CL Liveblog: Barcelona – Arsenal

So, the (blog) team is on the road again for this ever-so-important match; however, VicSoc has agreed to run the liveblog! Three cheers for him! Hip! Hip! Hooray! Hip! Hip! Hooray! Hip! Hip! HOOOOORAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. i love messi cos he looks goofy and when he shakes his fists his arms look kinda wimpy. when you look at him you dont immediately think: “great athlete.” but….wow. the best in the worlds most popular, beautiful sport.

  2. Messi thoroughly embarassed Almunia with that last goal. still can’t get over it.

  3. LOL Marca and EE:

    Guti: “We are not afraid of anybody”

    Ramos: “Messi is the one we fear most”

    AS reports that Abidal could be out for El Clasic..

    1. bad bad new… abidal just returned and now out again… thanks to the physical game Arsenal played.

  4. If the week end as it started! I promise to not complain about life, god, Global warming, or Real Madrid existence anymore (I will try my best at least).

  5. Cesc:”oh hell, lucky i couldn’t play!”

  6. Remember when Messi got the hat trick against Stuttgart and the British media said, “oh well it’s just Stuttgart?”

    Remember when Messi got the hat trick against Zaragoza and the British media said, “oh well it’s just Zaragoza?”

    NOW, remember when Messi scored FOUR goals against the third place team in the EPL, only 3 points behind the leader in the quarter finals of champions league?????? Oh yeah, you see that, that just happened!

    The announcers on my channel for the whole first half were going on and on about how much better English football is, and how as a fan of English football you wanted Arsenal to win. Well, guess what, Barcelona just destroyed “English” football (not a single starting member of tonight was from England). I admire Arsenal but I’m sorry you’re not in the same category as us, and while we should show humility, I am too proud of what I just saw to not congratulate our team on playing their collective hearts out.

    Inter, we’re coming, and we’re hungry……

    1. Well, technically speaking, Walcott is from England and he was in the starting 11 for Arsenal tonight, but it doesn’t really matter that much and doesn’t change your point. 😉
      I as well hope that people will finally shut up about Messi “not performing that well against really “big and important” teams, therefore he’s rubbish”.

    2. Oh I forgot about Walcott, because Abidal shut him down and he disappeared off the pitch haha.

  7. i love how always is down during a barca game, especially after something crazy happens like today, get better servers!!!

  8. i missed the beginning of the 2nd half…did abidal’s injury look serious(re-aggravation of his last injury) or was it a knock?

    messi finally gets to shut up the dudes who asked, “where’s messi?” during the first leg of this tie. as kxevin might say, “so. happy[and drunk]. right. now.”

  9. Arsenal fan here, congratulations on the win. The better team won today. No shame in losing to a team with a player like Messi but I wish we could meet once more with a full strength squad.

    1. thanks for your visit after the defeat as well. messi is too ridiculous, even we are blown away.

  10. So happy with this win. I hope Abidal’s injury/knock isn’t too serious. Want to see him on Saturday against EE.

    And, yay for Marquez. Great match. Bodes well for the rest of the season that our defenders step up when needed.

    Can’t wait to read the review!

  11. love this:

    “20 min. Arsenal followed up their goal with another quick break. Walcott was free, but the Barcelona defense managed to break up the pass. Barca raced to the other end; Silvestre blocked Messi’s pass into the area, but the ball came right back to Messi, who experienced a moment of supreme tranquility as time came to a standstill, the universe aligned, and as the ball came gently to rest at his feet, he was able to swing his leg at the perfect angle to send it sailing past Almunia into the net. At which point time restarted, the stars burst overhead, a choir of angels started singing, and for Leo Messi, it went on being Tuesday.”


    1. leo, leo, puto leo, gol … es lo puto crack!


    2. I liked watching the replay, because you see Almunia diving to stop it, and as the ball goes into the net, you see him taking forever to fall to the ground.

      Is Run of Play pro Arsenal? Or?

  12. So proud of Leo! Can he be more awesome?!


    1. “es argenti tambe, pero alla juga pse-pse”


      He’s Argentinian also, but there he plays so-soooooooooooo

    1. Loved the third goal. Brilliant chip and the badge kissing celebration!

      Pure. awesomeness.

    2. It’s ridiculous really. I saw the goals as they happened (on a little screen on my computer), but when I watch them again, they just get better and better.

      And the best part is that the entire team gets JOY from it. You know, it just makes you smile. How can anyone not love him? It’s so much fun to watch him play.

