’t even play against Inter when they came to Barcelona.

    And AS keeps refering to Arbeloa shutting down Messi when with Liverpool and that was when, the 06/07 season when Messi was 18 or 19. That Messi was completely different from this Messi, and against Madrid, Messi isn’t even going to be on the right side like that.

    1. It’s like Lahm and Evra had both declared that they were ready to face Messi last season but Messi played in the center and they got none of him. 😉

    2. YEP!It’s like no one from madrid has been watching our last games!which i doubt…but i hope 😉
      Unless Pellegrini is planning to use Arbeloa as a defensive midfielder :p

  5. hahaha good read. he’s right though, right now I’m not sure how this game will end. It will be open football like we are accustomed to seeing from these teams and it might even be a shootout just as easily it might be a 0-0 tie (<—- not going to happen).

    one thing I would like to discuss is Messi. And I want to say I'm not sure how I feel about this but I'm putting out there. I know a lot of us here often harp on Messi for not passing enough, or taking on four defenders and losing the ball, or going for an impossible shot when there seems to be some available options around. I pointed this out while watching a game with some of my Madridista in-laws. However, there response surprised me. They said, he needs to do those things, he needs to be somewhat selfish, so he can build his confidence on the pitch.

    Allow me to explain. Several times this year Messi has amazed us by making these shots that seem virtually impossible. Tuesday night was a perfect example, there's no reason that first shot should go in with that many defenders crowding around. But it did, and we all went insane applauding him. The last goal, he takes on three defenders with a wide open Keita ready for the tap in, and his shot is blocked but he somehow gets the rebound and we know what happens. Now maybe that last goal is a bad example because the game was well over and done, but it should be noted that when Messi does the impossible we shower him in praise. When he attempts the impossible and fails we scorn him for being selfish.

    And I'm not sure we can do that. If Leo is to become more of a legend than he already is, I think he has to always take those impossible shots, take those runs in to walls of defenders and shock the world with goals so that he can believe in himself and his ability. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, and imagine a trigger shy Messi – no bueno. So I don't know what the answer is, but it should be noted. We can't extoll praise on the guy for doing the same thing we bash him for only because one results in a goal and the other kills a play. Or can we? I don't know. Just something I've been thinking about.

    With that being said, I have something to say to all Madristas, and I apologize for my poor spanish: Yo cago en la leche de Madrid que chuparon.

    1. I think this is well thought out argument. I think overall it is about percentages. People will not mind Messi trying the incredible as long as it will not hamper the team effectiveness. Against Arsenal, one of the things that was impressive from Messi was that he was always trying for passing and taking shots only when there were not many feasible options. I personally think that right now and increasingly over last 18 months, his decision making is improving. It will be over optimistic to believe that he will always go 100% but then even 50% of Messi is quite good enough.

  6. Why do people think if leo hasnt scored , he was stopped? He is not a striker FFS.

    Yes jose really stopped him here.

    What a tactician.

  7. Alonso suffering from an ankle knock? That’s not bad news. Still looks like he’ll make it though.

  8. Meanwhile, Eto’o is in town to contest the hearing regarding his share of his “transfer” fee. This has been brewing, and there was some thought that it wouldn’t go to court, but there it is.

    We’re saying that Eto’o was essentially swapped rather than traded, so he had no transfer value. And we have tapes, apparently, that buttress our side of the argument. Eto’o and his agent are saying that it was indeed a transfer, two separate deals, and he wants his chunk of the transfer fee.


    1. ick is right. love eto’o, hate money matters. cue rodney: “cant we all just (sniff sniff) get along?”

  9. you might want to edit this isaiah, you accidentally made part of his response to your second question…part of your question. read your second question and you will see what i mean. a good read. thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out.

      I seem to do that with all of my interviews. The one with Cesar has “BFB” answering a question posed by BFB instead of CB…

  10. i dont even know what scarlett johhansseen looks like, and no i am not going to “google” her…anyways i am just waiting for soccermom to come around again…that is my crush.

  11. I have updated this post with the podcast I recorded with various Madridistas yesterday (it’s their podcast, not mine). Yay!

  12. what do the folks here (with their finger on the mexican pulse) think about the chicharito (javier hernandez) signing by Man U? does he have that much quality? never seen him play. it does seem Man U is weak in attack, besides Rooney, they have a bunch of old dudes and do-nothings.

  13. what’s up with the random questions isaiah?
    funny though…

    was adam bader trying to hit on don perez’ daughter by going into the female toilet or are there really no proper signs on the door?

