Zaragoza – Barça Match Comments Post

Hey, folks. I’m headed to Woodwork in Brooklyn for this match. Feel free to join or let us know what you think about the match in the comments! Let’s hope there’s another Zlatanazo happens today, along with another asskicking. Visca el Barça!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Story of the second half: Messi is brilliant while we spend the rest of the time trying to set up Ibra.

    1. He got the goal tho…I couldn’t even watch the penalty I thought he was gonna miss.

  2. Its not entirely his fault but we should NEVER sub on Rafa.This happens every time.

  3. I mean changing both cbs is crazy and seems slightly disrespectful to the opposition. Marquez has been given every chance.

  4. Somehow, I didn’t like this match at all. And I don’t like Ibra missing chance after chance, I don’t like being Messidependent (which I seriously think we are, at the moment).
    …but I DO like Messi 😀

  5. Well, this was one roller coster of match. Messi is just out of this world right now. If we can keep him fit and happy, he will win us anything and everything. Just kidding. Maradona did do it with italy though.

    Loved that Messi allowed Ibra to take the penalty while he is the designated penalty taker (is this even a word?).

    Hope this will change Ibra’s fortunes. We do need him.

    On other hand, i shall be happy to see less of Marquez. Loved what he has done in past but right now, the guy is slow and other chaps are smoking him. I think our best partnership is Pique and Milito with all due deference to ek capitan.

    1. Agree with every word you wrote. Ibra could’ve had 3 goals in the second half at least. The fact that he missed them sucks. The fact that those chances are there is a good sign.

  6. Agreed helge mixed feelings also, messi dependiante or whatever.
    WE KNEW messi was great. Our teamwork etc up front was non existent question Messi/Ibra relationship= Higuain/cr9 ?????????

    1. Not.even.close.

      Please don’t compare the two–they’re completely different.

      Thong Boy would have NEVER given Higuain the pk. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, I remember he didn’t want to, and when Higuain did take it, he went off sulking.

    2. True, but given the chances he missed, it was bound to happen. This is where teamwork comes into play.. You could sense that everyone in the team wanted him to score, and Messi’s gesture was fantastic.. Hope this bodes well for the upcoming matches..

  7. Its so frustrating to see a talent like Ibra getting wasted.

    He`s excellent with ball control and strength but the ball just doesnt go in

  8. Messi is playing out of his ever lovin’ mind! I love it! 🙂

    TBH, I was kinda hoping for a thrashing. I know that the team (sometimes) doesn’t reflect the fans, but I’ve always had a dislike for Zaragoza ever since the Eto’o debacle.\

    2-4 really should have been 0-4 if we weren’t reduced to 10 men. I’ve been patient with Marquez, I really have, but this has done it for me.

    Ideal CB pairing has to be Pique-Milito now. 😀 Well, in my opinion anyway

  9. We conceded 2 when the game was already over. Marquez?? + Puyi??
    That is why Messi goes SOLO and gets the job done when others are having some probs lately. N’ I really thought Ibra would miss that penalty too. But I now hope he can bang goals after goals starting next week.

  10. On the bright side atleast it wasnt at camp nou, the stadium wouldve had a few groans which wouldve been even worse for his confidence.If he had missed that penalty, ive no idea how he wouldve recovered.

  11. Some how right now i feel certain that we will face Man U in final at Madrid come May 22. And then it will be Rooney v Messi. Could be quite a match up.

  12. I blame the forcefield for Ibra’s funk lately..

    My link (CCTV 5) started showing some great goals from last season after the match – Ibra’s were immaculate(a chip and a backheel). Goes to show that WHEN (not if) he comes back to form, we’ve got it made.. Lets just have faith in him.. He needs our support especially now..

  13. What a game by El Messiah!!!!!!!! Dude was immense today!!!! I was jumping all over my living room after watching that second goal he scored.

  14. Didn’t realize how much I missed Keita until saw him on th pitch. I love that player.
    I feel so SO sorry for Ibra. He has the tools to be excellent, it’s just his confidence thats holding him back.

  15. By the way, Kxevin better give me and jordi a shoutout!

    He totally called that with Marquez on the field, we’d concede and I totally called that the only way Ibra would score would be from a penalty.

    Give credit where it’s due, dammit! 😀

    1. I was thinking the same thing too, actually both. But I was too lazy to type it while watching. Do I also get some credit 😀

  16. Whats up with this dude Ibra. Does he not practice during training. He could beat the last man with his 7 mile long legs to score a goal. He missed sitters in front of the goal. His body language is very weak. Pep should put him to work right after the match. Dude needs to put in 200 headers, connect 200 balls of crosses, and beat defenders 200 times to score goals. Come on you son of a Gangsta Ninja…. get on with it.