  13. How funny were the goals, the first to the keeper’s left, the second to his right, the third over his head and the fourth under him & through his legs.
    Which way can you stop him? Casillas better be praying

    1. the last one was to just remind him of this nightmare: *

      haha the last time a ball went through almunia’s legs against arsenal it cost them a champions league final!

  14. well im back from the pub and all i gotta say is:

  15. How does one write a review for this? I tip my hat to Kxevin because all id be able to write is – “Dios” followed by blank.No words.leo has rendered me speechless.

  16. Unfortunately it is not appropriate for a 23 year old man to squeal in public while chanting Messi Messi Messi because that’s the only suitable response I have to this game.

  17. I have blamed the players for being a bit too arrogant in some of the pre-match comments and urged them to show more humility, but now I have to say one thing:
    There’s only one team who deserves to win the CL and who deserves to win la Liga. I don’t know if we will win both or at least one of them, but even if Inter beats us, ur Real takes la Liga, none of them can compare to us.

  18. I want to apologize to Rafael Marquez. I admit, I was very worried about you playing, and I even advocated starting Toure instead of you. I’ve gone so far as to imagine you would be leaving this summer.

    You played a great game, sorry for doubting.

  19. as president of the rafa marquez fan club we accept your apology ;^)

    here are the stats to back it up though:

    2nd behind xavi.

  20. Can we talk about that ALMOST moment toward the end that gave (at least) me flashbacks of 2006? Maxwell break through on the near post with a defender on him, crosses into goal and ALMOST hits Almunia on the leg and bounces it into goal.

    It was around the same time (80th minute) that a defender (Belleti) had a shot at Arsenal’s defense and hit a shot off Almunia’s leg and into goal (though from the right and not the left).

    If Maxwell had made that shot, we would have been talking about it for weeks… but we’ll let it go down as one of those ALMOST moments 😉

  21. Amazing stat I read earlier… Xavi completed 105 passes today! 45 more than the next player (Rafa M, then Milito and Busi). That’s incredible!

  22. Apologies, everyone, but the review will be delayed. My local FOX affiliate, Comcast Sports Net, pissed away the first half-hour of the match by showing the press conference announcing the new basketball coach of DePaul University, a shit team that is going nowhere. So I have to wait for the FSE rebroadcast.

    But I can say this: 4 goals? Are you KIDDING me?

    Bad news on Abidal. Another 2 weeks, and he misses El Clasic. We desperately needed him for the wing play.

    1. I set my dvr to record the match. It was available through some weird CNN-type channel? Man, it better have recorded. I’m still stuck at work.

      Curses to your affiliate!

  23. Now, let me follow that by saying this: No way does he get that much space against Inter. The Song injury really, really hurt the valiant Gunners.

    Whoops! Time to run off and catch the FSE rebroadcast, where I will probably hear “la pullllgaaa!” about 47 times. 😀

    1. Its good for eveyrone else though, they’ll concentrate on him and the likes of ibra and P!(Who needs to practice his shooting again) will be free.Its what happened in the 1st leg, Vermaelen moving up with Messi,and as a consequence ibra waltzes in twice :D.If we get David villa next year or a goalscoring winger for the left, we’ll be almost unplayable.Who do you mark? thats not even talking about our midfield, and the occasional time Pique moves up to be a center forward.

    2. …F5…..F5…..F5

      Where are the gods of Hectorization when you need them?

      …probably looking for Youtube replays like me.

      HOLY BALLSS!!(all 4 of ’em)


    1. Ah…jones satisfied. Tanks Corrine.

      But in between F5ing I discovered what the gods are really doing
      Check this:
      “Barcelona were really good tonight; even in the phases where it looked like they were using the ball as a scientific instrument to help them scan the field for historical remains, they were doing it for a good reason.”

      Ok Kevykev…I guess it’s ratings over coffee in the morning…F5

  24. I am glad for Barca, but I just feel that Messi is peaking too soon for this season. He’s gonna get burnt out by the time the world cup starts. Argentina needs an inform Messi for the WC.

  25. N apparently Pep was ordered to concede 2 goals in the 1st leg to make the 2nd leg interesting n increase ticket sales for the 2nd leg . that could be the mystery behind the 1st legs last 20 min loss of concentration.

    Maxwell shud not play against EE, prefer to have Puyol at left back.

  26. lol..the last 4 losers of the Champions league final have all been English opposition.

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