  14. nice podcast, looking forward to the next one. Especially liked the “thats cruel” moment. 😀

  15. Piggybacking on what Tyler said:

    One of the things I like about Messi so much is that he has been working so hard on his tactical awareness and his range of skills. We’ve seen him play a more reserved playmaker style in flashes recently, where he has been looking for the killer pass over the impossible run and goal.

    The reason it is so important he work on these things is because his area of most potential growth is mental. Sure he can improve physically, but learning to play different roles his game will improve even more.

    When he learns to integrate all of these different roles, and seamlessly transition from one to the other, then he will be unstoppable.

    1. his pace in an outright sprint will also diminish in say 5 years, thats where guile, physical strength and playmaking will be even more important.

      what did maradona do when he got past his prime? oh yeah, i forgot: cocaine.

  16. According to news, Lucio och Motta will miss the first semi 1 vs Barca.

    and this players risk missing the semi 2 return leg in barca
    if they get a yellow card, Balotelli, Chivu, Maicon, Samuel, Stankovic, Zanetti.

    Am i wrongly informed or ? And who’s at the risk for Barca
    Due to Puyols Redcard, is he still one yellow away from missing
    the return ?

    Ps I know its about real madrid , but that game is a 2-2 draw =)

    1. he’s also a kick-messi defender. you’re right, it’s huge. and you can bet that one of those others will get a yellow in the 1st leg and miss the second. anyway, sneijder is the dangerous one, and looks like he’ll be there for both legs. remember he wasnt very involved in our matches in the group stage (correct me if im wrong). either way, barca midfield >> inter midfield, esp with both xavi and iniesta.

  17. Damn… Ibra is not on the official player list for el Clasico 🙁

    We really could have needed him and his physical presence.

    1. Agreed, Helge. They’re missing Kaka, who isn’t really that big a loss for them, except that he is often a big-match player. Jeffren is in the squad. That surprises me, given that his injury past match looked kinda serious.

      Frankly, Abidal is a bigger miss for me than any attacking player. Question now is what’s our front line for tomorrow? I just can’t see Guardiola penciling in Henry, and it will help that Iniesta is back, but he isn’t really that much of an attacking force. I’m going with:

      Alves Pique Puyol Maxwell
      Busquets Xavi Iniesta
      Pedro! Messi Krkic

      Henry might get a second-half sub. The key will be to not concede early. I know. Duh. But in their house, it’s crucial. We did last season, and had the firepower to overcome it. This season, we’re buttressed as much by our defense as our attacking prowess.

    2. It’d be easy to get worried about their pace up front or our small front line but look at that midfield! If they try to play through us it aint gonna work. I see long balls over our heads if we try to keep the line too high. You’re right that Abidal’s pace might have been useful for this match.

    3. Pedro! Messi and Krkic… I doubt that works out against Madrid. It worked against a weakened Arsenal defence, but Real plays with more aggresivity and passion against us.
      The concern about Maxwell vs CR is obvious, but I think if only one of them (Abidal and Ibra) was missing, everything would be fine. Now that both are out of el Clasico, our defense and offense is massively weakened. Consequently, I’ll take a draw as a good result.

    4. I think Maxwell is really the best signing of the past summer because we wouldnt reach this stage now if we had to play puyol at left back matches after matches. I am confident that Maxwell will do well against Madrid because Madrid doesnt rely heavily on wing plays, but when they do play it, i think maxwell rough and tough style can keep things under control.

  18. Thanks for doing the interview and coming on the podcast, Isaiah. Much appreciated 🙂

    If one of you guys want to come on a future episode of the podcast, just shoot an email to rajab (at)


  19. That Balotelli thing is a residual April Fools prank. We would never, ever sign a player with so little discipline and control of his …. well …. everything. 😀

    Saw reports that Spurs made an offer to Txiki B., who is “keeping his options open.” Would he stay if the Continuity candidate won? Good question. One of the main questions I would have for Rosell is about sporting director.

    I don’t know why, but this match worries me. Possibly because so much is riding on it. But it’s a very different feeling from the home Clasic. Weird.

  20. Awesome Dani Interview with Small Talk:

    ST: Finally, who would win a fight between a lion and a tiger?
    Dani: Me.


  21. On Facebook, Alfons Godall says 4-1 us, two from Messi, one each from Henry and Iniesta. Many reactions are “Henry??!!” 😀

    1. Actually, I have a feeling Iniesta is gonna be very decisive in this match. I think he’ll get a goal.

  22. Big News. Man Utd’s debt means that they won’t go for Villa…

    Why do I get this feeling that EE want to replace Higuain with Villa? Since Ribery is all but signed, I guess they won’t go for Silva! 😀

    I hope… 🙁

    1. Replace Higuain with Villa? If they really are that stupid, they shall go for it. But for me, Higuain is the best striker, alongside Rooney.