  17. Initial reactions: Great game by Messi. Hope Ibra’s slump is over (does a penalty really count?). Have finally lost my patience with Marquez.

  18. Messi… wow.

    Ibra… wow. I’ve never seen a striker’s confidence so low. Messi immediately made the decision to give Ibra the penalty. Good on him and the team. Hopefully Ibra’s confidence will arise from the depths of his fucking soul. And I thought he was having a good game, too. Now the misses will overshadow that.

    Marquez comes in and I immediately said, “we won’t keep a clean sheet.” Fucking stupid defending to give up the goals.

    Milito was a beast again and I thought Keita did well on his return.

    Glad we won, but those two goals really annoyed me along with Ibra missing like that because I thought he played well.

    Great to see Titi and others on the bench so excited for Messi… Henry showing how great of a teammate he is, even though he had cause to feel hard done by Pep. Pretty crazy how when Ibra was missing, you could see people on the bench looking puzzled and talking.

    Oh and please, Pep, Yaya-Keita-Busi midfield never, ever again.

    1. Though i do not dig the midfield, i don’t mind it as back up option. If we do play that midfield though, i do want Messi in classic 10 position and not on right flank. The guy is killer through the middle. If this goes on, i will now be surprised if we line up in 4 – 4 – 2 in rest of big matches this season. There was major difference in our attacking threat in first and second half.

      About goals conceded, i feel that they could have been avoided if we have pique with Puyi or Marquez so not too worried.

    2. It reminded me of when Bojan has those games where he cant score even a tap in.Actually the last time i can remember was samu vs Mallorca last year when he couldnt buy a goal when the pichchi race got hot.The good thing is that form is really temporary.I watched Bendter have a similar game against burnley last week then score a hattrick against porto.

    3. If Ibra scores a hattrick and subsequently comes out of his funk I can’t imagine a team surviving the double wrath of Messi and Ibra 😀

  19. About the Ibra runs: Like I said before, he is offside like a motherfucker, but man… why do players like Messi, Xavi when he is playing, and Iniesta wait so fucking long to pass to him? WHY?! They alone cause him to be off at least 3x a game. It really is ridiculous. And as much as I loved Messi’s last goal, if he did not score, I would have been extremely pissed. Ibra was sitting there WIDE open, but judging by his missed chances today, he might have missed.

    About referees and Ibra: Is it that hard for them to grasp that he is fucking bigger, and stronger than almost everyone else? 50/50 challenges=foul on Ibra. It’s ridiculous.

    1. Completely agree with your point about the refs. I know that in Italy, Ibra was the only focal point of attack, and certainly the refs didn’t blow every single damn touch between Ibra and his opponent against him. If that was the case, Ibra never had scored 20+ goals in Seria A. Spanish refs really suck nowadays…

      And your first point is an observation I’ve also made during the last matches. I think in every match I can find a situation where Ibra actually made the perfect run into free space, but whoever should have passed to him, waited too long or even ignored his run completely. If the other players learn to read and anticipate Ibra’s runs better, and Ibra holds the line a lil’ bit longer in some situations, we’ll be unstoppable!

    2. My question is why we wait so late to try to set him up, its obvious in his current form, the longer he goes without a goal in a game the more he’ll be anxious.We should be trying to set him up all throughout the match.Anyway its all about confidence, earlier in the season when maradumber was all in leo’s head, he was having finishing issues.Now hes on a tear, football is like this.

    3. yeah i noticed that. pique was saying something.
      i thought ibra was going to have a mental breakdown when he missed on 77th minute!

      ibra runs too quickly, he should wait a bit longer instead with his runs. needs to get his timing run. most of the time when he runs, and didn’t get the ball, he will stay there and watch instead of working to get back on side.
      it’s clear to me now, we play way better with henry as cf.

  20. I like how Messi is scoring from 18 yards on a regular basis. From that distance his bend and placement is amazing.
    Pedro was awesome today. He could get two more assists easily.

    1. Over the past two years, Messi definitely put in work on the training ground when it comes to his shot from outside the box. It’s amazing.

  21. The worse thing is we were so close to being level on goal difference.A season where we have conceded just 18 in 26 games is strange to be complaining but atleast 8 of those goals were completely avoidable and id be willing to bet many of them coincide with Rafa’s “presence” on the field.

  22. Messi does have a penchant for scoring golazo’s against Zaragoza


    1. Against everybody to be accurate :D, Except for villareal who hes yet to score against.I can only imagine what hes saving for them when it happens.

