Zaragoza – Barça Match Comments Post

Hey, folks. I’m headed to Woodwork in Brooklyn for this match. Feel free to join or let us know what you think about the match in the comments! Let’s hope there’s another Zlatanazo happens today, along with another asskicking. Visca el Barça!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Check out this video * at the 6:00 mark. Messi is till wearing his buddy Ronaldinho’s old shin guards. Ronny’s name is still there. 😀

    1. LOL Messi, with all the money he makes, he can’t even buy new shin guards..
      Oh btw, Messi is not the greatest Barca player, its this guy on my avatar 😀

    2. Sick find. I think that is so cool. I bet he requested them as a parting gift when Ronnie left.

    3. Someone from another forum suggested that Ronnie just signed them for him because he wears the shin guards with the Argentinian flag. Makes sense because the shin guards have to be Adidas and I also saw the Argentinian flag on them before.

      Still cool, though.

  2. On a side note, WTH has been going ’round with Kari ??? Went from being Hectored mode to phycic mode ? 😯 😀

  3. Cant stop thinking about the game. After digesting the match, I walked away with this thought:

    Ibra should’ve scored those goals, but it is a very good sign that he is starting to have those chances again.

  4. ““It wasn’t an infection in the tooth, it was in the gum,” said the Barcelona coach. “He was in a lot of pain. But in the morning I asked him how he was and he told me that he was better. Before the game I asked if he wanted to play and he said yes, I asked him how many minutes and he told me the whole game.

    He always wants to play, whether it’s the Champions League final or against a third-division side. For me it’s difficult to leave him out, seeing the form he’s in. He’s an amateur in this sense, he always wants to play.”

    Messi is a boss 😀 This is why Pep doesn’t sub him out until late or most times doesn’t sub him at all when we are winning comfortably. He ALWAYS wants to play the WHOLE game. It must upset him when he isn’t allowed to do that.


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