Meet your favorite diver: Franny

Look. Fuck Francesc Fabregas Soler. No. I mean fuck him. He’s a diving, cheating, bitch. No, really. You don’t believe me? I didn’t want him before as a replacement for Xavi. Now I don’t ever want him. No, no, I’m not just bitter, it’s that I want real players. Players who believe in staying on their feet (therefore I want Yaya over Busi).

Don’t believe me with just that? Okay, well how about against dirty, dirty Chelsea?

1) The dive that got Pique his yellow was a dive. It was horrible. I’m glad his doucheitude sky-ed it.
2) The dive that got Puyol his red was a dive. It was even worse. It’s despicable that anyone would accept that as a real penalty. It was a blatant and horrible dive.

Not only do I not want Franny to transfer now, but I never want Franny to transfer. Not now, not in 3 or 4 years like I previously wanted, but never. Never ever. Fuck him. No, seriously: Francesc Fabregas is a diving, cheating whore. Don’t believe me? Just wait for the videos. I will post them.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. There are two types of football fan (not soccer). The first is the kind of fan who has a bond/connection with a club, usually since childhood, something which is nurtured through the good times and inevitably the bad times. This type of fan goes to the games if and when they can, and for 90 minutes the only thing that is relevant to their lives is seeing their team win that game.

    The second type of football fan is the kind who operates on the proverbial band wagon. Introduced to the sport, they must decide who they should support. There are, I guess, a few methods of picking your football team – proximity being the most obvious and to be honest the most favorable in my mind, but this second kind of football fan generally picks their team based on one thing; ‘winning’. I know thats not necessarily a bad thing, but most of us don’t get to pick who we support, its given to us, from where we grew up, its always been that way. This type of ‘fan’ doesn’t know the feeling of freezing your arse off in a snowy january afternoon when your team is losing, and feeling relief at snatching a draw. This type of fan ‘demands’ from his team that they win, not for any other reason than the fact that if they don’t he’ll write a blog with his crayons exposing his vast lack of knowledge about football.

    This second type of fan, is clearly aware that being denied a goal scoring opportunity in the box is a penalty, and a red card. If it had happened anywhere else on the pitch, we’re having a different conversation, but check the rules. I’m also relatively bemused at how this second type of fan can make the claim that it was a dive…when in the contact Cesc broke his leg. I’m relatively sure that if you fracture bone, you’ve done enough to constitute a foul.

    I’m also relatively sure with the menace with which Cesc hammered in that penalty, aggravating the fracture in his leg, that he really hasn’t been looking for a house in spain.

    I’d agree with the guy earlier who said that he hopes Cesc reads this and realises that this is how barca fans will react, but in all honesty, the author of this blog clearly isn’t a football fan, and probably (hopefully) not an accurate representation of a Barcelona fan, he is what we call here in England a ‘Gloryhunter’. No affiliation, no knowledge, no genuine passion, no ability to hold your hands up and realise ‘your’ team played beautifully, but in the premier league, it isn’t over until it’s over, its ninety minutes not sixty.

    If i may suggest, hang up the Barcelona facade and go get yourself a New York Red Bulls shirt, although I’m not even sure they’d want such a scrote as a fan.

  2. You cunts did nothing but dive yesterday. I love Barca’s style of play, but the diving and the way the club is run, built on tapping up players, makes them a truly deplorable side. The fact that you call him a diver when the challenge BROKE HIS LEG proves how much of a complete and utter contemptible moron you are.

    Sir, kindly do one.

  3. Ah, I see you’re a glory fan from the States. I take back any respect that may have been inferable in my comment. I don’t believe I gave you the respect of talking about how Barca are ran. I take it all back, you’re purely a moronic, glory hunting tool. Support the Red Bulls and maybe your opinion will be worth listening to.

  4. Barcelona has a gorgeous style of play, yes. But if you think your players are saints and never dive, you have got to be bullshitting me. Pique and Busquets go down ALL THE FUCKING TIME, so I can’t believe you’re criticizing Cesc. Also – if the challenge fucking broke his leg, how can you possibly say he was diving? I just don’t understand your mentality.

    Also, I’m with you on Cesc not going to Barca. And I’m sure all Gooners agree that we want him with us forever. If it were my choice, I hope he never goes to Barcelona. With mental fans like you…

  5. I dnt think you should post nemore vids, cos the two u did post made you look very stupid!!! or actually post them, cos in the end the vids will certainly disprove your point very easily!

    i am very dissapointed in you, as I have always respected you, but my biggest pet hate is stupid people!

    and you, sir, are a stupid man….

  6. What a fucking piece of shit blogging!

    First it’s Cesc and not Franny.

    Next, if you call those videos as dives, you seriously need to have ur head and eyes checked. First one was when Cesc kicked himself and ref interpreted that Arteta had fouled him.

    About Chelsea incident – If you have played football, which i doubt u have, contact at the furious pace the game is played can hurt. And this is the English League, where physicality is commonplace. Unlike your Spanish game where pussies like Alves, Busquets go down like cunts. And of course cheats like Messi (hand of GOD, that’s cheating only in my books) play for your club. Your post is absolute bollocks.

  7. The challenge that got Puyol his red was a dive? Man, you suck at taking the piss too. What do you have stuffed up your eye sockets? Melons?

    And for all your ramblings about how you don’t want Cesc anymore, tell that to that whore Laporta. Bitches, can’t stop wanking off thinking of Cesc.

    And finally what a pathetic attempt at WUMming. Fuck off! And we will get you at the Nou Camp.

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