It’s Arsenal, a.k.a. “The road to ****** goes through London”

Hmmm .... I still know Catalan ....

It’s the Gunners.

For those living under a rock or something, the Champions League draw was held today, for the final 8 teams and their seedings. We draw Arsenal in the quarter-finals, setting up a nightmare draw for both sides, frankly, and a feeding frenzy for the Spanish press.

Will Cesc or won’t Cesc? What of the beautiful game? Should Arsenal reopen Highbury to shrink the pitch from our expansive football? Will Henry have a conniption at having to face his former club in such a crucial tie?

Ah, gotta love European football.

Frankly, it’s not a shock that we draw Arsenal, since all through the tournament, whenever we have had the possibility of drawing a club that brings with it fraught emotions, we have. Inter has been the most recent iteration of that.

And speaking of Inter, if they dispatch CSKA, we will see Eto’o again in the semi-finals. Here’s the full draw:

Olympique Lyon v Bordeaux
Bayern v Manchester United
Arsenal v Barca
Inter Milan v CSKA Moscow

Not only does it set up a quarter-final draw with the beautiful game on full display, and a semi-final matchup with Inter and Eto’o, but it also foreshadows the dream matchup, a finals return of us vs United.

But we have to get there first, and frankly, Arsenal is a club I would rather not have seen until later in the tournament. They have all the tools that can vex us, from ball handling and fast wingers (anybody fancy Theo Walcott running loose toward our back line?), to that same kind of possession game that we play.

Mind you, most people think that when you get a mirror image of yourself, you know how to beat it. Whatevs. It also matches up two coaching minds, Arsene Wenger of Arsenal, and our own Pep Guardiola.

And then, of course, there’s the tastiest morsel if you’re a mouth-frothing, gibbering footy journo in Spain: Last time we faced Arsenal in a big Champions League tie, it involved Henry. We won, and he came. If we win, will Fabregas do the same? Do we even care?

What a matchup. Frankly, United have the easiest road to the final, and conspiracy theorists can call up all kinds of mojo if they like. But they shouldn’t have that much trouble with Bayern, or the winner of the Ligue 1 faceoff.

Yes, the discussions have already begun, so let’s continue them. Frankly, I think it will be a close-run tie, but we will go through on away goals. I think that having both second legs at home gives us an immense advantage, because we will be able to score goals, even against Inter, I think. What say ye?

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.



    well for one thing we’ll see some entertaining legs

    on paper this looks like a good tie but i’m getting a headache thinking about how the fans will clash for this one

  2. My brother is a gooner. The tensions are going to be very high in our family for the next couple of weeks.

  3. I find it hilarious, that every time there’s a word about Cesc in any post, this blog increases in population.

    Thankfully, no regular here is – er – “brave” enough to reply to them 🙂

  4. Arsenal could very well win the game at the Emirates. I think you have to say Barca is a better side, but they are not the team they were last year. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if Man U is a one-man team with Rooney and a collection of excellent players, then Barca is also with Messi. We’ve been collectively slapping our foreheads about Xavi recently, and Iniesta it must be said has come off the boil. Most importantly, I don’t think Barca is very good away from home.

    On the other hand, Arsenal, constantly dealing with injuries and putting out a new lineup every. single. week, continues to make it a challenge in the Prem. Without having the advantage of any kind of solidity in the lineup or even in the positions that individual players play in, they pull out wins–sometimes really good wins.

    But. Arsenal hasn’t beaten the biggest teams this season, at home or away. They could win at home–they’re pretty good at home and have some momentum behind them–but I don’t see it being more than a goal or two. 2-0 or 2-1, and a Barca win is far from out of the question.

    In any case, I think Barca will roll them at the Camp Nou

    1. according to your prediction, i’d like to see fabregas to score that goal against us. and i wanna see how he will celebrate. or not celebrate. that will tell a story.

      and yea, i don’t think bendtner will score. i will throw up too if he does.

  5. I like this draw, I think it will prove that we can beat ANYONE.

    Arsenal is my favorite english team, and so for me this is spectacular! Still want barça to win of course.

