Zaragoza – Barça Match Comments Post

Hey, folks. I’m headed to Woodwork in Brooklyn for this match. Feel free to join or let us know what you think about the match in the comments! Let’s hope there’s another Zlatanazo happens today, along with another asskicking. Visca el Barça!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. I think we will see him playing the full match. He is in red hot form and tooth pain usually goes away in 2 days if treated with antibiotics.

  1. i miss live blog:).

    i definitely think messi should not start this one. watched liverpool man utd earlier and liverpool are pretty much out of CL for next year. i think this will make mascherano will be keen to join us. much as i like him, i don’t think he will really suit us.

  2. Uh, oh… I’m not one for conspiracy theories. I actually despise them but I just found out our old buddy Delgado Ferreiro will be reffing the match. Let’s hope he doesn’t confuse Messi with Chigrinsky in the report this time around…or let Pique get punched in the head…or let Messi get stamped on…or confuse Yaya with Henry in the report…

    One of the two worst refs in la Liga and he got suspended for a while after the Malaga-Barca game. Let’s hope he doesn’t hold a grudge and that his incompetence will go both ways.

    1. i think that guy has to be there with howerd webb and overbo as worst refs i remember. sad that the liga does not have enough good refs.

  3. Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Milito, Maxwell; Keita, Touré, Busquets; Messi, Ibrahimovic y Pedro

    Wouldn’t be my starting lineup. Taking a real chance without Henry/Iniesta. Can we establish our passing game without either Xavi or Iniesta? Looks reckless to me. although an early goal can change everything. Pep’ll either be a hero or there’ll be questions . . . Still, he’s earned the right to our backing so far.

  4. Hmmm… Iniesta is the one rested instead. Interesting. A Yaya-Keita-Busi midfield. We are gonna have a lot of power but our possession should be interesting.

  5. Interesting line up. Maybe if Messi is really hurting, Zaragoza better watch out. Man with toothache can be on mission.

  6. any good stream that isn’t justin.. vshare, adthe, ustream would be great, thanks!

  7. stream please.. veetle and justin don’t work

    1. If those don’t work, try the other 3 streams here


      Just scroll down til you find Real Zaragoza v Barcelona.

      Phil Schoen is pissing my off already. Can someone just mute him?

  8. Milito’s been a straight up beast.

    What a winter signing he’s been! 😀

    ….WTF??? YAYA misses an open net. Gah! What a goal that would have been!

  9. Messi literally crosses to Ibra’s head (he doesn’t even have to jump) and he misses.

    Ah, Ibra. When he does get a goal, the flood gates’ll open. Mark my words.

  10. Ohh, FK in a good position. Will it be Ibra, Messi or Dani?

    It’s Messi..! Into the wall.

  11. HT 1-0 Barca. Goal in the 5th min, a Messi header from a P! cross.

    Pedro!’s been quiet. Milito and Dani are having a killer game defensively. Keita’s been quietly efficient, albeit slightly sloppy in passing and possession.

  12. dani has been a beast today. so has been milito. our midfield is not functioning very well. too many missed passes. messi looks dangerous every time he gets the ball. maybe they should change to 4 – 4 – 2 from 4 – 3 – 3. messi is not seeing enough of ball. zaragoza are playing well though. ref has not been great but not too bad till now.

  13. Horrible half. The thing is that effort and intensity wise, we aren’t doing badly. The danger is that this reminds me of last season’s Espanyol game with the same ref. They are getting into some of our guys’ heads with the physical play and the ref is allowing it.

    The possession? What possession? I think they might be out-possessing us! (probably not but it seems that way). Our defense is doing an excellent job but we can’t seem to transition effectively into offense.

    Look for Busi to drop deep as a third CB in the second half to help out with this. I think the Yaya-Busi-Keita midfield was a mistake. Not enough finesse there. Find a way to drop Messi to the middle while mantaining width to help out. THIS is why Pep puts him in the middle. Believe it or not his effectiveness decreases when he is so wide so constantly. A lot of thrilling dribbles…too nowhere. He is trying but Pep needs to put him in a better position.

    1. i’m going to have to agree with you, but if messi drops back Ibra wont be that helpful as he isn’t a fast striker

    2. I feel the same way as well. Zaragoza have some good possession especially in dangerous positions.

  14. actually ibra isnt having a horrible game but even HE knows he is offside waaaay too much. out of synch.

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