Liga Liveblog: Barça – Osasuna

Kicking off a few minutes prior to match time, it’s Barça vs Osasuna, brought to you in high definition livebloggage.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Great article by J Wilson on tactical innovations (re: Messi and Thongboy type wingers)

    1. I love J Wilson although that wasn’t one of his best ones IMO. Not really that illuminating as we’ve been seeing the switch footed “wingers”for a while now.

      His fullbacks article and the 4-2-3-1 are brilliant though.

    2. Yeah. Read his book and I like to catch his articles because it helps the non-tactical geniuses like myself get up to speed on the little things in football (such as formations and tactics) that sometimes dont get noticed (at least not by myself- all the time).

      Hector- You have some of the Tactical Genius DNA in your writings, so its probably not anything you have not heard…

  2. I won’t be here, don’t miss me too much. Let’s see a comprehensive Barca win!

  3. Valdés, Alves, Puyol, Milito, Maxwell, Touré, Busquets, Iniesta, Messi, Ibrahimovic & Henry.

    Silly me for thinking Pep would do something conventional.

  4. Awesome. Too bad I can’t watch it. Hopefully mysoccerplace uploads the whole game quickly.

    Watching the Henry/Ibra dynamic is gonna be fascinating. If those two get it together inside the box, we’re gonna be so much better.

  5. If Messi is fit to play, play him. Sub him after 45 if necessary. The whole having him on the bench to come on in case of need for him is a flawed philosophy IMO, unless you’re coming back from injury, this is the rule = you can play, you start.

  6. Ibrah Scored !!! I didnt like the game being so suffered.
    Messi should’ve been rested, not Ibrah.

  7. Yaya needs to improve on his finishing abilities. In last couple of matches he is getting into good positions to score.

  8. how clutch is Milito?? he’s fast becoming one of our best defenders and his position saves us all the time. I’d love to see how he combines with Abidal in the back four. we need every player to step it up like he is doing!

    great goal for Ibra, confidence is key and he needed that goal baaaaaaad.

    3 points is all that matters we have so many huge games coming up, we just need to get out of this stretch with results!

    1. question from pure curiosity: how many games have we played where both messi and ibra scored at least once?

  9. Whew. That was a tough one. Horrible, horrible 1st half.

    Glad Ibra scored the game winning goal back like in the beginning of the season. Should give him more confidence going into the next 2 important matches. And he wasn’t off in the 1st half… wrong calls by the linesman.

    Glad Bojan scored as well, always nice for him to come off the bench and feel as if he is contributing and not just running around.

    Iniesta had a great 2nd half, after looking pretty invisible in the 1st… same with Yaya.

    Still not sold on the Milito/Puyol partnership, but at least they kept a clean sheet this time.

    Shame Messi’s shot hit the post. He looked like he was reserving himself a bit today, although he looked frustrated as well. Some of the refs decisions were mind-boggling.

  10. The ref is a Madrid-born, by the way…

    I can’t wait to have Xavi back. We shouldn’t forget that with Xavi, Abidal and Piqué, three VERY important players and regular starters have been missing. Piqué will be back for Mallorca (I hope so), but does anyone have news about Xavi and Abidal?

  11. If Xavi isn’t back for Arsenal, I think we might be in trouble. In such a situation I hope Pep plays Keita, who adds a real element of dynamism to the attack. Iniesta-Keita-Busquets should be fine (though in all honesty, I am quite leery of playing Henry at Emirates…he’s going to get too emotional to play effectively I think).

  12. today eto’o scored twice: a “escuadra” and a “chilena” … ibra didn’t miss his sitter today before being subbed 😀

    1. But only one of them won a match for us today, right? Perhaps the Inter page over at the Offside cares what our former striker did.

      Didn’t see the match, glad Ibrahimovic scored the winner. Can somene post download links when available?

    2. Dunno about download links, but here’s the full match courtesy of mysoccerplace


    3. Sky Sports broadcast.

      Courtesy of Pakman @

      1st half:


      2nd half:





    4. Sky Sports broadcast.

      Courtesy of Pakman @

      1st half:


      2nd half:





    5. I can probably get you a few others. is the best place to download soccer matches on the net. Even better than rojadirecta considering they take some of their stuff from fbtz.

    6. the comment was just funny stuff, eto-o will always be an exFCB player, unlike figo 😀

      I believe the team won the game. This is not like messi dribbling 6 and scoring. To me maybe iniesta did win the game with both passes for two sitters, the second one -bojan- was the hardest. But I recall etoo scored the only goal in stamford bridge. The dude is a winner please allow me to keep loving him, I have not made up my mind about my feelings on ibra yet… but in pep we trust. Lets see how ibra and titi team up with the messiah in our offense. We sure need them.

    7. I think that Henry had a great half against Valencia, but somehow it didn’t really strengthen his confidence… I hoped to see more from him in the next matches.

  13. guddy is doing well at spurs, he has scored key goals in a couple recent matches. i like spurs so this is a good thing. go guddy.

  14. Didn’t watch the game, but like Jnice said above it doesn’t look like the Henry –
    Ibra – Messi lineup works well at all. I’m guessing we’ll see a lot of one or the other on the field from now on.

    As always, glad to see Bojan score. Two games in a row he’s come on as a sub and scored. This is what he needs to focus on, if he can prove to be an effective and decisive super-sub then he will over time earn more time, just like Pedro did.

  15. didnt see the match only the highlights. glad we got the win, glad ibra and bojan scored.