  6. Keano, you are wrong we have been playing Wengerball even before Rikaard’s time and Guardiola spent time at Arsenal Colney before becoming Barca’s manager and yes 433 is only this season but with a twist bringing Cesc closer to goal.After Arsenal, I love Barca.

    1. But Barcelona were playing this way when Wenger was still crawling in his pampers. (Michels era).

      Me-not-interested-in-this-firework-party. But just for the records.

    2. Does the names johan Cruff or Rinus Michels(in the reverse order) mean anything to you????

    3. Cruff is Dutch? What does that have to do with him coaching Barcelona based on that style.

      And Arsen is french…How stupid.

  7. I am happy with the draw, not because I think it’ll be easy, but these will be great matches. As has been echoed here, Arsenal are the only EPL team I really like, and always hope they go far (not this time though, haha).

    I’m glad we are at home in the second leg.

    Other notes: Happy that there’ll definitely be a Ligue 1 team in the semis. Inter need to watch out for CSKA. Not looking forward to a Mourinho re-match.

  8. If Henry continues his resurgence, I’ll be a lot more comfortable. These past couple of matches have shown that really, what he brings to us when he’s on form (or even close) and on the pitch can’t be replicated by anyone that we have on the roster.

    We also need Ibrahimovic to get his shit together. Now.

    1. I predict that Henry will be more decisive in the second leg. Unless if he plays in the center in the 1st leg.

      Yet,its still too early to know. It all depends on the form of players like Keita, Yaya, Busquets, and Iniesta (beside Henry of course) when its time to pick the selection.

      I am calm about this one. As long as we do our job properly.

    2. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually more confident going into the business end of the season, with a resurgent Henry. He and Ibra can now switch positions frequently, which means Henry’s intelligent movement and better communication with Messi, Xavi and Iniesta will bring great dynamism upfront that we have been lacking for a while.

    3. I am with you. But can we afford not starting Keita in London? If Ibra learn to open to channels till then, I can see him starting with Henry. Or else, Iniesta will be on the left so we create midfield superiority whenever needed. Not poetic, but practical. Thats what a two-legs-knock-out-competition is all about.

      At home, another story.

    4. Agreed and I’d also feel a lot better with Abidal back on the field. Maxwell has been improving, but we need Abidal’s speed and defensive ability.

  9. I’m glad we drew arsenal as well, because if we end up in the final and win, I want everyone to see that we beat the best teams, and didn’t take a stroll through the park like a certain team I know (cough manu cough).

    If we beat arsenal and draw inter and beat them, it will be hard for people to say we are not the best in the world.

  10. I don’t mind Arsenal fans coming over but the ignorant comments are definitely unwelcome. I am a regular here though not a frequent poster, but just the same it is anoying to read some of the Arsenal postings here. It’s like having strangers rudely barge into your house without a hello or excuse me and spurt nonsense about your family. I have no doubt you Arsenal fans have encountered stupid arrogant Barca fans on other blogs and forum, just as we over here have come across both good and bad fans of your team, but that does not mean you can simply barge onto every site containing the word “Cesc” “Barca” and start posting irrespectful comments. I have you know 90% over here are levelheaded, as long as it is not EE related ha! So, check out the community of the blog/forum first next time before posting ok? sorry for the long rant!

  11. Thoughts on the draw:

    United looks to be favorites to run through to the final. I just have a gut feeling they won’t make it. My personal preference is to see one of the French teams in the final, preferably Bordeaux.

    This is exactly the draw I didn’t want for us. Not because I don’t think we can beat Arsenal, but rather because this is the exact draw that could lead to outside influences affecting our dressing room. With the presidential election drawing closer the last thing we need is everyone in the world dealing with Cesc/Barca drama.

  12. exciting draw. dream tie.

    big chance for zlatan to prove himself, and this tie will show why having him is much much better given the two teams play similar possession football.

    i have always been impressed by Song and Diaby. sometimes i almost feel like Song is playing like The Yaya. i am not the least bit surprise to see another Yaya-Busquets combo against them, but I believe it won’t happen. Xavi will still be the main microchip, and we will keep the ball longer than them, or we won’t this time??