    2. i would love to see what that commentator would say after seeing the goals against valencia, stuttgart and zaragoza.

  23. Messi’s second goal: HD


    “George Best, Diego Maradona, Johan Cryuff; they’re all getting outshone by this incredible little man”

    That made me LOL. 😀

  24. Felt bad for Ibra criticizing him for another bad performance is too easy but I will ask on his current form going by his overall contribution:

    Would you play him against Arsenal or would you use Henry?

    I think I’d go with Henry with what I’m seeing right now. How does 1 miss point blank like that honestly if he wants to be considered one of the best then he has to step it up in a major way.

    Busquets was pretty much average and Keita has no right foot at all, I like him but it was weird to me at least that people where giving so much praise to this guy, he’s a good sub for Inesta nothing more.

    Toure was by far the best in the midfield he was excellent again today but embarrassingly for him he was the first to be taken off, if that doesn’t show you that the coach favors Keita and Sergi over Yaya then nothing will.

    Marquez needs not to be anywhere near the field against Arsenal.

  25. If anyone happens to find a highlight of Messi’s second goal commentated on by Ray Hudson I would like to see it again. (Sorry for such a selfish post).

  26. Hey Isaiah, how’s it been in the Woodwork Bar?

    I can remember that the first time you visited it, they did not show the Barça match at all… hope history didn’t repeat itself – cuz you would have missed another breath-taking match!

    Oh yeah, and I wouldn’t mind to get a RayRay vid of Messi’s goal(s) either 🙂

  27. i would be much more worried if the chances werent being created, rather than ibra missing them.

  28. The reality is that pep is a good Coach on the tactical level, althouh much of the work was done by rijkaard. He is zero on the transfer marked, he is just trying to motivate Ibra, but he know too like everyone that Ibra was CRAP. I have no “compassion’ for a guy that earns 12 million € a year that is without bonusses, and the 70 Mio € he costed us. What he earns in a week, I have to work my butt of all my life, so no COMPASSION. This guy is paid to score goals as de CF ‘no 9’, PERIOD. If we want movement we can ask for a dancer or Usain Bolt to come and run some cirkels there. He wasted clear opportunities, was all the time offside etc.. . This guy just doesn’t have it in him to play for Barca. We should get rid of him and his 12 million €/year sallary, we have talents like Bojan who are wasted on the bench, and he need 2 minutes against Stuttgart to score, immagine if he played all the time Ibra played, Bojan woulf have at least 20 goals and numerous assist by now. pep shouldn’t be si stubborn, because if it was not for MESSI we coudl have LOST. Another thing i don’t understand is his LOVE relationship with BUSI? Why was Yayha substituted for?

    1. But of course, who provided the brilliant throughball to Bojan for his goal? Ibra, naturally.

      I’m not going to argue that he doesn’t need to improve, but calling for his head smacks of short-sightedness, especially in the face of Henry’s 2nd season and Abidal’s continual growth.

      I think Yaya was substituted for possession-based passing, which Iniesta is naturally better at. The other subs? I dunno.

    2. and don’t forget bout Yaya, he gota booking in the first half., so i think it’s natural to sub him. Btw, I’m w/ Isaiah on Ibra. I do believe he is not playing well, and lacking of confidence right now. And sure he has to Man up, esp for the though games that we’ll have in a couple of months. but I am sure giving him time in this squad, who has only played w/ us less then a year, w/o pre-season, and an injury.

    3. And what happens when we go up against big Euro center halfs from the EPL and Seria A? Vidic could hang CT on his earring.

      With Ibrah on the pitch, both center halfs have to respect him and his size, and because of that, he makes the team better. When he stops being a good support player, when players stop double marking him, then he has outlived any usefulness. As long as these things happen, he is an exceptionally dangerous element of our squad.

      Btw, with Messi’s run of form, he is going to be attracting a lot of attention. If he learns to pass when Ibrah is open, there will be lots of goals.

  29. A couple of quick things:

    – Apparently Milito (who BTW is living up to his nickname of El Mariscal/ The Field Marshal) and Pique were subbed out of precaution due to them complaining of slight niggles and the game being apparently well in hand. It was not due to Pep wanting to give Marquez time for the sake of it.