    @poipoi i am glad for eto’o as well, heart of a champion we miss him at barça! two great goals today. have nightmares of inter winning the CL and Eto’o singing “Barça cabron saluda el….” 🙁

    1. LMAO! Madrid would probably love it if he did something like that, probably pay him 5 million or something! But I don’t think he would. He enjoyed his time at barca, and has kept it classy since he left.

    2. Hey, he wont score against us though, he’ll be in Pique’s pocket all game 😛

    3. Just saw Eto’o’s first goal.. God-awful defending, he had acres of space and enough time to afford 3-4 touches before shooting a hell of a shot..

      Before scoring against Chelsea in the Champions League, he didn’t score for Inter for three months.. His last goal was against Lazio in December, before he went to the ACN.. would just like to point that out..

      As far as missing sitters goes, Eto’o isn’t far behind either.. On the night of the Clasic, while Ibra scored a stunner, while Eto’o missed this..

      Having seen the second goal, I do miss him, but the prospect of Ibra returning to form excites me more..

  16. I finally watched it. Boy oh boy, that first half was a mess. For as dirty and ugly as they play, Camacho teams always play their asses off. Gritty and determined. Like I commented on the preview, they rarely score but they almost NEVER get “goleados”. Gotta respect that. Even though his philosophy is vastly different to Pep’s, Pep learned a lot from him when Camcho coached Spain in the late 90’s. That’s back when la Furia Roja was exactly that: fury, rage, determination; not skillful, artisitic, creative, etc…

    The players where somewhat asleep in the first half but Pep also got it wrong. I haven’t seen so many shifts from Pep in a long time. I think that Pep did not expect Osasuna to press us high up (he was anticipating a parked bus) and take the game to us. We started out with what looked like a 4-4-2 diamond-ish thing but that left our wings exposed and Maxwell in particular was overrun numerous times. Pep then changed to a 4-3-3 but we did not keep the lines tight enough and Henry and Messi were not doing their best pressure jobs. We also missed Pique a hell of a lot.

    FINALLY, in the second half, off came Henry for Pedro who moved right while Iniesta set up shop left and we switched back to the 4-2-4/4-3-2-1/whatever thingie that we have used lately to great effect and used it to…great effect I guess. Osasuna was so concerned with Messi, Ibra, and Pedro/Iniesta (not both at the same time) in the middle that they let the wings wide open to our wingers and overlapping fullbacks.

    Carles P mentioned the newest J Wilson article. That’s what won us the game. Old school wing play. Crash to the end line and cross. Both goals came from those moves and Alves got numerous great looks but his accuracy was WAY off.

    1. Didn’t watch the match, but I’m glad that we have a coach who admits when he makes a mistake 🙂

    2. I have also noticed a little more willingess on Pep’s part to be more flexible with his formations. His subs are also coming more frequently and earlier in the game.

      I think were seeing Pep grow as a manager, even though at this early stage of his career he has done the unthinkable (won everything in his first year).

  17. Aragonés said no to Sevilla because they didn’t offer him a contract for next season. That’s good news for us!
    Sevilla is always hard to beat at their home, but with Aragonés it would be even harder.

    1. Think they didn’t offer him a contract for next season because they want Manzano or Michel.

  18. I liked how Ibra scored this goal. He was tracking the play and trying to get himself open without fouling or going offside. The way he battled that defender then went behind him cleanly to score was great effort. Actually, I liked everything about that play, especially Pdro’s hustle and pass. It was a team goal.

    Messi’s miss was also a great piece of skill. He had the goalkeeper well beaten. If he had scored that…

    Bojan’s goal was what I like in a barcelona striker. The way he initiated the move, then tracked it as it developed all the way to the end was beautiful. It’s hard to defend against that.

    Yaya Toure continues to show how important he is to the team. He commands whatever assignment is given to him very well, especially in the second half. We need this guy on the team. I hope he doesn’t leave. Funny how Busquets gets fouled alot, but Yaya rarely does, why?

  19. Good news, Xavi’s back to training with the ball!


    He probably won’t be ready for Mallorca but hopefully he can play at least part of the Arsenal away match.

  20. It was a awkward match and Maxwell did suffer the most from the changed formation. Also Milito Puyol partnership does not work as well as any option of Pique with one of them.

    I think right now our best option is 4 – 4 – 2 with Pedro and Iniesta on wings. Maybe it is 4-1-3-1-1. Messi moved to middle in second half and though he did not have any great moments, he helped us improve. I think up top, it does not matter too much if it is Henry or Ibra as long as we keep with system.

    Next two matches are going to be real tough though.

  21. And as expected Getafe do not even put up a fight. We will have to win the liga hard way. I expect Pathetico to put up equal (i.e. zero) fight on sunday.

    1. Pathetico haven’t won against EE in a long, long time.. why do you think it would change when we really need it the most?

      Really hope that we don’t repeat the yesterday’s first half performance against Mallorca – They can score.. at least at home..

    2. Yeah, we really need to win against Mallorca because Madrid won’t drop any points to Pathetico.

    3. Well without Cata diaz they have no spine.Plus soldado is out.Its gotten to the point where we’ll just have to beat them ourselves.

    4. Yup. Can’t depend on anyone else, like Pep says. I feel like I can almost guarantee they won’t drop points again this season unless it’s to us.

  22. after watching EE’s 1st half (in atdhe with paco buyo helping with the comments) I’m starting to realize how much I dislike thong boy’s game and style, specially when compared to messi. His second goal today is supposed to be a golazo, ok but he just did bycicles until the defender fell for one and then shot a missile to the goalies head, COME ON. Literally between his eyebrows. I like much more the tasmania fainting devil of messi. He is magic while thong boy is muscle and tricks. Messi does no tricks he is messi and that’s it.

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