    Abidal will be a huge huge boost to our backline, because after seeing so much maxwell’s defense, i am not confident we can count on him to defend. against los che, Pablo gave him trouble. against Stuttgart, there is one play he got skipped pass in the box and he fell down and almost caused a penalty (only to see the other player stayed on his feet), i just don’t think he can contain walcott or arshavin.

    and i really don’t think we have more arsenal fans here than barca fans. just on this particular day, arsenal fans or fans supporting both clubs would speak up more.

  13. Anyway, I’d be more optimistic over the tie if our other strikers start putting their shit together. Right now Messi is our only goalscorer, and Pedro! sometimes, but we need Henry’s goals. and I don’t know if Ibra is suitable to start as we really need quick players for this. A sub maybe? The only thing I am confident of, is Valdes is better than their goalkeeper. Will Xavi and Abidal get back in time for this?

    Hector can’t wait for your Arsenal Barca differences post.

  14. With the tidal wave of gooners coming in, I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in as well. I’m an Arsenal supporter first and foremost, but Barca has always been my second team, and I’ve been following this blog from back when it was on theoffside.

    As much as I would have liked an easier draw, I can’t help with salivate at the prospects of these 2 games. Although Messi vs Slo Campbell will give me nightmares in the coming days, I think we matchup decently against you, and are more than capable than scoring goals.

    Let’s hope for 2 games to remember, and I know who I’ll be cheering on to win if you guys do knock us out.


  15. LOLOLOLOLOL! I love this! Arsenal fans invaded this space like a pack of sentinels! I actually dont mind a little ‘trash talk’ from them.

    I have a feeling Arsenal fans mostly have Barcelona as their second favorite team. After this round, they will have arsenal as their second favorite team. 🙂 This is not trash talk, it’s the truth. There is a difference in how this two teams play.

    Both teams move the ball around well, and both teams maintain possession very well. Barcelona just do it better, and more intelligently. I’m not taking anything away from arsenal, I like how they play. But there is a difference.

    Theres a reason why guys like Henry(when Ronaldinho was around, he was a bench player before Eto’o got injured), Hleb and Sylvinho find themselves on the bench in barcelona, and why Cesc & Arshavin are well adviced career-wise, to stay their ass in arsenal.

    Arsenal are very good at identifying young players and bringing them up and teaching them well, but unfortunately for them, they dont have the financial muscle to go all out for one or two expensive players who can fit their system.

    1. Yes Bill I love it! I’ve been reading things elsewhere such as “Fabregas will dominate our midfield”. Keeping aside the fact that he warms the bench for the cerebral “overrated” pair Xaviesta in the national team, ive watched all of arsenal’s big games the last 2 seasons and he hasnt been able to take command.He’s scored a lot of goals this season and I have a feeling he will score against us but in no way will we be chasing any ball or shadows.I actually feel if Ibra reacts well to his recent benching and gets back to playing with desire like he had at inter, he can cause them problems.Drogba has caused them a lot of problems scoring in almost every game he plays against them by imposing himself physically against them.We need the arrogant who the hell are you version of ibra(atleast the playing style) to relieve duties from the timid version we now have.

      All I’d like is that for once we start an away european game on the front foot without giving away goals.Messi has been lifting us on his shoulders recently lets hope the desire to get to Madrid will motivate them all and we wont have any injuries.

  16. Let me be the first to declare, with arsenals open type of play, and while everyone pays attention to Messi, I have a feeling Ibra will be a revelation and the star in this series.

  17. by bye barca!!! Henry will cry, heheh!!!!

    We ve got Cesc Fabregas, we ve got Cesc Fabregas, we ve got we ve got, Cesc Fabregas!!!! We will win at home and draw against you so bye bye!!!

    Championsleague 2010 Winner Arsenal!!!!

  18. Look at all the gunners hopelessly underestimating Barca. Barca is the better team but nobody should be too confident since football is unpredictable. Hopefully Barca’s form seems to be improving lately.

