The Last Time We Met

I’m not sure what happened last time we met Real Madrid. Hey, Iker, do you remember?

I hate you, Isaiah

What about you Lass?

Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe

Oh right.

Ibra, Ibra, que pasó?

Ah, yes, of course. Booyaka.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Well, now that I got that out of the way, awesome post. Psyched out of my mind for El Clasico.

  2. And it WILL be on GolTV, as well as Deportes. So yes, we get our dose of RayRay. 😀

    1. ESPN2 is also listed as showing Spanish Primera matches at 3 on Sunday, so I believe they are showing it too!


  3. It will be a very interesting match. Can we get a list of players
    1. Available
    2. Available but probably injured
    3. Injured
    4. Suspended for El Classico.

    The other big hole for me is that Madrid consistantly is placed above Barcelona in La Liga rankings. But as it stands we will the La Liga if it were finished this moment. Can somebody clarify this.

    1. Head to head counts in La Liga in case of a tie.. As we are currently ‘ahead’ 1-0 due to the first leg, we only require a draw to lead La Liga.. Whereas a loss by 1-0 would mean goal difference would matter in case of a tie.. A loss by a worse margin would mean a repeat of 06-07 even if they throw away their lead (highly unlikely).

      A win and we are Golden!

    2. Vj gave some of the details, but the reason RM is above us in the standings is because they have a better goal difference and we haven’t played them twice.

      Roughly speaking, their position is provisional as we wait to find out what happens on Sunday. Then Vj’s assessment will be completely correct.

    3. One thing – Does the Away goal thing hold out here? I mean if we were to equal on head to head but have scored the away goal at bernabeu, would we be ahead?

  4. exciting match in manchester, lots of goals. not a lot of defense. cant wait to meet one of these teams. i prefer ManU just to convince the world that we are better than the EPL

    1. ManU are out! HA! Lyon v. Bayern will be an interesting match up. Didn’t we play both of them last year? 😀

  5. Man Utd OUT!!


    Have we ended the English Dominance?!!

  6. No Premier League in Semi’s. That is a shame. I wish Arsenal was in another group so we could have met them in final.
    Looks like its most likely gonna be Barca Bayern in the final.

  7. Our biggest challenge in the CL will be this coming round. Inter will be very tough. If we can beat them then I’m confident we can win it all again.

  8. Munich-Lyon
    Inter Milan-Barca

    first time in 7 years no EPL in semis. also, its barcas 3rd year in a row and 4th out of 5 in the semis.

    after beating Inter, I just dont see how we can lose to either of the other semifinalists, assuming the Bernabeu’s pitch is in good condition and we dont have any injuries in the coming month.

  9. Man I just remember the sound of the ball coming off Ibra’s boot echoing throughout the Camp Nou. Glorious.

    1. It was, Tyler. A staggering goal, and the thump was so true.

      So, what does this mean for the people who say that the Prem is the best league in the world?

      I wouldn’t be counting my chickens against Inter just yet. That’s going to be a very tough two-legged affair, and very physical. I do think that the winner will come from our half of the draw, however.

    2. It’s a shame that Bordeaux were eliminated today. They could have made a solid run towards the final. I tend to think of them as the Barca of Ligue 1 (Gourcuff being Messi, of course) and Lyon as the EE.

    3. If we just can continue this run of form and keep everyone healthy, we will be able to handle Inter I feel. They are a scary team and obviously have shown their quality. I’m just glad nobody will be able to say we took the easy route to the final. If we beat Inter, we will have played arguably the hardest schedule to get through to the final.

  10. This is Titi’s chance at redemption, he can go out like a wimp or he can give us something to remember him by forever at the Bernabeu.Hes the only player we have that runs behind the defense and keeps them honest and i really think he could be crucial for us to win there again like last time.His last appearance was unforgivable and infuriating, almost like a testimonial, except it was a real game but the script is written for him on Saturday.I hope he can see that.

  11. I can’t wait for the match on Saturday. I think a win or a draw means we come out on top in case of a tie, right?

    I think we’ll win, but not like last year. Or I should say, not like the 6-2 win. They’re going to be focused on how to stop Messi, which means having Iniesta back to partner in the middle with Xavi is vital. Not sure if Pep will go for Busquets to round out the midfield, but I think I’d like to see Yaya. Anyway, my point is, the midfield is gonna win us this match. I also hope Ibra is back to take advantage of the focus on Messi.

    I’m curious too about our defensive line, how Pep will deal with the absence 🙁 of Pique.

    Finally – Pep told the players that under no circumstances can they talk about EE to the press in the build up to the match. I like it. It means we’re going to do our talking on the pitch. And we all know what that means. That means Iker Face:


    1. If there is definitely no Pique, then Puyol/Milito will be just fine. Better in some ways because Milito stays home more than Piquenbauer.

  12. Im thrilled. Love the pictures lol Whomever we put out of the pitch is going to play their heart out I hope. Messi for 2! Ibrah at least 1!

  13. To say that I’m stoked for this is putting it lightly. I know the EE have been on fire at home, going undefeated the past 13 or 14 matches. But who better to douse the flame than us, right? This’ll be a barn burner! Fureza Barca!

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