    – Before the review comes out, I want to give some props to Pedro. I hope Bojan was taking notes. His passing was off and he often overdribbled. He got dispossessed and pushed around. However, the kid worked and fought like a dog. His work rate was amazing. It didn’t always come off but he was never afraid and went right at Zaragoza’s right side. THAT’s being “descarado” (shameless) and it’s what put him over Bojan in the pcking order. He’s not the most naturally talented guy in the world but he’s fast, two footed, and is always coming at you. Even if it doesn’t wor, he comes right back. The guy tracked back constantly and was at the forefront of almost every fast break. Incredible stamina. He was overshadowed by Messi (like everybody else) but he had 1 assist and should have had two or three if Ibra hadn’t had the shits. However, it was his determination and work rate that left me open mouthed. The Zaragoza right FB and winger were fouling the hell out of him towards the end of the game out of frustration. His defensive contribution has been one of the biggest keys to success in the last three games.

    1. Good obervation of Pedro’s performance.

      What did you think about Ibra’s, Hector?

      I thought that despite his appalling misses, he played quite well. More like in the beginning of the season and our offense was less stagnant than it had been during his most recent appearances.

  30. many people me included are not satisfied with ibra ( I guess that if you call it “not fully satisfied” every single culé would agree), but he’s our nine and has the greatest potential. he’s signing is a pep thing right? in pep we trust and this is his just ibra’s first season here. I give him one more year… if the next season he continues letting people down I’m starting to trash the swede, not now.

    1. Not only that, but how is 13 goals not acceptable? Yes, he should have more, I agree, and he has been disappointing, but unsuccessful? Certainly not.

  31. Phew for a while the spring breezes blew the door open and the house was full of those Gunner or Gooner or Goonies or whoever they are kids tracking mud everywhere. We’ll have to wipe the floor with their towheads later.

    First, a little shoutout to Momma’s favorite Barça boy. Just who ’round here was e-bullying my Dani last round? He was all over the playground yesterday, breaking and making fearsome plays. And he got the bro-buss from Messi as the disciple who is loved. Maybe he should look up a little more and catch Ibra’s eye sometimes, but the football gods are fickle.

    Speaking of. Teams recruit and cultivate and pay brilliant individuals for their individual brillance. And brilliant is as brilliant does. To ho-hum the Blaugrana for feeding their crack chip after cross is to chide your goalie for donning his gloves. Messi is as hot as Ibra is not … how soon his ‘selfish runs’ and ‘impossible angles’ are forgotten when every dodge and duck defies nature itself. Gretzky. Jordan. Bolt. Even yes even as my hands cramp to type it CR9. What do you do? Bench them? Hey hey hey come out and play is what I say.

    Heart Ibra. Everybody love themselves an Ibra. We went down in goal differential not only b/c the Piquelito rested but b/c everyone wanted one for Ibra SO BAD. Ibra big and Ibra bad. Ibra will be BACK.

    Last note on Yaya Busi business. Heart Yaya he’s all heart & I wanted one for Yaya too. But Yaya is a luxury and Busi is a legacy. Now SoccerMamma is not a lipstick-wearin’, pit-bull kind of hockey mamma. She is more of a peace-n-love, everyone-is-someone’s-baby kind of mamma. But this is the real world and in the real world the real words are ‘més que un club’. And més means much, but really, it means we are not only more than Madrid, we are other than Madrid. It’s a call out to Catalonia. This us-ness can be useful, even charming like in Chivas. And really, my sincerest apologies to all Iberians here, but from my limited and ugliest of American perspectives the differences between Catalan and Castillian is a slightly (and I mean slightly) more efficient mode of operation and a slightly (also, slightly) greater penchant for chic eyewear. It is a political more than a cultural sentiment, all taurismo aside. And it means that even if Yaya gets out his yayas out all over the place, the fact that Busi’s yaya is from Pep’s patria gives him an edge. He’s being groomed and it may leave our beloved Touré outré.


    1. While I like the whole writing style etc. the thought of a overbearing soccer mom from a hick town in America really, really disturbs me. I cannot say why.

    2. Well, how about the thought of a professor with four advanced degrees from three major universities, research specializations in Iberian Medieval and Renaissance Philology and Historical Linguistics, various print and electronic publications including semipaleographic transcriptions, solicited book reviews and original articles, ACTFL-scored native proficiency in two languages, professional experience from labor laws on the West Side of Chicago to the front office at the Consulate of Chile, as well as two kids, one hunky husband, home bases in the US and Spain oh and curves to boot. What in the world would bother you about that, CP?

    3. Um, sorry I wasn’t talking about you at all…I really find your posts quite funny. It’s only the image of the typical soccermom which I find quite unnerving.

      Talk about over-reaction.

    4. I have some fascination for not-so-natural style of writings. You should consider writing a review/preview/any article as a guest writer in this blog. I guess lot of us will enjoy reading that.

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