  19. before i understand how football club works, i always thought arsene wenger is the owner of arsenal because of his name… lame, i know.
    but how much of a coincidence can that be?!?! did any jokes come out of it, gunners?

  20. By the way, do you guys realize this is exactly the kind of draw real madrid were dreaming about? A chance for Ronaldo to beat Man U in the semi’s, and then real to demolish Barcelona at the Bernabeu….Ouch! couldn’t resist.

  21. good to see some of the rants calmed down and our visitors are starting to post intelligently, i hope it stays that way. and fcbfan, i know that ibra isn’t super quick but could he play like drogba does against arsenal? he destroyed them in their last matchup. I still don’t know what happened to xavi, how long is he out?

  22. Not super happy to be drawing the 2nd best team we could have drawn against. But at least its not Man U, and playing a fresh talented team vs. Chelsea or Intermilan against should be alot of fun.

    I like getting the big games out of the way early. If we can’t be Arsenal now, we don’t deserve to progress or waste or time with another semifinal match. Can’t wait!!!

    Is Van Persie confirmed out? Who’s going to mark Ashavin?

  23. Tyler you’re obviously an idiot what about our 3 wins over Liverpool? If you’re counting Man City as a top team where are the scousers?

    Also, Man Utd at Old Trafford we played them off teh park and were VERY unlucky not to win let alone lose, the 2 games against Chelsea and the other against Man Utd we didn;t exactly get embarresed our overall play was usually better than them but they scored on the break EVERY time and we didn;t take our chances. Oh and losing to Man City in the Carling Cup was our YOUTH TEAM!

    8-29-2009: Man Utd. 2 – 1 Arsenal

    9-12-2009: Man City 4 – 2 Arsenal

    11-29-2009 Arsenal 0 – 3 Chelsea

    12-2-2009 Man City 3 – 0 Arsenal (carling cup)

    1-31-2010 Arsenal 1 – 3 Man Utd.

    2-7-2010 Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal

    1. I don’t mean any disrespect, I just find those results very interesting. Not even being able to scrape out a draw against Chelsea and ManU in particular reveal to me a side that struggles when the big games come. I look forward to the March 30th though, we shall see which Arsenal team shows up, and which Barca team for that matter.

    2. The difference is, those teams beat us by sitting back an absorbing pressure, then hitting us on the counter-attack, which is by far our greatest weakness. I expect Barcelona to come out and play football against us.

      I also think that Arsenal’s pace will make the difference in this tie.

  24. Stowe, yeah let’s hope Ibra reacts to the Stuttgart benching positively as Pep said, cause we need him.

    Just came across another Rooney Messi comparison on Daily mail, on how they have been both sensational this season. makes me laugh, cause Messi has been playing sensational every

    1. actually, I predict the reviews will be titled, ‘we came, we saw, we conquered… and left with cesc’

  25. Wo, just read Arsenal have conceded 33 goals in EPL, that’s like double ours. How about their defense in Europe?

    1. How many goals would Barcelona concede in the EPL, a lot more than us, how would Barcelona stand the test playing up north against teams like Stoke,Bolton,Blackburn, Birmingham and Sunderland teams that have kicked us every season and broken the bones of three of our players. Messi would last a month in the EPL. you wouldn’t have the stomach to play the conditions up North

  26. Ramzi-Keano, Michels played total football, but not at Wengerball speed, Arsene further developed the dutch concept of the game with the speed of the game in the EPL.For me the final numerical score will not really determine the winner of the game but who resorts to the physical game first loses. Incidently you did back in 2006 and Thierry had a one on one for 2-nil.Arsenal is an understated club, you would not want to historically look at it’s contributions to football. WM formation which was standard before the Brazilians 442,floodlights,TV,numbers on jerseys,names on jerseys. The only club in EPL that is not a physical location,and we are developing a model for a fiscally sustainable football club, sticking to its football principles. I live in Sweden, good luck,hoping for 216 on Sunday, my apologies if that is against your rules.

