BFB, comments and the future

After some discussion, the team at Barcelona Football Blog has reached the decision to disable comments in this space. It wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly, but it is one that has been discussed in the past.

Editorially, we hope that this means rather than the latest article drawing all of the comments and activity, the space will become more of a place to read about Barça, its history and how the team has done over time. There is some fun stuff in the archives that is worth exploring though sadly, all of the Offside content from way back in the day, is lost to time and server cleanups as companies changed hands.

And in no longer hosting comments, BFB becomes like a great many newspapers and magazines in America and elsewhere in the world that react now that comments spaces in this age of social media have become something different. We struggled with this decision because since the days when Barcelona Football Blog was The Offside: Barcelona, the comments spaces were where the articles continued to grow after being posted. We hashed things out, argued, agreed to agree or to disagree and learned from each other.

But whether a consequence of social media or other factors, the respectful, collegial tone has changed. So for now, comments have been disabled. To the people who posted such awesome, thoughtful comments, our apologies for your getting caught up in this. Again, it isn’t a decision that we took lightly, and we do hope that the readers, the BFB family here, understand, and conversations about posts can continue on Twitter. Likewise if you have any comments or want to reach out, the BFB mods are on Twitter. Our handles are below.

Thanks again, and thanks to everyone for reading.

I am @kevvwill
Isaiah is @fcbfootballblog
Levon is @barsalev

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By Kxevin

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