  23. Does anyone realize that three of the four coaches in the final four in CL all have Barca ties? Mourinho, Van Gaal and of course, Guardiola. Very cool.

    1. I saw an article about that on one of the catalan sports sites. Should make all these games very interesting to watch. They all play as similar as you can play to us with out being us. Bayern for example is playing with Ribery on the LW, Olic in the center, and Robben on the RW. Intermilan is playing more defensive but they have Maicon shooting up the RW just like alves and they should really complicate things for us.

    1. PLEEEASE!! I hope that’s true.

      He’s the nutcase that’s planning to spend 50 mil on Cesc Fabregas, isn’t he?! ISN’T HE?!

    2. Unfortunately it seems to be just speculation at the moment.

      BTW – Ferrer is running a smart campaign right now – distancing himself from Laporta. In retrospect, he’s been running a pretty good campaign the whole time.

    3. True. He’s still the Continuity candidate, but more as continuing the sporting excellence. It’s a very artfully done play.

      The Rosell business could also be some plea for sympathetic electioneering, as in “See what those bastards are trying to do to me! Vote for Sandro!”

  24. Just saw the podcast and this thoughts came up.

    During the time of el classico Messi was going through a rough patch.

    Messi also missed a sitter, or rather Casillas had to pull out a Valdes save.

    Madrid played better in the first 20 minutes, Barca played better the last 70 minutes.

    If the play with 3 attackers they have given us the win. I think it will be a similar formation as last time with Lass and Xabi holding and Van de Vart creating the plays with Higuin and Ronaldo up front. Probably a good idea for them to put marcelo as a LM, kinda what we did with Abidal and Maxwell last week.

  25. lineup prediction:


    I think Keita will play, otherwise it will be a tough day for Maxwell. Yaya over Busi makes more sense in this match. If Henry plays we will not see Iniesta, Messi will try to do his job.

    what do you think guys? post your preferred lineup

    1. if he’s fit, iniesta MUST be on the pitch. no way around it. i dont mean to be an ass, but, CMON MAN!

  26. In all the Messi hubbub, I feel some Madridista are forgetting about a certain Ghostface Killa’, who also didn’t play in the first Clasico.

  27. Lineup prediction


    My reasoning: we need to attack and maintain possession, they can’t score if we have the ball the whole time. Iniesta, Busquets, and Henry = increased possession but we have to smart with every touch. I’m not worried about Maxwell as much as I’m worried about the different ways they are going to try and shut down Messi and Xavi.

    1. Why not yaya in this match? He has the positional sense to stop Ronaldo’s run or cut Guti/vdv’s pass. I think dirty Lass will be tripping Busi for fun and you know what happens then 🙁

    2. hmmm I never thought I’d say this but I just feel a little bit more comfortable when it comes to the attacking capability of busquets versus yaya’s. but you are right, busquets doesn’t handle the rough and tough aspect of the game like Yaya does, but I think for this match we have to attack attack attack just like in the first leg of the Arsenal game. But if Yaya is in the starting lineup or Keita I dont mind. It’s like here are three delicious flavors of ice cream which one do you want. There’s no wrong answer.

  28. I also think Henry will start tomorrow. I can’t defend it or even give a rational explanation as to why I think he will/should start, but this could be his last chance to finish on a high note.

  29. A nice read here! If only because it confirms how that 11-1 fiasco came about (basically Franco threatened the Barca players).


  30. In (what I consider to be) other good news, Pinto has renewed for another year.

    This is good as Valdes is too young to start training his replacement, and I get the impression that none of our youth team keepers are very impressive at the moment.

  31. Eusebio seems to be a very nice and reasonable guy, I like the way he comments about Messi, el Clasico and the World Cup:

  32. ive been having a thought float around in my head the last couple days. about Pep G mind games.

    remember last season when our best lineup included henry on the left and iniesta in the midfield? how long as it been since weve seen that? a long time, partly because henry has been shit or unfit, and iniesta…unfit.

    henry came on for a cameo at the Emirates and blew chunks. what if this was a brilliant mind-game move by Pep, designed to mask yet again his intentions for future opponents. “were gonna play henry very little in the run-up to the clasico and the CL semifinals. let him rest up, have him run around a bit against arsenal but not really show his hand. then, when we go to the bernabeau, BOOM! they’ll see how we’ve been preparing all along.”

    maybe this is just my grasping-at-straws HOPE that henry has a little bit more in the tank for these last big matches. and pep has been holding his cards to his chest all along.

  33. corey at the RM offside has a good (and civil) preview of the match, since we are still waiting for isaiahs. whet your whistle.


    he even referred to his own CR7 as thong boy! kxevin, you are a creator of culture…

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