    1. arsenal became a good football club after wenger came.
      started following arsenal because of bergkamp and then king henry.
      but i must say that wenger only started with the financial thingy a few years back and i think it started because of the lack of money from the Emirates stadium. and wenger only started buying young players a few years back as well.

    2. what lack of money from the Emirates we pull in 3 million every home game, and it was Herbert Chapman who made Arsenal, check your history. we don’t buy superstars we make them

    3. Lack of money is Barcelona charging 70 pounds a ticket for us Arsenal fans to go over, talk about a rip off, who needs the money now

    4. Unicef need the money.

      I was amazed by the quality Barca had on the day, and surprised we came back. Let’s hope the second leg is as much of a roller coaster as the first.

      Oh and Henry is a Gooner BTW, I wouldn’t play him if I were you 😉

  27. Personally I think that Barca’s team looks much better than Arsenal’s. Gael Clichy is atrocious at defense. Messi will surely exploit that. Ibrahimovic if on form will give Slo and Vermaleen trouble. I like Arsenal but I’ll always be a Cule at heart. This year arsenal has flopped in the big games, both chelsea and man utd games in the EPL. Arshavin could be a threat but he will have to go against Alves who is a very pacey capable defender. Walcott is not ready to play in the big stage and in midfield Barcelona is just better, Xavi + Iniesta are far better than Cesc and Denilson. Cesc is quality but not impossible to stop. In the DM department Barca has the advantage Toure Yaya is a much more capable mid than alex song.

  28. Barca96, this is getting embarassing Arsenal gave structure to the game as we know it.Do you think it is by chance that Cesc does not come home and Thierry is still bound to the club after all he has won in Spain. Arsenal is not only about football or politics. Herbert Chapman built up the club and football in general in the 1930’s. All through the years the club has been known as the Bank of England. Former UEFA chief Johansson’s Stockholm club AIK was financially bailed out by Arsenal in the fifties. Arsenal’s history is the history of innovations in the game not maybe not enough in medals. You are a great team but if you come to play football you will lose, you will have to kick us to beat us, and that is borne out by all the statistics you quote.

  29. Im sure we all cant wait to see two games of football that will be talked about for years to come and should surely be the finest display of football to take place on the planet (brasil vs holland would be my second).

    I dont think this tie is a clear cut as some barca fans would believe, you’s definately have the advantage because of playing at home last but we will have a hunger for the game that you’s will find a handful!!

  30. Hi all Barça fans. Great blog you have here with a great friendly spirit. We have a similar blog, with a similar spirit, at We like a bit of debate and friendly banter but only among friends.

    We both play very similar styles, football played the right way, but this season we seem to have got more of our pace and confidence back as well as the young players mature. If we win, that will be the difference for me. We also do have a threat in the air in Nikki Bendtner who has struggled a bit but is improving very fast now – he is 100% more popular than Adebayor.

    When Thierry came back for visit a little while back he came on the pitch before a league game and was cheered non-stop for 5 minutes, mostly with the chant ‘You’ll always be a gooner’. Same response when Bobby Pirez came back for Villareal. I think it will be tough for TH.

    Interesting that you don’t want Cesc, quite happy about that. If you saw him play week in week out and saw what he does off the ball and the way he runs the team you might feel differently.

    Sol is slower but his reading of the game seems even better and even though Porto were fast he wasn’t caught out (let’s not talk about the first leg!).

    As some of your fans said, Ajax and others were playing this way before Arsenal (and Barça) but our revolution started in the 90’s when Dennis Bergkamp joined us (1 year before Arsene) so the connection with Total Football is there.

    By the way, some of you call yourselves cules I think, is that like we are gooners (Gunners) and is it something to do with “ç”).

  31. Remember the final. You needed an extra man to beat us. You’ll not even win your own league this year Madrid are much stronger than you lot.

  32. As an Arsenal fan who loves to watch La Liga, this is a tie that I have been looking forward to my team vs my favorite team from Spain! I believe on their day Arsenal can dispatch any opposition but it will be fantastic to see two attacking teams who play free flowing football and that have some of the best players around (Messi is the best player around) but I mean others in their own positions too. It shall be great to see this game, may the best team win!

  33. I love the way u Barca fans seem to think u’ll walk all over us, but its the way i like it, u think u play good possesion football u aint seen anything like us, i do feel however Barca & Arsenal play the best football on the planet, it could be 2 of the best games in the last 20 years. My personal and frank view is that this will be the maturing of an Arsenal team which will go on and dominate domestic/european football for the next 5-10 years. Barcelona u’ve been warned… Arsenal are coming.

  34. I wonder why so many people claim that we are expecting this as a sort of free win… can’t you read what most of us are writing?!?

    1. I just think of them as trolls and ignore them. It scares me to think that human beings could actually be that reactionary and dense, so I prefer to believe it’s an act.

  35. Remember we always play best against teams who try to play keep an eye…gooners v r

  36. In the words of Arsene Wenger himself “Do you have to hate the opposition to love your own team?”

    Lets get this straight. Both sets of fans here love the philosophies and style of both teams and for the justice of how football should be run and played , we should want Arsenal and Barca to win their respective leagues.

    As for the CL match, I believe Barcalona’s biggest advantage is their composure in front of goal. The goals/shots ratio for the Barca forwards are incredible, especially Messi’s.

    Arsenal though may find their biggest advantage in their opponents style, being that Barca want to play expansive free flowing football instead of focusing on negating the opponent. This is because in the premier league, Arsenal have to put up with most teams concentrating on simply not allowing Arsenal to play, through whatever means. This will create a large chance for Arsenal to truly work their magic since they are able to still do so even when opposition aim to disrupt them and that preparation from the EPL will be key. Their resilience is shown most by players such as Diaby and Song who will take the ball off the player well , hold it up from several players and either progress in Diaby’s case or pass in Song’s case.

    End of the day however if Arsenal can not convert their play and possesion into goals then however many or few chances Barca get, expect Barca to score for to win the tie Arsenal will aim to outscore Barca rather than preventing Barca from scoring.

    I am curious to know how Barca will react in the first leg if Arsenal are in control of the game since I can not imagine them choosing to merely soak up the pressure. It is an oddity to see Barca not in control of a game.

    Considering both teams are attacking sides with susceptible defenses i disagree with many that claim 1-0, 2-1, 1-1 results. There will be goals and lots of them though i feel there is greater chance of Arsenal or Barcalona losing by a big margin because if either successfully abuse a weak link it will lead to disaster for the opposing team be it Messi receiving assists from the vast amount of senders to set up in little time a fast, long range and accurate shot on target or Bendtner’s physical presence giving Arsenal a target man capable of scoring from the air or holding up the ball to give anyone an assist.

    Of course to keep competition alive i would prefer the 1st leg not to destroy the hopes of one of the teams since seeing a match like this will be amazing let alone seeing 2 legs!

    For those who wish to look at the team’s other games of the season to predict the outcome of this match, it would be more difficult to use such methods with Arsenal. Though results show Arsenal have struggled against Man u and Chelsea this season it does not mean they struggled against the better opposition. Arsenal shine against technical teams and the most technical out of the big four other than Arsenal is Liverpool who are the closest to playing continental football other than Arsenal in the EPL and on all three encounters this season , they have lost to Arsenal and yet they managed to beat Man U in their last 3 encounters and hopefully after this weekend , Fernando Torres will make that 4.

    Though while against Man U, Arsenal were unlucky one game and did not perform another, Chelsea had them beat. However the manner in which they lost is not going to be employed by Barcalona which is for 90 minutes to simply sit in your box and soak up the pressure.

    It will be a good match and may the winner of this match please survive the boring match vs (most likely)inter to beat (likely)Man U at the Bernabeu.

    1. I completely agree with your last sentence, and I also pray for Torres to beat the damn Mancurians!

  37. Amazing draw. I don’t know why fans argue about games, especially this one. Instead of arguing and calling each other names just be respectful, i don’t understand how that can be so hard. Anyways does anyone realize how many people around the world creamed there pants when they saw these 2 teams drawn together. Let’s be honest, no one knows whos going to win. We can say what we want, at the end of the day we don’t know, it’s not said and done yet, period. We are all confident about our teams which is normal. We are all passionate about them.

    I can’t come in here and say whos gonna win but theres one thing i can say and everyone here can agree that we are in for a hell of show from both teams and i for 1 is not going to take this for granted. Both teams have there strengths, both teams have there weaknesses. It’ll all come down to who wants it more and who can exploit each others weaknesses best. Barca is the favorite for a reason, Arsenal live by being the underdog, it’s what fuels them, so we should be in for greatness in these 2 legs.

    And please, any Arsenal fan that comes in here, respect the blog and there readers and posters. You have to show respect to get it back. Great blog, hopefully some of you Barca fans can come to some Arsenal blogs (if you havent already) and have some fair and respectable debating, we’ll respect your opinions.

  38. XAVI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fabregas
    XAVI is GOD!
    Arsenal have only Fabregas..We got MESSI,XAVI and INIESTA!!!!

    1. Pretty sure you cannot speak catalan. sort your life out you glory hunting turd

  39. There is no point in fighting, I think that Barca fans would root for the Arsenal and vice versa if our own teams were not in the competition, if only because we have such a similar playing style. Having said all that, it is barca’s to lose. I hope Barca wins the double and that the Arsenal come back and win the prem!!!!!!!! Let’s all enjoy what is sure to be the most beautiful quarter final of all four games.

  40. we’re going smash you, you arrogant fuck. ‘Will Henry have a conniption’…. will have a fit, fly into a rage? no because he’s got class unlike you, you hideous little shit. i nevever comment on boards but youpissed me off so much with your pomp. its made me resolute in my belief were going to cunt you. i’ll standing there on the 31st screaming with extra gusto because of this poxy post so thanks for that.
    ‘If we win, will Fabregas do the same? Do we even care?’. shows how little you know about football. cesc has been the best player in the league this year ( maybe rooney but he’s a ginger northen fuck so he doesn’t count) and you don’t know if you want hi? if you don’t want him, tell that dildo joan laporta to stop trying to tap the poor bastard up for five seconds. im going to love watching that bubble permed turd puyol trying to keep up with arshavin. that’ll be a laugh

    anyway good luck you vile, vile dick

  41. wow what an amazing mach up this is going to be.
    yes barca are flying in their league but their defence is weak and in all honesty the spanish league is nowhere near the standard of the EPL..apart from barca and rm the quality of teams is not that great..this is not the case in the EPL
    our defence is also weak but put arsenal in the spanish league and we will be just as destructive…
    we play the extact same way and have the exact same weakness so it should be interesting..although barca have been poor and extremely lucky in some cases travelling in CL so i think it will be decided at the emirates..
    if you play like you did against stuttgart away and we play like we did against porto at home the deficit should be too great for you to make up at your place..
    may the best team win..but one thing is for sure its going to be one of the greatest spectacles of all time..two pure footballing sides…cant wait

  42. “Most Gunners are afraid..”. You people make me die. Your best players have gone (Ronaldinho, Eto’o) and been replaced with inferior product.Too many elderly, sluggish players making up the numbers for you. Yes, Messi is class and can be very good on his day but the Germans hardly made it difficult for him to move around with the ball. You are in for a very big shock if that is your outlook so keep it up and reap the whirlwind that is the mighty Gooners right in your faces. Lets see how you do against 11 men…

    1. “Lets see how you do against 11 men…”
      You make me remember the quote said by an Ex-Arsenal Current Chelsea man after beating the “Gunners”…

  43. You are all a bunch of fake supporters – none of you ever go to the ground. sad glory hunters. where were you when real used to humiliate you?

    armchair supporters are subscribers to satellite tv – I like watching 24 doesn’t make me a fan of Keifer sutherland’s entire back catalogue.

    1. many of us do go to the ground actually. making sweeping generalizations just make you look like a fool.

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